OTC: Game 7 Of The World Series Is Being Played In KC At The K Tonight / This One Is For You, Royals Fans

“As kids, what I fall back on is when I was 10 years old, hitting rocks in the back yard, trying to hit it over the fence for a home run. I never one time thought, ‘OK, bases loaded, two out, bottom of the ninth, game five of the World Series,’ you know? Never. It was always two outs, bottom of the ninth, game seven of the World Series.”
Ned Yost, in his postgame comments Tuesday night, Kansas City Star
GH: You, me and just about any kid who ever hit a rock with a stick has envisioned that same Game 7 scenario as Ned described. Only for the Royals and Giants it is real. Tonight. Holy Freaking Baby Jesus!

“On July 21 the Royals were 48-50.”
Dennis Dodd, @dennisdoddcbs, Twitter
GH: Let that marinate in your noodle for just a moment. July 21st is almost August! And then consider the Wild Card night (now a month ago) when reality got bent so out of whack that Jon Lester surrendered a 7-3 lead in the eight – to the freaking Royals! If this isn’t one of the great sports stories of all time, there are no great sports stories of all time. And as we all know, that ain’t true.

“Professional sports don’t do better than game seven, and that’s especially true in baseball where the outcome of any of the 200 or so pitches thrown can change history. The Royals have been so bad for so long that watching them with any sort of regularity over the years has meant dreaming of a night like this, usually without any real expectation of it happening. The World Series? Game seven? At Kauffman Stadium? Is this real life?”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Oh, this is real alright. And a good many credit card bills come November will smack Kansas City Royals fans in the face with zeros in places they have never before seen. But it’s only money. How do you put a price on memories like these? And there is always the chance you’ll die before your credit card is due.

“I am so happy for the fans of Kansas City. The greatest fans in the world. We’ve been waiting so long. We went through those 100-loss seasons. And the fans still came out and still supported the Royals. That’s what it’s about to me.”
Mike Boddicker, former Royals pitcher, 810 AM
GH: How many summer nights did we sit inside The K, or watch Splitt frankly analyze another Royals’ loss, or listen to Denny and Ryan while mow the lawn describe a disastrous evening of baseball? Too damn many. But a month of sensational baseball has made those nights, all those losses, all those batting coaches – all worth the pain and embarrassment. That is how great the baseball has been this October. Tonight has a chance to stamp it as legendary.

“For the Giants, the game was ugly. It was demoralizing. Depending on what happens in the Series finale, it puts Peavy’s name on the short list of Giants all-time goats. But it is also forcing the greatest thing in sports: a Game 7. … Whatever the reason, there’s an even bigger game now. And both teams wake up this morning knowing that that, by the end of the day, their lives will have changed forever.”
Ann Killion, columnist, SFGate.com

“Madison Bumgarner should start Game 7. It won’t happen, no way. Bruce Bochy assured me of that before Tuesday’s Game 6. So I’m not second-guessing Bochy’s plan to start Tim Hudson; I’m first-guessing the Hall of Fame-bound skipper. The Giants’ best chance to win this World Series is to start the farmer. Sentiment is for Hallmark cards. (Made right here in Kansas City!) … Sentiment be damned. If you’ve got the best horse, load him in the starting gate.”
Scott Ostler, columnist, SFGate.com
GH: I know Bochy has said he will not start Bumgarner but you know there are a few players in the Giants’ dugout wanting to see him start – and MadBum is probably one of them.

“The only thing that could make us even think about losing is if Bochy has the balls to start Bumgarner.”
Mike Boddicker, former Royals pitcher, 810 AM

“If Bochy let the Royals vote on the Giants’ starting pitcher for Game 7, Bumgarner would finish dead last on every ballot. … Look, the Giants need to go down swinging. Did Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid walk into that plaza in Bolivia with their arms held high in surrender? They did not.”
Scott Ostler, columnist, SFGate.com
GH: You know, I am not sure these Royals care who pitches for the Giants tonight. Yes, Bumgarner looks to be the best postseason chucker of all time. But wouldn’t that just add to the craziness of this Royals postseason if they beat today’s Sandy Koufax in Game 7?

