OTC: Is Mizzou Losing Faith In Haith? / Marcus Not Smart / Missou-Rah Mini-Series?

“Some dudes ain’t come to play. We told them before the game it was going to be a tough game and it was going to be physical. Some dudes, I guess they didn’t believe us and didn’t play to what we thought they were going to play. We are fighting for our tournament lives. We’ve got to come out here and change the attitude of some of our guys out here.”
Jordan Clarkson, Mizzou junior guard, after MU’s 91-88 loss at Ole Miss, via @Steve_Walentik, Twitter
GH: These postgame comments from one of Mizzou’s best players cannot sit well with MU fans or the folks who sign Frank Haith’s paycheck. Haith is paid millions to make sure his athletes are ready to play and play with effort. Even an uneducated observer of the game could tell there was a marked difference in Mizzou’s desire the second half against the Rebs than the lethargic first half.

“A big roar just went up from the crowd here when they announced that Ole Miss leads Missouri 42-27 in the first half. They still remember Missouri here, don’t they?”
Bob Davis, while calling the play-by-play of the West Virginia at Kansas game Saturday at Allen Fieldhouse, Jayhawk Radio Network
GH: The fan base inside Allen Fieldhouse is one of the more adroit in the college game. They know their basketball and there remains a mutual dislike between these two fan bases that unfortunately now is limited to rooting for each other’s opponent.

“He can be a goofball but I watched Marshall Henderson take pics, tell stories with two young families waiting for him outside arena. Kids were thrilled to meet Henderson. He stuck around 15 min, visited with one in wheelchair. No PR people within sight.”
Dave Matter, @Dave_Matter, after Marshall lit up Missouri for 29 points, Twitter
GH: Henderson is not my choice to marry your daughter but man do I enjoy watching him play basketball. He let fly a couple of catch-and-shoot tosses on Saturday that deft logic, physics and every bit common sense associated with the game. And still they hit nothing but twine. I hope Ole Miss makes the NCAA tourney just so we get to watch him on a big stage once again.

“I’ve heard those criticisms of Ryan Rosburg. I love him. I love the way he competes. He does everything we ask him to do. He put his hardhat on there (at Ole Miss) the other night.”
Frank Haith, on Missouri’s sophomore big man out of Marquette High School in Chesterfield, MO, 810 AM
GH: Rosburg is slowly evolving from the team joke into the team folk hero. He is very easy to root for when you watch how hard he plays.

“I’m still surprised by Missouri. When I saw them last December I thought this is a team that is just going to get better. There was something there. I’m just a little bit surprised that they haven’t taken off like I thought they might take off.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM

“Missouri missing out on KU/KState – 100 year rivalries for soulless SEC hoops, enjoy …”
Doug Gottlieb, @GottliebShow,  during the Monday night game in Manhattan, Twitter
GH: Gottlieb continues to be obsessed with Missouri’s decision to leave the Big 12. I don’t remember this same tweet during the KU/K-State football game…

“Updated bubble (w/Monday results). LAST IN: BYU, Georgetown, Providence, Florida State. FIRST OUT: WVU, Missouri, Saint Joseph’s, Clemson.”
Joe Lunardi, @ESPNLunardi, Twitter

“If you told me that Oklahoma State would not be in the NCAA Tournament month ago, I would have laughed…”
Fran Fraschilla, @franfraschilla, Twitter
GH: Travis Ford’s talented team is 4-7 in the Big 12 and circling the NCAA drain like they were Hofstra. What in the heck is going on in Stillwater? Read on.

“Good lord Marcus Smart just lost his mind. Shoved a fan at Texas tech. Marcus Smart is ruining his reputation this season. This is just unfortunate and ugly.”
Pat Forde, @YahooForde, Twitter
GH: We have all seen the Jeff Orr / Marcus Smart video by now and heard all the accusations, apologies and penalties. Who is at fault? Just about everybody involved including the importance so many of us place on college athletics – including the colleges themselves.

“Eddie Sutton wouldn’t bring his family to Lubbock, worst things said I have ever heard… Still have to walk away.”
Doug Gottlieb, former OSU player for Sutton, @GottliebShow, Twitter

“Some things are hard to ignore, BUT no excuses! Deal with your consequences. I was called the N word EVERY game I played in Lubbock!”
Derrick Mason, @dmasonart, former OSU Cowboy, Twitter
GH: What is the deal with Lubbock, Texas and Texas Tech? I have never made the trip to west Texas but it sounds like a community in need of a few more humans.

