OTC: Fallout From Petro’s Royals’ Rant

“That was blanking gold!”
Danny Clinkscale, on what his comment to Soren Petro was after hearing Petro’s rant on the Royals live Tuesday morning, 810 AM
GH: Too often the local sports talk shows overlook the best segments of their shows. Kevin Kietzman plays a snippet here and there of the day’s highlights but often overlooks the head-turning interviews and comments. But 810 seized upon Petro’s rant and played a good portion of it back at least twice on KK’s afternoon show. But I didn’t always get the feeling Kietzman was happy that Petro was receiving so much attention. Read on.

“I’m just so glad (Petro) had that in him because I’m numb to this (Royals) team. I’m ready to move on to something else. Soren just went ballistic and I couldn’t believe it.”
Kevin Kietzman, on Petro’s Royals’ rant and meltdown Tuesday, 810 AM
GH: This was all said with a positive slant but as KK’s show declares, it is usually best to read between the lines. What I read was an ego not quite ready to share top billing with his midday host. Read on.

“I want to know where all these people were a couple of months ago when the Royals were winning and you and I were saying they stink.”
Kevin Kietzman, to Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM

“There was no meltdown or rant to it. It was well thought out. I’m kind of over the Royals.”
Kevin Kietzman, on Petro’s Royals’ rant and meltdown Tuesday, 810 AM
GH: So does KK think Petro “went ballistic” or that there “was no meltdown or rant to it.” You can see why a listener to KK’s retelling might come away confused on where he stands on Petro so publicly punking the Royals. It reminded me a little of when Bob Fescoe received so much publicity when he was banned by the Royals for his intense and irreverent questioning of Dan Glass. Kietzman was not only unhappy with Fescoe, but the Bulldog was gone from WHB not long after that incident.

“I’ve never really thought of it like that… I don’t know if it’s that black and white… Ummmm, are they a better team with Cain or Davies???… So are we back to Davies or are we talking about Lorenzo Cain?”
Joel Goldberg, during an interview with Petro where he hemmed and hawed often while answering questions regarding roster moves the Royals have made or not made, 810 AM
GH: Petro did everything he could to draw an opinion out of the Fox Sports Royals TV pregame/postgame broadcaster. Goldberg, as usual, offered nothing except long pauses and non-committal answers. It is why Goldberg is almost worthless as a person of interest when it comes to being a guest on any sports talk show. If Goldberg wasn’t so likeable he could double for Ned Yost during postgame pressers.

“I believe the media gives the (Royals) organization a free pass. I think they’ve lost the view of the trees. I think at some point you have to value wins.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro loves to point to his precious New York or Boston media to compare the heat the KC media puts on the Royals. “This would never play in New York!” he loves to shout. I don’t see it. Kansas City and the local media are not New York or Boston or Chicago. We don’t need a Howard Stern intern yelling at Ned Yost in a presser asking whether he is erect or flaccid. If the local media outlets are such wimps, why did Petro find it his responsibility to defend the departed and defeated Carl Peterson so ardently at every turn?

“What makes you think David Glass was watching the Royals on a Saturday night? He doesn’t look at a box score until the next day in the paper. I guarantee you!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: So Kietzman is still making things up and then slapping his BTL guarantee on them? Just another reminder to question everything you hear and read.

“I enjoy every moment I’m on the air with (Denny Matthews) – and that includes when he’s in a good mood or a sour mood.”
Ryan Lefebvre, 810 AM
GH: Matthews is better this season on the Royals play-by-play than he has been in years. Yes, he still gets noticeably pissed when the strike zone is not to his liking or a pitcher isn’t working at a Bob Gibson-like pace. But I have heard some solid strategy sessions and good baseball talk from him this season. While he still is reluctant to get excited except in the rarest of occasions, I have enjoyed his work more this year because he appears to be less of a nightly grump.

“The goal is to do interviews that people are going to want to watch five years from now.”
Ryan Lefebvre, promoting his new TV show on Fox Sports, 810 AM
GH: Ryan is hosting his new show Thursdays at 5:00 PM (CT) on Fox Sports Midwest. His first show is an interview with Jeff Francoeur. I am sure Jeff is a nice guy but no one is going to want to watch this interview five years from now. Francoeur will be long gone and forgotten. The Beav should kick off his interview show with Don Free, the in-booth producer for Royals Radio the past 26 years. Free once told me he has never spoken on the air during a Royals radio broadcast. But he has more stories to tell than anybody in that radio booth.

