OTC: Is Billy Butler The Mid-Season Bat The Royals Have Longed For? / Frank White Scolds Young Royals

“Call it a coincidence, but Billy Butler’s recent hitting surge has coincided with his return to first-base duty in place of Eric Hosmer.”
Randy Covitz, kansascity.com
GH: I have never understood why a healthy 28-year-old MLB player would be satisfied with a fulltime DH role. Maybe Raul Ibanez’s fitness and fire have embarrassed Billy into looking at his future and wanting to get off his DH ass.

“Sometimes you get your mind off just hitting, and you go out there and play. It takes a little pressure off you. That’s what I’ve done my whole life. I didn’t DH when I was growing up.”
Billy Butler, kansascity.com
GH: How great would it be if Butler got in shape and became the Royals answer in right field?

“He’s been late on balls. The last two days he’s been right on them.”
Ned Yost, on Billy Butler’s hitting Friday and Saturday, Fox Sports KC

“As the trade deadline looms, perhaps the Royals have already added a bat to their lineup with a productive Billy Butler.”
Joel Goldberg, Fox Sports KC

“I would like them to make that move. I would like them to make that acquisition. I would like them to make any move.”
Steven St. John, on reports that the Royals are interested in acquiring Alex Rios before the trade deadline, 810 AM

“If this team makes the playoffs it’s going to be because Billy Butler gets things going. It’s going to be because Eric Hosmer gets things going. I’m not going to get too excited or too depressed if they do or don’t make a move.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Sometimes the best moves are no moves at all. Ever hear of that one, Stan? I’m with Nate on Rios and just about any late trade that the Royals can/will afford. They need to win or lose with the guys who are supposed to be getting the job done.

“If you believe in KC, the 5-game winning streak was delightful. If you don’t, then it just means they won’t sell when they should have.”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, Twitter
GH: Jeff Passan made this point as the club limped into June. The spurts of success this team has experienced might be what kills their hopes in 2015 and 2016. But with a 29-year-playoff drought looking to turn 30 this October, I understand why the Royals want to keep paddling upstream. Their chances are small but they are more attractive than all of Dayton’s other late-season runs.

“It seems that when this team gets down to the big games, the games they have to win, this team can’t get it done.”
Frank White, 810 AM GH: Frank hit this one out of the ball park. This Royals team needs to stop getting crushed every time they pull close to a contender. Is that Nervous Ned’s influence?

“When I heard that James Shields was the leader of this ball club I had my concerns. On my ball club, we would never let a pitcher be the leader. Good teams don’t allow pitchers to do that.”
Frank White, 810 AM
GH: Frank made some killer comments in his interview with Kevin Kietzman on Friday afternoon. I hope somebody posts them in the Royals play…I mean locker room.

“This is such a young group of guys that they are telling each other what they want to make them feel good – not what they should be telling them. I want you to tell me the truth, not what you think I want to hear. You don’t get any better by patting each other on the back after you’ve had a bad outing and saying, ‘It’s okay.’ You have to get better by saying, ‘What can you do to fix it? How can you get better?’ We had guys who would go sit in a player’s locker and say, ‘You need to pick it up a bit.’ Then they know their teammates aren’t going to be so kind when they don’t do what they’re supposed to do.”
Frank White, 810 AM

“I think the Royals are a hapless organization, so you know I’m being honest when I say this: they have the best uniforms/logos in baseball.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenterWHB, Twitter
GH: The Dodgers, Yankees, Cardinals and Orioles are my top five for great looking MLB uniforms. Who you got?

“There was absolutely nothing out here. Now look at it! It’s like a freeway out there!” Disgruntled KCK Farmer, when asked about his opinion of the USA Soccer building their national training center off of Parallel Parkway, 980 AM
GH: This KCK farmer was not pleased to hear that Wyandotte County may yet again be growing and leaving behind it’s “absolutely nothing” kind of reputation. Let’s hope he becomes extinct as well.

