OTC: James Franklin Calls MU Fans “Rudest” In SEC / Is Pinkel Tough Enough For SEC?

“They say girls are prettier here, air’s fresher and toilet paper is thicker.”
TJ Moe, former MU wide receiver, at last year’s SEC media days, Columbia Tribune
GH: Moe got everyone’s attention last year when Mizzou showed up as one of the new kids on the SEC block. His comments were fun, bold and fearless. Early in September Mizzou’s best defensive player, Sheldon Richardson, called Georgia’s style of play, “old-man football.” So MU might not be known for great football in the SEC but they have been a quotable bunch. James Franklin, MU’s quarterback, continued that tradition at yesterday’s SEC media days. Read on.

“Well actually, the rudest fans that I experienced were Mizzou, my own fans. I really don’t try to pay attention to that stuff, but … I’d say I heard some pretty not-so-nice comments from my own fans.”
James Franklin, MU senior quarterback, when asked at the SEC media days how fans in the SEC treated him last season, Kansas City Star
GH: As you can imagine, Franklin’s comments were big news with Mizzou’s fans and Mizzou’s non-fans. It was just not a smart thing to say in any setting let alone in front of 1,400 credentialed media members covering the SEC. You want your quarterback to be smart – especially your senior quarterback. This was not smart, James.

“(Franklin’s comment) predictably spread like wildfire on Twitter and message boards.”
Terez Paylor, MU beat writer, Kansas City Star
GH: The reaction to Franklin’s comments about Mizzou fans – and he said “fans,” not fan – was both visceral and supportive. Some fans took his comments as another sign he is just not their guy. Others understand that Franklin reads the TigerBoard.com comments just like every other MU fan and they understand why he would say what he said. But here is the thing, James. You play at Mizzou in the SEC. It’s big boy college football. You have to understand how your words will be interpreted before you state them.

“Just to clarify… I don’t know why everyone is freaking out haha I said the rudest fans I encountered last year were Mizzou fans because the comments they made at me. I was not complaining, I simply answered the question truthfully. I love Mizzou fans, they’re great! And I understand exactly why they said rude things towards me…I didn’t perform well and that’s frustrating! I’m sorry.”
James Franklin, @JFranTank1, in a tweet he sent out after his comments made news, Twitter
GH: If Franklin truly doesn’t know why his comments would cause some problems within the Mizzou fan base he is not nearly as bright as I know him to be. While all of this makes for a hot topic here in July – none of this will matter once the season starts. Win and Mizzou fans will love James Franklin. Lose and Maty Mauk will become the most loved person in the state of Missouri.

“Few teams, if any, bring backup players to preseason media days, and Franklin’s selection indicates he’s a strong favorite to be the starter when Missouri’s second SEC season kicks off Aug. 31 against Murray State.”
Dave Matter, writer, St. Louis Post Dispatch
GH: Franklin’s presence at the SEC media days says more about Maty Mauk than James Franklin. That should be more troubling to Mizzou fans than how their deportment to their own quarterback was attacked.

“James is the starter going in, and we’ll just see how it unfolds.”
Gary Pinkel, on the QB battle between Franklin and the redshirt freshman, Maty Mauk, Kansas City Star

“As Gary Pinkel made his way around the multimedia smorgasbord at SEC media days on Tuesday afternoon, there was a central theme the Mizzou football coach tried to deliver. ‘Just in case you have forgotten, we win at Mizzou.’ He said it in the crowded ballroom in front of a thousand print reporters. He said it again in the smaller room where the radio and Internet reporters gathered, then repeated it again and again in front of every national radio or TV microphone that was put in front of him. By my unscientific survey trailing behind him all afternoon, I counted no fewer than 10 references to various versions of the same quote: ‘We’re used to winning.’”
Bryan Burwell, writer, St. Louis
GH: I don’t understand Pinkel. He has the look of a made-for-TV college football coach. He carries himself with the confidence of a winner. But he’s changed since MU’s entrance to the SEC. He spends an inordinate amount of time reminding us how injured his team was last season. Burwell counted 10 times that he stated Mizzou is a winner under him. That’s not what I want from my CEO. The best way to remind people of your success is to repeat it – season after season after season.

