OTC: Frank White’s Advice For Moose Could Be Career Saving / KSU’s Embarrassing Refusal To Be Fair To Their Own

“Moose is always saying the right things all the time but his actions and his words don’t always go together. It’s time for him to look his career square in the face. This is what I’ve always said, there comes a point in every player’s career when they start to struggle where they have to put it back in their own hands. … It’s up to him to work hard now. Nothing’s given, everything’s earned now. It’s about his mental toughness and how bad does he want it at this point.”
Frank White, on the Royals third basemen’s demotion to Omaha, 810 AM
GH: If Moose is a smart man – and that is very much up for debate – he will read Frank White’s above comments every morning he awakes as a minor-league ball player and then again as he tucks himself into the La Quinta Inn. “Nothing’s given, everything’s earned now.” Kind of sounds like life for the rest of us 24/7.

“I think his mood, how he reacts when he’s going good and then after one bad game and if he gets right back on the right track again. It’s gonna take more than one or two good games for that to happen. It’s gonna take a couple of weeks of consistency, seeing good pitching and seeing how he does day in and day out.”
Brian Poldberg, manager of the Omaha Stormchasers, who managed Moose at Northwest Arkansas in 2010, in an interview with Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: It appears to me that the Royals are more concerned about Moose’s dome than his swing. Read on.

“Being down (in the minors) and getting to laugh a little bit and have some fun and be a kid and play the game he always did.”
Brian Poldberg, 610 AM
GH: Note to the Omaha media – be sure to ask Moose how Vargy is doing. He digs that.

“They’ll be many eyes coming down to check on him.”
Brian Poldberg, 610 AM
GH: The Royals – and especially Dayton Moore – have a lot invested in Moose. It is not too hyperbolic to suggest that some front-office careers rest on whether Moose succeeds or not.

“That (caller) called (Moose) ‘Minor’ league Mike.’ That’s what we’re going to call him until he returns.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM

“My guess would be to give him a month down there, get him close to the All-Star break and see what goes from there.”
Mike McFarlane, 810 AM

“I think you give him about three weeks down there with (Omaha’s hitting coach) Tommy (Gregg) in Triple A.”
Frank White, 810 AM

“I would be shocked if they traded Mike Moustakas. … I can’t see them in any way trading him. I just see no way Dayton trades him. I think he comes back with this team maybe a game after the All-Star break.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: What team is going to trade any player or prospect of worth for Mike Moustakas? Moose is staring at the very real possibility that his career in the bigs is over. His career has been on the slide since 2011…which is pretty much his entire MLB career. But maybe Ned is right about never being wrong.

“Like most of us, when Royals manager Ned Yost speaks, he’s prone to some shorthand and sharp change of direction and a half-sentence here or there. Unlike most of us, some of his morsels get snared as sound bites and get paraded around. That’s how it was with his response Tuesday to questions about the implications of deviating from the platoon system at third base by starting right-handed hitting Danny Valencia in place of left-handed hitting Mike Moustakas against a right-handed pitcher. ‘I don’t have a plan,’ Yost said then. Pounce if you must, but Yost didn’t really mean he doesn’t have a plan.”
Vahe Gregorian, columnist, Kansas City Star
GH: I like a positive spin as well as the next guy…but Vahe appears to be performing a triple-toe-loop quadruple-Tonya Harding in his attempt to absolve Yost of his dumb comment. I don’t think it is the columnist’s job to make the reader like those he writes about. Vahe just tries too hard at times to be nice instead of real.

“If you vote for Jamaal Charles to be on the Madden cover, you hate the Chiefs. That’s the only way to look at it. Something bad is bound to happen. We need Jamaal Charles to NOT be on that Madden cover. Peyton Hillis was on the Madden cover.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Any chance we can get Fescoe on the Madden cover?

“Yes sir. … No sir.”
James Franklin, former Mizzou QB, in an interview this week with Bob Fescoe and Josh Klingler, 610 AM
GH: Franklin is one of the most respectful college athletes to play at Mizzou…or anywhere for that matter. Maybe the Royals should send Mike Moustakas down to Columbia for a couple of weeks this summer to work with Gary Pinkel.

“Definitely the (defensive) front seven. I noticed they were bigger and faster.”
James Franklin, when asked what was one of the biggest differences playing in the SEC as compared to his seasons in the Big 12, 610 AM
GH: Dee Ford would agree – and hopefully resembles that remark this fall at Arrowhead.

