OTC: Firings At 610 Sports Brings Out Vitriol In Nick Wright’s Tweets

“It breaks my heart to tell you guys that in @610SportsKC infinite wisdom they have FIRED @thecarm and @JaredLCarter… That means that the funniest, quickest most versatile board-op in KC, Jared Carter, is on the street… And it means Mark Carman, the best reporter and pre/post host 610 has EVER had, is out of a job… what a damn shame.”
Nick Wright, @getnickwright, in a tweet on Friday, Twitter
GH: Wright broke this news on his Twitter account on Friday. Radio stations [or most businesses for that matter] do not make a habit of publicizing the fact they just fired some on-air employees. But it almost always creates a stir with their listeners. In rare instances, it can elicit candid comments from the fired employees’ coworkers – which happened when the recently departed Wright took to Twitter to show his support for Carter and Carman and his disdain for 610 Sports’ decision to fire his friends. Read on.

“Why? I couldn’t tell you. Except for some historically short sighted, cowardly people are in positions of power over there. I could cry.”
Nick Wright, @getnickwright, Twitter

“610 Sports Radio, in their continuing commitment to bringing a younger fresher approach to sports radio, announced today they are unveiling a new afternoon show. Starting Monday, June 11, 610Sports Radio will debut The Big Show, hosted by Josh Vernier, Jayice Pearson and Jay Binkley.”
610 Sports Press Release, 6/8/2012
GH: It makes sense that the firings of Carter and Carman had to do with the three new hires 610 Sports has made to replace Nick Wright’s afternoon-drive show. Radio is now run on the thinnest of budgets. When Wright chose Houston over Kansas City, he forced 610 Sports to make a decision on the talent to replace him. They chose to go outside the building for that talent. Josh Vernier is from Milwaukee sports radio. Jayice Pearson is a former Chiefs’ player who has been on 810, 610, Metro Sports and done NFL color analyst work. Jay Binkley is a former sports talk caller known as “Paydirt,” who has elevated his game from caller, to Internet podcast, to part-time radio host to now an afternoon cohost on 610.

“Of course. I feel awful. But I never thought KCSP would be this myopic.”
Nick Wright, @getnickwright, in response to @TheFakeNed tweeting, “Don’t you feel a little responsible for blowing it up?” Twitter
GH: Wright is not to blame for the firings of Carter and Carman. Wright’s show on 610 gave these two a voice in Kansas City and an opportunity to prove their worth. Once Wright bolted for Houston, these two obviously didn’t do enough in Entercom’s eyes to warrant retention. Employed one day, fired the next. Radio is like that.

“No other field is like [radio] in the entire world, and I say that as someone who has earned a check doing everything from pizza delivery, landscaping, preschool teaching, retail, food serving, public relations, roofing, newspaper, and radio. More often in media than other professions, snap employment decisions are made based on politics, nepotism, and personal relationships rather than performance. In fact, many times, performance isn’t even part of the conversation. Neither is longevity.”
Curtis Kitchen, CurtisKitchenKC.com
GH: I’m not quite as down on the talent evaluation process in radio as Kitchen, but odd firings and hirings happen all the time in radio. I was surprised by Wright’s attack-style tweets toward his former station. Surely he understands the profession better than it appears, right? Read on.

“You got a whole lot of mgmt people at KCSP who took credit for 610’s success when it was my crew that did it all. Now all but CDot are gone.”
Nick Wright, @getnickwright, Twitter
GH: Bob Fescoe, the host of the one show at 610 Sports who regularly won his time slot, might have a differing opinion than Wright of exactly who’s show “did it all” for 610 Sports.  

“I love Danny and CDot, and you guys DEFINITELY should listen to them from 10am-2pm… past that, I would stay away.”
Nick Wright, @getnickwright, Twitter
GH: 610 Sports allowed Wright to remain on the air for two weeks after he announced he was leaving for another job in Houston. This is so unusual in radio it is almost baffling. But 610 supported Wright’s decision and allowed him an extended on-air good-bye to his fan base. Sure, they fired the two guys from his show after he left but that’s just what happens in radio. But Wright has quickly turned on the one station that gave him his start and allowed him to get his Houston gig. 

