OTC: Is Beltran Playing With Or For The Royals? / Chiefs New Headache / Self Not Into MU Revival

“Other teams becoming convinced that Carlos Beltran is going to land with the Royals, on a deal of 3/$48 million.”
Buster Olney, @Buster_ESPN, Twitter
GH: This is the tweet from the ESPN MLB insider that fueled a lot of discussion about Beltran returning to Kansas City to close out a possible HOF career. Beltran was tremendous for the Cardinals in the postseason this fall. How good was he? Better than even our own St. George – and that is pretty damn good.  But is he worth it at 36 years of age?  Should that money have gone to trying to resign Santana? Does signing Beltran mean trading Billy Butler? Lots of question to ponder about a free agent who has yet to make his decision.

“(Beltran) is not close to making a deal. He is in the process of going and visiting teams. Are the Royals going to sign him? I don’t know. I think the key question is, ‘What does Carlos really want?’ He’s playing the game by visiting the Royals and other teams.”
Buster Olney, on the free-agent outfielder, 810 AM
GH: Olney appeared on 610’s The Drive on Tuesday and he sounded a lot more convincing about Beltran becoming a Royal than he did the following day on 810’s The Border Patrol. He was backpedalling with the kind of expertise we would expect from Trey Hillman on his unicycle.  

“(Beltran) is a major liability in right field. That was the view of this (MLB) executive.”
Buster Olney, 810 AM
GH: If Beltran can’t play right field, do the Royals really want him and Butler on the same bench? For the next two or three years? It seems like the Royals are spending a lot of money to make up for trading the cheap services of Wil Myers.

“In six full seasons Jacoby Ellsbury has averaged 114 games. He made one All-Star team, won one Gold Glove and hit more than 9 homers once.”
Gerry Callahan, @GerryCallahan, after the Yankees signed the former Red Sox outfielder to a seven-year contract for $153 million, Twitter
GH: Ellsbury’s agent is the infamous Scott Boras – who also is the agent of Royals players Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas. Anyone want to guess the Royals’ chances of resigning either once they reach free agent status?

“Just an amazingly bad #Ellsbury deal by #Yankees. A fragile outfielder whose power already vanished and whose speed will.”
Keith Olbermann, @KeithOlbermann, Twitter
GH: The worst part about the Ellsbury signing is that it may be a really awful financial move for the Yankees – that won’t matter if it fails. The Yankees treat money like the Royals treat hot dogs on Buck Night.

“Teams have now spent $524 million on free agents this offseason. The Yankees account for $238 million of that, or 45.4%.”
Jeff Passan, @JeffPassan, Twitter
GH: Is MLB going to do anything about the economic imbalance of its franchises or will they just sit back and watch the big-money teams continue to dominate free agency? They sure look quite content with the status quo.

“Judging by the unhappy, angry, sad reaction of #Royals fans, the Dayton Moore deal brings new meaning to Black Friday.”
Pete Grathoff, @pgrathoff, Twitter
GH: Who didn’t know the Royals would resign Moore? A two-year deal gives the Royals plenty of room to fire him if he and Ned lead the club back to a 70-win season.

“I have to wake up every day and look at my phone to know what day it is.”
Conrad Dobler, former NFL player, on his present condition due to suffering concussions while playing football, KCUR
GH: I’m not sure this is the best argument for long-term brain damage from playing football. Dobler is now 63 and there are a lot of folks his age who don’t know what day it is when they wake up…and some a bit younger.

“(Ken) McClain used a clause in Missouri law — set to expire at the end of this year — that makes it the only state in the union allowing players to sue their team for damages, as opposed to being required to sue the National Football League. McClain filed suit on behalf of five players who were with the Chiefs between 1987 and 1993: Alexander Cooper, Leonard Griffin, Christopher Martin, Joseph Phillips and Kevin Porter. The lawsuit claims all five players suffer from post-concussion syndrome and latent brain disease, and suspected Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.”
James Dornbrook, writer, bizjournals.com
GH: I listened to McClain be interviewed Tuesday on 610 by Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison and also on 810 by Kevin Kietzman. He did not impress me as an orator but he is known for his research and getting huge settlements for his clients. The NFL should be and probably is worried.