“Jake Peavy and the Giants hoped Game 6 of the World Series would result in a parade. It did, all right — a parade of Kansas City runs. … A day earlier, Peavy sat at the podium with two of his young sons for a playful news conference. The pitcher was asked whether his family had thought about buying a San Francisco cable car — a real one, as a souvenir — if the Giants won. Peavy was coy, saying that decision was for another day. But fifth-grader Wyatt whispered in his dad’s ear: ‘We picked out a trolley car.’ The Royals quickly put the brakes on that purchase.”
Ben Walker, writer, AP
GH: Peavy’s kid has a cable car picked out to purchase after the Giants win it? After Peavy’s outing at The K Tuesday that kid might want to start shopping razor scooters.

“So jealous of all you ST holders but way to go for sticking with this. Want all the real fans possible in that stadium.”
Ross Martin, @PCBearcat, Twitter
GH: Amen. The 13,000 or so core Royals season ticket holders who have propped this team up and supported them through the Glass years all deserve a deep bow from the Royals organization. Hell, if I was David Glass I would give every fan who had a season ticket for more than ten years a World Series ring…if there is a World Series ring to be had after tonight.

“Thank god that it’s over tonight. I feel like I spent one too many days in Vegas.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM

“$15K makes me a legend.”
Danny Parkins, on why he refused to hedge his bet made earlier this season when the Royals were 30-1 odds to win the World Series, 610 AM
GH: Parkins did the right thing in not hedging his bet to ensure he would make $7K and instead let it all roll on the Royals. May the Parkins Kiss of Death die tonight.

“Can you imagine being Sungwoo? He’s more popular than every Royals player except maybe Hosmer, Butler, Gordon and Moustakas.”
Jeff Passan, MLB writer for YahooSports.com, as Sungwoo was surrounded by fans prior to Game 6, 610 AM
GH: If, if, if there is a parade (and I hear plans are for it to take place downtown on Friday at 11:00 AM), Sungwoo needs to be in it. Has to be. Seat him next to Billy Butler and the crowd might explode.

“29-years ago my Dad woke me up and told me The @Royals had won Game 6. This morning I got to relive that moment with my daughter.”
Mike Ransdell, @mikeransdell, Twitter

“I know (the crowd) is going to bring it. We’ve got to find a way to bring it as well.” Lorenzo Cain, Kansas City Star
GH: The crowd. Two simple words that do no justice to what the atmosphere at Kauffman Stadium has been like this month. Last night was off-the-charts bonkers from Yordano first pitch to Moose’s jack to the stadium security guards aggressively high fiving every fan they could reach as we walked out of The K. Tonight? I will let you know. Yep, going back one last time for history.

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35 Responses to OTC: Game 7 Of The World Series Is Being Played In KC At The K Tonight / This One Is For You, Royals Fans

  1. mark X says:

    1985? I was around then… this time is better. Period.

    • Jim says:

      100% agree, X-man! I’ve watched every single game since the wildcard play-in with a group of friends, typically at someone’s house or garage surrounded by more food and drinks than a guy should ever have. We’ve enjoyed the living hell out of this Royals run! For me, much better than ’85 because it was SO improbable! That’s made every single win so damn much fun and memorable for a lifetime.

    • Hot Carl says:

      Could not agree more!

  2. chuckart says:

    I’ll be there again as I have for every playoff game so far. I even caught a foul ball of the bat of Albert Pujols. I’ve been alternating between happy tears and nervous energy all morning. I cannot believe we are this close. Close it out boys.

  3. Phaedrus says:

    $15k makes you a legend now? Danny Parkins is the Ned Yost of radio hosts. He makes stupid decisions (betting 500 on a long shot while making a radio host’s salary?) and if they work out, he thinks he’s a genius.

    Here’s hoping JGuts has a great start tonight!

    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      I placed $20 on the Royals at 35/1 when in Vegas back in June. It may not make me a genius but $700 will be pretty sweet!

  4. The Independent Rage says:

    Someone should remind Scott Ostler that when Butch and Sundance moronically leaped out into that courtyard, the Bolivian Army cut them to shreds like a Danny Trejo Grindhouse picture. Short rest after tossing 115 pitches: Bring the Bum on, I say!!!