“Shameful. K-State denied (Leticia Romero) release w/o talking to anyone, now KNOWS there was no tampering, and says no ‘procedure?’
Jay Bilas, @JayBilas, on the ongoing saga of the freshman basketball player who KSU continues to deny her release despite her coach being fired almost three months ago, Twitter
GH: Bilas has been an aggressive critic of Kansas State throughout this process. Dick Vitale has been equally critical of Kansas State. This has become an avalanche of bad press for KSU – all of KSU. John Currie’s latest attempt to staunch the embarrassment simply gashed the wound even wider.

“Although it is unprecedented, I believe that is in the student-athlete’s best interest for the committee to reconvene to consider this new information (that no tampering occurred) and potentially approve her request for a conditional transfer release.”
John Currie, KSU athletic director, in an attempt to get the KSU board to grant Romero her release, Kansas City Star
GH: This sounds like Currie is on the right track, right? Not quite. Read on from Romero’s lawyer.

“They determined that there was no tampering involved whatsoever. Now their position is that (Currie) can’t change the decision, because of the fact that this committee made a decision on it. That is absolutely incorrect. He is basically saying, ‘I don’t have any proof that there was tampering, but the committee made its decision based on the belief that there was tampering so I can’t change it.’ He is taking a very disingenuous and dishonest stance. There was apparently a belief that she wanted to follow the previous staff. The reality is that she said from the beginning she had no desire to follow them to Northern Colorado. This was an attempt to force her to stay at Kansas State when she didn’t want to stay at Kansas State. This is an athletic director attempting to bully a young woman who is thousands of miles away from home.”
Donald Jackson, Leticia Romero’s attorney, The Sports Group in Montgomery, AL
GH: The only people I have heard or read supporting Kansas State’s stance in this case are Kansas State boosters. What if an 18-year-old girl from Great Bend, KS moved to Spain to play college ball in Barcelona and this same scenario was playing out there? Kansas State looks like everything they are not supposed to be. This stinks.

“There are some people who think now that Myles Turner (the number-two college basketball recruit in ESPN’s rankings) has decided to sign with Texas that Texas is the favorite in the league. I don’t concur with that. Miles Turner went about 2 for 5 in the McDonald’s game and you barely knew he was there. So I’m not ready to turn the Big 12 title over to Texas.”
Mike DeCourcy, 810 AM
GH: The Big 12 should be praying for some team – ANY team – to rise up and challenge KU. But with Bill Self continuing to add NBA talent to replace his outgoing NBA talent, do not hold your Bevos.

“If (Joel Embiid) is health, I don’t think it’s even a hard choice.”
Mike DeCourcy, when asked if he thought Embiid or Wiggins should be Cleveland’s first pick in the NBA draft, 810 AM
GH: That’s a big “if,” and an even bigger back.

“I’d rather have Wiggins’ athletic ability and hope that I could toughen him up.”
Mike DeCourcy, on choosing between Wiggins and Duke’s Jabari Parker in the upcoming draft, 810 AM
GH: I like Wiggins’ highlights and Embiid’s ceiling but I’d take Parker with the first pick. He just seems like more of a gamer.

“When you go to the World Cup, (each team) gets a draw. Our draw is called the ‘group of death.’ We’re going to get stomped like a narc at a biker’s rally.”
Collin Cowheard, ESPN Radio

“You better (advance) out of this group. Because if you don’t get out of this group and you have Landon Donovan sitting at home on the couch? Om my goodness! (The criticism) is going to come from all sides!”
Alexi Lalas, ESPN Radio
GH: Cowherd compared the other teams in the team USA’s group to college football powers Alabama and LSU and the US as BYU. “We’re not getting out of this group,” added Cowherd. “We can’t beat Ghana!”

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39 Responses to OTC: Frank White’s Advice For Moose Could Be Career Saving / KSU’s Embarrassing Refusal To Be Fair To Their Own

  1. nick says:

    The drop off from the glory days of Posnanski/Whitlock to Mellinger/Gregorian is steeper than the Verruckt.

    Bill Simmons, basketball writer and commentator, is all aboard the Embiid train:

    “Embiid’s back is fine. I watched him work out last week. He wasn’t playing against anyone, just going through a two-hour workout with Will Perdue. Here’s what I can tell you: He moves around as effortlessly as a 7-foot Serge Ibaka; he’s such an athletic freak that he’s one of those ‘still going up as he’s finishing the dunk’ guys; his freakish wingspan might make Jay Bilas pass out; he has been playing basketball for only four years (which seems impossible); he gave up a world-class volleyball career; he has 3-point range; he can shoot jump-hooks with both hands already; he couldn’t have seemed more coachable/agreeable/likable; he’s a hard worker with a goofy sense of humor; his voice is just a touch Mutombo-y (deep with a heavy African accent); and his friends call him ‘Jo-Jo.’ And again — his back seemed totally fine.