“We all knew that this was bullshit. We knew that UMKC was not better than MIT and Stanford.”
An anonymous UMKC professor, on the 2011 findings that UMKC was the top university for innovation management research, Kansas City Star
GH: I don’t think I have ever seen the word “bullshit” printed in The Kansas City Star – on a Sunday no less! This might be the best sign yet that the daily newspaper is on the way back! Now if the sports section will begin to allow the printing of “suck,” we will be on the edge of evolutionary progress.

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29 Responses to OTC: Is Billy Butler The Mid-Season Bat The Royals Have Longed For? / Frank White Scolds Young Royals

  1. thomas einstein rohde says:

    GH: The Dodgers, Yankees, Cardinals and Orioles are my top five for great looking MLB uniforms. Who you got?
    I only see four here

  2. brett says:

    i agree with nate and greg. none of the potential acquisitions for the royals excite me. this season will come down to whether the middle of our order figures out how to drive the baseball.

    good stuff from frank. it would be interesting to observe the difference in the royals clubhouse environment between the 70s/80s teams and today’s team. my guess is amos otis never called a team meeting to organize a boycott over not being allowed into a nightclub. just a guess.

  3. kcredsox says:

    Let’s hope he becomes extinct as well. Really Greg, being from Nebraska I would have thought better of you, guess not…

  4. Ron says:

    I too noticed the “bullshit” in the Sunday paper. I told my wife it was the first time I’ve ever seen any kind of curse word in the STAR. Part of me wonders if the skeleton editing crew messed up and let that one slip.

  5. Ron says:

    Oh, and I like the Giants’ home uniforms. I think the slightly off-white color looks cool.

  6. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    “When I heard that James Shields was the leader of this ball club I had my concerns. On my ball club, we would never let a pitcher be the leader. Good teams don’t allow pitchers to do that.” Sorry Frank, but that’s horseshit. You’re telling me guys like Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling, and Chris Carpenter weren’t leaders in the clubhouse on those World Series winning teams?

    • Fred Flintstone says:

      Right there with you Guy, but I’ll take it a step further….FUCK Frank White. He’s just a disgruntled former employee who thinks that because he played with George Brett and won a few Gold Gloves, he deserves all the perks that go along with being GB. Sorry bitter Frank, but you are qualified to be in the Royals HOF, but not the real one. The Royals have busted their collective asses trying to bring Frank back into the fold, but he keeps pissing on the carpet, every time they ask.

      Now I see Frank’s running for political office? Really? On what qualifications? Oh yeah, almost forgot, you played on the same team as George Brett.

      • Juan Pablo says:

        Agree Frank White is a jack ass. he was a nice player but he thinks he is super star. He got his gold gloves because he played on a carpet. I could play 2nd base on that. I am so glad they got rid of him on the broadcast. he put me to sleep.

        • BlackJack says:

          Gee, and the current cast in the booth is such an upgrade over him, right?

          This team would be alot better if more Frank White’s were in the clubhouse, and on the field

        • Doug Tucker says:

          Frank White was the greatest defensive second baseman of his generation and that had nothing to do with George Brett or anyone else who played alongside him. Reggie Jackson said, ” Frank White saved more runs than I drove in.” In the opinion of this voter, he deserves to be in the HOF. Also, Frank’s separation from the Royals is the Glass family’s idea, not his. Not saying he takes no blame at all. But He insisted on being an honest broadcaster and they demanded a cheerleader. Hello, Rex Hudler, goodbye, Frank White. As for his running for office, let’s hope he doesn’t get in the way of all these professional pols who are doing such a super-duper job of running the government.

  7. rkcal says:

    Regarding uniforms: I like your choices (in regards to the Royals, they’re just a knock-off of the Dodgers’ uniform). I would add the Mets as my 5th. Shields is the clubhouse leader by defalut because of his playoff/WS experience. Ibanez was added for that as well.

  8. Hot Carl says:

    Butler in right field? You’ve got to be kidding. The outfield wall would have more dimples than a golf ball if that fat ass was wandering around out there.