“No Marcus Smart. Come on young fella. Gotta be smarter than that.. Man.. He’s gonna feel awful when he watches that. Nothing (Orr) could’ve said short of putting his hands on him warrants that. I really like him, but you can’t push a fan.”
Kim English, @Englishscope24, former Mizzou player, Twitter
GH: Orr should be so ashamed of his actions that he removes himself from Texas Tech and never steps foot on campus again. 50-year-old men screaming insults at a college athlete? In what world does that make sense? Oh, the make-believe world of sports. This is the awful side of people like us who care too much of these almost meaningless games.

“It’s not unthinkable that the phone’s going to start ringing for Bruce Weber.”
Kevin Kietzman, on the success the second-year basketball coach has experienced at K-State, 810 AM
GH: Could the 57-year-old Weber become a hot name for college openings this spring? A run to the Sweet 16 will definitely place Weber on some school’s short list. Would he leave Manhattan?

“For as much as Frank Martin didn’t like (KSU AD) John Currie, Bruce Weber really likes John Curry.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I think any coach who resides in the same state where Bill Self works has to think about leaving. It’s not all that different from a successful Kansas football coach (if there was such a creature) leaving KU to avoid the shadow Bill Snyder casts on the state. I wonder if Mizzou would court Weber if they decide to make a change with Haith.

“I know I make a lot of K-State people mad but I’m not changing. I’m going to do this thing fair and we’re going to have people on this show that are fair.”
Kevin Kietzman, who adamantly professed to continue to be unbiased about how he discusses Kansas State, despite being a KSU alum and fan, 810 AM
GH: Fair? Here is the really odd thing about KK’s statement – I believe that he believes he is fair and unbiased in how he covers K-State, KU and MU. Now, that isn’t even remotely true but that is how broken I believe the synapses are inside KK’s noggin.

“If you turned on ESPN anytime (Tuesday) you’d think Andrew Wiggins was the star of the game!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Huh? ESPN showed one highlight from the game that focused on Wiggins – his second-jump put-back that had every CBB scribe on Twitter swooning. That is what ESPN does – shows highlights that people in NYC and Portland want to see. This is how KK exhibits his KSU taint; through his little-man view of how his school is portrayed by others. Did KK forget that ESPN also broadcast KSU win over KU the night before and spent three hours showing the nation what a great place Bramlage is for college hoops?

“What makes the Big 12 so interesting is that seven of these teams are on the highway to the NCAA Tournament. Seven of the ten. The feeling I get (from the media back east) is that the Big 12 has a very nice foothold on the landscape of college basketball.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM
GH: The Big 12 tournament here at Sprint Center should be one heckuva party next month.

“I couldn’t eat no more, so I went to Applebee’s to have drinks. I don’t want my grandkids raised in that kind of environment. I’m old-school. I’m a man and a woman type of guy. … (HOF defensive end Deacon Jones) is turning over in his grave.”
Michael Sam Sr., on how he reacted to his son sending him a text telling him he was gay, New York Times
GH: I cannot imagine a father not loving and supporting his son because he is gay. I understand it happens but it just seems like such a ridiculous waste of energy.

“QB James Franklin on Michael Sam’s announcement: ‘Hate the sin, not the sinner … I love Michael and will always be there for him.’”
Missourian Sports, @CoMoSports, Twitter

“(Michael Sam) grew up about 40 miles southeast of Houston near Galveston Bay in Texas, the seventh of eight children. Three of his siblings have died and two brothers are in prison. He lived briefly in the back seat of his mother’s car, and his relationship with his family remains complicated: When he visits home, he usually stays with friends. … Life had hardly been kind to him or his family. Michael Sr. and his mother, JoAnn Sam, were separated after having eight children. He went to North Texas to work as a trucker. She tried to keep what was left of her family together. A sister drowned when she was 2, before Michael was born, when another child accidentally knocked her off a fishing pier. Another brother, Russell, was 15 when he was shot and killed trying to break into a home, in what his father said was part of a gang initiation. Another brother, Julian, has not been heard from since he left for work one day in 1998; his family believes he is dead. Two others are in jail.”
Joe Drape, Steve Eder and Billy Witz, writers, New York Times

“Any (NFL) team that is out there looking at (Michael Sam) and saying they don’t want to deal with this, I’m not sure that’s a winning organization. I will say this about Michael Sam, he showed more class, more courage, more dignity in what he did than all these anonymous players and GMs who won’t put their names to anything.”
Frank Boal, 810 AM
GH: I don’t believe an NFL organization’s success can be measured in how they view gay football players. Successful businesses and character are not always related. But what Sam did in coming out will be remembered as an historic event. My hope is that he will be remembered just as much for how well he played the game.

