OTC Is OOT For The Rest Of The Week / Annual Red Man Golf Trip

IMG_8511I am out of town this week and I have put my Off The Couch column on vacation until next week.

I am in Omaha playing in the 39th Annual Red Man Two-Man Scramble Golf Tourney in Omaha. Some college-age buddies and I started this tourney back in the mid-70s and we still travel back to the same old city course where we all met so many summers ago. Everybody should travel back in time on a regular basis to touch base with their former lives. This tourney is one of my favorite weekends of the year and at the same time one of my wife’s most hated. Somehow I remain married and an annual participant in the Red Man.

Look forward to seeing you back here next week. Meanwhile, let’s hope the Royals get that second-half mojo motoring and the Chiefs start their journey toward another playoff season. Catch me on Twitter @greghall24.

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Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.
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4 Responses to OTC Is OOT For The Rest Of The Week / Annual Red Man Golf Trip

  1. Kyle says:

    Greg, I can’t believe you would participate in such a blatantly racist event. They should change the name immediately!

    • The Independent Rage says:

      If they ever bothered to trademark that racist name in the past, they better be ready to be receivin’ their trademark revocation notice from the USPTO real soon. Courtesy of all the descendants of Chief Knockahoma!

  2. Jim says:

    Enjoy, GH! Just returned a few weeks ago from our annual Ozark golf trip. This was year number 32. When any of our boys turned 21, they could join the old men. It’s now 7 dads and 9 sons. Like you, it’s the best 4 days of my year. You should count your lucky stars. All the wives and girlfriends now take the opportunity to get together for a 4 day shopping and drinking extravaganza while we are gone. What we spend in the Ozarks pales in comparison to the amount of money 7 women can spend in 4 days. Have a blast!

  3. Java Man says:

    Sure, Greg. Enjoy your time in Tahoe with the boys from 810.

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