“It’s a great league. I love being in the league – competing against the best. We did the right thing.”
Gary Pinkel, SEC Football Meetings

“Pinkel is a fighter. He’s a competitor. He’s a guy who seems to operate best when the world is pitted against him. And right now, a lot of people think he’s done all he can do for Mizzou, taken the program as far as he can. I still believe there’s more lofty territory for him to travel. I believe that he still has what it takes to get the program back to its winning ways again. I also believe that before you tell me that Mizzou ought to get rid of Pinkel, tell me who you have out there who is going to be better? But he has to win this year and he knows it.”
Bryan Burwell, writer, St. Louis Post Dispatch
GH: This could be a fascinating time for Pinkel and Mizzou football. Can you imagine the legacy Pinkel would leave if he takes the Tigers to multiple 10-win seasons over the next five years and a BCS bowl or two? That success is available to him. If Pinkel is a fighter, he needs to get up off the canvas and start throwing some punches. Now. Who doesn’t love a great comeback story?

“I love our fans with high expectation levels.”
Gary Pinkel, St. Louis Post Dispatch

“I love Joe @Buck. He’s one of the best broadcasters American sports TV has to offer. No one can convince me otherwise.”
Rich Eisen, @richeisen, Twitter
GH: I grew up listening to Harry Caray and Jack Buck broadcast Cardinals games – just like a lot of folks in the Midwest over the age of 50. Vin Scully, Ernie Harwell, Bob Prince, Red Barber, Jack Brickhouse, Chuck Thompson, Ray Scott, Mel Allen were all great baseball storytellers as well as broadcasters. They set a standard for baseball play-by-play that few broadcasters of this generation have matched. Jon Miller is one I would call great. I just don’t hear that in Joe Buck. He’s stale and sounds bored with his work. Even when he is emotional – like Tuesday night with Tim McCarver retiring – he comes off awkward and clumsy. If Buck is the standard for today’s baseball play-by-play guys, there is a lot of room for improvement.

“Something that makes the Mo-ment even cooler: The players swear it was spontaneous and they just held themselves back on a lark.”
Jeff Passan, @JeffPassan, on the AL players allowing Mariano Rivera to walk onto the field alone, Twitter
GH: The All-Star games of late have lacked drama. Rivera changed that with his eighth-inning entrance. That moment will be part of baseball’s great historic moments – just like Gehrig at the mic or Carlton Fisk waving his home run fair. All captured on video for the next generation and the next to marvel about.

“Bret Saberhagen won a Vette for being 85 WS MVP. Told Chevy to make it a 15 passenger van and donated it to a local charity. I remember that.”
Mike McCartney, @mikemccartneykc, Royals’ PA voice at The K, after Rivera was awarded a 2014 Corvette as the game’s MVP, Twitter

“Sacramento Kings rookie guard Ben McLemore struggled to find his shot through the first four days of the Las Vegas Summer League, but broke out with a 26-point performance against the Toronto Raptors. McLemore led all scorers with 26 points, but the Kings fell to the Raptors, 81-70. Assists are few and far between when it comes to Summer League, but it’s worth noting that the one blemish on his otherwise strong game was 5 turnovers and zero assists. As a scoring guard, however, finding his shot is more important at this point, and he did that as evidenced by his 8-for-14 shooting.”
GH: I understand McLemore’s decision to turn pro after just one year of eligibility at Kansas. I think he will eventually be fine in the NBA. But he is going to struggle like he’s never struggled before. Let’s hope he is built to handle that amount of failure.

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33 Responses to OTC: James Franklin Calls MU Fans “Rudest” In SEC / Is Pinkel Tough Enough For SEC?

  1. PV_Pathfinder says:

    As a life long Royals fan, I’m obligated to hate all things Yankee. No fan of Metallica either. But Rivera in the 8th w/ Perez catching was pretty cool. Only way to top that… Have Metallica play Enter Sandman live at his last home game.

  2. The Smartman says:

    Pinkel is a made for TV coach, like Craig T. Nelson in COACH. He is NOT a made for the SEC coach.

    Gregger, you must have smoked an elephant cock stuffed with sensimilla to even consider that Pinkel is gonna have multiple 10 win seasons and some BCS bowls at MIZZOU.

    Joe Buck thinks he’s doing us all a favor by being a broadcaster. He ain’t his dad by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Mike DeArmond says:

      What James Franklin did was tell the truth. Missouri fans who get upset with that need to smooth the wad out of their panties and move on. If Franklin plays well there will be feature stories written about how he won back the fans. If he does not play well he will be booed like the rest of the team. Welcome to life.

      • DPW says:

        I also agree with what Franklin said. I experienced it as a 10 year old at the Big 8 Holiday Tourney and also at the Big 12 Tourney.

  3. Gavin says:

    “Just in case you have forgotten, we win at Mizzou.”

    Now what could make them forget that, Gary?

    • Twy's Gibman says:

      LOL my thoughts exactly! Let’s see if garypinkel.com uses a running loop of that “we win at Mizzou” all season.