“When you cover college sports for a living, you never expect to cover a story like this. What a momentous day in our country.”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, of PowerMizzou.com, Twitter

“Pinkel was incredibly candid, eloquent today discussing Sam. My humble opinion, one of his finest (half) hours in 13-plus years at Mizzou.”
Dave Matter, @Dave_Matter, MU beat writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, on Pinkel’s press conference Monday, Twitter
GH: Missouri’s athletic department over the past 15 years is a New York Times best seller waiting to be written. It would also make a fabulous mini-series in the hands of AMC. This story contains greed, sex, betrayal, jailhouse tapes, adultery, drugs, suicide, gay sex, billionaires and very few championships for all that trouble.  My pick to write this classic? Wright Thompson, Mizzou grad and current senior writer for ESPN.

and Twitter @greghall24

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65 Responses to OTC: Is Mizzou Losing Faith In Haith? / Marcus Not Smart / Missou-Rah Mini-Series?

  1. matt -h66 says:

    Kietz did bring up an interesting point on Smart falsely playing the race card – and getting away with it -scot-free,

    The fan was as d-bag for sure– but using the N-word???!! – of course he didn’t.

    too many times today – certain groups flaunt the race card to get out of trouble.

    • RockChalk says:

      Smart going to a false “n-word” claim says a lot about his character, or more precisely lack thereof, than the actual pushing of the fan. Man up and take responsibility. Don’t make up a story that you assume will cause people to create an up roar and rally around you. Poor showing all around by Smart.

      • matt -h66 says:

        plenty of jerk BB fans..as in any sport.. but a “racist” hoops fan??

        whoa… would have to be THE world’s UNhappiest camper!

      • Johnny Utah says:

        I’ve never heard a fan yell N Bomb at a sporting event or seen proof that it has happened in the last 20 years. It doesn’t happen in crowded places in our society like sporting events or political rallies. It’s an accusation of the lazy and guilty.

    • theSportsSnark says:

      So you’re saying Marcus Smart “flopped” the race card?

    • Zed says:

      I don’t think anyone has proven Smart said he called him a racial slur. Just a lot a of media talk.

      • RockChalk says:

        No proof here, but the story does state that he supposedly told OSU radio it was a racial slur.

      • RockChalk says:

        This story also claims “confirmation,” but it’s not actual proof.


  2. artemmis says:

    we always used to call Mizzou players maggots..

    guess we were off by one letter.

  3. kylerohde says:

    I’m glad to see Mason and English offer no excuses for Smart’s idiotic shove. It doesn’t matter what he said…walk away. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and every other star player has heard far worse than that for far longer than Marcus Smart, and they’ve all managed to not do something that stupid. He joined the Dennis Rodman and Ron Artest club with that idiocy.

  4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Clarkson’s comments were directed right at guys like Tony Criswell.

  5. Tigerpiper says:

    “It’s not unthinkable that the phone’s going to start ringing for Bruce Weber.”
    Kevin Kietzman, on the success the second-year basketball coach has experienced at K-State, 810 AM

    The same KK who said the phone would start ringing for George Brett last summer? Please. Weber is a retread who has never won with his own players. Chances of him getting a better job than K State ever are 10% at best. Likely fired in 4 or fewer more years.

    • kylerohde says:

      He led Southern Illinois to 2 conference titles and a Sweet 16. Illinois was a disaster, of course, but the apologists said the slimy nature of Chicago’s AAU scene, combined with pressure to recruit Chicago kids, was a huge reason for his failure. The results at KSU, so far, seem to be proving that right. The guy is winning with a combo of players right now, but his 1st year recruits are already showing he can bring in quality guys.

      KU vs. KSU games are fun when both teams are good, so I’m genuinely happy it’s happening. Plus, the chances of sustained basketball success in Manhattan are greater than the chances of sustained football success post-Snyder, IMO.

