OTC: Georgia’s Todd Gurley Is The Latest College Athlete To Suffer From NCAA’s Backwardness

“I have video of Todd Gurley doing a private autograph signing ***. He has been paid thousands of dollars for his stuff over the last 18 months. I personally paid him for this signing on the video. I have bought and sold game used equipment from him. I want no compensation. Just want someone to leak this story that’s deserving. If you have any interest, give me a call or email. I attached a photo of him in my car signing a mini helmet that I just sold last week on my eBay store. All I ask is some privacy until we can touch base. I live in Georgia and would crucified if my name was released. The video is about 5 minutes long but doesn’t show the money exchange. My cell is ********** I believe this would be the lead story on sports center if ESPN got their hands on this. Hope to hear from you soon.”
Email to Spencer Hall and Steven Godfrey on September 30, 2014, at SBNation.com GH: I hope the state of Georgia relinquishes all bans on crucifixions. At least for this POS.

“After verifying a.) the tipster’s identity, and b.) that this person has sold Gurley-autographed gear on eBay under the name provided, we let it drop, because the purpose of this website is not to enforce the NCAA’s insane bylaws. On the contrary, we’re all for players making money, and are thus editorially supportive of those bylaws’ erosion. So we let it drop. That was September 30.”
Spencer Hall and Steven Godfrey at SBNation.com
GH: To the merit of SBNation.com, they refused to pursue this story from this leech of a person. Unfortunately as we know, this vermin of a human did find a media outlet to out Gurley’s “crime.” Gurley has been suspended by the NCAA because he is doing with his name what they are doing with his name. What a complete joke that college athletes cannot profit from being college athletes.

“We know that someone on the internet really, really wanted everyone to know that Todd Gurley was allegedly breaking the NCAA’s rules. And now, over the gigantic princely sum of $400 in allegedly sold signatures, everyone does.”
Spencer Hall and Steven Godfrey at SBNation.com
GH: The football players at Northwestern got it right. I am hoping that this gross injustice to one of the best college football players in the country is the final straw to allowing college athletes to be paid. Missouri fans will be robbed of the opportunity to see Gurley perform at Faurot Field on Saturday and I for one am appalled.

“Free Gurley walk today in front of Sanford stadium.”
Robin Dillon, @Robinlikethebird, UGA student, Twitter
GH: There should be a Free Gurley Walk in Columbia, Missouri on Saturday morning prior to the 11:00 AM kickoff. And there should be a Free Gurley Walk at every college campus that values fairness. The NCAA rules are a joke but I refuse to laugh.

“You would hate to think Gurley dared to sell autographs and profit from his likeness. Only fraud and archaic organizations like the NCAA are allowed to sell jerseys and bobblehead dolls, at least until some backhoe dumps the whole bunch into an Indianapolis landfill.”
Jeff Schultz, sports columnist, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
GH: To those who simply point to the fact that Gurley broke the rules, not all rules deserve to be followed. There was once a time that a black student attending schools in the South would bring out the fire hoses. It is time to take a hose to the NCAA.

“The Bulldogs were three-point favorites for Saturday’s game at Missouri. Then the Todd Gurley NCAA suspension story broke and Georgia fans could be seen swapping their SEC title game tickets for their neighbor’s ladder so they could climb to rooftops and leap off. … Without Gurley, the Dogs are yesterday’s toast. They rank 108th in passing. Can Hutson Mason suddenly morph into Roger Staubach? Is Gurley replaceable? I lean no.”
Jeff Schultz, sports columnist, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
GH: Sure, Mizzou’s chances of beating Georgia and winning the SEC West improve with Gurley suspended. But isn’t college supposed to teach us more than, “just win, baby?” Maybe it doesn’t matter to Mizzou how they beat Georgia but I think it should. Some things are bigger than football victories.