“I think (Jeff Francoeur) would generally like to be here (with the Royals) long term, if that’s an option.”
Ryan Lefebvre, 810 AM
GH: Why? That should be Beav’s first question to the Royals’ right fielder. Here are a couple more… “Why do you want to remain with the AL’s worst franchise? Don’t you want to win? Is Kansas City just a ‘safe’ place to play out your career?”

“I want to make sure everybody stays on the rubber and doesn’t shift right or left.”
Ryan Lefebvre, referring to the balk-off loss Monday in Chicago, 810 AM
GH: This is also excellent advice for a number of NFL and NBA baby daddies.

“Bob McClure didn’t help Zack Greinke do anything! Zack Greinke helped Zack Greinke!”
Frank Boal, refusing to give the Royals pitching coach any credit for Greinke’s Cy Young Award, 810 AM
GH: McClure is the new Royals’ whipping boy of the media and talk show callers. I’m not so sure he is the problem.

“If you do a lot of talking about Sporting KC, what my gut is, there is a portion of the fan base that loves it. I just wonder if there is a larger portion of the listenership that as soon as they hear you talking about soccer says something else.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: While soccer has some ardent fans in KC, it simply is not a sport that draws a radio audience in Kansas City. NASCAR and boxing fall under that same heading. It may seem redundant but Kansas City sports talk radio gambles every time they move away from talking Chiefs, Royals, Mizzou, KU or K-State. Radio Wars works as well.

“I think I kind of have a reputation of being a jackass in face and off face.”
Nick Wright, disputing Todd Leabo’s Twitter claim that calling Wright two-faced is being generous, 610 AM

“I hope this is (Katie Horner’s) decision and them not forcing her out.”
Darla Jay, on KCTV 5 announcing Horner will soon be leaving her post as their head meteorologist, 980 AM
GH: I hope Darla Jay is more tuned into the political topics she covers than she apparently is to the local media comings and goings.

“I took a $75,000 pay cut to become a talk show host.”
Darla Jay, KMBZ evening talk show host, 980 AM
GH: Uhhh, okay. Congratulations?

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23 Responses to OTC: Fallout From Petro’s Royals’ Rant

  1. renton says:

    Don Free has been there for 26 years? In my head, I still hear them saying Ed Shepherd’s name.

    • Greg Hall says:

      This is Don’s 26th season w/ Royals Radio. Very interesting guy. He has always been very friendly to me and I believe enjoys my OTC column. I know he had seen some sights from his perch behind the voices that bring us Royals baseball each night.

  2. Arte says:

    Always got the impression when Joel Goldberg is on radio, he likes to talk but never really says anything. And his nice guy image may be just that. Word is his ego is getting a little tiresome among his co-workers at the K.
    Also agree about Denny. While his enthusiasm his still lacking, there’s no question he knows the game.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Interesting. Goldberg comes off as a very likable chap on TV. Would love to see him unleash his inner beast during his next spot on Petro’s show.

  3. Ptolemy says:

    Fascinating that Nick Wright and Darla Jaye get mentioned in the same column. If Nick Wright wants to know what he needs to do to succeed in the radio business, he should look no firther than Entercom’s own walls and consult with the only local radio host to be listed on Talker Magazine’s Top 100 Radio Talkers rankings, not wasting his time with Porkchop. The closest Whitlock would ever be to that list would be if he were reading the magazine while squenching a loaf.

    Great column again! I can stay away from sports talk until football starts.

    • Greg Hall says:

      The OTC exist simply to supply you with your daily summer allotment of Kansas City sports talk. And judging from my email, you are far from alone.

  4. PV Pathfinder says:

    I’m a Petro fan, but his recent attempts to get his guests to shit on their employers or co-workers are getting stale. Goldberg isn’t going to call Ned an idiot or Glass cheap. Much the same way Gottlieb isn’t going to admit to who the biggest prick is in Bristol. At some point, doesn’t he run the risk of alienating his guests? I’m sure he would toe the company line and 2-step around any question about how much of a moron KK is.

    • Greg Hall says:

      How great would it be for Goldberg to start firing questions at Petro during his next spot about the inner workings of WHB? “So what was it like when you were at 980 and KK was kicking your ass in PM drive time? Any residuals from those days still haunt the halls of the WHB studios? When was the last time you and the misses were over at KK’s for din-din? BTW, who is the biggest ass over there at WHB besides you?”