      • RIchard Cranium says:

        It’s been proven he can NOT recruit to a big time college basketball location. SIU is not a destination as Illinois. KSU is a small time school in a big time conference. Recruiting to KSU is going to be even harder than recruiting to Illinois. Bruce Weber is exactly as it was described earlier. He is a retread, and once he has to fill his roster with his own recruits will be drummed out of the school. I would guess 4 years. He is a very good coach, but a HORRIBLE recruiter……which I would guess is about 60% of what makes a successful program.

        • Kyle says:

          He does not have a good recruiting track record, but he has struck gold with Foster. A 3 star recruit who was obviously underrated. He is going to need a lot more of those going forward.

    • Mike says:

      I would say Weber’s now taking a more cautious approach to the ‘grass is greener on the other side’ to coaching jobs, in the same fashion that Gregg Marshall does in Wichita. If Weber can make KSU solid top-3 program in the Big 12, with the occasional league title (like the shared one last year), and consistent, multiple trips to the NCAA’s, and a healthy compensation package, why would he leave? He’s already seen what an irrational dump Champaign is, with too much pressure to recruit the Chicago AAU scene. Why would he possibly want to mess with happiness if he can find a groove in Manhattan?

  6. I fear that if Wright Thompson is inked to write the MU exposé, Mike Alden will send Gary Link out to fire him, and then install Joe Posnanski for that piece of work. Then them crackas definitely won’t be shakin’.

  7. JP says:

    There’s no KSU bias on KK’s show. Just ask his typical guests: Tim Fitzgerald from Powercat Illustrated, Stan Weber and of course Jim Colbert. The segment that has cured many insomniacs across KC. Also, there’s Powercat Tony and does anyone know Cottie’s College affiliation? BTW, will K State just give an honorary degree to Clinkscale so he doesn’t have to hide his affection for them anymore.

    • sporty says:

      Most ridiculous post I’ve ever read. KK gives equal time to ku and mu people. Clinkscale is so up ku’s butt, it’s embarrassing to listen to, Take your red and blue glasses off.

  8. Kyle says:

    missouri is in no danger of missing the tournament. They just played BY FAR their toughest 3 game stretch of the season. The last 8 games are possibly the easiest schedule of any team in a major conference. No way they go less than 6-2, probably 7-1 or 8-0. 6-2 puts them at 22-9 and 10-8. That will certainly be good enough to get in.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      In the old Big 12, yes. In the SEC? No. Mizzou has proven nothing but that they have the innate ability to play to the level of their competition. That’s a sign of a mediocre basketball team…AT BEST. To put an even finer point on it, Tony Criswell & JWIII are softer than ice cream on a hot day. Rosburg should be playing Div. 2 basketball at UCM. He tries hard, but has barely any talent or physical ability. If he wasn’t 6’8″, he’d be playing intramural basketball. All that being said, Jabari Brown & Jordan Clarkson have been stellar. Earnest Ross has his moments if he’d just drive the ball more, get fouled and crash the boards. Wes Clark is coming along nicely as well. But Mizzou’s problem is that their front court is an absolute disaster.

  9. IrishClone says:

    WHY LISTEN TOO SPORTSTALK IN THIS TOWN IT SUCKS 810 SUCKS 610 SUCKS, WANNABE JOCKS THAT NEVER MADE,OR KU BALLLICKERS AND THE OH YEA COACH WE LOVE YOU IT is all horrible. Why does K C need 2 all KC sports all the time it is irritating. thank god for 102.5 the fan we get Jim Rome and Jon Feinstein all this local crap suckss horribly why why why… I wish at least one of the stations would get new blood and the new blood didn’t suck….. SPORTS RADIO IN KANSAS CITY IS DEAD


  10. Sam says:

    Sigh. Just like KU fans. Talk crap constantly and loudly root against Mizzou, but if they face any retort and it’s “oh, we don’t care about Mizzou at all.”

    Doug Gottlieb’s biases are comical. Apparently still the same dude who get kicked out of Notre Dame for stealing.

    • Jayhawk '97 says:

      Of course we want to see Missouri lose. But it’s different… I couldn’t name 3 players on Missouri’s team this year. And Missouri’s move to the SEC was a bad move, as far as basketball goes. It obviously worked out for them in football this season.

      • Sam says:

        Sure, you can’t name many players on Mizzou’s (basketball) roster, but frankly, why should Mizzou fan’s care? You aren’t a Mizzou fan.

