OTC: Goldy Says Monty ‘Bout To Go On Rant ‘Bout Royals Poor Attendance / Chiefs Open In NO

“Monty is about to go off on a rant about the small crowds at the (recent homestand).”
Joel Goldberg, 810 AM
GH: Allow me to rant about members of the media who think they need to rank about fans not buying tickets. Why does Jeff Montgomery care if there are empty seats at Kauffman Stadium? Why does he think it reflects poorly on the people of Kansas City? Where was Monty’s “rant” the past decade when the Royals were pushing some of the worst baseball in the league on their fan base? So now that the Royals have put together a great three-week post-All-Star break run he wants to rip Royals fans for not putting 40K in The K? Where, where, where is the voice of the fan on Fox Sports’ Royals’ broadcasts?

“Thursday’s Royals win over Boston was the highest-rated Royals game ever on FOX Sports Kansas City, shattering the previous record set Monday.”
Geoff Goldman, as the Royals broadcast broke this ratings record for the fifth time this month, FOX Sports
GH: Yeah, let’s go on a rant about how Kansas City and Royals fans aren’t supporting this team.

“Ratings will suck again but we will not change. A voice of reason and place to check out music with people who care. Perhaps get a laugh.”
Lazlo, lazlothebuzz, on his plan to not waver on the format of his afternoon drive-time radio show on 96.5 The Buzz, Twitter
GH: How about Fox Sports invites Lazlo to sit in with Monty and Goldy for a week? Talk about some ratings numbers…

“With the way social media is today and the Royals being in a pennant race, it would be like nothing we have seen before.”
Todd Leabo, speculating if the Royals can stay in the pennant race through September, 810 AM

“I think some of the technology out there is overblown. I think some of the stuff (on social media) is just snarky and comical. … I don’t ever remember a time in my life when I didn’t know whether or not the Royals won until the next day.””
Kevin Kietzman, poo-pooing Todd Leabo’s assessment that social media has changed sports coverage and how fans react, 810 AM
GH: KK is not and never has been real fond of understanding, using or promoting technology. He is still in his 40s but comes off as much older than that when he gets stuck trying to traverse the seas of Twitter and all that the web offers. KK told Leabo he doesn’t think the Royals’ pennant races in the ‘70s and ‘80s would be all that much different had Twitter been around. Spoken like a man who just doesn’t get it. Ask the NCAA what they think of how Jay Bilas used Twitter to spank their ass this week.  

“I’m excited about the (Chiefs’) year. And this is the most important thing – they’ve got the foundation in place. You’re going to watch this Chiefs team get better and better and better every year and challenge.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: The best thing to happen to Andy Reid is a desperate Kansas City Chiefs’ franchise. All of his problems and losing with the Eagles has been forgotten left in the City of Brotherly Love. I sure hope Maas is right.

“We’ve been told that the first quarter (in New Orleans) is Alex Smith. The second quarter is Chase Daniel. The third quarter and into the fourth will be Tyler Bray. And then into to close will be Greg Holland.”
Steven St. John, on what Chiefs fans can expect to see at the quarterback position tonight for the team’s first preseason game, 810 AM

“I would never go to a preseason game and pay full price for a ticket.”
Sean Salisbury, former NFL QB and ESPN analyst, 810 AM
GH: We say it every August and we’ll say it again this August – there are no bigger rip offs in professional sports than the NFL gouging their season ticket holders to pay full price for tickets that are just about worthless. When Herman Edwards starts spouting about how proud he is of “The Shield” and the character of the NFL, somebody needs to ask him about preseason ticket prices.

“The question (about Alex Smith) is how great are his leadership skills? It’s never been ‘his team.’ We’re about to find out is this is his team.”
Sean Salisbury, 810 AM
GH: Unfortunately, we won’t find anything out tonight or during the four preseason games. Smith won’t get much more playing time than Ricky Stanzi.

“I like the kid. He’s smart. There’s a Peyton Manning feel to his game.”
Sean Salisbury, on the Chiefs’ back-up QB, Chase Daniel, 810 AM
GH: That is probably first time 6’0 Chase and 6’5 Peyton have been tossed around in the same sentence. I like it…just don’t know if I see it.

“That’s legalized theft.”
Sean Salisbury, on the Chiefs picking up undrafted Tyler Bray as a free agent for their third-string QB spot, 810 AM
GH: Before we take this comment to the bank, please note that Salisbury has been known to be a knucklehead at times as well.

