OTC: Hudler Urges Royals Fans & Players To Don’t Stop Believin’ / KK Fears For Mizzou FB After Pinkel

“The Royals sixth-inning song now this year has been Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. And that is exactly what the fans here need to do. They need to stay behind this ball club and believe it can happen. And maybe the players, they’ve got to believe it! I think they do.”
Rex Hudler, as the Royals enter the All-Star break at 48-46 and 6.5 games behind Detroit, Fox Sports KC
GH: Let’s hope the players at least believe they can repeat their second-half surge of last season. As fans, we don’t have much of a choice other than to watch, hope and wait to see if this Royals team can end the 29-year playoff drought.

“They shouldn’t be second-half guys. They should be full-season guys. I think the best baseball’s ahead of us that we’re going to play. … I think all of our guys – Moose included and Hos included – are second-half guys. So all the signs are pointing up for us on offense in the second half.”
Ned Yost, 610 AM
GH: I have no idea why any manager, player or front office person would think it takes a team 90 games to have their offense pointing up. And if the only “sign” is that these are second-half players, Ned needs to get a new speech writer.

“I think you can kiss the division good-bye. But that second wild card is still in play.” Carrington Harrison, on the Royals chances of catching the Tigers in the AL Central, 610 AM
GH: MLB has added the second playoff spot to now make falling out of the playoff race almost impossible before mid-August. Being around .500 allows teams to pretend that a miracle might happen. And it might. But I see more signs with injuries and the pitching rotation that the Royals are headed backward instead of forward in the second half.

“I hear people saying, ‘It’s over! They’re out of it!’ They’ve got to get hot but it really is possible for them to catch the Tigers. It really is.”
Brad Fanning, 610 AM
GH: With 70 games left it’s possible for just about anything to happen. What else are we going to do besides watch it unfold and hope?

“All of (the Royals) prospects are at the major league level so it’s understanding that there’s going to be kind of a lull.”
Nate Bukaty, attempting to explain why the Royals do not have any immediate answers in their organization for their offensive woes, 810 AM
GH: I do not understand this excuse. This is Hosmer’s and Moose’s fourth season in the big leagues. It is Salvador Perez’s third. I don’t see a reason that Dayton Moore should not be expected to have major-league ready position players for James Shields’ final season with the Royals. It is kind of his job.

“Since 2009 (the Royals) have drafted one player who is contributing at the big-league level.”
Andy McCullough, 810 AM

“They like their guys (in their farm system). They believe in their player development.” Andy McCullough, when discussing the chances of the Royals trading some of their prospects for possibly 33-year-old Ben Zobrist or similar immediate help, 810 AM
GH: The Royals have no business trying to win anything this season by trading away prospects. This team is simply not worthy of the risk.

“You have to beat the best. Detroit’s the best. And (the Royals) aren’t doing that.”
Les Norman, 810 AM

“The Royals are probably a lot more like Cleveland, Chicago and Minnesota than they are Detroit.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM

“He’s the hardest worker I’ve ever met in my life. There’s not a close second.”
Danny Duffy, on Alex Gordon, Omaha World Herald
GH: This quote comes from a well-written story from the Omaha World Herald’s Dirk Chatelain. Click on the link to read his account of just how far the Royals All-Star and Gold-Glove left fielder has come since he was sent down to Omaha to learn a new position and battle the label of being called a bust. Chatelain is a skilled storyteller as this reflective piece demonstrates.

“More than 360 plate appearances into his season, Butler has hit three home runs. Three. Eugenio Suarez hit three homers in his first eight games in the big leagues. Butler has hit three all year. Two years ago, he slugged .510. This year, he’s slugging .353. In the 42-season history of DHing, there hasn’t been a single “regular” DH (i.e., a guy who DHed in 75 percent of his games) who was given 500 plate appearances without hitting at least five home runs and slugging at least .350. But that’s where Butler is heading — toward a season in which he reaches neither of those pedestrian plateaus.”
Jayson Stark, MLB writer, on why he named the Royals DH as the AL’s Least Valuable Player at the All-Star break, ESPN.com
GH: Two years ago Billy was the toast of the Kansas City All-Star game. How did this happen to one of the game’s most natural hitters?