    News flash: As I said on TV before the lottery, Embiid was always going first. None of these teams was passing on him. Repeat: none of them. The amount of smokescreening going on in April and May was high comedy. We keep hearing his back is really screwed up, this could be another Oden situation … Just stop it. This was like sitting at a fantasy football auction next to someone who kept claiming that he wasn’t going to pay big money for a QB … and then, two hours later, he’s bidding $49 for Aaron Rodgers. The truth is, Wiggins and Parker never separated themselves enough this season to warrant anyone saying, ‘We’re passing on a potential franchise center with a good chance of becoming the 7-foot Serge Ibaka.’ “

    • Mike says:

      Ryen Rusillo of ESPN also penned a Grantland column where he quoted three anonymous execs. One of the execs (well, to be fair, all three did) gushed over Embiid instincts and footwork, then made the laughable observation that Embiid hadn’t been coached to do that. Are NBA execs dumb? (Wait, they were probably a lottery team…that already answers the question.) Embiid is an athletic freak, but in order to harness that athleticism from its raw form, Embiid needed that coaching. And guys like Newell, Dodd, the LJW guys were pretty good in cataloging all of the ways Self and his staff coached up Embiid in order to harness that freakish athleticism into a top hoops pick.

  2. red says:

    The US group is always the Group of Death because the US is the best of the non-European and non-South American teams. In other words, it is the fact that the US is in the 4 team group, along with whatever European team and South American team gets slotted in there that makes it the Group of Death. It makes no difference for the US as they don’t play themselves.

    • DodgerHawki says:

      That isn’t really true. This is called the Group of Death because it has 2 of the top 3 teams in the world (Germany and Portugal), are in the group, along with Ghana, who is 38th (the U.S. is ranked 14 in FIFA’s rankings). Contrast that with Mexico, which finished behind the U.S. in qualifying. Mexico (ranked 19th) is in the same group as Brazil (4th), Croatia (20) and Cameroon (50). A much easier draw for Mexico.

      The only comparable group is Group B, with Spain, Netherlands and Chile. That has 3 teams in the top 15, but Australia, the 4th team, is not good at 59. The international sports community in general (and especially soccer) has no love loss for the United States. Personal opinion, but not a coincedence that the US got placed in this particular group.

      • Mysterious.j says:

        In reality, Portugal barely qualified for this World Cup and are not anything like top 3 in the world. The rankings are nearly worthless.

        Having said that, the US has next to no chance in this group with or without Donovan.

  3. Futbol Duche says:

    Yes, yes, yes….The World Cup…The World Cup….my…my lovely.

    Greg’s talk more World Cups. We hate Gridball and baseball and basketball talk!!!!!! We hates it. WE HATES IT FOREVER!!!!!!

  4. Fred Flintstone says:

    MU, KSU, and World Cup talk today…..Sure didn’t take me long to read today’s version of OTC. Only thing missing was women’s softball, and the Upcoming Next Marathon. Yawn…..

    • BlackJack says:

      Sorry Fred, as there is nothing to talk about with the NFL. You’ll just have to wait a couple more months for Training Camp dispatches from BullDog Bob Fescoe at Uncle D’s.

    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      But you love MU talk, Fred. You bring MU up even when Greg doesn’t!

  5. BlackJack says:

    I just don’t get what K-State hopes to gain by playing these control games with this girl, as they certainly are not winning the court of public opinion, and cannot help recruiting.

    As for the U.S. WC chances, they had better advance out of group stage, and better score some goals or else Klinnsman is setting himself to take the fall for leaving LD off the roster.

  6. Gavin says:

    I can’t help but wonder if this hurts K-State in recruiting in other sports. I mean, maybe not but if a recruit is down to two schools, K-State and one other in football or men’s hoops, what’s to stop the other school from saying “Hey, what happens if you don’t like it at K-State? Maybe you go there and everything is just great. But what if you go there and everything isn’t great? What if you want to go some place else? What makes you think they’ll even consider letting you?”

    I have no idea if that’s a factor, but this is not a good look for K-State at all. I cannot imagine what they think they’re gaining with this.

    • Dp says:

      K-State’s record with letting players transfer is great. Plenty of hoops and football players (Sams, Angel, Judge, Everidge, etc.) have left in the last few years without incident, that’s why this situation is so odd. I get blocking the transfer if there’s tampering, but if not, what are you gaining? Let her go and move past this.

