OTC: Has Mizzou Hoops Become Irrelevant? / KSU At WVU Is A Season Changer / Chiefs At Raiders Not Prime Time

B22iQipCAAAl663“Student Section at Mizzou Arena”
Mike Kelly, @mikekelly1120, play-by-play voice of Mizzou basketball, as he tweeted out this photo of the Missouri student section Wednesday evening from Mizzou Arena, Twitter
GH: I do not know what the problem is with Mizzou basketball fans. The attendance at Mizzou arena last night was 5,563. Yes, it was Oral Roberts…but 5,563? Is it the fans or the team? It seems to me that Norm Stewart’s teams never had this problem – definitely not to this extent.

“Guys, I don’t know how else to say this: Students don’t care about this Mizzou basketball team. It’s become an irrelevant program. Put a good product on the field and the students will come. For better or worse, it’s always been that way with Mizzou basketball.” Brandon Kiley, @BKSportsTalk, Twitter
GH: An irrelevant program? Is the attendance drop off really success related? That seems so, well…not college. But Kiley isn’t the only Tiger to think the hoops program needs to win to expect fans to show up. Read on.

“You said in your latest column that you’re not sure why MU fans don’t come out in droves to support their teams.  As an MU fan for nearly 40 years, let me offer an opinion. Missouri isn’t called the Show-Me State for nothing. I think (Mizzou) fans have a feeling that MU can win big games but not THE big game. … The basketball team has never been to a Final Four.  Butler can go two straight years even George Mason can go once, but MU can’t? They want conference titles and national championships that they see other schools winning and are frustrated that MU isn’t good enough or lucky enough. With the price of going to games and the competition for the entertainment dollar, it’s easy for fans to consider other options. The one thing that will always puzzle me about the basketball program is why the recruiting dropped off after the Stipo/Sunvold era. When MU signed them and Ricky Frazier, I really thought they’d be good enough to reach a Final Four. At the very least, I thought it would continue a trend of better recruiting. I was wrong on both counts.”
Scott, MU fan, OTC Email

“There might only be 5,563, but Mizzou Arena came to life on Shamburger’s top-of-the-backboard scraping reverse layup for a 70-62 lead.”
Tod Palmer, @todpalmer, KC Star beat writer for Mizzou, as MU defeated Oral Roberts Wednesday night, Twitter
GH: The fans who are showing up at Mizzou Arena are obviously not the problem.

“I’ve been in basketball my whole life. For 16 years as a head coach. I’m not sure of someone shooting and scoring quite like that, especially in the second half, and that’s coming from a team that has not been known to be a great jump shooting team. Sometimes in the game of basketball it goes your way and tonight it certainly went Mizzou’s way and you have to tip your hat to them. If they can make shots like that, they have a chance to be a very good basketball team.”
Scott Sutton, Oral Roberts head coach, after Mizzou made 8 of 9 three-point shots in the second half and defeated Oral Roberts 78-64, Mizzou media notes

“Realistically, if (Missouri) is a postseason team and this is an NIT team, Kim Anderson has done a pretty good job. He has had to kind of reconstruct things and there are going to be some moments where they look pretty good and there are going to be a lot of moments where they don’t look good at all. I think this is like a 17-win team or in that neighborhood and make the NIT. Anything beyond that would be a success.”
Gabe DeArmond, PowerMizzou.com, prior to Mizzou’s opener against UMKC, 810 AM

“There are black clouds settling over Purple Nation. K-State fans aren’t used to losing to those kind of scores under Bill Snyder. If Texas can beat TCU on Thanksgiving night – and Texas is very athletic – and Kansas State can win out, they can still be the outright Big 12 champion. If they can settle down, they’ve still got some big opportunities to finish the year.”
Stan Weber, 810 AM
GH: K-State travels to West Virginia tonight and their goal is to save more Morgantown couches from being set ablaze by the Mountaineer fan base. “Save A Couch!” signs should be popular in the Wildcats fan section.