“Look what the Royals have done – developing a closer like Greg Holland. Making himself and the Royals look like a star!”
Rex Hudler, on the success of the Royals 10th-round draft pick, Fox Sports KC
GH: Is there any chance Physioc and Hudler can take the second-half of the season off? I sure would like to know what the Royals survey results are about their broadcasters. Do you think we’ll get a press release on that one, Stan?

“There has never been a more perfect man created in the world than Derek Jeter. It is hard to find a person in the history of the world that was created better than Derek Jeter. I can’t think of a better male than Derek Jeter. The guy’s done everything. I think it will be very, very, very, very entertaining to see how they honor Derek Jeter tonight at the All-Star Game.”
Bob Fescoe, 810 AM
GH: You can take the Yankee fan out of New Jersey but you can’t always educate them.

“I fear for Missouri football after Gary Pinkel is gone. I truly do.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM GH: Truly? How fearful is Kietzman about K-State football after Bill Snyder is gone? It would appear to me that Snyder is the most important person to any one DI program. Kietzman also made a point to a caller and his listeners that he is not backing down from his stance that Missouri made a mistake in leaving the Big 12 for the SEC. It would sure be interesting to have a Missouri representative on KK’s show live to debate this topic…someone besides Jack Harry.

“I think Missouri has lost a lot by not playing Kansas anymore.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM GH: The Missouri and Kansas fans have lost a great rivalry but the two schools are far from hurting. The schools are as popular and financially successful as maybe ever before.

“I think what’s exciting about the Missouri football season this year is that you have such a wide range of what Maty Mauk can be. He could be a Heisman Trophy candidate or he could flame out. Every other quarterback they’ve had has been very predictable. Maty Mauk will always have four or five plays where you say, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ But sometimes that mindset works out very well.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM

“If you go strictly with the talent on the field, Georgia will win the (SEC) East running away. They return literally everybody on defense. But it’s not decided strictly on talent.” TJ Carpenter, 810 AM
GH: Carpenter picks South Carolina to win the East, Mizzou second and Georgia third.

“It’s also great seeing guys who paved the way for me. I wasn’t the first good big man KU has had. Been many more before me like @Trobinson0.”
Tarik Black, @TarikBlack25, Twitter
GH: This tweet is so true it did not need to be posted.

“There’s no reason or cause for worry on his part because Andrew’s not going anywhere, as far as I know and as far as the club has expressed. I would think for a guy like Andrew, to have the opportunity to play with arguably one of the best players of all time, and to learn from him and to be tutored by him and to play alongside him — which he will — I gotta think that’s a tremendous boost to his confidence and his comfort level and probably his motivation.”
David Blatt, Cleveland Cavs’ head coach, ESPN.com
GH: The NBA is going to be fun to follow with Wiggins playing alongside LeBron and Doug McDermott testing his college skills with the Bulls.

“(Bill) Self says other teams use lack of NBA All Stars against KU in recruiting so for perception, it matters how Wiggins & Embiid are as pros.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: I don’t think Bill Self is going to have any trouble recruiting the nation’s best talent to KU – no matter what Wiggins and Embiid do in the NBA. And I think both are going to do very, very well.

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65 Responses to OTC: Hudler Urges Royals Fans & Players To Don’t Stop Believin’ / KK Fears For Mizzou FB After Pinkel

  1. KCPRGuy1 says:

    You know how the Royals don’t have prospects ready? Two reasons. Aaron Crow and Luke Hochevar. Both first round draft picks. Both in set up relief roles – the one position that you can actually fill with later round draft picks, FA pick ups, etc. Unlike, say third basemen or corner outfielders. Both needed to be top of rotation starters. That’s why DM had to trade Myers for Shields. If those guys panned out, you could trade them for power – or let them lead rotation and keep Myers.

