OTC: How Does Local Media Perceive KU, KSU & MU Football As Season Kicks Off?

“I know I upset Kansas fans but after McNeese State, I can’t find a couple more wins on (the Kansas schedule). I’m just saying, let’s be realistic.”
Jack Harry, 810 AM
GH: Before the season begins we really have nothing to go on but past performances. And Turner Gill’s squad was downright embarrassing for most of the 2010 season. Our local experts do not expect the blue wings to rise in 2011. Read on.

“I think KU’s going to be downright miserable this season.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM

“I’ve got Kansas going 2-10.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM

“Besides Todd Reesing, name me a decent quarterback that’s been at the University of Kansas in the past 20 years?”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: How soon they forget. One of my KU favorites was QB Bill Whittemore who played for Mark Mangino in 2002 and ’03. Whittemore threw for over 4,000 yards in his two seasons and ran for 21 TDs, threw for 29 TDs and fired 12 INTs. He was fun to watch. Whittemore came out of Brentwood High near Nashville, one of my favorite places for dry-rub BBQ and scenic runs past massive Southern mansions.

“I think if everything goes right, (Kansas) might be able to get to five (wins).
They may not win as many games as people want them to but I think they’ll be
more competitive. It’s a tough schedule.”
Jon Kirby, of JayhawkSlant.com 810 AM
GH: Kirby’s take is a tad optimistic with five wins but he is closer to the team than almost every other talking head on the radio. If KU gets five wins, Gill will have almost earned his ridiculous salary.

“There is no doubt that the coaches are not taking McNeese State lightly.”
Jon Kirby, of JayhawkSlant.com 810 AM
GH: I’m not sure this is a good thing. You would like to think a Big 12 football program would reach a stage where they could pound a non-DI school without taking them all that seriously. But from what we saw last year, KU is a Big 12 football school in name only.

“What are some of the things we need to do to move our program forward – and someone brought up the issue of Twitter. … We’re not going to allow our student athletes to have a Twitter account. We think it will benefit them in preparation for our football
Turner Gill, 610 AM
GH: Gill is adamant to move his football forward into the 1980s.

“It’s an all-time overreaction. It’s seems ridiculous. … Talk about focusing on the wrong things!”
Danny Parkins, on Gill prohibiting his players from accessing Twitter accounts, 610 AM

“The more these things Turner Gill does, the more I admire and respect him.”
Kevin Kietzman, on Gill limiting Twitter and social media access to his team, 810 AM
GH: No one on radio has been defending Gill and talking up the Kansas football team like Kietzman. He does it under the guise of praise but I believe his motives to be a bit more sinister. How much respect do you think KK would be lavishing on Gill if he was coaching K-State with similar results?

“I don’t understand why someone who sits in a cubicle at Sprint is following Thomas Robinson (on Twitter) to see where he went or had for lunch.”
Kevin Kietzman, who applauded Turner Gill’s decision to ban his players from Twitter, 810 AM
GH: The more Kietzman talks about Twitter the more he reveals how little he knows about the medium. KK will gladly tell that same guy in his Sprint cubicle to logon and stream 810 programming live over his workstation to hear SSJ and Frank Boal giggle over a guy named Harry Balls 15 weeks in a row. But Twitter is a waste of time? Pass me a plate of those diet cookies, Kevin.

“For $20, you get one ticket to the game against Northern Illinois on Saturday, September 10, at 6 p.m. (a $45 value in advance and up to a $50 value on game day).”
Groupon Ad for Kansas football tickets
GH: Here is another sign that big-time football in Lawrence may have faded away when Mark Mangino got bounced. Groupon ads for four different packages went out today. I’m not sure how Groupon determines that a ticket to the NIU game will increase in value on game day. It has always been my experience that you can pick up a ticket to one of these non-con blowouts in front of the stadium just by holding your hand out.

“James Franklin – I’m of the opinion he is going to be great. He is the best (running quarterback at Mizzou) since Brad Smith.”
Dennis Dodd, college writer for CBS sports.com, on the Tigers’ rookie QB starter, 810 AM
GH: Mizzou is expected to have the best defense in Gary Pinkel’s regime. They have a wealth of receivers and athletic skill-position people. Their offensive line is experienced. If Franklin is serviceable, MU will win at least nine games. If he is great, as Dodd believes, the Tigers will challenge Oklahoma for the Big 12 title. It is interesting how different a path Mizzou’s football program has taken from KU’s program since their epic
Arrowhead battle in 2007.

“We still don’t know about Missouri! We know about Missouri’s defense but we don’t know about the other side of the ball. We don’t know about this young quarterback (James Franklin).”
Jack Harry, 810 AM
GH: Most observers are more in Mad Jack’s camp when it come to Franklin – we just don’t know what flavor team he is. As Pinkel likes to say, “It’s like tea, you don’t really know what you’ve got until you put it into hot water.” Miami of Ohio will be more like a tepid pool. Next Friday night in Tempe though, will be teapot hot for young Franklin.