“Jake Waters is not as overall fluid and confident as he was before the Oklahoma game. He’s just not quite as fluid but he’s still awful good.”
Stan Weber, on the K-State quarterback’s play since his leg injury at Oklahoma, 810 AM GH: This is a season-changer game for K-State if they lose. Win and they can expect to play in a nice bowl game whether they beat Baylor or not. But a loss to West Virginia would land the Cats in a heap with a lot of other good but not quite top-20 teams. 

“All the things that have been going on (in Oakland) over the last ten years have finally caught up with the team.”
Tom Flores, former Raiders head coach and current radio color analyst, in an interview with WHB’s The Border Patrol, when asked about the Raiders 0-10 start, 810 AM
GH: The Raiders are riding a 16-game losing streak dating back to 2013. Talk about some dedicated fans. 

“(Chiefs) Fans seem to think that this is a trap game with the short week. I think the Chiefs are going to win this game handily.”
TJ Carpenter, 810 AM
GH: The Raiders are playing better than they did earlier this season – but so are the Chiefs. This is simply a game the Chiefs should win but it’s on the road on a Thursday night. There are no givens in the NFL.

“Oakland plays hard, they just stink. I think the Chiefs can play flat and still win this game 13-6.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM

“Jamaal Charles if the problem I see right now (for the Raiders). They’ve got to stop him. I turned on the game (against Seattle) this Sunday and every time I looked up he was running down the sidelines.”
Tom Flores, 810 AM
GH: The Chiefs have a great defense and a very effective quarterback. But Jamaal Charles is the reason this team has a chance to play in the Super Bowl this season.

“They don’t make a lot of mistakes. This is a smart football team. They run the ball. They can get to the quarterback. This team really doesn’t have a lot of weaknesses.”
Rodney Harrison, NFL studio host, after the 7-3 Chiefs beat Seattle, NBC
GH: 610’s The Drive replayed Harrison’s comments after the Chiefs season-opening loss to the Titans when he said the Chiefs “are done” and then played his above comments from Sunday night after the Chiefs improved their record to 7-3. Unfortunately, Dan Patrick let Harrison off easy last Sunday by simply reminding him he wasn’t very high on the Chiefs earlier this season.

“That Titans loss in week one? That is still in my opinion the best thing that could have happened to this (Chiefs) team. That game showed every weakness that this team had. Everything that happened in that game they fixed moving forward. The Chiefs learned a lot about themselves and more importantly they learned about their weaknesses.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: I am not a proponent of teams needing to lose to learn about their weaknesses but it is difficult to argue with Binkley’s point. The Chiefs have looked nothing like they did in that Titans loss since their home opener.

“Something kind of comes over you (when he scored the go-ahead touchdown on a headfirst dive through a safety in the fourth quarter against Buffalo). Chase (Daniel) and those guys were kind of giving me a hard time because you kind of spaz out a little bit (celebrating). I don’t even know what happened. It was just raw emotion. But I was pretty fired up. Yeah, I was pretty fired up.”
Alex Smith, in an interview with Kevin Kietzman, discussing his touchdown run against Seattle, 810 AM

“One of (the Chiefs players) said today if I had to do this on the record and tell you my thoughts about playing on Thursday night I would probably get fined. Talking to these guys on a human level and getting the truth out of them – this is a very tough spot to be in (playing in Oakland Thursday night).”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Thursday night football just hasn’t grabbed me. It is an afterthought for me to all of the typical duties most dads and moms have on a school night. Count me as one football fan who could live without college and NFL games on Thursday nights. BTW, why doesn’t the NFL schedule teams coming off a bye week for the Thursday night games?

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54 Responses to OTC: Has Mizzou Hoops Become Irrelevant? / KSU At WVU Is A Season Changer / Chiefs At Raiders Not Prime Time

  1. Gavin says:

    I don’t know that a team needs a loss to find its motivation, but sometimes getting a near miss can grab attention that had been waning. For this reason, I expect TCU to be pumped up and lay a beatdown on Texas. I think KU did them a favor and that TCU’s attention has been refocused.