“But I’m sure KCSP’s PD hiring his former producer and the night guy from 810’s garage to go up against Kietz is gonna go swimmingly.”
Nick Wright, @getnickwright, Twitter
GH: Wright’s Twitter attacks on his former boss and station were unrelenting. I knew Wright was immature but I was not aware he was this willing to burn his bridge back to Kansas City. He torched any chance of 810 wanting to hire him and his knocks against Entercom can’t be good for his future as well. Let’s hope Houston likes their new homie or his next stop might be Lubbock.

“No problem man I’d rather hold a beer than a grudge. Hope you do great in Houston!”
Jay Binkley, @3guysinagarage, and the new tri-host of 610 Sports’ The Big Show, responding to a tweet from Wright apologizing for his above blast, Twitter
GH: Binkley is a likable guy with an unreal knowledge of sports. His specialty is football – at the high school, college and NFL levels. But where Wright struggled to follow the Royals and local college basketball, Binkley is in Leabo’s and Petro’s league when it comes to sports acumen. 610 Sports has never had anyone with his chops. But can he be entertaining and provocative? That remains to be heard.  

“And ultimately, Carter and Carm will be fine. Talented, funny, hardworking people make it in this business. Just a shame it’s not at KCSP.”
Nick Wright, @getnickwright, Twitter
GH: These are nice words of sentiment from a well-meaning fiend but they are simply wishes. Both Carm and Carter were low-end payroll guys who were likely struggling to make a living in the volatile world of radio. A handful of people make money in radio. The rest get fired a lot and eventually get real jobs.

“Thanks to one and all. I enjoyed my time. You are a phenomenal town KC as you know.”
Mark Carman, @thecarm, Twitter

“Silver lining: I got let go one week before my girlfriend’s birthday. Now I’ll be justified not getting. … I’ve always wanted to grow a mustache on just half of my face. There’s no time quite like the present, am I right?”
Jared Carter, @JaredLCarter, Twitter
GH: Both Carman and Carter appear to understand the profession of radio better than Wright. 

“Everyday I’m 100% committed to give you guys the best possible show from 10-2 with @DannyParkins. That won’t change.”
Carrington Harrison, @cdotharrison, Twitter
GH: Harrison is the one guy from Wright’s show who looks like Entercom believes has a chance to make it. He is a real success for Wright, who nurtured him from college intern to midday cohost.

“It seems we revisit this old conversation from time to time, as new names change, and do so enough that I’ve concluded it really isn’t possible to describe to the public how volatile, turbulent and unfair the professional media industry is to those who choose it. It is a web of weird, ruling non-rules that governs this industry, and it is spun in such a way that it creates a culture of constant unrest for those who traverse it. And, being the web it is, it is sticky enough to grab hold of those who venture in and not let them go; sometimes to the point that folks’ careers are devoured. And, yes, sometimes that happens unfairly.”
Curtis Kitchen, CurtisKitchenKC.com

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36 Responses to OTC: Firings At 610 Sports Brings Out Vitriol In Nick Wright’s Tweets

  1. Rick says:

    Craig Glazer was convinced he was going to get this position. Maybe a key word in the press release was younger. How old were Carter and Carman?

  2. Smartman says:

    Little Nicky was on his way out the door too. This from an unimpeachable source. Nick was told several months back that his show was going to get reworked into a triumvirate. He pissed and moaned and refused to do that. He was given the opportunity to leave with some dignity, hence the leap to radio hell in Houston…..where, by the way, the locals HATE HIM. What is happening now has been in the works for some time. It’s not going to take much of an intellectual upgrade to move listeners down the dial. For most passionate and knowledgable sports fans Nick was unlistenable. It’s not like KK is so strong that you need to bring in a Bob Costas to dethrone him. This new crew, if they play it straight and smart, can get the job done.