“Within two years, we’ll have a resolution of some type I would hope.”
Ken McLain, legal counsel for the five ex-Chiefs who are suing their former team for their concussion injuries, 810 AM
GH: Why wouldn’t every former Chiefs and Rams player take advantage of this loophole in Missouri law and cash in on McLain’s work? I expect that number of five to grow much larger before the end of the year.

“They’re all saying that Salt Lake is the finesse team and we’re just a bunch of brutes who don’t like to play soccer. That’s alright. We invite that. We know that’s not true.”
Matt Besler, Sporting’s hometown defender and MLS All-Star, 610 AM
GH: Hear that Kansas City – especially you non-soccer brutes? Sporting is considered to be the goons of the MLS. Kind of makes those soccer guys running around in their shorts a lot more palatable, doesn’t it?

“I’m from Argentina and the atmosphere here (at Sporting Park) is as good as anywhere.”
Gabriel Gabor, MLS PR man, in an interview with The Border Patrol, 810 AM
GH: I take my good-natured shots at soccer and have been doing it since I played the game in the ‘60s. But even the harshest local critics should acknowledge the rabid fan base that Sporting has spawned here in our city. I don’t always get the craziness and singing and scarfs and religious devotion to the sport but so what? Those who do are having a helluva good time and they’ve made Kansas City one tough place to play.

“I can’t believe (the weather forecast calls for temps in the teens for Saturday afternoon). The last three days have been amazing at practice. It’s not my first choice – or my second, or third probably or fourth! But it won’t be an issue for us.”
Matt Besler, 810 AM
GH: I stretched my Wednesday morning run (in 45-degree temps) to almost 10 miles in preparation for the drop in temps over the next week. I might be skipping some days. I cannot imagine how cold and miserable it is going to be for the players and the fans at Sporting Park Saturday afternoon. 17 degrees? Heading that ball is going to feel like banging your forehead into a wall.

“Having it at home is awesome. It makes it a lot sweeter if you win. But if you lose, it’s going to hurt more because it’s such a big opportunity. But hopefully we win, and it’s all good.”
Matt Besler, USA Today
GH: I am calling for a KC trifecta on Saturday with a KU win over Colorado, Sporting defeats Real Salt Lake and Mizzou brings home the SEC championship trophy. I’d also like to see KSU Thursday night at Bramlage knock off Ole Miss and their bombastic shooting guard, Marshall Henderson. Tell me that game won’t be a fun one to watch.

“Probably not real good if the SEC / Big 12 Challenge wants to continue.”
Bill Self, when asked what the chances are of Kansas getting paired up against Missouri in the future, 610 AM
GH: Bill just ain’t budging. But even some Kansas fans are starting to miss this great rivalry game.

“Missouri wants to play and they should play. It’s time.”
Bob Fescoe, KU alum and avowed Jayhawk homer, 610 AM

“It is time. Come on!”
Josh Klingler, Iowa grad who works for the Jayhawk Radio Network, 610 AM
GH: I heard Klingler doing play-by-play of the Kansas basketball game Saturday while the Jayhawks were in the Bahamas and Bob Davis was busy calling the KSU/KU football game in Lawrence. Klingler did a nice job not only in calling the game but also working with Greg Gurley. I wonder if Nate Bukaty was jealous? Davis, a Topeka native, is 68 years old and the search for his replacement can’t be far off. Davis was hired by KU in 1984 after his run at Fort Hays State. Whoever replaces the much-loved Davis will have a difficult time matching his talents. While Bob’s age has robbed him of late of some of his greatness, he will always be one of the best play-by-play talents I have ever heard on radio.

“Arrowhead record was 137.5 RT @ESPNNFL: WOW!! A World Record for noise at Century Link in Seattle — 137.6.”
Chris Fickett, @ChrisFickett, Twitter
GH: Is anybody anywhere surprised that Guinness found a way to give Seattle the “new record” by .1 decibel? One of my favorite comments on this was from the Chiefs super fan known as, The X-Factor. He told KMBZ that Seattle deviously had been “gathering intel for some time,” on how the Chiefs fans had broken the records at Arrowhead. And Santa is going to be flanked by military bombers this Christmas.