        The hype surrounding Big 12 basketball is an almost entirely local phenomena and has been strengthened recently largely out of sore feelings. The Big 12 is Texas and the leftovers, so of course you are going to stick together and sell it as something more than it is. Anybody who had an offer has left.

        Almost all Mizzou fans are more than happy with the move and there really is no debate whatsoever as to whether they made the right move. They clearly did. If the PAC-12 or BIG offered Kansas, would you want them to leave? Do you think they would?

        • Fred Flintstone says:

          But you’re a Mizzou fan, and I’d bet anything you can name at least two players off of KU’s starting five…if not the entire starting five.

          • Sam says:

            Not sure what point you are going for, but believe it or not, I don’t watch KU basketball games, so I really don’t track that stuff. If I flip by the NCAA tournament and see them about to lose though, I’ll keep an eye on it.

            • Sam says:

              I’d bet most KU basketball fans can name more Mizzou football players (at least 1) than KU football players anyway.

            • Fred Flintstone says:

              “Sure, you can’t name many players on Mizzou’s (basketball) roster, but frankly, why should Mizzou fan’s care? You aren’t a Mizzou fan.”

              Your above quote is what I was going for, and even the most casual fan of sports can name Embiid and Wiggins from KU’s team.

              Going to watch if KU is about to lose? And will you be wearing your Bucknell tee shirt as well? You should, since Bucknell will likely advance past what Mizzou does in the NCAA’s.

              • Sam says:

                So you’ve confirmed that I don’t care how much KU fan’s know about MU basketball, and that was your ultimate goal? Man, outfoxed again. And I have heard of Embiid and Wiggins, so I guess, congratulations?

      • Fred Flintstone says:

        As a joke, I looked up MU’s starting lineup and emailed the last names to my brother-in-law (he’s a basketball junkie) in Colorado, and asked if he could identify what all those names had in common. Stumped him dead in his tracks, he had no clue. Could’ve been past Supreme Court justices for all he knew. Try it for yourself, it’s funny as hell.

        • Sam says:

          Oh man, your brother in Colorado doesn’t know the last names of Mizzou players? And he is a basketball junkie? Quick, somebody put Mizzou back in the Big 12 fast!!! This is the last straw!!!

          • Fred Flintstone says:

            Brother-in-law, and he’s forgotten more about and in the game of basketball than you (or I) will ever hope to know.

            Mizzou back to the Big 12? Ha! You mean back to the middle of our conference where they always were/are? University of Mediocre.

            • Sam says:

              Oh, sorry, you’re brother in law. I had no idea he was so smart, but now I do. Yeah, I want them back in the Big 12, and specifically back into the middle of the conference. Good point.

          • Sam says:

            Lot’s of “basketball junkies” read through a roster with two likely NBA draft picks and can’t identify them, is another lesson I’m learning, I guess.

      • harley says:

        please please Jayhawk fans…stop the b.s.
        Missouri has proven all of you wrong. The ink/the awards/the money/the stature of an athletic program is not basketball!!!!!
        Its football.
        All you idiots who said the move by mu to the sec was a bad move
        have been shut up now seeing that MU is now becoming one of the
        top football schools in the nation.
        You cheered our injury plagued season but were like little kids in
        time outs when it came tothis season.
        Basketball is big in this area…Lawrence/eudroa/Johnson county/
        Topeka/manhattan/ but outside this little area basketball is really
        just a secondary sport.
        As an mu alumni…we know our problem. This coach can
        t coach…but there is some serious talent on that team. Not near
        wjhat self has…but some upper echelon talent that should be
        playing much better than its shown.
        SIT AND WATCH YOUR SPORTS CENTER highlights of
        slam dunks/hot shots etc….but never think that the #1 sport
        in America right now is football. Its all the rave…its the
        24/7 365 day a year sport…..
        as much as mu fans would love to have a bball team as strong
        as our football team…we’ve been relegated to some terrible
        coaching hires…and I mean terrible!!!!!!
        until alden get his stuff together and takes the 4-5 million
        and goes out shopping for a new coach we’re destined to
        a bball team that is mediocre at best. The hires since norman
        have been terrible….WHEN WILL THE UNIVERSITY WAKE UP
        we’re waiting…and getting tired of these third tier coaches.
        Self is on a roll like nobody in college bball….we want
        better than we’ve gotten.
        alden produces or out this guy goes.