      • Java Man says:

        And if it’s okay to discuss how much money David Glass, Clark Hunt, Matt Cassel, and Jeff Francoeur make a year, how about Chad Boeger, KK and Soren Petro.

        • Greg Hall says:

          It is revealing how quickly some of these talking heads will verbally lambast any and all athletes, coaches and owners but revolt violently when their performance is graded, critiqued or reviewed. Petro is one of the thinner skinned of the bunch.

  5. Anfo says:

    Denny may be giving more “solid strategy sessions and good baseball talk”, but it is stuck in the ’70s.
    Last week, Tuesday June 28th, the Padres Cameron Mabin had a lead off single. Denny’s quote was “this is an obvious bunting situation”. This was in the freaking 2nd inning. The next guy, Kyle Phillips, doubled. So much for obvious.

    I understand that offense is down around MLB, but you don’t give away outs early in games.

    Ryan Lefebvre is just as bad. If I here him talk about a player’s “speed”, like it is the best tool a player can have, I might smash my tv. I don’t give a shit how fast Joey Gathright was or how fast Jarrod Dyson is, if they can’t get on base.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I too abhor the sac bunt before the 7th inning. Giving away 1 of 27 outs always seemed detrimental to the cause to me — even in the ’70s.

      About two weeks ago an opposing player got thrown out trying to steal third for the second out of the inning. Matthews quickly noted that the failed attempt was ill advised — and then quickly listed three good baseball reasons as to why. I remember thinking at the time that this is how I learned a lot of my baseball — listening to Harry Carey and Jack Buck talk strategy on a nightly basis. I also learned a lot of slang from Harry — and to not take the game too damn seriously.

  6. smartman says:

    Oy vey! Is this what it comes to? Darla Fucking Jaye?

    In music, the silence plays just as much a role as the notes. In art, the unpainted canvas tells us just as much as the painted canvas. In literature, silence sometimes speaks louder than words.

    At least you didn’t mention Casey Anthony.

    When you hit rock bottom you’ve got know where to go but up.

  7. Cliffy says:

    Petro is such a jackass but I have to admit I found his rant amusing. I had the same thoughts about KK’s reaction to it … he did everything but yawn.

    Goldberg and Boal fit into the “nice guy but boring as hell” category. Bukaty also belongs there most of the time although I sometimes find his baseball analysis insightful.

    Free’s been with the Royals since ’85? He has witnessed quite a downward spiral.

  8. Greg Hall says:

    I never tied the Royals continued death spiral to Don Free but maybe it is he who we should be blaming for the past 26 years of blue misery. Who knew?

  9. Uncle Dick says:

    Never put “Darla” and “fucking” in the same sentence. Looks like the love child of Yoda and Carol Channing.

  10. Redbird says:

    Did anyone here KK go off about Pujols faking the injury today. What a joke! This was just plain crazy and was the last straw for 810 in my book. KK is such a fool, too bad we don’t have many other choices.

    • Greg Hall says:

      KK’s anti-Pujos rant sounded to me like his attempt to match Petro’s spillage from the day before. It didn’t even fool Clink and Jack Harry.

    • ssiknaf says:

      Lord, that was just agonizingly painful to listen to. But funny as hell. KK’s “rant” comes from the mouth of someone who likely never played the game and has developed his “tail bone problems” by being such a freaking out of touch tight ass. People say he has become Don Fortune. Well, at least Don was smart enough to parlay his radio gig into Marina Grog and Galley perks – all KK gets is some bland diet cookies and whatever BBQ scraps get thrown to him.
      Another thing I have to say about local sports radio guys is how many of them do you actually think you could stand to sit with and watch a sporting event? Nick would be tweeting and looking to for a black athlete to sit by, Petro would be gibbering stats like Rain Man “definitely bring in the lefty, definitely”, and KK and Danny would sit still for five minutes before heading to the golf course. Fescoe would last two minutes before I punched him in the junk. SSJ is the only one that you could imagine having a dog and a brew with and actually having a good time.

  11. The KC Eye says:

    If I worked for the Royals, I wouldn’t need to be tempted to shit on my employer. Good for Soren for actually trying to get some substance out of his interviews.

  12. Orville Sandusky says:

    uncle d…. that was a personal attack…. but man was it a funny one.

  13. Phaedrus says:

    Lefebvre needs to go back to radio or get out of town. He talks way too much to be a tv announcer. I’ve started watching the games on mute.

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