OTC: Haley’s Decision To Start Palko Could Be His Last In KC / Frank White – GONE!

“Tyler’s our starter. We’re getting Kyle ready to play. He’s not like a guy who’s been here a couple of years. It’s a different situation. So we’re getting him ready to play.”
Todd Haley, AP
GH: With these words, Todd Haley has ignited a firestorm of controversy amongst Kansas City Chiefs’ fans. I have yet to hear any NFL analyst, any talk show host or any fan who is in favor of Palko starting over Kyle Orton. As a matter of fact, most are damn frustrated that Haley could even be vacillating on this no-brainer of a decision.

“I love Todd [Haley]. I’ve known him for years before he came to Kansas City. But you have to call a spade a spade. That was the biggest nonsense that I think I’ve heard
out of the NFL in a long time. The way he justified it. I’m sure there is a justification for starting Tyler Palko over Kyle Orton. … But to say it’s about winning and to go on about that on that diatribe, it didn’t make any sense. It was the most nonsense I’ve heard.”
Danan Hughes, former Chiefs player, 610 AM

“If Todd Haley starts Tyler Palko over Kyle Orton on Sunday they should fire Todd Haley! If Palko starts again I am canceling my season tickets! I am done! I could go on
and on about this!”
Gary Lezak, KSHB 41 meteorologist, 810 AM
GH: Lezak is a well-know KC celebrity and he is not known for criticizing other well-known KC celebrities – like the head coach of the Chiefs. Lezak going public with his anger over Haley’s decision to call Palko his starter should cause The Clarks some concern. Are the Chiefs about trying to win or has this Scott Todd regime disintegrated into nothing more than Haley trying to show Pioli he can be as big a bully as his boss?

“If what happens Sunday is what we all expect to happen, that Palko starts and Palko plays
poorly, then there should be an announcement out of Arrowhead on Monday morning
that yes, Todd Haley is fired. This borders on the indefensible.
Danny Parkins, 610 AM

“How complicated could the Chiefs offense be? Does Jim Zorn call the plays in Portuguese?”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: No one in the Kansas City media has been a bigger Todd Haley fan than Nick Wright. Through every fourth-down dive play to his skull-wearing concert seats, Wright has backed Haley. But even Wright doesn’t understand what the heck Haley is thinking here.

“Every week you have to earn the right to put your hands under center and lead the team, whether we’re 2-0 and I’m playing well or what’s happened the last two weeks. I’m not looking at it any different this week. It’s hard a position to play; you’re going to have your ups and downs.”
Tyler Palko, AP
GH: Your ups and does? Palko’s two starts where he managed seven turnovers, no team touchdowns and two losses contained fewer ups than a Russian art film at the Tivoli.

“The number one task is to get Tyler to continue to improve and eliminate some of the things that he’s done that need to be better and at the same time to get Kyle ready to
go in a limited amount of time in this offense and with these offensive players.”
Todd Haley, Kansas City Star
GH: Orton is nothing more than a rented quarterback for the remainder of the season. The Clarks are paying him about $2.5 million through the first week of January. I would think the Chiefs might want to use it before they lose it.

“I just go by what Todd tells me. I’m the starter and Kyle is going to get (snaps), and whoever gives the team the best chance to win, he’ll play.”
Tyler Palko, Kansas City Star
GH: You can’t blame Palko for getting the starting nod. You can blame him for being one of the worst NFL quarterbacks in the last 10 years, but it’s not his fault his boss keeps giving him the job.

“[Orton] has to show he understands personnel. That’s always a little bit of a trick. But it’s
very, very important. It’s not something that just happens overnight. That’s a
critical, critical factor — understanding each and every one on your team, their strengths and weaknesses. That includes everyone on offense.”
Todd Haley, Kansas City Star
GH: What a load of crapola. Palko knows every player on the team but he still can’t avoid throwing the football to the guys wearing the opposing team’s jerseys! What does understanding the personnel have to do with hitting a receiver on a 10-yard out? Or throwing a skinny post? Haley calls it “a critical factor.” Isn’t avoiding seven turnovers kind of critical as well?

“I’ve always tried to pride myself on, is being the most prepared guy on the field — and that will be the same approach I’ll take this week.”
Kyle Orton, Kansas City Star
GH: That’s good enough for me. If Orton can discern red from navy blue, he’s my starter in Chicago on Sunday.

“FOX Sports Kansas City and the Kansas City Royals appreciate Frank White stepping into a larger role as game analyst the last three seasons. He shifted from a planned part-time role to a near full-time role and performed admirably in the booth at a time of need. We also want to thank Kevin Shank for his years of leadership as producer of Royals telecasts. FOX Sports Kansas City has decided to go in a different direction with these positions next year. A search for their replacements will begin immediately.”
Royal Press Release
GH: I believe Nick Wright broke this
story on Twitter on Thursday night but don’t hold me to that. It does appear that all the Twitter discussion forced the Royals into making this official announcement on Friday morning. Read on.