  2. Richard Cranium says:

    I find it interesting that the Missouri comments remind me EXACTLY of bandwagon fans everyone raves about. I also noticed recently a bunch of people saying they are Misery football fans, and then anywhere else in basketball. Guess that divorce from KU didn’t help one side of the program, did it? If their football team made up for crappy BBall team, it would help……but it doesn’t…..so it doesn’t.

    • John says:

      yeah, i’ve never heard of ANYONE rooting for KU b-ball and some other school for football. Never.

      I don’t know of any Mizzou fans like that, but if you come across one, tell them they are not wanted. KU is much more their kind of thing.

      • Uche Okafor says:

        Absolutely. I have NEVER heard of a fan rooting for Mizzou in football and another school in basketball. Mizzou fans hate themselves and their team too much to transfer that hate to other teams. College sports is not an a la carte menu. You can’t pick and choose. You get one school regardless of how crappy they are in one sport or the other.

    • John says:

      and good football does make up for bad basketball. football > basketball and a divorce from KU? umm, Mizzou left the Big 12(-4)(+2), we didn’t divorce KU. Let it go. Have fun in your conference, since you love it so much… clearly

    • Richard Gaynium says:

      “I also noticed recently a bunch of people saying they are Misery football fans, and then anywhere else in basketball”

      No you haven’t

  3. Frank says:

    Thursday night games don’t grab you, Greg? London games don’t grab others. Stop whining you little BITCH. If your kids don’t get the needed help with their homework tonight because you are watching the game, fuc* them. I learned this compassion from you by the way.

  4. Gomer Kyle says:

    The local residents and students need to step the fuck up and get to the games. There are 115k people in Columbia and another 40k or so in Jeff City. That is more than enough people to get a decent crowd on a weeknight.

  5. John says:

    It’s still football season, the team probably won’t be good this year, and Columbia is two hours away from both of the school’s major population bases. It’s not mystery. I’ll be there to see them in the Sprint Center… and I bet Norm Stewart DID have this problem even worse when he started couching. Once Norm proved himself in the 80’s, not so much, but that was after he had been couching for like over ten years.

    • John says:

      ^coaching (haha)

    • KCMonarch says:

      The fan support the for the football program doesn’t exactly meet the expectations one might have considering the on the field success over the last decade or so. But don’t take my word for it. Ask the head coach.

  6. Jim says:

    Just the kind of game where the Chiefs go out and show that they are……well…….the Chiefs. Seattle, New England, Miami, Buffalo, San Diego. Good wins against good teams. Chiefs notoriously play to their competition and the Raiders are TERRIBLE.

    Paranoid? I guess. Just don’t like playing winless teams that have nothing to lose. If I’m Oakland, I’m going for it on every 4th down that is 5 yards or less. You’re 0-10. Why wouldn’t you?

  7. Hot Carl says:

    When MU fields a good team and starts winning the fans will go. The student section at Allen Field House looked like that the last year Ted Owens was coaching the program. Winning solves everything.

  8. JFP says:

    Liked it much better when college football stood alone on Thursday nights.

    • Juan Pablo says:

      not very many will be watching this NFL game. And if they do the game will be over by the end of the first quarter. I bet Oakland fans do not even want to watch the game tonight,

  9. Juan Pablo says:

    The SEC gave the shaft to MU and stuck them in the turd East division. MU has about 2-3 home basketball games a year that MU fans care about. In Football MU does not play LSU or Alabama at home until 2023-2025. there is a reason there are so many empty seats at MU football and bball games. MU is stuck playing turd SEC east teams. There is no reason for MU fans to buy season tickets, they just go to one or two of the good games a year.

    The SEC is screwing MU more then TX did in the Big 12..

