OTC: Has Haley Cost Chiefs Their 2011 Season W/ Preseason Foolishness?

Todd Haley Head Coach Todd Haley of the Kansas City Chiefs yells at a referee during NFL game action against the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead Stadium on December 13, 2009 Kansas City, Missouri. The Bills defeated the Chiefs 16-10.“That’s why guys don’t want to go out there for that final preseason game. You just
want to get through the preseason and get to the regular season. If this happens in the regular season, you can live with it. This stings even more because of when it happened.”
Solomon Wilcots, CBS analyst, after Tony Moeaki was lost for the season because of an injury in the Chiefs final preseason game, Kansas City Star
GH: This is the kind of decision that costs head coaches their job. There is no excuse or explanation as to why Haley played his starters so many snaps against green Bay’s reserves and risked their seasons. None.

“I don’t know if (Haley) made a mistake. I just think everyone was under different
circumstances this year.”
Herm Edwards, when asked if he thought Haley erred in playing his starters late into the fourth preseason game, including Matt Cassel, 810 AM
GH: Herm Edwards refuses to offer any opinion that might offend anyone in an NFL office who might one day be in position to hire him. When asked if he thought Haley made a mistake over playing his starting quarterback and the most important cog to the 2011 season against Green Bay in the final preseason game – as much a rhetorical question as anything – even then Edwards sat on the fence. When “The Coach” comes on the radio, I often flip the channel.

“Todd Haley appears to coach like a crazy man.”
Steven St. John, after it was revealed that Matt Cassel apparently suffered an injury to his ribs in the final preseason game, 810 AM
GH: SSJ was ticked that Haley showed so little regard for conventional wisdom in playing many starters late into the fourth quarter of a meaningless final preseason game. This is the kind of response or at least declaration that is missing from “experts” like Herm Edwards.

“(Tony Moeaki) is the one player they could ill-afford to lose in terms of what they
planned to put on his plate. I think he’s the most important person in their passing game. He was a huge piece of what they were trying to do. There’s no one who can tell you that that’s not the case.”
Solomon Wilcots, CBS analyst, after Moeaki was injured in the Chiefs’ final preseason game and is now lost for the season, Kansas City Star
GH: Wilcots has broadcast a number of Chiefs games over the past few years and we know his work well. He often gets confused during a live broadcast but he brought his opinion on how Haley handled playing his starters in the final preseason game with some punch. Solomon is no Herm Edwards when it comes to having an opinion. Read on.

“They’re going to put on a good act and say all the right things and keep a stiff upper
lip and all that, but there are going to be things they can no longer do (without Moeaki) that they would have been able to do had he been in their lineup.”
Solomon Wilcots, CBS analyst, Kansas City Star
GH: The Chiefs’ offense just took a huge hit in losing one of their primary weapons. The loss of Moeaki also makes it much more difficult for Cassel and Jamaal Charles to find space and avoid injury. This was an incredibly dumb move on the part of Haley.

“Based on what I saw and heard (Monday), my bet is Cassel plays Sunday but I don’t believe for a second he was a full participant in practice.”
Danny Parkins, of 610 Sports, Twitter

“If I was a betting man, I’d bet that they shoot up (Cassel’s) rib cage and he’ll start against Buffalo.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: The video of Cassel from Monday’s practice showed Cassel taking snaps and pitching the ball backward but it was apparent that he is favoring his left side. He may start on Sunday but will he be able to go four quarters?

“SCOOP – Matt Cassel suffered a cracked rib in the Chiefs final preseason game. Status for week 1 is not yet determined.”
Nick Wright, on Sunday, Twitter
GH: Wright again claims the scoop to a Chiefs’ story and then pokes a finger at The Kansas City Star. Read on.

“For real, don’t be mad at The Star. They do great work. They just gotta be tired of 1 guy beating them over the head on every Chiefs story.”
Nick Wright, Twitter
GH: I hope Nick discusses this topic when he has Kent Babb and Sam Mellinger on his show this week. That would be interesting radio.

“Former Chiefs guard Brian Waters is asked if leaving Kansas City was tough. ‘Not really.’ ”
Ian R. Rapoport, Twitter
GH: Waters is probably is happy he didn’t have to go four quarters against Green Bay last week.

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9 Responses to OTC: Has Haley Cost Chiefs Their 2011 Season W/ Preseason Foolishness?

  1. rick says:

    My only objection to this post is that u didn’t present the other side. If u listened to Bill Maas on Friday on 610 he thought Haley playing the guys was a genuis move and Haley was a trend setter. Now they wouldn’t need the first week to adjust to the hitting, recovery, and playing four quarters they were already ready.

    Speaking of being ahead of the curve (cough cough). Wasn’t it I who said Thomas Jones was in no danger of being cut while you and KK were sure he would be. Sorry Greg no Rosedale on this one.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I did think Jones would be manning the Rosedale counter by this time instead of immediately falling down after hitting the line of scrimmage on every carry. Service ace to rick.

      I heard both Maas and Nick say that Haley’s move was a positive — but that was before they knew about Cassel’s injury. If they still think that was coaching brilliance, I would like to argue that point.

      • Rick says:

        And I would love to hear u argue the point. But my guess is I WILL be buying you Rosedale before we hear u debating Nick or Bill on 610.

  2. Ptolemy says:

    Moeaki could have gotten hurt in any preseason game. If anything, he was less likely to be injured in the 4th game rather than in one of the three previous ones because he would be in better shape by the fourth game. Such is especially the case this year with the lockout, as evidenced by the plethora of achilles tendon ruptures around the league.

    If you take the tack that Haley got Moeaki injured, you have to also call Pinkel to the carpet for getting his guys injured in a cupcake game, as he did last week.
    Injuries happen.

  3. Johnny Utah says:

    Spot-on with Herm. Networks have to stop hiring former coaches/players who keep auditioning on air instead of analyzing.

    I hated Rodney Harrison as a player, but I love him as an analyst. He’s the model.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    With Moeaki’s injury history you have to wonder. Woulda shoulda coulda?

    Glad Waters gets a shot at a championship. His being signed before start of season says a lot too.

    Herm came to KC a liar and left a sham of a fraud of a team. Our penance for his never ever passing a microphone and babbling is having a Haley press conference every week.

    OK, are we ready, or not, here come the real games.

    I’m thinking the theme song for this year’s Chiefs’ fans will be Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down. Eight the hard way.

    • EricBinKC says:

      Nope. The theme song should be the jingle to Mad TV’s video dating service, “Lowered Expectations.”

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