OTC: Even At 6-0, Chiefs Able To Play Underdog Card / Chicago Marathon Highlights From A Jogger

“(The Chiefs) can get pressure on the quarterback with the four-man rush. They don’t have to blitz. The secondary is solid. This defense is one of the best in the NFL. They’re going to give Peyton Manning some problems. Now offensively…that’s the problem. This is not a 6-0 offense. I think part of it is that they try to manage the game to play to the strength of their team which is their defense. But when I watch Alex Smith at quarterback, he’s not a guy that’s going to challenge you outside throwing the football. That limits the number of big plays you have. The defense is a championship defense.”
Charley Casserly, former Texans GM and current analyst for NFL.com, 610 AM
GH: Are Casserly’s comments false? Not really. Will they make Chiefs fans mad? Sure. That’s what fans do. But you know what Alex Smith is really, really good at? Winning. All Alex does is win. Sounds like the makings of a nice big sign to hang at Arrowhead this Sunday.

“(Casserly’s comments) is the ultimate ‘yeah but…’ The Chiefs can fully embrace the disrespect card with their offense. If you’re 6-0 and can still be disrespected, use it. You’re 6-0 and you can still play the underdog card.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: It is pretty difficult to play the no-respect card when you’re 6-0 in the NFL – unless you’re the Chiefs who are coming off a 2-14 season and suffering from a 20-year playoff-win drought.

“It was like a whole supplemental draft (when the Chiefs were able to acquire seven players after the final cut-down date). It really goes to show you that their ice is thin. We’re going to hold our breath the entire season. I’m not saying they can’t continue but it’s going to be dicey.
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: This 6-0 start might be as good as it gets for the Chiefs. But it might not. I’m riding this red wave until it crashes.

“I think it is amazing that they have so quickly been able to come in and change the entire culture of the (Chiefs) team.”
T.J. Carpenter, 810 AM
GH: Jack Harry mentioned this week how one of the photographers at KSHB told him he is enjoying covering the Chiefs for the first time in his career – not because of the winning but the way John Dorsey and Andy Reid have lifted the veil of secrecy and security in how the media is able to work at Arrowhead. The Chiefs have converted the local media who cover them from the enemy to an ally. The fact that Carl Peterson and Scott Pioli were unable to see how this benefits the Hunt’s franchise speaks to their weaknesses as CEOs.

“I’m not making this up!”
Kevin Kietzman, who told his audience that Chiefs’ fans are waiting to go to the restroom when the Chiefs’ offense is on the field rather than leaving when the defense is playing, 810 AM
GH: I think KK’s making it up. Chiefs’ fans don’t leave their seats to go to the bathroom.

“Now it’s called ‘The Fourth Phase.’ Seattle has the 12th Man and we have the Fourth Phase.”
Mitch Holthus, on his preferred nickname for the Chiefs’ crowd at Arrowhead, 810 AM
GH: Please. Mitch. No more nicknames. It is not your strength. The Fourth Phase sounds like a new shopping mall in Olathe off Blackbob. TerrorHead is the one I kind of like.

“They’re flying around, making plays – they’re having fun! That’s what they’re doing. They’re fun to watch.”
Andy Reid, on the Chiefs’ defense, 810 AM

“It starts with this guy with is about 340 pounds and can move like he’s 120. That’s how you build your defense.”
Andy Reid, on Dontari Poe’s play this season and how he’s helped improve the Chiefs’ defense, 810 AM

“For everybody that loves MAC-donald’s, I think it’s a great thing. And for people who like (quarterback) sacks, too.”
Dontari Poe, Chiefs nose tackle, on the local promotion at some area McDonald’s that are offering a buy-one-get-one Big Mac on the day after a Chiefs game that produces at least one quarterback sack, WDAF Fox 4
GH: I love how Poe says, “MAC-donalds.” I think it’s a black thing; kind of like “PO-lice” and “am-bah-lance.”