      I am getting tired of Bilas and Vitale’s selective outrage though. Yes, we all agree the NCAA rules are a joke, but they are both rich men because of the NCAA and it’s rules…if the NCAA is SUCH AN OUTRAGE, why do they involve themselves with it and make a living off it?

      Plus I don’t remember their outrage when Bo Ryan (who’s on their network twice a week) did the exact same thing a few years ago. Kid from Iowa went to Wisky for a year, wanted to transfer to Iowa. Ryan wouldn’t release the kid. He paid his own way at Iowa for a year and is still on the team.

      • Joe Blow says:

        I think it’s mostly because she’s apparently their best player and they’re pissed.

        Transferring from Wisconsin to Iowa would be like transferring from K-State to Iowa St, so I doubt any school would be too happy about someone leaving just to play for another school in their conference. It sounds like she could do that, but has to play for a year without a scholarship and pay her own way, which is bullshit. If they don’t want her playing for another Big 12 school, then make that a stipulation. K-State is just being petty and vindictive.

      • Juan Pablo says:

        WTF? KSU is the worse for letting players transfer. KSU did not let the football player Manase Foketi tranfer last year, He said Snyder was a jerk and told he will only play for KSU and no one else, Before that KSu did not let RB LaMark Brown transfer two years ago.

        I think has KSU set the record for not letting players transfer. What KSU is doing to this girl is despicable.

      • Kansas Marine says:

        It’s public knowledge that KSU DID NOT allow Angel to transfer. They told him to give it another year, then if he was still unhappy he could transfer; which he did.

    • Juan Pablo says:

      I read one of the top high school girls basketball talent evaluators is telling recruits not to go to KSU.
      KSU is a dumpster fire going on. Baseball team in last place, women’s basketball a joke, Bruce Weber is a clown and could not recruit before, now it will get worse and Snyder may be in his last year.

  7. tony muser says:

    Romero should use her in state tuition status and transfer to kansas. at least that would extend the middle finger to this ridiculous policy at ksu.

  8. Juan Pablo says:

    Although it is unprecedented, I believe that is in the student-athlete’s best interest for the committee to reconvene to consider this new information (that no tampering occurred) and potentially approve her request for a conditional transfer release.”
    John Currie, KSU athletic director, in an attempt to get the KSU board to grant Romero her release, Kansas City Star

    John Currie is lying or incompetent. First he says there was tampering now says there is none. Now he is trying to say he has no power to over rule the student committee that will not let her transfer. At KSU a student committee has more power than John Currie the AD. Sure thing John !
    What a clown.

  9. Old Man Kissel says:

    Here’s my question. Do the Royals draft bad or do they develop bad? Or do both go hand in hand? I say that because many of our can’t miss prospects have seemed to either missed or are just alright.

    If in 2005 would Troy Tulowitzki or Andrew McCutchen be good if they were drafted by the Royals in stead of Alex Gordon?

    Or 2006 if the Royals drafted Clayton Kershaw, Tim Lincecum or Max Scherzer and not Luke Hochevar?

    810 scoops 610 once again…

    • Phaedrus says:

      Would Kietzman be good if he was on 610 rather than 810?

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      Don’t forget Ryan Braun in 2005 too. PED’s or not, he’s had a much better career than Gordon.

      • Old Man Kissel says:

        Remember Kyle, Tulowitzki, McCutchen and Braun were also drafted way after Gordon.

        People give Gordon a pass because he’s an OK hitter but great on the field. But he’s still not a star and no where close to the player Troy Tulowitzki, Andrew McCutchen or Ryan Braun is.

        Looking back of course I would rather have McCutchen in a Royal uniform then Gordon. Great bat and yet still great on the field. And of course a pile of dog vomit would be better then Hochevar.

        But that still goes to my question. Where guys like Gordon and Hochevar and Moose bad picks, or do do the Royals develop bad?If McCutchen were drafted by the Royals would be a MVP or just a golden glover?

        810 scoops 610 once again…

    • Joe Blow says:

      Or, if in 2005 the Royals would have drafted Jeff Clement, Wade Townsend, Mike Pelfrey, Cameron Maybin, Brandon Snyder, Trevor Crowe, etc…would they have had as little impact? I *hate* this stupid line of reasoning, that Team A has some way of creating All-Stars, but the Royals don’t. I remember a ton of Royals fans saying they would swear off the team if they didn’t draft Alex Gordon that year.

      In 2006, a lot of Royals fans thought they should have drafted Andrew Miller over Hochevar. I mean, Brad Lincoln, Brandon Morrow, Kasey Kiker…these are not household names, but were in the top picks as well. It happens.