  11. Ptolemy says:

    To be fair on Sam’s father, the Times article did say that he loves his son, just disappointed in his lifestyle choice.

    An angle to the Sam story that hasn’t been mentioned: Sam is incredibly stupid for allowing his potential NFL career to be used by a powerful political lobby. Making an NFL roster is a very unique and difficult task. Not many men have the tools as well as the noggin to make the cut, and when you do, your peak earning years are typically counted on one hand. Coming out as a homosexual in a heavily heterosexual and chauvinistic environment is a risk Sam doesn’t need. Why risk it?

    And on Smart, given his penchant for flopping, and since it appears unlikely Orr used a racial epithet, was this just an elaborate verbal-flop by Smart?

    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      Narrow thinking, but from you I’m not surprised. He hasn’t jeopardized a thing. Sam will make a killing financially regardless of how successful his NFL career is. I laugh at guys like you who insist on calling it a lifestyle “choice.”

      • Smith says:

        After a couple days have passed and this has had a chance to settle, I’m starting to question where this big financial gain is going to come from for Sam. I thought the same thing – that Sam was going to rake in big money in endorsements. I can already see him now….in the next Beats By Dre commercial, walking in to the stadium getting pelted by banana peels and batteries in Philly with cromags yelling “Fag!” and “Pillow Biter!” as he calmly puts on his Dre headphones to drown out all the bigotry and hate, but instead of the song playing “I’m the man I’m the man I’m the man” it’ll be “and you can tell everybody….I’m into men I’m into men I’m into men”

        cha ching

      • Ptolemy says:

        Can you prove it’s not a choice?

  12. Maff says:

    Lubbock is Las Vegas without any casinos, without any surrounding mountains, without really anything. It is just flat as a pancake (I mean you can see for at least 25 miles in any direction-really!). Mac Davis had a song… Happiness is Lubbock in the rear view mirror”. It is very true. I’ve been there twice on business and can clearly say it is unique and completely different than any place in the country. It is isolated and pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. Everything about Mac Davis’ song is true.

    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      A long time ago, I once had to drive from KC to Amarillo and back again. The panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma? The entire length of Kansas? Man, that was torture.

      • JP says:

        The drive between Oklahoma City and Amarillo is very desolate and sleep inducing. Very few hills or any signs of civilization. Amarillo is a cool town once you get there. The Big Texan serves one of the best steaks I ever had, but getting there is the adventure.

  13. Zed says:

    “It’s not unthinkable that the phone’s going to start ringing for Bruce Weber.”
    Kevin Kietzman, on the success the second-year basketball coach has experienced at K-State, 810 AM
    Weber was not getting any calls after Illinois fired him for destroying the Illinois program. , He was on his way to mid-major school until for some reason KSU hired this turd.
    Much of Weber’s success is with the players Frank left him. See what Weber does next year or two without Southwell, Spradling, Gipson, Williams. Weber is only bringing in mid major recruits and he may find a diamond in the rough every few years. If KSU fans are happy being a middle of the pack Big 12 team enjoy Bruce.

    • Smith says:

      Same can be said for Haith. Walked into a primo situation with Mike Andersen’s players, and now toiling with his own hand-picked batch of finger painters. Bad hire from the word go that predictably took 3 years to play out.

    • sporty says:

      It appears Bruce Weber is doing just fine in Manhattan. I for one, am very glad he is the coach of my alma mater!

    • yuri says:

      Marcus Foster, Wesley Iwundu, Nigel Johnson, DJ Johnson, Jevon Thomas say ‘hello’. Four of them had key roles in the victory this week, and they all 5 have been significant contributors this year. Transfers Brandon Bolden (Georgetown) and Justin Edwards (Maine) on campus sitting out this year. None of these guys are “one and dones”, but solid players on par or better than the upper classmen mentioned above. It’s funny to watch KU fans worry about how we are replacing all this ‘upper classmen talent’ when they said the same things about them wondering how Frank would ever compete without Huggins or Hill recruiting players like Mike, Jacob, and Rodney.

  14. Chuck says:

    Wow. This just in, Soren Petro thinks he is amazing per his opening 25 minute monologue about how amazing he is at his job. Click.

  15. Matt says:

    Greg, Mr. Sam Sr. did in fact say he loved his son. Your comment in the article seems to indicate that he didn’t say that. But the ESPN article quoted him saying he still loved him.

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