  4. b12 says:

    Joe Buck just talks loud. Loud doesn’t equal good. He’s not good calling football, baseball, anything. He got the gig because of his name. So did Thom Brennaman, but at least he’s a little better than Joe.

    ESPN forced Ron Franklin out for calling a sideline reporter “sweetie”. Franklin’s got great pipes and calls a good game. He should be back doing football for somebody.

    Pinkel. Toast. He should be kicked upstairs to an honorary position; and Petrino should be hired after this season’s purgatory/penance at Arkansas State or Bugtussel U or wherever he is now.

  5. hammy says:

    What would you have Pinkel say? He can’t prove it on the field until the season starts. Should he just sit there and not talk?

    • Gavin says:

      No, hammy, of course not. You’re right in that he can’t say nothing. But maybe something not easily ridiculed or desperate sounding. “In case you’ve forgotten, we win at Missouri” is a bit like Charlie Weis bragging about once having been thin and that he has plans to get there again.

      How about “Last year wasn’t good for us for a variety of reasons. But we’ve demonstrated that we can win at Mizzou and anybody who sleeps on us, anyone who takes us lightly is making a mistake. We’ve won before and, last season notwithstanding, we’ll win again.”?

      That acknowledges the truth of recent difficulties, forces the listener to acknowledge the truth of his past successes, should serve notice to his team that losing is tolerable or tolerated and doesn’t sound like some desperate, past her prime fifty year-old woman talking about how hot she was when she was in college.

  6. Steve says:

    GH: Franklin’s presence at the SEC media days says more about Maty Mauk than James Franklin. That should be more troubling to Mizzou fans than how their deportment to their own quarterback was attacked.

    Couldn’t disagree more. How does Franklin’s presence say anything about Mauk? For anyone that thinks a redshirt freshman should just come in and supplant a senior who, when he’s been 100% healthy, has proven to be a successful starting QB (3,700 total yards and 36 TD’s) isn’t thinking straight. We saw what happens when a freshman QB who isn’t ready is thrown into SEC action with Berkstresser last year. It’s not as if Mauk was some 5-star recruit who had every D-I school drooling over him. A healthy Franklin gives this team the best chance to win, plain and simple.

    • hammy says:

      Yep. Pretty sure Johnny Football wasn’t at SEC Media Day last year and he turned out to be pretty good.

      • Steve says:

        Ahh yes, comparing him to the Heisman Trophy winner who came out of nowhere. Because that happens all the time.

  7. Cletus Frade says:

    Why would any SEC fans be rude to James Franklin? I doubt anyone in the SEC knows who he is, or worries enough about his play to bother being rude to him. He’s a non-entity in the SEC. Missouri needs to quit worrying about getting 6’5″ QBs who might be able to play in the NFL one day, and concentrate on getting QBs who can play really well in college, no matter what their height or weight happens to be. They’re out there. Unfortunately, it appears none of them are on the current MU roster. Unless they plan on starting a true freshman next year, Pinkel is in trouble.

  8. I notice that no one seems to be talking about GaryPinkel.com today or that zany video with the moldy testimonials. Maybe Franklin made his unwise remark in order to take some of the heat off of Pinkel over the website? And if there’s now a need to cool things down a bit for Franklin as well, then three words: Send. Gary. Link.

  9. $omewhat Psychotic says:

    You media people are great. Listening to the dumbasses trying to interview Rivera last night was awe inspiring.

    Dumbass media guy: “Where does this rank with your other accomplishments?” Wow, took a journalism degree to come up with that gem?

    “What is it like to close this All Star career out in NY?” Holy shit, awesome question!! This guy needs a raise from his hundreds of thousands a year poverty.

    “Were you nervous at all coming into the game in the 8th?”. So much respect for these questions, I don’t know where or how this genius came up with this stuff.

    Atleast Erin Andrews was honest. “These people don’t want to hear from me, just tell us what you’re feeling.” What??? Seriously??? Someone in broadcasting not making every moment about themselves??? Say it ain’t so journalism grads.

    “You don’t have to have played or coached the game to have a true understanding or relay the info; a journalism degree will do just fine.”

    When I go into work tomorrow I’m hopping in a wrecking crane, finding the explosives and going at it. I’ll just tell the boss, I don’t need experience doing it, I’m signing up for journalism classes to become an expert at it.

  10. Ultimate Dude says:

    Franklin was truthful, and Mizzou fans probably were his biggest critics and hecklers. That’s life as an athlete. People want him to be real, but then chastise him for being real. They think he should know how to answer questions and atleast not hang himself, but he’s boring and a waste of time if he just gives player speak. Unbelievable.