  2. Smith says:

    Minor league prospects are SO overvalued. This is the best chance the Royals have had to make the playoffs in 29 years. Trade every damn prospect we have as far as I’m concerned, if it gets us to the post-season. You shouldn’t be in love with any minor leaguer in the Royals farm system. They’re all busts waiting to happen. You should be BEGGING Moore to trade prospects for proven players.

  3. philip says:

    While the praise for Jeter is due on the baseball diamond, word is he’s handing out herpes like most hand out business cards.

  4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    KK continues to have moronic opinions, but they are ones that keep the unwashed masses of Kansas City listening. Which is the whole point of his business. Missouri made an excellent decision to go to the SEC and KK knows it, he just can’t back down now because he’s already stuck his neck out there. And Greg is right…KK should be more worried about KSU after Snyder leaves, as we already saw the results the first time around. Winning at KSU is much harder, where the utter lack of in-state talent alone makes it tough. Quite frankly, KSU should’ve never been as good as they were with Snyder (but the man is a witch), and Mizzou should’ve never been as bad prior to Pinkel. Mizzou produces enough high level in-state talent to have the core of a good football team.

    • Juan Pablo says:

      With the new Big 12 TV contract and sharing revenues I think MU did make a big mistake in moving to the SEC. MU wanted to go to the Big 10 but took the first offer that came along. MU was in a position they did not have to move MU was going to end up in a big conference no matter what. . they could of waited and stayed in the new Big 12 or gone to the Big 10 a better fit for them.
      The SEC may be good for football but all the other sports at MU are dead in the SEC.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Sorry, but the Big 12 isn’t sharing all revenues. 3rd tier is still not shared. And it wasn’t until A&M and Mizzou left that Texas & OU finally made some concessions about how tv money was split up. And the Big 10 turned out to be less than advertised. Ask NU. Think they are happy with being thrown out of the AAU by their fellow Big 10 members? Think they are enjoying their “junior status” and receiving reduced payouts? And Missouri did NOT have any assurances that they were going to end up in a big conference. Remember all the “Forgotten 5” stuff? At the time, Texas was on the brink of blowing the whole thing up, and Mizzou wasn’t going to sit around and allow their fate to be determined by Texas. The SEC came calling and they answered. It was the right move then, and it is the right move now. Mizzou’s admin and fans are ecstatic with the SEC move.

        • BlackJack says:

          Say what you will, but everyone knows that only football moves the needle for MU in the SEC. All of the other sports are an afterthought; the novelty of being in the SEC is already starting to wear off, and some fans are left wondering if it was really worth it that they sold thier soul for SEC football, at the expense of their Big12 legacy and tradition.

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            Bullshit. Football is the biggest sport in the SEC, no question. But I wouldn’t call baseball, softball, or even basketball an afterthought, as if no one is even trying. And “some” fans probably are wondering if it was worth it. Like maybe 5-10%. Of course these are the same fans who wish the old Big 8 was around. But it’s not, and it’s not coming back. Missouri has moved on, and the athletic department is in the best financial shape it’s ever been, and it’s only going to get better.

            • Juan Pablo says:

              MU finished last in Baseball, MU hires Anderson shows they don’t care about Basketball now. Who cares about softball.

              MU is now working on 4 years of football recruiting classes that are at the bottom of the SEC, That poor recruiting will start to show up this year and in the future.
              Not looking to get better.

              • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

                Idiotic. What coaching hire would’ve proved they cared about basketball to you? Ben Howland? Notice that guy still doesn’t have a job? No one is hiring him. MU did have a bad season in baseball, and as such didn’t extend the contract of the coach. He’s on his way out. And just because YOU don’t care about softball, doesn’t mean it’s not a more popular sport in the SEC than it is in the Big 12. And those “poor” recruiting classes? Those same classes that would’ve ranked towards the bottom of the SEC, were mid range in the Big 12. Oh and those classes also led to the SEC East title this year. So pardon me if I’m not too concerned about recruiting. Pinkel has made a living making the recruiting services look like total idiots.