    • Juan Pablo's tampon says:

      Oh Juan please give us more stats and dreamy reasons on why the SEC East is so poor. You are just teasing us with these short answers.

    • Hoppy says:

      Mizzou played Bama at home their first year in the SEC but don’t let that fact get in the way of your drivel

      • Juan Pablo's tampon says:

        Hoppy, Juan Pablo does not bring that up as it doesn’t back up his dreamy facts.

      • Juan Pablo says:

        So MU will play Alabama at home about once every 12 years. Wow ! 2025 cant get here fast enough. Better get your tickets now.

    • John says:

      ummm, how many fans attend your college team’s football games on average? really, that’s the route you want to go for your smack talk? you’re the kind of guy who gets straight d’s, but mocks somebody with a b- for being stupid

    • Matt says:

      Winning in the SEC East > Losing in the SEC West

    • HARLEY says:

      juan…you stupid idiot. The worst sec teams could beat the top big 12 teams…
      tenn. would crush k state…auburn should have destroyed k state…
      lets get real….with all those mini teams playing crap football in the big 12…
      you’re gonna get some teams like tcu that are so great they almost lose to the
      worst college team ever…ku.
      the sec gave Missouri about a quarter billion (that’s b) in revenue additions when
      they moved. Mu can win the east…its a win ……and with 80K at the stadium
      and the money gushing in since the move…you have no idea what you’re talking
      Go down to Columbia…its booming with a 250 million dolar expansion to athletic
      facilities…housing going crazy…a boom in retail and commercial expansion.
      With millions in the bank to fund anything the university wants.
      Then go to lowly k state or ku. Two old dead horses. Barely making break
      even status. Almost dead broke and when the budget cuts look for them
      to essentially become 2nd class schools.
      KU has self screaming for nicer dorms at 7 million. That’s chump change at
      MU. Self gets what he wants or he leaves. He just got a new jet plane while
      the students are smashed into classrooms.
      Don’t cry for MU boys. MU is the fastest growing university. It’s going to
      be the Wharton of the Midwest. Premiere school that will take over the
      All the while KU and K state die on the vine waiting to cut their
      balls offf when it comes to state money. Watch…ku and k state are losing….
      its just going to get worse.
      BIG 12 ANY DAY.

      • burrito flatulence says:

        heard you named yourself “harley” due to your fondness for Harlequin novels..

        esp the ones with Fabio on the cover.

  10. randyraley says:

    I want to a Royals game in September. There were 17,000 people there. I could sit just about anywhere I wanted to. Guess what happened after that? They won with regularity and SURPRISE, no seats anywhere. Just win, Kim and the rest will happen. Just like ANYWHERE else in the country.

    • Fred Flintstone says:

      I really like Kim Anderson, he’s a good dude, but telling him to “win with regularity” is like telling the wind not to blow. He coaches at Missourah for God’s sake.

  11. MIZ-SEC says:

    Yes. Mizzou basketball is irrelevant. Basketball is irrelevant in college athletics. Football is the money maker. Nobody cares about basketball except for loser schools like Kentucky and kU. It’s EASY to be good in basketball. If Mizzou put all of our resources into hoops, we could be the best basketball program in the nation. But that’s not good enough for us. We want to have a top notch football program that contends for national titles. Being in the SEC makes that possible. If our hoops program is good too, then great. But really, basketball is just a cute little way to pass the time in the winter months. Schools like UK, kU, Duke, etc… those schools are so insignificant in the landscape of college athletics, its not even funny. Who is significant? Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Ohio State, Oklahoma. Buckeyes have good hoops but it’s not their bread & butter. All anybody cares about is how good are you at football. Basketball team is 8-22? So what. If football goes 12-2 then it was a great school year. Mizzou is a football school, in the mighty SEC, and I couldn’t be happier.

    • Richard Cranium says:

      This person is a fool

    • Merle Tagladucci says:

      This is the kind of retareded bullshit you get from an MU fan who now bases their school’s identity on the conference they got a guest pass to enter.

