OTC: Dorial Green-Beckham Is Free But What About The Rest Of Mizzou And Columbia?

“Based on the information obtained during the investigation there will be no arrests made in this case.”
Latisha Stroer, Columbia police spokeswoman, regarding the incident last weekend at a Columbia, MO apartment that resulted in sophomore wide-receiver Dorial Green-Beckham’s suspension from the football team, ColumbiaTribune.com

“Given that the two women elected not to press charges, the investigating officer withdrew his warrant request for Green-Beckham on a charge of first-degree burglary — a class B felony — according to the report.”
David Morrison, ColumbiaTribune.com
GH: If Beckham is guilty of a serious crime, the people who think they are protecting him by not having him arrested are not doing the city of Columbia or Mizzou any favors. Read on.

“I know you’re so upset and I am too. Dorial was wrong in every way and you have every right to be furious. I’m not sticking up for him but football really is all he has going for him and pressing charges would ruin it for him completely.”
Girlfriend of Dorial Green-Beckham, in a text to one of the two women involved in the incident last weekend at a Columbia, MO apartment, Columbia Police Report
GH: Pressing charges wouldn’t “ruin it for him completely” for DGB. That fault is the 20-year-old’s who just can’t seem to understand there are rules he needs to follow.

“Seven Mizzou football and men’s basketball players have been arrested eight times since January. That includes Green-Beckham’s arrest on suspicion of marijuana possession in January, but not an arrest based on a police report that alleges Green-Beckham broke into an apartment last weekend, damaged property and pushed a woman down four stairs. That tally also doesn’t count an independent investigation scheduled to be released Friday about the alleged rape and eventual suicide of former swimmer Sasha Menu Courey.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star

“When police asked her why she did not want to press charges, she stated it was because ‘she was afraid of the media and community backlash since Green-Beckham is a football player for the University of Missouri and is possibly going to be in the NFL Draft soon.’ She also stated she ‘was afraid of being harassed and having her property damaged just because she was the victim” and that she “did not want to deal with the mental stress of the whole ordeal it was already making her physically sick to think about it.’”
David Morrison, ColumbiaTribune.com
GH: This is what happens in college towns when athletes are allowed to become gods – which is pretty much every college town with a football or basketball team. Does KU really need to build a $17-million condo for their 20-year-old athletes?

“Minimum annual donation for a season courtside seat ticket at UConn basketball games: $10,000.”
Darren Rovell, @darrenrovell, Twitter
GH: To watch college kids play basketball? Yeah, it is a ridiculous environment on college campuses.

“We just need to move quickly on this before he’s arrested and before his warrant is made public. He will be kicked out of Mizzou and then not qualify for the draft next year. The coaches talked to me and explained to me how serious this is and there’s no time to waste at this point.”
Girlfriend of Dorial Green-Beckham, Columbia Police Report

“We don’t just wipe our hands clean of somebody who is 21-years-old or younger. I’m not for kicking everybody to the curb and saying, ‘Go be a loser.’”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: I heard a lot of talk on the radio Thursday about getting DGB some help. Many believe there should be an effort to keep him in school, even if he is released from the football team. Why? Why does DGB deserve another break? Why put more students in jeopardy of his next “mistake?” It isn’t Mizzou’s job to save this dunce. It was his job. He obviously didn’t care enough to protect it. Gone.

“Police conducted a Monday follow-up interview with the girlfriend in which she said she did not remember texting that to the alleged victim and that she had been drinking and did not remember if the description in the text was accurate. In a follow-up interview with police, Green-Beckham’s girlfriend said she had not received any calls from the coaching staff and that Green-Beckham had talked with coaches and ‘relayed that information to her.’”
David Morrison, ColumbiaTribune.com
GH: The Colombia police did a very thorough job of documenting this case and to make sure it is very obvious to all why there was no arrest.

“(Chad) Moller (a spokesperson for MU Athletics) said the Missouri coaching staff did not contact Green-Beckham’s girlfriend after the incident.”
David Morrison, ColumbiaTribune.com
GH: There are a lot of statements in this report that we are not supposed to believe and others where we are supposed to read between the lines. This one about the coaches’ comments to the girlfriend is serious. But she appears to be incredibly unreliable as a source. Mike Alden and Gary Pinkel should want to know the truth.

“The report indicates that Green-Beckham’s girlfriend said she was “in the bathroom” and “didn’t hear or see anything” during the incident and was “extremely uncooperative” in the investigation.”
David Morrison, ColumbiaTribune.com

“Dorial Green-Beckham has lost the privilege to play football at the University of Missouri.”
Carrington Harrison, a lifelong Missouri fan, 610 AM

“My job is to get it fixed. That’s what I intend to do.”
Gary Pinkel, ColumbiaTribune.com
GH: Do your job, coach. We are all watching.