                • Kyle says:

                  Yes, Ben Howland. KSU took a chance with Huggins and it completely turned their program around. Sometimes you need to take a leap of Haith,,,uh faith.

                  • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

                    Kyle, no one is taking a chance with Howland, so it’s not just a Mizzou thing. Something must really stink with that guy.

                    • Kyle says:

                      Possibly, but the upside could be huge. Flat out one of the better coaches in the game.

                • BlackJack says:

                  “Oh and those classes also led to the SEC East title this year.”

                  Does winning the SEC East really qualify as “winning a title”?

                  • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

                    The overall point is that recruiting isn’t all about stars, swifty. Gary Pinkel and Bill Snyder have illustrated that point over and over. It’s about talent evaluation and development.

                    • Juan Pablo says:

                      Both Pinkel and Snyder are about 4-20 vs top 10 teams , recruiting shows up against good teams. MU and KSU can’t compete with top 10 teams. and not much better vs top 25 teams.

        • Juan Pablo says:

          If they are so happy why is MU having trouble selling football tickets. Remember when Mike Alden was bragging about a waiting list for MU football tickets in the first year of the SEC? Now MU is begging fans to buy tickets on the radio. MU may want to stop the plans to add more seats.

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            Advertising on the radio is a common occurence, season ticket waiting list or not. Of course, KU fans would know all about shit ticket sales, as their football tickets are regularly sold on Groupon. Sorry butthurt KU fan, but the move to the SEC has been a big success and will continue to be. Get used to it, and get over it.

            • TiberiusGracchus says:

              Football is the only college sport that matters!And I will say the same thing if Mizzou starts stinking every year in football and wins multiple BB championships. Yeah, I miss the Big 8 days……but Texas ruined that and it’s time to move on. I would much rather be in the SEC than Big10.

      • brett says:


        check back with us when the sec network cash starts rolling in. kc star article today notes that it may double per school revenue from $20 million to $40 million. maybe more. hard to pass up. ku would have done the same thing.


        • Juan Pablo says:

          It has nothing to do with money. All the schools in a Big conference make a lot of money.

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            True, but with an extra 20 million in it’s coffers, KU wouldn’t have had to go begging for money to build those nice new dorms for the basketball team. If you haven’t noticed, it’s an arms race out there.

          • Tim says:

            This is where you are wrong. It is absolutely about money. Yes, they will all make a pile of money but when your conference allows some schools to arbitrarily take a higher percentage of that money, it’s an insult. Any of the lower tier schools that were provided an opportunity to get out of that situation, would…and Missouri did. They know they can treat the lower tier members that way because they won’t be going anywhere. Mizzou gave them the big ol middle finger. You are welcome for the changes to the structure and added revenue for lower tier schools that came as a result of Mizzou leaving.

            • Juan Pablo says:

              The big 10 has been sharing the money and making a ton of money for years. The Same Big 10 teams still dominate the league. Money is nice but it does not change much,

              If MU ever won anything the Big 12 would of been a better conference. MU just road the coat tails of OU, TX .now they just ride the coattails of Alabama , LSU, Auburn.
              MU is just another conference parasite that blames TX for their inability to win anything.

              • Tim says:

                looking forward to those amazing stadium improvement plans in Lawrence. Covering the track with grass should go nicely with the endzone recliners.

              • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

                The Big 12 would’ve been a better conference had the schools all worked together, instead of having Texas & OU dictate how the money was split up. And where do you get the facking MORONIC idea that Missouri left the Big 12 because they couldn’t win anything and blamed Texas? That’s just flat out dumb. If they couldn’t win anything in the Big 12, why in God’s name would they move to an even TOUGHER conference? Makes ZERO sense. They left a horribly dysfunctional conference that had a complete dildo commissioner, unequal revenue sharing of tv rights, and two schools dictating how things were run. Please, stop saying stupid shit that has no basis in fact. You’re embarrassing yourself. (again)

                • Juan Pablo says:

                  MU left for money and security.
                  If MU, KSU, OK st. Baylor would of won a national championships the Big 12 would of been a better football conference with more TV coverage etc. Just having OU and TX does not help much.
                  What has MU won but a bunch of conference games vs mediocre teams. Pinkel is 4-22 vs top 10 teams and 15-37 vs top 25. and some meaningless bowl wins.