“I don’t think anybody give two hoots about the broadcaster. I think it’s all about the game.”
Kevin Harlan, after Soren Petro took a shot at some of the ex-NFL players who are working in the TV booth, 810 AM
GH: People definitely care about the quality of their TV broadcasters for NFL games. They will watch no matter how much they despise the broadcasters’ work, but they still care a great deal. A great broadcast crew can add so much to a game, just as a poor crew can detract. Harlan is one of the best play-by-play guys I’ve ever heard on radio. No one delivers more information in an easy-to-understand cadence than the former Jayhawk. What I like about Harlan is he is still improving. There are very few people with his decorated resume who you can say that about.


GH: Got this email from a friend of mine, Brian Richards, who toured the Chicago Marathon last Sunday in just under 5:30 hours. I thought I would share some of his observations from this great race.

Top 5 Neighborhoods – all 20+ were great, but:

1. The Loop – hard to beat the crowd density and volume and the high concentration of out-of-towners there to support a runner

2. Lincoln Park/Old Town (tie) – easily the best-dressed – a social event for the high-disposable-income group

3. Boy’s Town – rocked the entrance with a rainbow banner over the street – high-fived the cheerleaders sporting yesterday’s five o’clock shadow

4. Wrigleyville – for these guys, a sporting event where they don’t have to worry about a loss

5. Pilsen – in my mind, I was dancing the salsa to loud, awesome Hispanic music. In reality, I cracked a smile and kept shuffling along


Top 5 Characters I Encountered:

1. Old dude running his 100th marathon – I made a point of congratulating him

2. 2 Kansas City ladies – one running her first marathon and the other acting as her guide

3. Guy-running-in-front-of-me-with-the-world’s-worst-gait – why does this always happen?

4. (tie) Elvis/Assh*le spectator within the first 2 miles shouting “You’re almost there!”

5. Walt Holt (college buddy from William Jewell)


Top Signs Spotted at the Chicago Marathon:

1. “Hurry, Before the Kenyans Drink All the Beer!”

2. “Push HERE for Turbo Boost”

3. “Pain Now, Beer Later”

4. “You Better Run B*tches”

5. “Run You B*tches!”

6. “Run You F*ckers!”

7. “There’s A Zombie Chasing You”

8. (w/GIANT Clown Face) “There’s a Clown Chasing You”

9. “Run, Forrest, Run!”

10. “Run Happy!”

11. “Hey Kenyans, my dad let you win”

12. “I bet you thought they said Rum”

13. “Run quietly please, I have a hangover”

14. “The reason your legs hurt is because you have been kicking ass”


Top 5 Food Items I Enjoyed The Most:
1. Pequod’s Pepperoni/Mushroom Deep Dish Pizza

2. Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest w/above pizza

3. Chicago Dog from Devil Dawg’s

4. Slider Cheeseburger from Devil Dawg’s

5. Slim Jim someone handed me after crossing the finish line


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12 Responses to OTC: Even At 6-0, Chiefs Able To Play Underdog Card / Chicago Marathon Highlights From A Jogger

  1. Arte says:

    Mitch Holtus’ nicknames are not improving.

    • Hot Carl says:

      Holtus is absolutely awful. He’s got his head so far up Clunt’s ass when he spits it comes out of Clunt’s mouth.

    • Bill says:

      Mitch Holtus’ nicknames suck. I, too, like Terrorhead.

      • Kyle says:

        Yes for Terrorhead.

        I actually think Holthus us a pretty good PBP announcer. He just tries so hard to be witty and is always coming up with stupid nicknames like “The Centaur”. God that was awful. You know he is not going to stop now that “Chiefs Kingdom” has officially taken over as the team moniker.

  2. Kyle says:

    MAC donalds is a South thing. I lived in Louisiana for 2 years and everybody said it that way. They have their own language down there.

  3. Bronco Terrance says:

    First off, the Chiefs are the most overrated 6-0 team in NFL history. Their offense is an absolute joke and the organization is stupid for paying Bowe $60M to be a decoy. They are getting closer to their ass wuppin by the Broncos on Nov 17th. Secondly, what is with all the race baiting Greg. Saying Mac Donalds is not a black thing but a south thing just like that moron Kyle said!

  4. Dan says:

    More signs I saw: “PR or ER”

    “You’re doing Aladeen” (reference to the movie “The Dictatro”

    and my favorite:

    “If it was easy, it would have been called ‘Your Momma’.”

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