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117 Responses to OTC: Is Beltran Playing With Or For The Royals? / Chiefs New Headache / Self Not Into MU Revival

  1. Ride with the Devil says:

    It is time to let this go. I am a big Mizzou fan and when we left, I thought it would be strange not to play KU in football and basketball anymore. The reality is that I have not missed it like I thought I would. To be real honest, I too wish the topic would just go away and these silly questions will not get asked anymore. The next time KU and MU play will be in an NCAA tourney game and I am 100% certain that Bill will reluctantly play that one and not threaten to blow up the tourney for the pairing. Let’s move on people. Seriously.

    • Biff says:

      KU has nothing to gain playing MU. It is over , Lazy talk show hosts/local media that can’t think of anything else bring this up.

  2. Ed Connealy (@edcfromkc) says:

    Maybe this will help you understand, Greg.

    It’s like there is a married couple. They have been together forever. They don’t really like each other, but they need each other, and the rest of the family really needs them to stay together during a hard time.

    But During that hard time, the Mom ( who is Stiffler’s Mom) decides to get lipo and a fake rack. She then places ads on adultfriendfinder.com and craigslist seeking a sugar daddy. She gets banged real good by one rich and famous fella, but he wads her up and throws her in his condom trash can when he is done. Oh, the kids hear all about this at school.

    Finally, this rich southerner says he’ll be her sugar daddy, and she leaves her husband and family.

    Shortly after the very public divorce, she realizes there will be some things she will miss about her x husband. This new sugar daddy’s family? They are strangers. How will the holiday’s be ?!

    She drives over to her ex’s new, modest condo and asks her ex husband if they can spend a couple holidays together a year. They can even have sex on those holidays. The kids will love it!

    The Dad says he’s trying to move on, it won’t be like old times, and it’s not dignified. He says no. The Mom yells at the Dad from her new Mercedes convertible, telling him he’s not thinking of the kids and needs to get over it. She then tells everyone in town how immature her ex husband is behaving.

    It should come as no surprise that Missouri fans have no idea why Kansas wouldn’t want to play them anymore, and that real Kansas fans want no part of it.

    Hope this help,


    • Matt says:

      This may come as a surprise to you, but the University of Missouri did what was best for itself – not what was in the best interest of the other schools and fan bases of the Big 12, specifically Kansas. While there is a small minority of Missouri fans who would rather be in the Big 12, those who supported the move vastly out-number those who did not.

      Your analogy is completely off – the sanctity of marriage is hardly a good analogy to describe the Missouri and Kansas rivalry (which has blood roots). The analogy you need is not far from reality: two school yard kids who hate each other but love to compete against each other. One of them moves away to a bigger house in a nicer suburb. This kid still wants to compete with his rival in whatever they compete in – which was everything. The kid who stayed behind doesn’t even want him to come around anymore, saying he betrayed their friendship and everything they stood for in the old neighborhood. Kid who left says he didn’t betray anything, he just wanted a better house in a nicer neighborhood, and scoffs at the notion that the kid who stays believes they were actually friends, because he sure never felt that way about him, and vice versa.

      So they part ways.

      Time will heal the wound, but by the time it does, the kid who moved away will have plenty of other rivals and might not care about re-visiting the old neighborhood again, where everyone else seems to be holding on to whatever is left.

      • Will says:

        Nice job Matt. If ku fans think the MU-ku rivalry is like marriage they must all practice polygamy.

      • nick says:

        MATT, you say “…the University of Missouri did what was best for itself – not what was in the best interest of the other schools and fan bases of the Big 12, specifically Kansas.”

        Bingo! You nailed it.

        Missouri did WHAT WAS BEST FOR ITSELF. Good for them. They should be happy to be with, as Ed Connealy’s perfect analogy says, their new rich Southern husband and driving their new Mercedes.

        Why shouldn’t Kansas be allowed to do what they think is best for THEMselves? Kansas thinks it’s best to move on and not play Missouri. Go watch your too-good-for-the-Big-12 Tigers play Auburn for an SEC Championship, and don’t worry about us on Snob Hill.

    • Rico_suave says:

      Excellent, Ed.

      I sorta thought the same way, tho not nearly as well thought out as your post, when Mizzou guys were saying KU was “acting like a woman scorned.”

      nope – KU is the guy who’s moved on,

      and MU keeps coming around, wanting to come back.

    • Kyle says:

      Bravo Ed. Bravo.