    • Matt says:

      I’m a Mizzou alum and your post is embarrassing.

    • harley says:

      perfectly said!!!!!!! basketball means nothing on the national scale. The money from
      basketball pales in comparison to the revenues generated from football.
      You can put 16,000 fools in allen field house or 80K in mu stadium.
      This is why ku and k state are dying. Besdies not having money to pay for the
      essentials, they have coaches screaming for the toehr coaches to bring in month
      to the athletic deaprment.
      MU has so much money coming in with football it boggles the mind.
      They have a top 20 fan base….ku isn’t even closeor is k state.
      Football is king in the nation. Go to an sec or pac game and see what really
      is the main sports.
      Basketball…nice filler in. Tournament is fun…BUT YOU KU AND KSTATE
      people better understand that 1. you’re going broke 2. basketball is nice
      for the few who watch it…but nothing..nothing…nothing equals Missouri sec

  12. BlackJack says:

    Sorry, but there are plenty of people who could care less about college fball. Mythical national championship, games that last for 4 hrs, half the playing field lands in an insignificant college bowl game. Tell me: if you get to play in a bowl game for going 6-6, and there are 35 bowl games, how is that an accomplishment? If you win the so-called “SEC East” without playing any of the following teams: LSU, Alabama, Mississippi, how is that an accomplishment?

    YOu say schools like Duke, UK, KU, are insignificant in the lansdscape of college athletics. But who is all over ESPN between now and March? UK, KU Duke; who is not on ESPN? MU football

    • Kyle R says:

      Oh BlackJack, you took the bait…never feed a troll!

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      For the record, Mizzou football is on ESPN this weekend. And their bowl game will most likely be on the ESPN family as well. But don’t let those pesky facts get in the way. And being 6-6 and going to a bowl game would NOT be an accomplishment of note for Mizzou..except in a bad way. Now, it WOULD be an accomplishment for your bumbling nitwits over in Lawrence, who dream of a bowl game, ANY bowl game. Hell, they dream of being able to win more than 1 conference game per year. Oh and by the way, Mizzou did beat Mississippi on their way to the SEC East title last year.

      • Merle Tagladucci says:

        The SEC East is the crap half of the SEC. Just admit it.

        • HARLEY says:

          just like ku is the worst team in America and k states simple schedule…even ku might win 3 gaems. go play your little games big 12….you’re going broke…thanks to brownie…when the cuts come you’ll be lucky to have half the students at that
          old horse school.
          nice jet….that’s peanuts at mu….
          its all about money and when ku ad kstate are busted it means a lot.
          whos the next coach ? just go to the all you can eat taco bar.I’m sure you’ll find somewhere there! hahahaha.

  13. Kerouac says:

    “I think the Chiefs can play flat and still win this game 13-6.” ~ Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM”

    – OOPS

    “”I think the Chiefs are going to win this game handily.” ~ TJ Carpenter, 810 AM

    – give me a K (K)… gimme a C (C)… give an i (i)… gimme an n (n)… gimme a d (d)… gimme a y (y)… what does it spell: KCindy (aka loo-hoo-ooser – translation provided by Mr. Ace Ventura)


    • Jim says:

      I called it K-Man. It’s just so……..Chiefs-like. Play to their competition every freaking time. Pathetic!! My 8-8 predict is looking pretty solid.

    • 3GP says:

      Yawn. Is Piece of Kerap still using Cinderella as an insult?

      It’s one thing to be so stupid you don’t know Cinderella wins in the end, but to keep using it after you’ve been told takes your elderly ineptitude to a new level.


  14. sporty says:

    Great win, K-State! Ugly game, but a win is a win!

  15. Kerouac says:

    OAKLAND RAIDERS 24 KCindy Frauds 20



  16. Ron says:

    With every game in every sport on television, I’m surprised anyone goes to any games at all.

  17. Silver and Black Attack says:


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