“Frank White now has no association with the Kansas City Royals. That’s not a good thing for Frank White and that’s not a good thing for the Royals.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: I agree with both of Petro’s above statements. But not with everything else he had to say regarding Frank White’s departure. Read on.

“Everybody in the [Royals] organization who had anything to do with this decision – and I
mean anybody in media relations, the radio booth…anybody –  needs to look in the mirror and ask how did it come to this? How did we get to this point here where one of our iconic figures doesn’t like us and we don’t like him?”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro knows this answer as well as everyone in the Royals organization – Frank White is not a real great employee. Frank is not a team guy. Frank has had an on/off relationship with his hometown team ever since the Royals moved him out of his starting role as the club’s second baseman in the late 1980s. people forget just how ugly it got between White and the Royals back then. I had a member of the Royals’ front office tell
me in the early 90’s that White would never work for the Royals again. Instead,
the Royals hired White to perform almost every job they had over the next two
decades – except the one he craved – manager of the Kansas City Royals.

“Frank White is not the easiest guy in the world to work with. There are two sides to this story but there is failure all around. … At times Frank was a malcontent.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Now we are getting to the crux of the issue. How many malcontents does your
boss put up with at your job, especially after he’s spent the past 20 years
trying to make that malcontent happy? Frank was the best defensive second basemen
I have ever seen play the game. The best. He has his number immortalized on the
scoreboard at The K. His bronze statue is there in the outfield concourse for
all to enjoy. I don’t see where the Royals are at fault here. The decision was
made by their television partner, Fox Sports. What Frank apparently never
learned is that after your playing days are over, you become just another employee
who is expected to do his job without causing waves. Frank was as smooth as
there ever was with a glove. What he never learned was how to be as silky in a

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21 Responses to OTC: Haley’s Decision To Start Palko Could Be His Last In KC / Frank White – GONE!

  1. Orphan of the Road says:

    So long Frank. Used to watch the Chiefs’ games from the Lincoln HS stands with Frank and his father. Fox likes Joe Buck so that tells you all you need to know.

    Orton would give the Chiefs an opportunity to be a spoiler but little else. But it seems the last games will be an uber pissing match between the GM and the soon-to-be-former-coach.

    Damn, if they had just waited they could have had McNab. Well at least he’d bring soup to the table…

  2. Cliffy says:

    Get rid of Boob Davis. Please.

  3. JFP says:

    OK, not trying to defend Haley at all here, but is there some stupid chance that this is one of those silly old-school swerves wherein they are being purposely coy so the Bears prepare for the “wrong” QB?

    Yes, I am blindly trying to rationalize Palko starting on Sunday, ’cause I got nuttin’ else. Heh.

    • P says:

      Yeah, that is a stretch because the Bears will be preparing for either. Knowing Haley’s dumbass though, this is probably his idea of a ruse as if the Bears will be shocked when Orton comes out the first series.

      Orton’s certainly not a long term solution but he is above and beyond the best QB on the roster, no question about it.

  4. smartman says:

    Suicide by Palko. The Chiefs would be doing Todd a HUGE favor by whacking him. He’ll have an OC job in the NFL or D1 before the start of the next season.

    No one else is going to come in and deal with this clusterfuck as long as Scott Pioli is the GM.

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      I’ll wager you smartman there will be a long line awaiting the job of Chiefs head coach.

      Just not one of those lusted after by the fans.

  5. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Not Jeff Montgomery. Please.

    • Java Man says:

      Hell no! I’ll spend at least a couple hundred hours next year listening to whoever they choose as a replacement, at least get someone likeable.

      Sorry to see Frank White pushed out, but glad they are making a change at the producer level.

  6. AP says:

    This Frank White stuff is not that big of a deal….for the past 15 years Ozzie Smith hated TLR and the Cardinals and would rarely make an apperance at Busch……things turned out all right for the Cards.

  7. The Independent Rage says:

    The Chiefs season is effectively over, and so the emotional tie to results on the field is pretty much gone for me (although apparently not for one Gary Lezak). As a result, it’s easy for me to get into the high entertainment that is the train wreck of Haley vs. Pioli, playing Palko vs. playing Orton, and Palko’s raunchy performance every time he sets foot on the field. This is like a damn soap opera wrapped into a car crash scene! I can’t wait for the next episode on Sunday.