“To say the season is over because Gurley can’t play against Missouri is an overreaction. (Understandable, but still an overreaction.) Chubb is a good player. Georgia was supposed to have a lot of good players, though the other Bulldogs have spent the first five games in the shadow of their shining star.”
Mark Bradley, columnist, AJC.com
GH: Missouri lost to Indiana at home this season. Anyone who is counting the Georgia game as a win now that Gurley is out must have missed that one.

“At least from the (Georgia) folks I talked to, it’s all respect (for Missouri). I have heard nothing to the effect that Missouri took advantage of a down (SEC) last year. Missouri is certainly on equal (footing) with teams in the East – and the teams in the West if you talk to those folks. There’s no slighting of the Tigers in the conference now.”
Scott Howard, play-by-play voice of the Georgia Bulldogs, when asked by Soren Petro if Georgia thought less of Missouri, a former Big 12 member, 810 AM

“We should sell everything out. It should not be a big deal to sell out. That’s just my opinion.”
Gary Pinkel, when asked about the Georgia game being sold out in Columbia, via @Dave_Matter, Twitter
GH: If there is one difference about Mizzou football and most of the rest of the SEC it is in the stands. Faurot struggles to sell tickets to some games and that just doesn’t happen at Georgia, A&M, LSU, Bama, Auburn, Florida, Ole Miss, etc. Missouri still suffers from their Big 12 days when football was important only three or four weekends a year. Pinkel has seen the rest of the SEC and he wants Mizzou to emulate that hysteria – despite the pressure that kind of fanaticism places on a head coach’s tenure.

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28 Responses to OTC: Georgia’s Todd Gurley Is The Latest College Athlete To Suffer From NCAA’s Backwardness

  1. Jim says:

    Greg, come on!! You are comparing racial discrimination to not being able to sell your autograph as a scholarship athlete? This is apple and apples to you?

    How about this? DON’T sell your autograph when you KNOW that getting caught means suspension, letting down your teammates and any shot at an SEC title, you stupid son of a bitch!

    You want to protest the NCAA rules? Fine. Don’t break them simply because you think they are stupid.

    This was your team leader that sold his entire squad out for $400. Who’s the idiot here? Gurley or the NCAA?

    • Matt says:

      You want to say Gurley should know better? Fine, won’t argue there. However, this is just another example of a) the archaic rules of the NCAA turning a blind eye to their own hypocrisy as they rake in billions on the backs of young men such as this, and b) the fact that there are some real pieces of crap out there like this ‘whistleblower’. He could have gone to the school, but instead he ran to the media.

      At the end of the day, he, and his team, is being punished by an organization that until recently, you could go to the official website, type in a player’s name, and their jersey would magically pop up.

      • bs says:

        i’m sure jim follows ALL of the rules, even the ones he doesn’t agree with. he’s never broken the speed limit. always declares every penny of his cash transactions to the IRS.

    • Kyle R says:

      Gotta agree with Jim here. No matter your opinion of the rules, it ain’t worth $400 to risk all he did. Now, his draft stock will fall and that will cost him far more than $400 not to mention what it does to his team.

      As for bs on saying nobody follows all the rules, you’re right…but if you don’t follow rules that lead to everyone you’re associated with also being affected, you’re selfish and an idiot. If I get caught speeding it doesn’t affect the company I work for or my family or friends.

  2. bs says:

    Greg, many of those SEC stadiums have over built. I sell tickets professionally, I can tell you that Alabama has really cheap tickets for every home game except Auburn and LSU. They are not struggling with sell-outs, but their season tickets are frequently selling well below the face value. If Alabama were to have 2 seasons in a row with fewer than 10 wins, you would see them struggle mightily to sell out. Florida’s ticket is a joke and was bad even when URban Meyer had them up and running. Arkansas and LSU are also terrible tickets.

    Also, Tigers’ have much more competition for their ticket sales — pro football in KC and STL. Post-season baseball on an annual basis in STL. Tigers would be better served not to over-build their capacity. Much better fan experience to have smaller stadium over-filled with fans that have to donate and pay for their tickets.