    • P says:

      Fantastic Analogy….very good times. Even though I’d love to see MU and KU play again.

    • john says:

      wait, texas is the guy’s member and ku is the condom in this analogy, right?

      • nick says:

        Your talking football right? Ha, you’re a hoot!

        Of course, in the basketball relationship, Texas has been walking bow-legged for many years, even those years with Durant.

  3. Ed Connealy (@edcfromkc) says:

    Beltran home coming would be healing. If that allows the Royals to trade Butler for a legit 2Baseman and another great arm, it’s a great scenario. Prodigal Carlos, come home!

  4. Biff says:

    Bob Fescoe is from New York , he is not a real local KU fan. No body listens to 610 anyway or cares what Bob Fescoe says.
    Self and the KU associate AD was on and basically said KU will never play MU. It wasn’t just Self’s idea.
    I don’t know any KU fans that want to play MU. All the KU functions I have attended no one has ever say anything about MU or playing MU. About every time a coach or AD from MU speaks , they beg KU to play them.
    MU lied about staying in the Big 12 then almost destroyed the Big 12. Why would any Big 12 team play MU? . KU owns the KC market over MU, nothing to gain playing MU.
    It over move on.

  5. dman says:

    The good thing about these kind of posts by Greg (with multiple topics covered) is that by looking at the comments, you can gauge the importance of a topic related to the KC sports fans who read this blog. Here’s what I am seeing in order of importance:

    MU/KU Rivalry >> Royals >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Soccer = NFL Concussions (1 poster talked about each)

    This just makes me laugh when we talk about the MU/KU rivalry being dead or when BlackJack comes on spouting all the crap he does about soccer (evidently almost no one else cares besides EJH).

  6. MightyMo says:

    I do not mind KU having a little resentment. They are rightfully proud of their basketball tradition and national championships. Yet, they watch as Mizzou (a team with no basketball or football national title and a consistent “also ran”) is valued on a much larger scale by the conferences. All while knowing that the world expects KU to be thankful for being a second class citizen in a big boy conference and knowing that being viewed as a basketball school in a football world is merely considered “cute”. I think in the end, even if its after Bill Self, KU will want the attention, cash, and relevance the rivalry would bring. I hope I live to see it, and I applaud MU for seeking the competition and for wanting to keep the Kansas City traditions alive.

    • nick says:

      Good for Missouri and its fans to be able to be part of the SEC, if that’s what makes them happy. It’s interesting though to compare MU and A&M’s Big 12 records to their SEC records. Doesn’t seem to me that the SEC is any different than the Big 12 in its overall quality:

      Final 2 years in Big 12 league games: MU was 11-6, A&M was 10-7.

      First 2 years of SEC league games: MU is 9-7, A&M is 10-6.

      A&M made a serious run at the SEC title in ’12, and now MU is this year. In the Big 12, A&M tied for the South in ’10, and MU tied for the North in ’11.

      A&M played in a bowl game in 1 of its final 2 years in the Big 12, and will get to play in bowl games BOTH years in the SEC. Missouri played in bowl games both final years in the Big 12, and will play in one this year.

      If history is an indicator, Missouri will lose to Auburn, then lose its bowl game. That’s what Missouri does. Maybe this will be the Tigers magical year.

      • Hoppy says:

        “Doesn’t seem to me that the SEC is any different than the Big 12 in its overall quality:”

        How well did Oklahoma fare against A&M last year….where do you think A&M would have finished in the big12 last year and mizzou this year. Cute to see that the longhorn 12 is using a&m/mizzou’s success in the SEC to legitimize itself. The whole don’t want to play thing has been beat to death but I guess one more bullet wouldn’t hurt anything….bill self is driving the whole thing and i understand it from his perspective, but don’t act like if bill turned a 360 and said hell yes lets play you ku lemmings wouldn’t be all in on playing again.

        • nick says:

          You got me. Oh, if only my university could be associated with the almighty SEC. You Missouri fans are so lucky. I’m so jealous.

          Oh, if only my university play the Tigers. Just to be even associated in any way with a team from that conference that must have been created in Heaven because it’s so awesome. Please Sheahon, Bill, and Charlie – get back to playing Missouri so we KU fans can have a reason to watch our team play.

  7. mike t. says:

    110 comments. has to be a record or close to it.

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