  8. newbaum turk says:

    The Chiefs score ONE touchdown the entire month of November. I think that is a fireable offence right there. Seriously, the NFL is an all-out passing game with every rule designed to encourage scoring but the Chiefs put up fewer numbers than a baseball team. They have to lead the league in 3-and-outs. They should do quick-kicks because they just give up on third down. They don’t even try. It is hard to lose consistently like they do given the way the NFL is set up. The futility the Chiefs, Jets, Browns, and Lions (good company, huh?) have achieved is almost miraculous. They may fire Haley but it won’t fix much. The problem is systemic from the top down. Even the Saints and Bucs have won Super Bowls. Why is it the Steelers go to a Super Bowl at least once a decade? Green Bay was down for the most of the 70’s and 80’s but have been pretty damn good from the 90’s on. People used to laugh about the Bengals of the 90’s but the Chiefs were that bad for almost all of the 70’s and 80’s. Remember in the good ole days when KK’s show was good and he asked Lamar Hunt if he would rather lose a dollar and win the Super Bowl or make a dollar and not win the Super Bowl? Lamar chose making a dollar. Out of the mouth of a man who was born extremely wealthy to a man (H.L. Hunt) who was once the richest man in America. Would rather make one dollar! That tells us everything we need to know.

  9. Steve says:

    GH: “I don’t see where the Royals are at fault here. The decision was
    made by their television partner, Fox Sports.”

    Actually, from everything I’ve read getting rid of Frank was NOT Fox Sports but was Dayton Moore. KK had a tweet that said it came from Dayton and not the business side of things, while Jeff Passan – a well-respected baseball writer for Yahoo – had a tweet that said he was told the Royals fired White because the team thought he was too critical.

    Sure, Frank may have been a pain to work with at times, but he got better at his job and if what Passan heard is true it just makes Moore and the Royals seem petty.

  10. chuck says:

    I don’t doubt that Frank White was a pain in the ass if every one who worked with him said he was.

    I will tell ya, he used to come in and deal with me on electronic purchases where I worked on a fairly regular basis over a couple of years.

    Charismatic, smooth as silk, easy to work with and always had a smile for all the folks in the store.

    I am surprised to hear that he was a disgruntled employee, but…

    Clark Hunt is brain dead. Orton might actually win a game and screw the franchise out of a shot at RGIII.

    After 3 years of Scott and the “New England” way, I betcha a million bucks, no one who reads this blog, or follows the Chiefs, would have believed, that if Herm and Carl Peterson were still in place, this franchise would actually be 5 to 6 players better.

    In 3 years, Peterson (He had some BAD 2nd round picks.) could have stumbled into more talent than Pioli has given Haley.

    I betcha Haley gets another job as a head coach (Not right away.), and wins.



    • newbaum turk says:

      Petro has brought up on his show several times how an alarming number of players from Carl/Herm era are still on the roster. Moreover, how many are the playmakers like Charles, Bowe, Flowers, Carr, and Derrick Johnson. As bad as the team has been the last few years there should have been far more turnover. Of all Carl Peterson 2nd round draft pick disasters, this fact is my favorite: After Tim Grunhard, who was a damn good player and will someday be in the Chiefs HOF, who is Carl’s 2nd best 2nd round pick? None other than Donnell Bennett. That makes me puke. Carl missed so much it is unbelievable. And he was lucky enough to work for the one owner in the league who wouldn’t fire him for such futility.

  11. Zack says:

    What did Kevin Shank do to get canned? Nothing other than documenting the games.

    A few years ago Dayton Moore called the truck and ripped him for showing a trainer treating an injured Royal in the dugout. Moore told Shank to never show a player being worked on in the dugout again.

    A few weeks later, when Runelvys Hernandez & John Buck got into a fight in the dugout, Shank had the video and didn’t show it. Why? Because he was afraid of DM coming down on him. FSN was embarrassed because the Cleveland broadcast crew showed the fight, which made national news and SportsCenter, while FSN KC looked like boobs for ignoring it.

  12. Brian (Indep., MO) says:

    Frank White just was just on air with Nick Wright at 610 sports- the first time since his firing. He said the rep. from Fox Sports Midwest told him the decision came from the Royals for being too negative. Mr. White left the meeting when he asked for specific examples and they couldn’t provide any. I thought I was going to get sick.

    Frank has done more for the Royals than David Glass and Dayton Moore combined. I might become a Cardinals or Rangers fan. No wait, I just threw up a bit. Nevermind.

    • newbaum turk says:

      How about Nick Wright admitting to being a coward and not commenting on it? Terrible, terrible journalism. One thing I will always give 810, when they had the Royals I never thought they laid off them a bit. And 810 had them when the Royals were an absolute disgrace. They ripped them when they deserved it, which was most of the time.

  13. Super Dave says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Lezak you idiot I did that years ago.

    Why is it the more money you are paid in salary the more you are allowed to be a complete idiot and get away with it?

  14. Don says:

    Actually, it sounded like Wright was crying when he was talking to White. Totally unprofessional. After the interview he said he had to go wash his face.
    What is hilarious is that some untrained snot like Wright will probably take White’s place on the broadcasts and they can pay him $30K a year. It will be exactly the same situation where Wright left college one day and took the job of an experienced broadcaster at 610.

  15. The KC Eye says:

    It’s a circus, Greg. Let’s enjoy the few remaining moments we have with Haley as Ringleader.

    This one was fun to write — Your favorite pro-football team’s head coach should be fired if…

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