  3. Gavin says:

    I am all in favor of paying college players. I think the NCAA is retrograde in the extreme and insults our intelligence with their reliance on the tired trope of the “student-athlete.”

    All t hat being said, Gurley has got to be a fucking moron to have done this. He knew the rules because NCAA member institutions require that they educate and inform the players of those rules. He blatantly chose to break an admittedly stupid prohibition. This is not an accident or some failure to understand a complex and myriad system; he did what he wanted to do and jeopardized his coach, his team and, arguably, his school in the process.

    Again, I think this rule is stupid. I think Gurley should be able to make money off his own name and likeness. I think the NCAA is a plantation and should be restructured in so many ways people won’t even recognize it. But it’s hard to feel sorry Gurley when he knew what he was doing in breaking a rule that had no moral imperative to break. He wasn’t breaking a rule to help a downtrodden or endangered group of people. He wasn’t caught distributing illegal pro-Democracy literature in the midst of a totalitarian regime. He just wanted to get paid which, while understandable, is not an excuse.

  4. Rouseman says:

    I agree with bs. MU does not need to over build. I think 70,000 to 75,000 seats is enough. A 100,000 stadium will only be filled maybe 2 to 3 times a year. With as high as ticket prices are now, you are not going to fill it. I am a big MIZZOU fan, but I also know you are not going to get 100,000 to game unless the ticket prices drop alot. And I do not see that happening.

  5. Java Man says:

    I don’t get the motivation of the snitch.

  6. Jimmytime says:

    Saw this from Clay Travis…far fetched but interesting thought:

    “By the way, you know what would be really wild? What if Gurley got an autograph broker to turn him in because Georgia already lost a game, he knew they weren’t good enough to win an SEC or national title, and he wanted to make sure he didn’t get injured before the NFL draft? This would be genius. Because if he stopped playing all the NFL scouts would lower his draft rating by saying he “didn’t love football,” or “put himself above the team,” or “lacked mental toughness.” Basically all the stuff they threatened Jadeveon Clowney with if he didn’t play his junior season. But if Gurley got suspended for the rest of the year because he was signing autographs no one in the NFL would care. In fact, it would make people root for Gurley even more. I don’t think Gurley is diabolical enough to make that move, but, man, it would be genius. I wouldn’t blame him for doing it at all.”

  7. brett says:

    love the idea of mizzou fans (or hell even the players) standing united with gurley. i’d love to see #3 sharpied on some mizzou players’ wrist and ankle wraps during the game.

  8. P says:

    Forget Georgia fans, this guy needs to worry about ending up buried in the desert outside of Vegas.

  9. Orphan of the Road says:

    Stitches For Snitches, eh Greg?

    He knew it was against the rules but did it anyway. Can’t feel sorry for him at all.

    Yeah the rule is akin to slavery but it is voluntary.

    Greg has the Chinese restaurant of ethics when it comes to outrage.

    I’ve had choices since the day that I was born
    There were voices that told me right from wrong
    If I had listened, no I wouldn’t be here today
    Living and dying with the choices I’ve made

    Living and dying with the choices I’ve made

  10. Phaedrus says:

    Gurley knew what the rules were, knew the consequences, and still decided to break them. I don’t feel one bit sorry for him.

    If he wanted to make a stand, perhaps he should have voluntarily sat out a few games in protest of the rules. That would make a much bigger statement than just breaking the rules.

    And Greg, comparing an athlete selling autographs to school segregation is about the dumbest thing you’ve ever written (and you’ve written a bunch of stupid shit). These poor, mistreated athletes are living in luxury dorms (didn’t you write not too long ago about KU hitting up donors for its new multi-million dollar basketball dorm?), traveling the country, getting free tuition, free tutors, making all kinds of connections (now whether or not their smart enough to use them is a different story….don’t you think being an OSU QB helped Herbstreit break into the broadcasting industry?), etc.