“James Franklin is so nice and so polite that he almost makes Brad Smith look mean!”
Gabe DeArmond, 810 AM

“Missouri is what, 1-17 against Oklahoma and Texas?”
Jim Upschulte, of Three Guys in a Garage,  to a caller who complained that Mizzou’s football team is not getting a lot of love nationally by being ranked 21st in preseason polls, 810 AM

“People don’t say ‘It’s a grind’ for no reason. To be good in high school is easy. To be good in college you have to be good every single day.”
T.J. Moe, Mizzou wide out, during Mizzou’s fall camp, Twitter
GH: Moe is one of my favorite Big 12 players. He is a helluva receiver who runs great routes and catches the ball effortlessly with his hands. He also isn’t afraid to tell you what he thinks. Last year he spotted a classmate with a Nebraska hat on in class and he blasted him on Twitter. That’s kind of how it’s supposed to be. I get enough of these “competitors” hugging and laughing with each other watching the Royals.

“I think they could have had Gabbert come back (to Mizzou) this year and I wouldn’t have
predicted 10 wins.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman is easier to read than Michael Coleman’s teleprompter. If one of K-State’s rivals is bad, he will talk them up all day long. If one of the Cats’ rivals is good, he will tell you how undeserving they are of their praise.

“I’m gonna say K-State wins seven games, which might turn into six.”
Stan Weber, 810 AM

“I would be a little bit surprised if (Bryce Brown) took the majority of the snaps in K-State’s opener. I think K-State’s going to go into the season with kind of a running-back-by-committee (running attack). Bryce Brown is going to have to show that it doesn’t make sense to give the carries to anybody else.”
Austin Meek, K-State beat writer, 810 AM
GH: Brown is K-State’s preseason Big 12 offensive player of the year candidate. He is reportedly in hot water with Bill Snyder for missing voluntary summer workouts and an overall lack of effort. I am eager to see just how good Brown is when running with a football. I hope Snyder is just as curious.

“I didn’t vote (Bryce Brown) preseason first-team All-Big 12. I understand why some people did. I just think there are some question marks about him. There’s a little bit of a question as to whether or not he can take the pounding of a full season.”
Austin Meek, K-State beat writer, 810 AM

“I’ve never seen anyone play Division I football with a throwing motion like (K-State’s Colin Kline). Everybody fell down laughing when he went back to pass! I think K-State fans are probably looking for maybe an 8-4 season and this leads me to believe
that’s probably not going to happen.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM

“They got run on last year like no Bill Snyder, no K-State team probably ever has. At the end of the year North Texas State was running on them. Syracuse was running on them. That front seven is going to have to step up. That front four has got to do their jobs.
Defensive line is a big question mark. If K-State could somehow stop the run –
control the run – the number of games K-State could win could totally excite K-State fans. Nothing is more important than stopping the run. If they could somehow do it – stop the run – K-State could be really good.”
Stan Weber, 810 AM
GH: K-State is a huge question mark this season. We think they could be improved but we don’t know. We expect Bill Snyder’s magic to be taking affect in his third season but can he play a nine-game Big 12 schedule with his thin talent and live to see November? This is a HUGE season for K-State and Snyder. Move forward with seven wins and it will
be all smiles. Miss making it to a bowl and Snyder will look very old to a frustrated fan base.

“The best offensive player of all for Kansas State might be Braden Wilson, the fullback. He’s an NFL player. K-State really counts on him and no one really talks about him.”
Stan Weber, 810 AM

“I think (Texas) will be back. I think they’ll be one of the top four teams in that (Big 12) conference. I think a sense of entitlement and laziness is what did them in.”
Gary Barnett, when asked if he thought Texas would remain down after last season’s disappointing season, 810 AM
GH: Barnett listed Oklahoma, A&M, OSU and Texas as his top four teams in the Big 12. Mizzou continues to fly under the radar this season. My preseason top five are 1) A&M 2) Oklahoma 3) Mizzou 4) OSU 5) Texas.

“Oklahoma State is getting a lot of love. Oklahoma State is ranked ninth in the country. Oklahoma State doesn’t have a defense. They can’t stop anybody.”
Jay Binkley, of Three Guys in a Garage, 810 AM

“Iowa State is another (football) program you underestimate at your own risk.”
Blair Kerkhoff, 810 AM
GH: I like what Paul Rhoads is doing in Ames, where winning football games is tough duty. He might be the only Big 12 North school sorry to see Nebraska go.

“Ever? Everything is possible. It’s possible a giraffe will walk through my door and say hello to me.”
Dave South, longtime A&M play-by-play voice, when asked by Soren Petro earlier this summer if he thought the Aggies will ever play as a member of the SEC, 810 AM
GH: South was not happy with Petro’s line of questioning and he only grudgingly offered an opinion on the Aggies possibly moving to the SEC. Cue the talking giraffe, Dave.