    • Jess says:

      This is what I though all along. You cannot get beat going up against BBQ and talking about golf on a consent basis and not have something change.

  3. MightyMo says:

    KK must be laughing hysterically. KCSP may be about to give up almost all of its afternoon gains. Jayice Pearson has never said one thing that I find remotely interesting. Not even by accident. And KK, however personally unlikeable, understands trying to fill 20 hours per week. At least I hated Nick enough to listen occasionally, but now…..

    • MUC says:

      Pearson sucks. May have been entertaining if they would have gone with Maas instead.

      • Old Man Kissel says:

        Maas is worthless with everything other then NFL football. Baseball, doesn’t know anything, basketball…nothing. I don’t think Maas has even seen a college football since he was in college.

        Plus the guy isn’t all that entertaining now that he’s “clean”. The time Maas was entertaining he had enough drugs in his system to kill 50 elephants.

  4. Cliffy says:

    It doesn’t look promising but I will give whoever is up against KK a chance.

    That last comment by Kitchen — he wasn’t serious was he? That’s some funny shit. LIFE is “volatile, turbulent and unfair.” The professional media industry is comprised largely of clowns.

  5. Joe Blow says:

    I might be in the minority of readers on this website that doesn’t listen to one iota of KC sports talk radio, but on the rare occasions there seemed to be something mentioned here that was worth downloading…anytime I ever listened to anything Nick Wright, it was gratingly awful. I listened to the Danny Parkins thing a week or two ago where he blew off Jason Whitlock, and it was simply terrible radio. There is absolutely nothing on the local stations that is even worth listening to. And, even when I lived in KC and tuned in a local sports show, it only served as fuel for kicking my dog extra hard. It’s funny that there are such “radio wars” over something so terrible..

  6. Bill says:

    Hiring Pearson is as laughable as when they had Neal and Marty. What a frickin’ joke. The guy is awful. I don’t mind Binkley. Like Greg said, the guy knows his shit, and he has the ability to get very good football guests, so that will be interesting in the fall.

    I always liked Carm’s dry wit, sucks he won’t be around anymore.

    Reminds me of when they let go of DA. Although, he isn’t struggling right now, killing it in Boston.

    • TangoAlphaLima says:

      Firing DA was a monumentally stupid move by Entercom. If given time, he could have been moved to afternoons and would have become a credible threat to Kietzman. But you know, the revolving door of hosts was probably a better choice…

    • MightyMo says:

      Neal and Marty. Great nostalgic “so bad its good” reference. Was hoping got forget that show ever existed.

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      Yep…DA was great.

    • newbaum turk says:

      Thanks for the Neal memory. It made me laugh. Easily the worst radio host in KC sports history. Could you imagine if they put Leabo an Neal on a show together? Two people who never, ever give an opinion without sitting on the fence. Chris and Cowboy were almost as bad. If 610 had to survive on their own volition they would be off the air. Why Entercom keeps such a bad station on life support is beyond me. If I was Johnny Dare I would rake management over demanding raises. He’s got a lot of weight on his shoulders carrying these turds.

  7. tigerdan4 says:

    I think the new afternoon show on 610 will be a success. I’m not thrilled about Pearson, he has always seemed bland and unwilling to say anything. But now they have a guy who knows baseball: Vernier. And a guy who really knows football, is also knowledgable in the other major sports, and is a very likeable guy: Binkley. I know for me personally, it was hard to listen to 610 at 2:00 in the past. But now I want to. I think real knowledgable sports fans will prefer this show over Kietzman by a landslide. I do feel bad for Carm and Carter. It’s a shame what happened to them. But that aside, I say kudos to 610. You just got better.

  8. Herb says:

    Yes. Kudos to 610.