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28 Responses to OTC: Dorial Green-Beckham Is Free But What About The Rest Of Mizzou And Columbia?

  1. Jim says:

    As if anyone could look worse than MU or DGB in this whole ordeal, DGB’s girlfriend comes off looking like a real piece of work.

    GH-You equate beating up a woman to $17MM apartments? Ummmm, OK. I get what you are saying, but that’s quite a leap.

  2. Phaedrus says:

    $17 million dollar condos, free tuition, multi-million dollar academic centers, weight rooms, traveling around the country on charter planes, etc and yet somehow people complain because the athletes aren’t “paid”. I wish my boss would “exploit” me like that.

    • Mike says:

      Yes, the charter planes are purely the player benefit, and not really for the coaches, and administrators who tag along?
      I see the $17M condos differently: I see those as a way to effectively cocoon the players from the rest of campus, so 90% of their campus time is within a controlled environment of athletic officials, excluding those few times a week they’re actually in class.
      And the weight room? Again, whose benefit is that really? The athlete, sure, to a degree, but is the coach not making $$ too, the athletic admins making $$, and taking in $$ from donors for the W’s that sort of RESULT from the time in the weight room? And the fans benefit too, seeing the team of guys, wearing the school’s colors, post successes just so us fans can talk shit for the next week?
      Yes, continue the condescending canard toward exploitation. It’s more than that. It’s the NCAA price-fixing the value of the athlete after they sign the LOI, and employing restraint-of-trade tactics on these kids by banning them from capitalizing on their likeness while in school, because to allow them that opportunity could hurt the NCAA’s ability to maximize, and control, every incoming dollar into their increasingly corrupt structure.
      A little more than ten years ago the NCAA got hit by the Feds for price-fixing the salaries of assistant basketball coaches, and paid a triple penalty because those tactics ran afoul of the Sherman Antitrust Act.
      We’re seeing restraint-of-trade again, and like ten years ago, when some basketball assistants were brave enough to bring suit against the NCAA, we’re now seeing history again repeat with O’Bannon and N’Western, two groups brave enough to challenge what’s become an archaic, non-functioning model at the BCS level.

      • harley says:

        excellent analysis mike….you hit the target perfectly!!!!!! that’s what it gets down to…money!

  3. Mike says:

    Wow. What a clusterfuck.
    DGB’s girlfriend’s statements prior to the follow-up police questioning reek of the actual events far more than the follow-up nonsense, when it became painfully apparent that certain people got her to change her story. Oh, yes, the excuses. “I’ve been drinking. I was in another room and didn’t see/hear any of the commotion. No, upon further recall, no coaches spoke to me…that was a mistake.” HOLY. SHIT.

    A) This enabler girlfriend is an idiot. If DGB gets a chance at a high draft position, and that’s a huge IF now, does she really think he won’t kick her to the curb the moment he cashes in, if he does? She’s defending what, exactly? Her dream of a gravy train?
    And 32 teams…well, 31 teams are documenting this massive red flag on DGB in his scouting file. This kid was already on the nfl microscope for the weed nonsense. This, even if he says all the right things going forward, and backs it up too, it’s costing him draft positions. There’s no way this doesn’t. (I could see the Raiders not giving a shit, even with Al gone a couple years now.)
    It’s not just DGB now, either. Eyes are fixated on Pinkel and Alden now too. I believe the initial report, which means Pinkel should be looking hard into who on his staff reached out and put pressure on the starry-eyed girlfriend. That’s the most sickening aspect of this.
    Hey, since it’s the SEC now, punish the way the SEC does: sit him for the entire non-con schedule. That oughta resonate some. If it doesn’t, then he’s a bigger dolt still.

  4. b12 says:

    Pinkel doesn’t have a way to solve this cleanly. DGB has issued a statement saying he is entering counseling. That buys a little time. My prediction is the suspension is lifted in time for fall camp, after completing a program; with a one or two game suspension to start the year.

    One or two more screw ups by a Missouri athlete and the spotlight starts to get like 1995 Nebraska.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Probably. But the wildcard here is the issue down in Springfield. If he doesn’t get charged with anything there, he’s probably in good shape. Now, if he gets charged with a felony? GOODBYE. SO LONG. FAREWELL.

      • Kyle says:

        Guess I missed that one. What happened in Springfield?

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          He was in a buddy’s Jeep when it got pulled over and the cops found a pound of weed underneath the back seat. The driver of the Jeep has claimed it was his weed and not DGB’s.