“Members of the Indiana Sports Corporation were on hand at Friday’s Big Ten Kickoff banquet to talk about the Big Ten championship game at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. They said Husker fans have already purchased 20 to 25 suites for the game, with full knowledge that they had to pay for the box even if their favorite team didn’t
make it. Welcome to the Big Ten? Welcome to Nebraska.”
Tom Shatel, Omaha World Herald

“This Friday will mark the debut of high school football in HD on TWC’s Metro Sports.”
Brad Porter, Metro Sports, Twitter
GH: As long as KCTV5’s Michael Coleman isn’t involved in the HD high school broadcasts, I’m expecting them to be stellar.

Weekend TV Football In KC

7:00 PM                TC at Baylor / ESPN

11:00 AM             Miami Ohio at Mizzou / FSKC / 98.1 FM
11:00 AM             Tenn. Tech at Iowa / BTN
2:30 PM               Tenn. Chat. at Nebraska / BTN (1333 TM)
3:45 PM               BYU at Mississippi / ESPN
6:00 PM              McNeese St. at Kansas / No TV / 98.1 FM
6:00 PM               E. Kentucky at K-State / 810 AM
6:00 PM               Missouri St. at Arkansas / 1030 AM
7:00 PM               Boise St. at Georgia / ESPN
7:00 PM               Oregon vs. LSU in Dallas / ABC
7:00 PM               Tulsa at Oklahoma / FX

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18 Responses to OTC: How Does Local Media Perceive KU, KSU & MU Football As Season Kicks Off?

  1. LY says:

    Michael Coleman brings back memories of Neal Smith. Watching his recap of the Chiefs-Packers game last night was priceless.

    And those who think Twitter is about knowing what someone had for lunch have no clue. Zero.

  2. The Independent Rage says:

    That KU grad and fan Fescoe would seemingly not recall Bill Whittemore is quite outstanding to me. I’m only left to conclude that ’02 and ’03 must have been the period in which Fescoe suffered the prior traumatic head injury that left him the way he is today.

  3. Doodoo says:

    Kietzman blasts Twitter, yet he has a Twitter account, and TRIES to use it? He doth speaketh from both sides of his mouth too much.

    Also, Greg, what the hell is going on with JW? Nick’s interview with Charles Robinson about Whitlock’s unabashed criticism of an impossibly-well-put-together expose on Miami is great stuff, and now Whitlock is going after Robinson again, goading him into being a guest on his podcast?
    Are his insecurities up again? He links to a rose-colored fanblog, a rebuttal of everything in the Yahoo report, as proof and truth that the Yahoo report is a farce.

    Charles Robinson is right. A true investigative reporter will work for a year to get a story right, then publish; Whitlock spends 11 minutes in haphazard thought and derives baseless attacks and conclusions.
    I can’t believe how utterly lazy he’s become at FoxSports.

    • Java Man says:

      I read JW’s piece last week about the Yahoo story. He basically call the whole thing bogus because the lack of drug usage mentioned. Almost as if Glazer is his current ghost writer.
      Lazy indeed.

  4. smartman says:

    Put a Third World military uniform on Michael Coleman and he could be Idi Amin’s little brother. Dude is HORRENDOUS. Makes Nick Wright sound like Edward R. Murrow.

    KU, KSU and MU will have 16 wins between the three of them. Not gonna be a memorable year on the gridiron for those programs.

    This season is a beauty pagaent for the Big XII schools to show the other conferences what they can bring to the table. KU, KSU and MU will be bringin’ bread and veggies. No meat, no dessert.

    • Gavin says:

      No dessert? I have a sinking feeling that my Jayhawks will wind up being a cupcake.

    • KCGolffan says:

      “KU, KSU and MU will have 16 wins between the three of them” – KU 1, KSU 5, MU 10.

      Sounds about right… 🙂

      • Jess says:

        After KSU’s performance over the weekend, I would think 5 wins will be a stretch. Ouch! That hurt. I hope Coach Snyder can pull this one out.

  5. Cliffy says:

    Let’s hope smartman’s 16-win prediction is as accurate as Hosmer batting .230. 🙂

  6. smartman says:

    Ain’t over ’til it’s over Cliffy. My bigger concern about Hosmer is not his batting average but his sexual preference. My gaydar goes off every time I see him.

    • MrOlathe says:

      Interesting that you say that smarty. Just yesterday Gary Lezak was talking about hanging out with Hosmer the night before. As Jeffry Flanagan used to say “hmmmmmm”

    • Merle Tagladucci says:

      So you think if Hosmer is gay he can’t be productive with good wood in his hands? Seems like contradictory thinking.

  7. smartman says:

    BREAKER! BREAKER! Star is reporting that OU will make a decision within weeks regarding future conference affiliation.

    Cue Def Leppard ARMAGEDDON IT!

  8. Arte says:

    Easier to read than Michael Coleman’s teleprompter. Great line.

  9. Scott Simon says:

    If sportscasters ever bet their predictions, 90% of them would be homeless living under a bridge in a box.

  10. fighting sports says:

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