      Picking out the best players in the draft years later is one of the stupidest arguments you can make.

      Joe Blow scoops Old Man Kissel once again..

      • Old Man Kissel says:

        Fine…Royals just draft bad. Gordon and Hochevar were bad picks when they’re were better guys they could of picked up.

        Sometimes you have to draft Reggie Miller in stead of Steve Alford.

        810 scoops 610 one again…

        • Joe Blow says:

          Small-minded argument. You could mock re-do drafts forever.

          Joe Blow scoops Old Man Kissel once again..

  10. Juan Pablo says:

    On Twitter Jay Bilas just keeps making K-st look like a bunch of idiots, K-st needs to let her go it is getting ugly.
    Jay Bilas [email protected] May 24

    More on Kansas State’s laughable stance re Leticia Romero: http://bit.ly/RngpOl How embarrassing for KSU, @kstate_pres and @john_currie.

    Retweeted by Jay Bilas
    Andy Staples [email protected] _Staples May 24

    The latest twist in the Leticia Romero hostage crisis makes Kansas State look even dumber. http://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/college/mtsu/2014/05/23/mtsu-can-talk-transfer/9522089/ …

  11. Karl says:

    So Frank White spins out boilerplate to a radio station that has been said for decades thousands and thousands of times about thousands and thousands of young players, and Greg Hall thinks it’s original and divinely inspired.

  12. Monkeyhawk says:

    Wary as always it might be more hometown hype, I liked reading the Star’s piece on Bubba Starling. He might just be getting his head around pro baseball. And, as Yogi said, “90 percent of this game is half mental.”

  13. jim says:

    Now Joe Posnanski (who’s wife attended K-State) weighs in on K-State. He doesn’t get it either:


  14. who-fan says:

    I have not heard KK weigh-in on this. Has anyone else?? If this was KU doing this to one of their players, he’d be ALL OVER IT….

    • Juan Pablo says:

      Its just not KK , the KC media only cares about negative stories about KU and really does not cover much from MU or KSU, This is a national story and the KC media is asleep like normal waiting for someone at KU to cut a fart.

      Dick Vitale @DickieV · May 22

      Will someone at Kansas St explain y they did not listen to AD John Currie & grant @LeticiaRomero95 her release?This is absurd #LETLETICIAGO

      • Joe Blow says:

        You have to be fuckin kidding me. The KC media only cares about POSITIVE stories about KU. It’s not called the KU Star for no reason..

    • DMKC says:

      KK went off on this Friday … not surprisingly fully behind K-State. He was so adamant (and wrong) it’s worth an OTC of its own, even with the situation resolved.

  15. nick says:

    Interesting that Posnanski is jumping in. He’s always had nothing but positive things to say about K-State. I had not heard this:

    “But then it gets even MORE stupid. Look at this: Because of a clerical error, Kansas State mistakenly gave Middle Tennessee State in Murfreesboro permission to contact Romero. Yes: A clerical error. Kansas State attempted to retract permission but the NCAA said, “Uh, no, you can’t do that.” It’s pretty astonishing when the NCAA with all its corruption in leadership actually says, “No, even we won’t go that far.” There is a thought now that Romero will visit Murfreesboro. Nobody knows if Kansas State would actually let her go. It’s a clown act. And it is so unnecessary. It’s so unlike what Kansas State is supposed to be.”

  16. Joe Blow says:

    Shouldn’t someone like Frank Haith have to sit out a year as well? I mean, no Missouri fan is going to complain that he’s gone, but coaches can up and leave at the drop of a hat. But, you know, the players actually competing, they have to get permission and go through a whole process..

  17. JP says:

    The Leticia Romero transfer story is a joke, pure and simple. K State should let her leave and move on. They look like unreasonable a$$holes for letting this simmer on. If KU has pulled a similar stunt (or Missouri for that matter) it would be big local news. This shows where K State lands on the pecking order.

    Plus they are 810’s flagship station and the alma mater of KK. He who is glad to report every single minor violation that occurs at KU. Meanwhile, he blasts the national media if they dare criticize K State. He was all over KU over the QB who wanted to transfer. He is a flaming hypocrite, who would be spending hours on this if KU or Missouri had conducted themselves similarly.

  18. kcredsox says:

    She has officially been let go from her ‘contract’ and can transfer to any school other than a Big 12 school.

  19. EstoniaKat says:

    Leticia Romero is tweeting from Greeley in the last couple of days. https://twitter.com/LeticiaRomero95
    Sorry if you are not on her list.
    Yeah, there’s nothing suspicious going on. Just a poor college student who was denied her rights.

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