    • mike t. says:

      that’s the problem with “go down swinging” analogies. you’re still going down. swinging, yes, but still down.

      let’s go roy-als!

  5. P says:

    $hit, the Royals are in Game 7 of the World Series. Feels like an alternate universe.

  6. Joe Blow says:

    Doesn’t feel real.

  7. Kyle R says:

    I wasn’t planning on being there, though my wife was lucky enough to go last night and is going again tonight thanks to generous sales reps she works with. Then, I got a call this morning from a family member that lives out-of-state and barely knows the rules of baseball. That family member was in town during the ALCS and watched one of the games, and has been following it ever since because of the compelling Royals story and my living in KC. He told me that I shouldn’t miss tonight and that he’d give me $500 towards a ticket…so I found a SRO ticket for $615 and I’m going. That’s some Royals magic right there – can’t wait. Go Royals!

  8. Kyle Fan...Fan!!!! says:

    Go Kyle Fan.

    Hit Kyle with all forts of Kyle Fan!

  9. Juan Pablo says:

    “$15K makes me a legend.”
    Danny Parkins, on why he refused to hedge his bet made earlier this season when the Royals were 30-1 odds to win the World Series, 610 AM

    He is an idiot. at least hedge your bet for $5000, That way Royals win or lose you can go out to Vegas and have a good time at the Chicken Ranch.

  10. Joe Blow says:

    Yost was an idiot for bringing Ventura into the Wild Card game on short rest (I think we’ve heard about that a few times), but of course Bumgarner should appear..

  11. Gassedup says:

    If I was Bochy I’d have Bumgarner secretly warm up under the stadium with Hudson looking like he was going to start and at the last minute Bumgarner takes the field from the dugout it would literally suck the wind right out of the stadium it might even go silent. What happened to the blood and guts days of baseball when someone like Koufax or Gibson would ball up and pitch on a couple days rest?

  12. Keroauc says:

    Hot dea l/ 2-for-1: KC Royals ‘WORLD CHAMPIONS’ caps and t-shirts marked down to .99 cents

    Congratulations to the 2014 ‘WORLD CHAMPION’ SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS


    • mike t. says:

      please try to keep your self-serving gloating down to like, oh I don’t know, a few weeks? then be sure to come back around in april and gloat some more. thanks.

  13. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    MadBum comes in and owns the Royals again. Wow, what a performance by that guy. Almost singlehandedly carried the Giants to a World Series championship.

  14. Juan Valdez says:

    People like Kerouac are A-Holes that have nothing better to do then piss on other people’s parades. Kerouac thinks he is unique speaking in Old English or whatever the F he tries to do, but in reality it is just plain stupid. He is probably some fat-ass slob that sits on his couch all day, has no social life at all, has only sweat pants and t-shirts that barely cover his fat belly, eats cheeto’s and little weinies all day. I am sure he is imagining himself dancing with joy today since he gets to make derrogatory comments about the Royals and the same blah, blah, blah negative shit he does everyday. It’s to bad we have people like him in this world. Hopefully he ends up like the gluten in the Movie -Se7en.

    • mike t. says:

      I agree. and while not a member of the grammar/spelling police, the word for someone who overeats to extreme is “glutton.” your misspelling was funny tho’ in its context. gluten is whatever the hell that crap is we’re not supposed to be eating anymore, as in “gluten-free diet.”

  15. Keroauc says:

    And to the winner go the spoils, and victory parades; to the losers a torrential downpour ‘wait till next year’ continues habitually, part 30 now in the history book…


  16. Juan Valdez says:

    Thank you for the correction Mike T.

  17. Jeff Morris (@mister_terrific) says:

    Well, now I don’t feel quite as bad that the Giants mowed down the Cardinals…but I swear, I don’t think God himself could have hit MadBum in this series. Freaking unreal. But to go down fighting to the very last batter…the Royals can hold their heads up high. They made the Giants earn it.

    BTW, MLB on Sirius played the final call for both the Giants and the Royals broadcasts this morning. Man, Denny could barely contain his excitement….

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