                  • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

                    “MU left for money and security.” Well no shit, Sherlock. And I fail to see your point on how much better a football conference the Big12 would’ve been had other teams won national championships in football. (I notice you conveniently left suck ass KU out of that list) Texas and OU still wouldn’t have been sharing revenues. You’re making no sense to the overall point. And it’s not like KU was carrying it’s weight either. What, like they’re a powerhouse winning tons of games? HA! Want to talk about meaningless bowl wins? That Orange Bowl you dipshits like to crow about meant absolutely NOTHING. Didn’t do your program a lick of good, as it returned to the shitbox soon after where it remains to this very day. Do yourself a favor and stop. You just dig a bigger whole with every attempted reply.

                    • Juan Pablo says:

                      4 SEC schools have won NCs the last decade, If MU KSU Or any other Big 12 teams won NCs the Big 12 would better and get more TV money, What has MU won the last 20 years? Nothing! MU never even won Big 12 conference title.
                      KU BCS bowl win is still better than anything MU won.

  5. P says:

    Seems to me like KK is projecting his KState fears onto MU. I didn’t work out too well the last time Bill Snyder left. Hell, even Bill Callahan owned Ron Prince on the field!!!!!

    However, I don’t see Pinkel leaving any time soon so I’m not sure why the subject was brought up. The Washington job was open at the end of last season and Pinkel would’ve been a no brainer for that gig so I’m not sure what else is out there that he’d be gunning for?

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Pinkel turned down Michigan as well. But the man is 62 years old. Doesn’t look it, but he is. I’m betting he’s got less than 10 years left coaching. Probably closer to 6.

      • Juan Pablo says:

        I bet Pinkel stays another 3-5 years. With the money they make and how much pressure there is to win I don’t see any of the coaches today staying at the job past 65. Bill Snyder is a dinosaur, coaches like him will be extinct

  6. JFP says:

    KK’s recent rants regarding paying college athletes have had me switching over to music in the car with little afterthought. Self-righteousness is not a good quality in anyone, but he’s an expert at it.

    • Mike says:

      He’s incredibly disingenuous at framing the argument, too. The only takeaway I get from him is that he must believe the entirety of the 810 audience are a bunch of dupes.
      Like I’ve said before, I’m amazed at how much disdain KK harbors toward his own audience.

    • BlackJack says:

      Look, I understand KK’s assertion that college scholarship athletes already have it pretty good, with a full ride, three squares a day, all the perks of being a Division 1 athlete, etc..

      But still – the college athletic departments, coaches, etc., et al, are swimming in so much cash that the elite players ought at least be able to profit on their own likeness, via autographs, endorsements, shoe/jersey deals, etc. That is just a no-brainer, and the American Way.

      Kevin Kietzman pontificating on his high horse that college athlete should “just shut up and play and be thankful” is getting really old and tired.

      His stance on the Leticia Romero case was especially arrogant and self-serving, just because it put his alma mater, K-State, in a bad light.

      • Tigerpiper says:

        Agreed. And to say Director X would make much more money in the private sector is a nonsequitor. In this setting, Director X is getting rich off unpaid labor (and future health problems) of the athletes. If I hear “5 star hotel” one more time, I might punch my dashboard.

  7. Juan Pablo says:

    In football KU, KSU , and MU are not that much different , They cannot get a big name coach to come to there schools KSU and MU have been real lucky to get a good coach that has stayed at the school for as long as they have.
    In the future when KSU, MU or kU gets a good young coach they will only stay 3- 5 years them go to one of the big football schools. The exception if the school that find a coach that has strong ties to the school / area. Or find an older guy like Pinkel or Snyder. Those coaches are hard to find these days,

    • January says:

      KU had to settle for a washed up big name coach. No good young coach will commit career suicide by going there. And Mizzou and KSU are far ahead of KU in football.

