OTC: Ervin Santana’s Agent Blasts Glass On Twitter / Yikes, Jimmy Dykes!

13133838-standard“If Glass wanted him he would be a Royal by now. I Know DM, Ned, and the fans want him…#payroll #tradesomeone #makeithappen”
Jay Alou, @JAloujr, Ervin Santana’s agent, responding to a Royals fan on Twitter who pleaded with him to get Santana resigned with the Royals, Twitter
GH: This tweet was sent out earlier this month and it is just now getting a lot of play in the Kansas City media. I first heard Danny Parkins discussing it Wednesday on his afternoon-drive show on 610. Parkins allegedly spoke with Alou but could not get him to commit to being interviewed on the radio.

“The conversation was on the record it just wasn’t on the air.
Jay Binkley, on a phone conversation Danny Parkins had with Jay Alou, 610 AM
GH: This sounds fishy at best. Either Alou is full of BS or Santana has told him to shut up. Either way, I would like to see someone in the media get Alou on the record and not play he said, he said.

“When I see an agent tweet like that, that smells of desperation. People say, ‘What does he have to lie about?’ Well, a lot. He’s the agent.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Is Alou lying about Glass not wanting Santana? Is he lying about Ned and Dayton Moore wanting him? Fescoe tossed out his opinion that Alou is a liar but I never got a good feel for exactly what he was accusing Santana’s agent of lying about.

“I understand why the owner of our baseball team doesn’t want to spend the money on Erv. I don’t think it’s a wide investment. I don’t think Erv is good enough to sign to a long-term contract.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Fescoe has pulled a 180 when it comes to David and Dan Glass and the Royals. Remember when he worked at 810 and the Royals pulled his credentials for his tough questions to Danny Boy? Well, it sounds like to me that Bulldog has a mortgage and two kids to feed now and that fact has loosened a good many of his teeth.

“In his press conference on Monday, Dayton Moore basically said Santana and Alou were asking for more than the Royals were willing to pay. Solid story given the early word was Erv and his agents were looking for a deal around $100 million. Moore indicated the Royals had talked to them, but ultimately moved on from bringing back Erv after they decided to bring Bruce Chen back to the fold.”
Craig Brown, royalsreview.com
GH: I have no problem with Alou working Twitter and any other avenue he has at his disposal to get his client the best offer available. It is what agents do. I hope Santana signs with the Royals and I don’t care what it costs Glass. Why should I? Glass is going to charge me and you the same amounts for tickets and beer if he signs him or not. Why Fescoe cares should concern his audience.

“Well, I didn’t see the (Missouri at Ole Miss) game. I had a game at the same time that was going on.”
Jimmy Dykes, ESPN’s SEC “expert” analyst, in an interview Thursday morning with The Border Patrol, 810 AM
GH: WHAT? I wanted Steven St. John to jump through his phone and grab Dykes by the throat after he admitted to not having watched the MU/Ole Miss game. SSJ’s next question should have been, “Why the hell not?” Instead, St. John let it go and conducted a worthless interview with an “expert” analyst who hadn’t even taken the time to watch a tape of Mizzou’s last game. I was really hoping SSJ would have publicly embarrassed Dykes to the point of one of them hanging up the phone. Nothing Dykes said after this admission mattered.

“This is going to sound harsh but (Tubby Smith) is going into a knife fight with spoons and it is amazing what he has done!”
Reid Gettys, Big 12 basketball analyst, after Smith’s Texas Tech team took out Oklahoma State last week and then won at Oklahoma Wednesday night, 810 AM
GH: Is Tubby the Big 12 COTY? I think it’s him and Bruce Weber right now down the stretch.

“@finebaum is my man, but there is NOWAY these callers can be real!!! Some of their opinions on Michael Sam are seriously scary. Seriously?!!”
Kirk Herbstreit, @KirkHerbstreit, Twitter

“Over five years in one form or another.”
Danny Clinkscale, when asked by Kevin Kietzman how long he has driven free cars from his radio advertisement agreements, 810 AM
GH: The Between the Lines segment in which this came to light is titled, First World Problems – so they understand that their issues are less than life shattering for most people. But I do think it would make for some interesting reading if someone wrote up a list of the freebies made available to local on-air radio personalities.

“Go to Proflowers.com and look for the microphone and type in…”
Just about every sports talk jock on radio the past two weeks
GH: Valentine’s Day has become almost as annoying as Election Day with the barrage of commercials urging men to buy their lovers chocolates, roses, berries, etc. to avoid a live reenactment of the SNL skit where you grab some dumb little thing from CVS.

“I am NOT taking my pants off for Scotland!”
Mary, Rachel McAdams’ character in the movie About Time
GH: If you want to score some points with your Valentine may I suggest you skip the aisle at CVS in favor of a stop at Target to pick up a DVD of the recently released movie, About Time. If you enjoyed Love Actually – my all-time favorite romantic comedy – you and your date will enjoy this flick.

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23 Responses to OTC: Ervin Santana’s Agent Blasts Glass On Twitter / Yikes, Jimmy Dykes!