“I think Kansas City’s going to be a 7-9 team and finish second behind Denver in the AFC West.”
Mike Golic, ESPN Radio
GH: Chiefs fans are not going to be happy with 7-9 this season…and neither should the Chiefs. 9-7 or better should be their realistic expectations.

“Well, I got tricked. I was hopeful last year after preseason.”
Mitch Holthus, on his overly optimistic opinion on last season’s Chiefs who finished 2-14, 810 AM
GH: Mitch always loves every Chiefs’ player, coach and front office person like he was Rex Hudler fawning over the Royals. It is why his analysis of the team is so useless. He is either too big a fan or too big a homer. Either way, his interviews with Kevin Kietzman on 810 as the voice of Chiefs Nation are definitely wind aided. But go ahead and read on anyway…

“To me it’s just way different. It’s beyond comparison.”
Mitch Holthus, on the difference between Andy Reid’s Chiefs and last season, 810 AM
GH: So what did Mitch say when Romeo was starting up his first camp after Todd Haley left? Pretty much the same stuff.

“I think this is the best coaching staff and administrative staff this franchise has had in 20 years.”
Mitch Holthus, 810 AM
GH: Ever heard that one, Stan?

“To me, it’s imperative.”
Mitch Holthus, when asked by Kevin Kietzman how important it is for the Chiefs to win in the preseason, 810 AM
GH: Is there anything less important than a win in the NFL preseason? I mean besides Mitch’s Chiefs nation radio show on Monday nights?

“This guy can shoot out of there and run like a canon for thirty yards! He’s a weapon running the ball.”
Mitch Holthus, on the running ability of Alex Smith, 810 AM
GH: If Alex Smith is as slow as a cannon, we need to get Cassel back.

“It’s just a matter of (Eric Fisher) getting the technique down because everything’s backwards to him right now. I’m not worried about him.”
Mitch Holthus, on the struggles the Chiefs’ first-round pick has suffered in camp moving from left tackle in college to right tackle with the Chiefs, 810 AM
GH: I wasn’t worried about Fisher until Mitch told us not to be worried about Fisher. Mitch is like George Costanza in that Seinfeld episode where he did everything the opposite of what he normally would do.

“The (Chiefs’) players are not afraid anymore. I talked to one veteran player last year who said, ‘I’m afraid to say anything.’ These players don’t fear the organization right now. They respect the organization. Which is a helluva lot better way to manage than to manage with fear.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Somebody tell Mitch that King Carl and Egoli have left the building. Those working for the Chiefs no longer have to emulate hand puppets. At least that’s what we are hearing.

“Everybody pees in the pool.”
Michael Phelps, when asked by a TMZ reporter if he ever peed during any of his Olympic races, TMZ
GH: Guilty.

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32 Responses to OTC: Goldy Says Monty ‘Bout To Go On Rant ‘Bout Royals Poor Attendance / Chiefs Open In NO

  1. Jip says:

    Baseball has sold out to television contracts anyway, and those contracts are more valuable than ticket sales. The Royals are getting huge ratings on FSKC. The town cares, it’s clear. If you ask Royals ownership if they’d rather have a sold-out stadium and horrible TV ratings or amazing TV ratings and 20,000/game, I bet they’d pick the latter just because of the insane amount of money in TV these days.

    • brett says:


      you would be correct but for the fact that danny boy glass sold the royals tv rights through 2019 for $24 worth of beads: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/01/24/4029709/baseball-tv-deals-growing-more.html

      the royals don’t make a penny from higher ratings. only fox sports does when they send a bigger bill to the chipmunk mortgage commercial guys.

      so the royals actually would prefer that you come to the park and buy their luke warm $5 hot dogs.

      witty stuff today greg- can’t wait to read the sweep of the sox post on monday.

  2. Jim says:

    Few things piss me off more than someone telling me how to be a fan of my team(s) STFU! The idea is the only way to be a “real” fan is to pay the team to watch them. Really? While I could afford to go to alot more games than I do, I have a hard time with paying 1000%+ mark-up on every concession out the stadiums. I understand profit. Profit is good. $9 or $10 for a beer is robbery. $5 or $6 sodas that I pay $0.89 at QT for? Come on. I’ll root my ass off sitting on my deck and watching my 50″ flatscreen, thank you. Gotta love millionaires telling us what to do with our expendable income.

    • Babe Ruthless says:

      Let’s not forget raising the price of admission for a weekend series against Boston or other ‘premium’ games. That helps people make the decision to stay home.