  9. geoknows says:

    I’m no Butler apologist, but I have to point out that your implication that he has been satisfied with being just a DH is totally incorrect. When Hosmer first came up he made it clear he wanted to play the field, and he has said so again multiple times since.

    Don’t you remember Yost’s “And I want to be an astronaut, but for some reason they just won’t let me” comment about Butler wanting to play the field?

    • geoknows says:

      I just reread that and it’s not quite clear…when Hosmer came up Butler made it clear he wanted to play the field, not be a DH.

  10. The Independent Rage says:

    Disgruntled KC Farmer shouldn’t fret so much, because sometimes things go the opposite direction from the Legends district, just as the old guy would like. My suggestion would be that he sell his vegetables down to the Indian Springs Mall parking lot and take to squattin’ down on the old Bannister Mall site. And don’t evict him unless he refuses to part ways with his bag phone.

  11. Gavin says:

    When I saw “bullshit” in the online version of the Star, my first thought was that some copy editor would lose his job over that and I checked the story a few times to see when it got changed. It never did. Did it make it into the print edition as well?

    And as much as I loathe the Yankees, I love their uniforms. Those pinstripes and that logo are classic.

    And wishing a guy to be “extinct,” Greg? Really? You couldn’t have said “let’s hope that this viewpoint and the dinosaurs that hold it go away so the rest of us can enjoy the renaissance that is Wyandotte County” (or something)? You had to wish for the guy’s extinction because he misses the way things used to be where he lives?

  12. Jack Wagon says:

    GH: How great would it be if Butler got in shape and became the Royals answer in right field?

    Really Greg????? Now I have to admire your optimism but Butler could go to Vegas and spend 6 months at the Cenegenics Elite Health center and still couldn’t play right field. We all know you can use a sun dial to time Billy but I’ve seen slow of foot guys play right field effectively but. those guys had “instincts”, Billy does not have fielding instincts. Fielding instincts like speed is not teachable, you either have them or you don’t and unfortunately Billy missed out on both.

  13. Alphonse Tooty says:

    GH: How great would it be if Butler got in shape and became the Royals answer in right field?

    … and Greg accuses Hud of making stupid statements.

  14. Arte says:

    Royals are actually a knockoff of the Montreal Royals (Muriel Kauffman’s influence) Also like the Giants and the A’s.

  15. Arte says:

    Forgot to mention. Montreal was also
    a farm team for the Dodgers.

  16. JP says:

    Best baseball Uniforms. Mets, Dodgers, Royals, Cardinals, Reds, I love the Mets color scheme, it works well, particularily the home unis. As for Old School, I loved the Phillies 70’s/80’s uniform with the P. It is a classic.

    The Royals will live or die based on Butler, Hosmer and Gordon. These guys have to hit. The pitching will be there. This team is going to be in it, but they will likely fail again, because the Royals will cheap out in the end. For Glass, it’s about making money period.

  17. Notme says:

    Slightly off-topic, but does anyone else think that TJ Carpenter is the next KK? Not only does the dude kiss KK’s ass at every turn (especially with KK’s vomit inducing “the Chiefs only paid Charles cause they are nice” take.) But worse, when it comes to topics he doesn’t have a ton of experience with (NBA, for example), his takes are brutally bad and he is too stubborn to realize it. That is all.

    • Fred Flintstone says:

      You mean TJ “The SEC is the greatest at every sport, always has been, always will be, MU & aTm got better programs simply by joining the conference, the Big 12 & B10 sucks in comparison” Carpenter. That TJ Carpenter?

    • b12 says:

      TJ the next KK? First, TJ would have to have a voice, learn inflection, learn who his audience is and give the appearance of working instead of mailing it in.

      KK gets most of the venom here, but there is no denying the guy is talented. He is compelling radio at times. Definitions of compelling radio will vary, but I’ll venture nobody has or ever will stay in their car listening to a TJ monologue when they should have gotten out 5 minutes earlier.

      And then there’s the SEC thing. TJ, you’re built for northwest Arkansas. Go back.

  18. who-fan says:

    My favorite jerseys: Royals, Cards, Orioles, Brave and Giants

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