  1. Royals Free Out says:

    Actually, Rece Davis and Bobby Knight are doing the game in Columbia tonight – their original game at Temple got cancelled. Personally, I find Dykes to be slightly less intolerable than Bob “Shot Fake” Knight.

  2. Kilroy says:

    Rick Barnes is the coach of the year. Travis Ford and Scott Drew are tied for worst coach.

  3. JP says:

    “Over five years in one form or another.”
    Danny Clinkscale, when asked by Kevin Kietzman how long he has driven free cars from his radio advertisement agreements, 810 AM

    It must be nice to be a radio talking head and get the freebies these guys get. Never mind all the free food that Petro scarfs down, or all the jewelry KK gets for Wife #2 through Joslin’s. These guys live in an alternate universe. No wonder the media has no idea what Joe Sportsfan goes through. Wait till the bottom falls out and these guys have to do real work for a living.

    • Mike says:

      For most radio guys, that free food freebie is a small perk that offsets their typically crappy pay. But I’m guessing most of the 810 guys are doing okay. Mainly since they’re locally owned, but also due to their continuity and stability.
      I don’t know what a live read goes for these days, but it wasn’t uncommon for Fortune to get $100 for a single Goodcents live read back in the day. But that was back when he reigned (and was the only sports voice) in the afternoon.
      A free car, though, is not that common. I would assume that happens only if the dealer (client) is getting a good ROI from the campaign. And why not? Sports radio has shown to have higher TSL’s than other formats. And even in a sports-crazy market (as evidenced by a myriad of Nielsen metrics for NFL, SB XLVIII, Olympics, baseball, and college) I would imagine that to be even more ironclad a statement.

  4. Matthew says:

    Love Actually?? Greg that is the worst movie ever. Ever!

  5. Jeff says:

    You have got to be kidding Greg. Love Actually is a piece of shit movie. Not funny, not interesting and the plot is awful. Please don’t recommend any other movies!

  6. Carrie says:

    I am sorry but I have to agree with Matthew that Love Actually isn’t very good. I love your writing but not your movie recommendations.

  7. Carrie says:

    plus 1

  8. Mikey says:

    Greg, are you serious! Should be called “Shitty Movie Actually”

  9. Larry says:

    Greg, you are showing a side of you that is making me very uncomfortable!

  10. brett says:

    i agree with parkins take that the royals did nothing wrong in the santana negotiations. the agent just overplayed his hand and now looks desperate. how do you take this guy seriously when the banner photo on his twitter page has him pointing at his benz? what a turd.

    • JP says:

      +1 It looks like the agent is playing the “David Glass” card to elicit grass roots support from the fan base for re-signing Santana. Obviously, that card will work with some. However, objectively the Royals payroll is almost at $100 Million, so it’s hard to say that Glass is cheaping out by not re-signing Santana.

      I am good with the Royals passing on him. He had a great year, but he started to slip towards the end of the season. Get him at your price or move on. If he comes back fine, but otherwise bring up the youngsters and let’s play ball.

  11. b12 says:

    Wonder if Danny has claimed the use of a car on his taxes?

    I heard that too…and about drove off the road. 5 YEARS!

    810 s rep for Olathe Subaru convinced them people would buy a Subaru because Danny Clinkscale was driving one?

    Holy crap.

    • kylerohde says:

      My complete guess on the car thing, based only on working in marketing myself, is that 810 does trade-outs. So rather than charging Olathe Subaru for the ads that run, they work out a deal where Clinkscale gets a lease of a Subaru for a set amount of time. Could be a discount on the space or completely free. That might be a job perk that 810 works out with long-term employees to help make up for low salaries and not too many raises.

      I would venture that SSJ and most of Petro’s show has free cars too.

      • GB says:

        The actual spots aren’t free to the dealership (no way 810 gives that up $$ to give Danny a car :) but when the talent does a commercial or live read, instead of getting a usuall fee for that they get the free car for a year. The dealership usually gives them a brand new model or car that doesn’t sell well to put it on the road. That’s a much better deal than the small fee for a few live reads a week that Danny or others would do. Petro’s show doesn’t get free cars but they got good deals on their rides from the dealership that has a sponsorship on the show…can’t remember which one it is but they’ve been on for a very long time.

  12. If I had to watch a romantic comedy on Valentine’s Day with the old lady, I would buy her “The Shining.” The man/wife interactions in that old picture always get me laughing (“Wendy, darling, light of my life!”), even if the film was originally proffered as a horror effort. Just click off, perhaps, when you get to the point that Jack tries to hack up that beanpole dame with an axe. Some broads don’t want to see that.

  13. Brice Creighton says:

    Want to thank you for the piece about David R Lewis. best kept secret of all time. And just right!
    I was gifted his “Memories cd collection” last Christmas, and have also now read several of his stories. And my wife is far ahead of me. Dude can write like nobody’s business. But his audio books go his writing one better. David Lewis is a Master at his craft! Thanks, Greg

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