      • Gale Sayers says:

        Right now they are. After Darth Synder left the first time, they quickly regressed and KU quickly rose to their highest level since Glen Mason. Why do you think KSU are spending like drunken sailors on their facilities right now? They will need every possible advantage once Synder leaves.

        • January says:

          KU had one lucky year where the best team they beat was a 6-6 Oklahoma State. The only reason they beat KSU was because Snyder wasn’t there.

          • Gale Sayers says:

            You made my point. KU beat KSU every time because Snyder wasn’t there during his sabbatical. What is going to happen when Darth Snyder leaves again. KSU was in the toilet before Snyder arrived, and after he left. What makes you think his leaving will be any different this time around?

            • Mike says:

              I’m not sure how much I buy into this in whole, but I do recall folks saying that Snyder returned for a few reasons. One was that he missed the routine and daily preparation of football, another was how uneasy he felt at watching the program he built implode under a guy who knew how to fail upward (Prince). And from that, it’s interesting to see a potential KSU tree in this second Bill Snyder stint.
              It didn’t appear there was much of a tree when Snyder first retired, and whatever tree existed, there was no way in hell the fans would welcome the ones who broke away to coach in Norman.
              Now that time has passed, and native sons like Brent Venables have moved along to places away from the Big 12, I wonder if the stage is inevitably being set for the Snyder coaching tree to continue when Bill does step away for good, whether Venables or someone else. There didn’t seem to be an effort to create a tree initially, but now, since 2010, it looks like KSU may have one, albeit still small, with only a few names that would garner serious consideration, like Venables and Leavitt, and to a lesser extent Joe Bob Clements.
              I do not consider any of the Stoops not named Bob part of that circle. Same goes with Patterson, who has been too entrenched at TCU, and Mangino…but hell, who knows? What if Mangino resurrects his career, becomes an offensive master again, and isn’t a callous, abusive prick anymore?

              At least KSU can claim something of a coaching tree, potentially. I don’t even know what KU has other than Clint Bowen, and he’s already on staff. Perhaps Weis did a solid by bringing back KU’s old OC under Mangino that knew how to make do with less.

          • Juan Pablo says:

            Mangino beat Snyder, In the 90s Mason took KU to top 10 and won some bowl games,. Mangino took KU to top 10 won some bowl games and a BCS bowl n the 2000s.
            When Snyder retired KSU could only get Prince , To replace Prince they could not find a good coach that wanted to go to KSU. and Snyder had to come back. Why would KSU be able to find a great coach now?

          • Steve says:

            Virginia Tech was 2nd or 3rd in the BCS standings when KU beat them.

            • Steve says:

              Obviously they wouldn’t have been 2nd or they would have been playing for the NC, so it must have been 3rd, though I do think they were 2nd in one poll, I’m just too lazy to look it up.

              • Tim says:

                I wanna say they (VT) dropped out of the top ten after that game as writers changed their view greatly after that loss. I think VT had a very light schedule that year as well. VT had 2 starting QBs i recall which usually means you have 0.

                • Juan Pablo says:

                  Wrong on everything.
                  . VT finished 9th in final polls,
                  VT beat 3 raked teams that year. Just like MU did MU fans claims they had a great team that year.

                  • Tim says:

                    9-10..all the same. If I recall Mizzou finished ranked higher than the amazing Orange bowl champs. Speaks volumes to what the writers thought of KU and their big win in the bowl game sweet Lew bought.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Honestly, how many schools out there can lure a “big name coach”? Seriously, dude. That’s a short list. Even Texas had to settle for it’s second choice. But even so, saying that the KU, KSU, and MU jobs aren’t that much different is just pure buffoonery. At KU, football will ALWAYS be second fiddle behind basketball. At KSU and MU, football is top priority. The KU job at this point is a graveyard, dead end job. If the MU, KSU, and KU job were all open at the same time, KU would be third on that list. MU and KSU’s football programs are hell and GONE from KUs at this point.