  3. mike t. says:

    if the royals can somehow close the gap on detroit, cleveland and the wild card spot, more fans will show up. you can’t ask fans used to decades of losing to cough up the kind of money it takes to go to a game these days and leave feeling like you’ve been shit on. oh, i know it’s trite… but if you ‘build it’ they will come.

  4. Kyle says:

    The place will be packed this weekend. Shut up Monty. Still have no clue why he is on the air. Absolutely horrid.

  5. nick says:

    Being at the K is great. But it’s also great not spending $50 on a ticket, parking, beverage, and gas. And that would be just by myself. And I like seeing replays, especially last night, watching Chen’s pitches and how utterly baffled the Sox batters were.

    Also, a lot of families have recently dumped a ton of money on their summer-end vacations.

    I’m guessing the next 3 games will be packed, with many of those people vacationing from nearby states.

  6. Brian H. says:

    Let’s see — $200 or so for half decent seats, parking, snacks for 2 rugrats and overpriced beer, gas, 4-5 hours roundtrip on a weeknight OR

    Sit back and relax with a Tank 7 and watch a 60″ HD screen — spend nothing and just opt out if James Shields decides to take the night off.

    Being there just isn’t compelling enough for A to beat B yet for a large number of people.

  7. JP says:

    The fans will eventually come. There is always a lag time between fans and the team. The Royals will see a huge payoff for this season at the gate come next year. They will have huge crowds this weekend, mark my words. The TV Ratings for this team have been off the charts. I would be curious to do a comparison tonight between the Royals game and the Chiefs game for ratings. We have been such a football town for so long, that it takes time to get back into the groove of baseball.

  8. The way he’s thrown this year, Bruce Chen should get a shot at closing out the Chiefs game tonight.

  9. Hot Carl says:

    I’ve always said I’ll go back out to the K when they finish a season over .500 and give me a reason to go. Playing great for 3 weeks after sucking goat balls for over 25 years doesn’t mean a whole lot to me. Monty obviously has both a short and long term memory problem.

  10. Babe Ruthless says:

    Maybe that’s the plan: Make the TV watching experience so horrible with Hudler, Physioc, Monty, and Goldberg that it will drive people to the ballpark! Hell, I’d pay $100 to be able to watch the game without hearing their drivel.

  11. Kyle Rohde says:

    I’m sure you regular readers get a bit sick of me comparing things in Wisconsin to things around here, but that’s where I grew up and those are my #1 teams (the Chiefs/Royals being #2). The Royals attendance figures are disappointingly low this year but not surprising when you look at their peers. To date in 2013:
    - The Royals are averaging 21,851 fans per game (57% capacity), which ranks 26 out of 30. They’re ahead of only Cleveland (which is also shocking with how good they are), Houston, Tampa Bay and Miami (no surprises there).
    - Milwaukee, the smallest TV market of any major league team, is 17th with an average of 31,542 per game (75% capacity). They have the 4th worst record in baseball and their star player only played about 20 games before being suspended for PEDs. They’re the exception.
    - Oakland, long afflicted with the same attendance problems as the Royals, is 23rd, averaging 23,483 per game (67% capacity). They are in 1st place, yet the fans still aren’t showing up.
    - Pittsburgh is 21st with average of 26,865 (70% capacity), even though this is their best team in at least 20 years and they’re pretty much as long-suffering as Royals fans.
    All those stats came from here: http://espn.go.com/mlb/attendance

    So it shouldn’t be that surprising to Monty or anybody else. I’ve long wondered what attendance would be like for the Chiefs/Royals if they had free parking (like Sporting and KS Speedway both have) and reasonably priced food.

  12. PV_Pathfinder says:

    You know the NFL is right around the corner when Greg sneaks in a shot at Herm and The Shield.

  13. Lift Off says:

    It amazes me that people (Monty) that have never bought a ticket, payed to park, or bought food at a major league game complains about people who don’t pay to go to games. All of these media folks say the same thing. None of them ever pay to go to a game. Let me go to the game for free, eat the catered food and all I have to do is talk about what I just saw…I’m in

    • Babe Ruthless says:

      So many of these guys on the radio keep telling us that the Royals have little to no chance of making the post season. They go out on their limb and say that the Royals won’t make it, and that they will shave their heads if they are wrong. Then they want to call out the fans for not supporting the team by purchasing tickets. Go to hell. I’ve been to 4 games this year and I’ll go to more that as I can afford to. You a-holes get to go for free and will be grabbing up as many playoff tickets as your company allows if the Royals, by some miracle, do get there.