    And yes, I do believe it’s a stupid rule that he broke.

    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      “And Greg, comparing an athlete selling autographs to school segregation is about the dumbest thing you’ve ever written (and you’ve written a bunch of stupid shit).”


  11. Joe Blow says:

    Talking shit on Ned Yost? No.
    Negative comments about the Royals? No.
    Random comments from some obscure person about how little chance the Royals have? No.

    Is this an ALCS week OTC update?

    • LSmith says:

      Don’t worry Joe, it’s coming. There was a race card to be played first. Be patient.

    • Phaedrus says:

      I saw Ned Yost signing autographs the other day. Any chance we can get him suspended for the ALCS?

    • Frank says:

      Greg was getting too much backlash from the comments and not enough of a “fix” as he calls it from those who agree with him. So he completely changed the subject. If everyone who commented agreed with him and as a bonus ran marathons and constantly talked about said marathons, everything would be rainbows and unicorns 🙁

  12. john says:

    Vegas should investigate this memorabilia broker. I’m guessing he has bet tons of money against uga

  13. FJH says:

    We got rules here an’ in order to learn them, you gotta keep your ears open and your mouths shut. Dragline – Cool Hand Luke

  14. The Independent Rage says:

    More concerning to me than archaic NCAA rules is the fact that there are people running around out there like this toad who made the video. He benefits (by reselling) from buying Gurley’s autograph, and then he looks to benefit by ratting Gurley out for the very same behavior. That’s an individual without a soul. A sleazebucket. A scumjob. A slugwagon. A creepjacket. A slimebait. The most humane thing to do would be to take him down to the vet and have him put to sleep.

  15. Phaedrus says:

    Greg, I find it odd that you say this:

    “But isn’t college supposed to teach us more than, “just win, baby?”

    And then you argue that it’s perfectly acceptable that Gurley didn’t follow the rules.

    Perhaps college should teach kids that if you don’t like a rule, the solution isn’t just to ignore it. The solution is to work/protest to get the rule changed.

    And I think you need to look in the mirror, Greg. You see awfully distraught that “Missouri fans will be robbed of the opportunity to see Gurley perform at Faurot Field on Saturday…”

    If you are so appalled at the NCAA rules, then perhaps you should quit watching college sports. After all, you’re contributing to the exploitation of these poor kids. If everyone quit watching the games, the NCAA might change…

    Of course, if you quit watching (or if Gurley followed the rules), you’d both be making sacrifices, and apparently that isn’t the American way anymore. The American way is to just do as you please and then bitch about the consequences.

  16. Kerouac says:

    ” GH: To those who simply point to the fact that Gurley broke the rules, not all rules deserve to be followed.”

    – anarchist, by any other… isn’t the specifics this case (or any other), rather the timeless principle involved. If we all did as we pleased, well… Kerouac puts it thus:

    When one person decides do as they want, another reacts & decides they too don’t have to follow law/rule, then somebody else follows suit – aforementioned multiplied by millions on a grand scale, you get a free for all, chaos.

    With no apology to Gordon Gecko/like types (NCAA included), from simplest example(s) to more complex, selfishness run rampant. “But everybody’s doing it” is a) untrue, the adage ‘two wrongs don’t make it right’ immemorial, and b) it does not validate dissent, regardless.

    As ever, law/rule (subjectively) being bad but in fact being requirement, (try and) change it. Shy said, a world some/Kerouac included refuses embrace. When one takes a little here and a little there, eventually be nothing left integrity. Gurley failed to abide, now reaps his just reward; one does not have to be a Saint, but everyone should be accountable.


    “Integrity is not a conditional word. It doesn’t blow in the wind or change with the weather. It is your inner image of yourself, and if you look in there and see a man who won’t cheat, then you know he never will.” ~ John D. MacDonald

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