      • Juan Pablo says:

        IF KU, KSU, MU find a good young football coach in the future. there is a good cahnce he will leave the school in 3-5 years for a better school.. . KU is better job then KSU. KU has more money and better location. MU may be better but not much.
        MU fans forget from 1990 -2004 MU had two years with a wining record most years they won 3-4 games.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          No, we don’t forget those days. Especially those of us that lived through them and attended the games. It was especially painful because we all knew what the program had been under Devine, and even Onofrio and Powers. More than a few coaches had been very successful at Mizzou, so we knew it could be done again with a supportive athletic director and president. And far be it from me to defend KSU here, but at this point in time, the KSU job pisses all over the KU job. As another poster noted, KSU is spending like crazy, upgrading facilites. KSU football (thanks to Snyder) is more respected nationally by a WIDE margin than KU is.

  8. The Independent Rage says:

    “It is hard to find a person in the history of the world that was created better than Derek Jeter.”

    Having a liberal arts degree, it’s hard to imagine that Fesco was not required to take a history course or three in college. But I’m not gonna judge him. For all I know, that could’ve been the semester he got nailed by a falling girder in the Carrier Dome.

    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      Are you thinking Fescoe went to Syracuse (Carrier Dome reference)? He’s a KU grad.

      • The Independent Rage says:

        You mean it was a piece of the AFH that hit him on the head? Damn old dump.

  9. Say What? says:

    GH: I don’t think Bill Self is going to have any trouble recruiting the nation’s best talent to KU – no matter what Wiggins and Embiid do in the NBA. And I think both are going to do very, very well.

    I heard an NBA writer from I believe CBS sports say a couple of months ago that Bill Self is falling into a reputation of putting bench players into the league vs creating superstars. If the other coaches are using that as a recruiting tool then there has to be some truth to it.

    • david says:

      who’s creating superstars? Cal, Pitino, Izzo, Coach K. They all have about the same track record. Becoming a superstar in the NBA depends on the team that drafts you and how they use you.

    • BlackJack says:

      If Self is getting a rep for putting bench players in the league, then that speaks volumes to his ability to “coach-up” players beyond their potential.

      That would seem to make KU an even more attractive destination, especially to the four star, borderline NBA prospect.

  10. brett says:

    fescoe is allergic to pronouns and acronyms.

    “up next we discuss the university of kansas basketball program and what university of kansas head basketball coach bill self thinks about the upcoming season for the university of kansas.”

    almost forgot

    “only on 610 sports and 610sports.com.”

    • Billy Beerbauer says:

      I only wish the brainiac running 610 has enough faculties to realize the constant outcue back sell of “610 Sports and 610Sports.com” is very much anachronistic. Hey, KCSP, it’s 2014, not 2005.
      Very few folks use station websites for info anymore, not with Twitter, and that outcue handle is so FUCKING ANNOYING.
      It’s like what 610 thought people wanted when they launched….sports updates every 20 minutes. Remember that awful horseshit? Not only was it terribly done, it was the same three stories, All. Day. Long.
      And it took them too goddamned long to realize it was stupid as hell, because it was developed by a brain-dead radio consultant, in concert with a brainless program director, and neither they, the operations manager, the general manager, nor anyone at the home office in Pennsylvania truly cared at how 610 shot off their own dick out of the gate vs. 810.
      Now this stupid outcue handle. Pitched by a consultant, I’m sure, who’s emphatic about radio and website ‘synergies’, when radio websites are tertiary in importance, when the real point-of-emphasis should be mobile applications.
      Click-throughs on websites will never be a large revenue driver for a sports station. But an integrated mobile presence will bring a dedicated audience with potential.

  11. Bruce H says:

    It was nice of Fescoe to remind us all that that Pitchers and catcher will soon be ariiving at training camp in St. Joe. Genious at work

  12. Herb says:

    If Greg ended his blog, would KK still be relevant?

  13. b12 says:

    Maybe Greg is winding it down…the postings are still pretty much every day…but not like clockwork Monday-Friday as they once were. I’m sure it has to be a labor of love.

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