          • BlackJack says:

            It has already been announced that there will be no charges for DGB on that incident. He has only used 3 of his 9 lives, so he should be good to play for good ol’ MU next season

  5. The Independent Rage says:

    Jeezal peezal, my alma mater Missouri is starting to look like the freakin’ Oakland Raiders over there! The lunatics running the snake pit. The only thing missing at this point is someone going Baylor Bears and getting whacked out some night. But on a positive note, I now have a classic line that I can always associate with DGB’s broad: “I don’t know nuttin’, I was in the shithouse!”

    • kcredsox says:

      Guess you don’t recall last years incident at the Chief’s training facility???

  6. Mac6uffin says:

    GH: I heard a lot of talk on the radio Thursday about getting DGB some help. Many believe there should be an effort to keep him in school, even if he is released from the football team. Why? Why does DGB deserve another break? Why put more students in jeopardy of his next “mistake?” It isn’t Mizzou’s job to save this dunce. It was his job. He obviously didn’t care enough to protect it. Gone.

    That’s where I disagree. Much has been made of the Mizzou football’s “family” atmosphere promoted by Coach Pinkel and staff. If someone is “family” you don’t just kick them to the curb when they screw up. That doesn’t mean they get to keep all the rights and privileges, DGB may in fact never play football at Mizzou again. I don’t think they should just turn their backs on him over one incident.

    And yes, one incident. Next to no one in my generation cares about smoking pot. It’ll all be legal within a few decades.

    I’d be disappointed in Mizzou if they just cut him loose.

  7. artemmis says:

    Jayhawk, ‘Cat, Tiger.. no matter

    jerks like DGB just bring down the game.. no “normal” Midwestern USA fans can cheer for or support D-bag players like this..

    3 strikes… OK.. pot no biggie — but pushing 18 yr old girls down the stairs

    -PLUS — his Dad’s a HS Coach.. so from a very secure middle class background..

    he should be cut, sit this year —

    then go play for the Raiders – he’ll fit in with those freaks

    he’ll make his millions– he hit the talent birth lottery..

    BTW — Mizzou’s deep at wide-outs

    would be good PR for them to can this abuser of girls

  8. Redman says:

    Missouri’s transformation into an SEC football school is now complete.

  9. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    DGB has been booted off the team, per Gary Pinkel

  10. Gavin says:

    I put my hatred of Mizzou behind no one, but they did the right and, to their credit, difficult, thing today. Tom Osborne could learn a few things from Gary Pinkel.

    • Kyle R says:

      +1. I doubt they kick him off if it wasn’t for all the other arrests/problems the football and basketball players have had but can’t blame them for doing this.

  11. Paracelsus says:

    The problem you gentlemen are having is that you believe there is equal justice under the law. Since when has that been true?

  12. artemmis says:

    Props to Pinkel and Mizzou!!

    heyy.. we’ve all smoked reefer..

    scuffled with other MEN..

    but pushing women down stairs???..

    BIG no no..

    we may support different teams.. but I’m proud to be a Midwesterner in this great country!

  13. kevinashcraft says:

    The more concerning part of this is the girlfriend’s initial cooperation and the text messages with the other victim. It is plain to me that one or more people from the coaching staff/school tried to go through the girlfriend to get both victims to recant. If it was Gary Pinkel that was pressuring the victims, given his other transgressions, he needs to go.

    I’m all for grace and forgiveness, but that dude is supposed to be a molder of 18-23 year old guys. How can he say “do as I say, not as I do”?

    Also, there are plenty of kids, probably a few who are football players, who have never smoked weed or been drunk. I imagine they are wondering why certain players are held to different standards.

    • Mac6uffin says:

      I don’t think it is plain at all. Sounds like the coaching staff told DGB how serious it all was and it got passed on thru the DGB.

      Why have them recant if they dismissed him anyway?

      • kevinashcraft says:

        The texts came to light PRIOR to DGB’s dismissal. What I am inferring here is that if they had been able to coerce the two victims (it sounds as if they had already convinced the girlfriend), and the texts never came out, then DGB probably gets suspended for the first game. MU then hopes it all goes away by the time SEC play starts.

        I’m not saying it WAS Pinkel, but whoever at that school pressured the girlfriend needs to be out of college athletics and probably more. In no way is it DGB that was pressuring the girlfriend…


        The girlfriend implicates the coaches…then changed her story to say if was relayed through DGB. Palmer also reports that DGB’s father tried to deliver a message to the second victim via the girlfriend. Everyone was trying to cover up for DGB. No one cared about the victims. The girlfriend didn’t care…but that second victim was even promised “hush money” to keep quiet/recant.

        I’m telling you that if these texts didn’t go public DGB would be playing football in Columbia this fall. The coaches didn’t care that he did it, they just wanted it kept private. Thanks to great reporting by Palmer and others, a little sunlight shined on the crap.

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