    …so don’t fuck it up, you d-bags.

  9. Ron says:

    610 Sports is completely irrelevant, really. KC doesn’t need two sports talk stations. One is more than enough. 810 is pretty bad, but there’s no way 610 will ever overtake them, no matter who they hire. Nick Wright leaving town was the biggest non-event in KC media history. No one cared. And now, no one really cares who they hire or don’t hire because 610 is still going to be totally unnecessary and not needed in this market.

  10. Ssiknaf says:

    Listened to 610 today. In one day, they have erased the taint of wright. The guys were informative, not playing grab-ass or “top this dick joke” and actually sounded like people that prepared for a show, not some tweet fest.

    • Smartman says:

      Thanks for the report. I was going to try and listen today but didn’t have any Thorazine or lithium handy in case I went ape shit. Maybe I’ll try to listen tomorrow when I’m at the shrink.

  11. KCRvrRnnr says:

    I am constantly amazed that NOBODY has been able to provide legitimate competition to 810. Keitzman has become the Fortune he dethroned (good business sense, pimping sponsors etc) but even worse in how he props up sagging zombies like Frank Bore and Jackass Harry on his show.

    If 610 would ever find some reasonably knowledgeable sports hosts (who don’t bray like a donkey a la NW) they could knock King Kietzdork off his perch. Alas, they don’t seem to have the patience to see this transpire.

  12. KCRvrRnnr says:

    And as for NW and his defence of his bosom buddies….did he REALLY expect that his constant on-air ridiculing of Carman and Carter would enhance their chances to stay employed on 610? Maybe I am simply humorless, but seemed to me he threw both of them under the bus every chance he got. No wonder they weren’t retained when their own “sponsor” repeatedly crapped on them every time they opened their mouths.

    • CommonSense says:

      That’s called schtick. The same way Howard Stern makes fun of Ba Ba Booey, and every other Stern ripoff does the same thing.

      • Cliffy says:


        I think Carman would have been a good foil for asshat Fescoe and get rid of that waste of space Klingler. At least Carman has a sense of humor.

  13. KSBugeater says:

    Totally unrelated comment, but appropriate since the College World Series starts this weekend and Greg grew up a Frenchy toss away from Rosenblatt Stadium: The Omaha Zoo is allowing folks to visit the Blatt one last time (legally) next week during the CWS. You can scoop up some of the clay that every college baller dreamed about stepping on for six decades. http://www.omaha.com/article/20120611/CWS/306129974#one-last-look-at-rosenblatt

  14. Scott says:

    NW’s overinflated sense of self never ceases to amaze me. Did he really think 610 would just promote the folks he thought should get the gig simply because. . .well. . .Nick f’in Wright said they should. Please. And he’s shocked. . .SHOCKED I say. . .that in the radio business there were firings and new blood. Wow.

  15. TangoAlphaLima says:

    Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but Carter is not following Nick on Twitter (I assume he was previously). I wonder if there’s a bit of anger/resentment there…

  16. Scott Simon says:

    Lubbock? I was thinking Tucumcari…

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  18. Larry Mondello says:

    I give Nick Wright 6 months before he is canned in Houston. Pearson sucks as bad at radio as he did as a defensive back.

  19. Chad Smith says:

    I personally found NW to be entertaining, and he seemed to have an affinity for local teams (despite what others have said).

    Monday when the Big Show guys (minus Pearson) came on Parkins I was horrified when I heard them speaking and “riffing”. They sounded like a couple of top 40 DJ’s instead of sports guys. I’ve listened the past couple of days though, and they seem to be settling in to a groove. The sports acumen is definitely there.

    I do agree about Pearson, he knows a bit from players perspective, but he totally has to play off of prompting by the host. Don’t think he adds anything to a show besides a call in guest.

  20. Brandon says:

    “the big show” is a damn joke, 610 lost all my respect when they fired Carter and Carman… Wow that show is as bad as Rex hand job Huddler

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