  14. Ultimate Dude says:

    First and foremost I am so disappointed in the lack of mocking the Bostonians on Twitter during this series while the Sawx are in town. Stop acting like you’re mature, people!!

    “These skeeza’s couldn’t hit a windsheeld wit a crowbah!!”

    I’ll be watching #Chiefs tonight and switching to #Royals on commercials for atleast the first half. I’m a bigger football fan and having a new coach, new system and new QB is more intriguing and exciting for me, even if it’s preseason.

    I could care less to attend any sporting event these days. With the HD, cheap beer and food, and ability to see replays at home; there’s absolutely no reason to go.

    I hear a lot of people ragging on the #Royals broadcast team, save Lefebvre who (as always I have the opposite view of popular opinion) is the one I can’t stand. I rarely pay attention to broadcasters, I just have always been able to tune them out and focus on the plays at hand, but all the bitching about Hud made me pay more attention to him and I gotta say, he is one of my favs. He reminds me of how guys always acted in the dugout when I played. Just straight up characters. Of course I always pay more attention to a guy who’s been there, and played the games I watch, than a guy with a degree in broadcasting.

    Here’s to #Royals curb stompin’ the chowdaheads!!


    • Maff says:

      I agree, Hud is entertaining. Just a fun, goofy ex-player that gives insight. Frank White was a great guy and great player but he was boring. Hud ain’t perfect, but what colorful guy doesn’t say something dumb every now and then. The guy I can’t stand is KK. I used to listen to him often, now I hardly ever do. I think of him as another Fescoe. When you hear their voice it’s time to turn the dial, or hit the button or mow the grass.

  15. Mysterious.j says:

    The attendance this week was EASILY 20% higher than it would have been without the hot streak. Greg is right, Monty’s criticism would have more validity if he had ever spoken out even a bit about how awful the situation has been for nearly 2 decades.

  16. Ron says:

    Kansas City is very lucky to even have a major league team. Their are very few fans in their coverage area compared to other major league teams. Outside a 6-7 counties in the KC area, the entire state of Missouri are Cardinal fans. Most of Iowa are Twins or Cubs fans. Western Kansas are Rockies fans. With almost every game on T.V., it will be almost impossible for the Royals to draw much more than 2 million fans, much is much less than most other franchises. It is what it is. There’s just not enough people in this little pocket of Missouri and Kansas for the Royals to keep up with the Cardinals, Dodgers, etc.

    • Twy's Gibman says:

      KC is fortunate to have a team here, but acting like the area can’t support a decent team/franchise is 100 percent false. That stadium regularly outdrew much of baseball in the late 70s and through the early 1990s because ownership cared and the team was good. Crap all over the product for 20 years, and you get what you pay for: brand devaluing.

  17. Brummy says:

    Greg, you’re response to Mitch’s comments regarding Smith’s cannon speed is as lazy as your spelling of ‘canon’. Obviously he was speaking if cannon ball speed. We get the point but is this worthy of ripping him?

    • kcredsox says:

      “Obviously he was speaking if cannon ball speed.”

      If you’re going to rip somebody about spelling, you may want to read your own post before posting!!!

  18. johncocktosten says:

    For the life of me I don’t know why KK has Holthus on. He’s terrible. Worse than Herm. I can remember at the end of Carl Peterson’s tenure KK a couple of different times asked Mitch about the “Chiefs culture.” This is when the Chiefs were losing a lot (again). Mitch more than once answered some crap about the practice squad. KK was clearly agitated that he wouldn’t answer the question. You gain zero info from Holthis. It’s must change station radio. Kind of like today at 3:00 when in the midst of the Royals most important series in 27 years and the Chiefs first preseason game it’s time for the f-ing Racin’ Boy. Click. Change channel. Come to think of it, I know why KK has Mitch on. The same reason he has worthless college coaches press conferences, Herm, and Jim Cotty. Because it eats up air time and KK doesn’t have to do any work. He would be much better served having on good national guest for the NFL and MLB that Petro does. That is good, informative radio.

  19. Kyle Rohde says:

    This column was perfectly timed, since Saturday night at the K was apparently the biggest non-All-Star game crowd in ten years at the K. What a fun night, even if they lost. I’ve never seen the K like that before (been here 8 years).

  20. Herb says:

    Lazlo sucks.

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