    Pinkel doesn’t give a rip. None of these guys do. Its called SEC “media days” for a reason. The media celebrates themselves, ask dumb questions, and tries to bait anyone they can. This is entirely for the media only.

    Joe Buck is horrid. Why do people in this country get where they are, based on who their parents were??? Good job ‘Merica. Wrong in so many ways.

    McLemore, uggh nevermind.


  11. KCPRGuy says:

    I was going to post a list of broadcasters that the world routinely hates on but I realized it is easier to ask, who does anyone like these days? Anyone? We are a bunch of haters.

    • Ultimate Dude says:

      My experience is that in today’s society everyone is so damned opinionated and it is really annoying. Most people in broadcasting, journalism, whatever; have to make themselves the story, instead of giving the facts and letting people decide for themselves.

      The term “hating” or “hater” is becoming the most prevalent word in the English language. Anyone that disagrees, has a different view, or just doesn’t like mainstream BS gets called a hater. If people are going to spout off their opinions and views at every turn, with such conviction, they should expect there to be backlash..ie: hate.


    • boss260 says:

      Jon Miller … Vin Scully … John Rooney … Kevin Harlan

  12. AaronB4Mizzou says:

    People forget that Franklin was a pretty dang good QB, who destroyed the Big 12 defenses. He was injured, multiple times, last season. Yes, he could stand to think about what he says more often, but he was a really good QB. If he’s truly healthy this fall, and the line holds up, Franklin could have a big senior year at Mizzou. So to sum up, Mauk failing to beat Franklin out isn’t a knock on Mauk. It’s just that people forgot how good Franklin was.

    On Joe Buck, no, he’s not as good as his dad, but he’s still pretty dang good and I don’t know why people constantly bash on him.

    • Ultimate Dude says:

      On Buck…

      1) Got where he was because of his dad, who I could care less about as well.

      2) He talks like he is screaming into the Mic. Annoying.

      3) He’s friends with Troy Aikman

      4) He’s like 5 foot 7. I hate the short dweebs that this country caters to.


    • The Word says:

      No one in the SEC cares what Franklin or MU did in the Big 12.

      Wow he destroyed the bend but don’t brake Big 12 D’s. So….

      What did he do against the bend you and brake you SEC D’s? He was hurt most of the year because the SEC D’s kicked his ass.

      • AaronB4Mizzou says:

        No, Franklin was hurt last year because he tore his labrum in spring ball, which required surgery to repair. Then, he really wasn’t given a chance to fully have it heal, which was compounded by the other nagging injuries he had. Many of those, I believe, don’t happen with a healthy Franklin heading into the season and as I mentioned, a healthy O-line.

      • Twy's Gibman says:

        sure didn’t destroy much in the Big 12 his last year. What was their conference record in 2011 Word?

        • AaronB4Mizzou says:

          Here’s Franklin’s 2011 stats, last year of Big 12 play:
          63.4% completion rate for 2872 yards, 7.6 ypa, 21 TD’s, 11 INTs, just under a 140 rating…

          rushing: 981 yards at 4.52 ypc (sacks count against) for 15 TD’s.

          Accounted for just under 3900 yards of offense. Perhaps we have different definitions of what’s good, but those are pretty salty #’s.

          What he does going forward all depends on his health, which is good right now, and the health of the O-line.

          Just for grins I looked at Todd Reesing’s #’s. His best season was 2008 and he accounted for 4112 yards, rushing + passing and 36 TD’s. Ressing completed 66.5% of his passes. Franklin’s 2011 season he hit 3857 yards and 36 TD’s.

          Chase Daniel: 2007 – completion % of 68.2% – 4559 yards, passing + rushing & 37 TD’s
          2008 – completion % of 72.9% – 4616 yards & 40 TD’s total

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            Congrats Twyman, you’ve been fitted for a clownsuit.

          • Barles james says:

            Again I will ask: what was his record?

          • Twy's Gibman says:

            And let me save you some dial-up from down there in Branson, Guy – the Tigers were 5-4 in their last goround in the Big 12, their only round robin season that exposed all the weaknesses when they dominated the Big 12 North against the likes of Gene Chizik, Ron Prince and that hippie dude at Boulder. Mizzou’s offensive prowess from 2006-2009 is eerily similar to Dick Vermeil’s tensure at Arrowhead. A whole lot of flash, few results.

  13. Captain Morgan says:

    Franklin against the Big 12 in 2011?

    2,865 yards in the air (21 TDs) while running for 981 yards and a team-best 15 TDs … His 36 TDs accounted for was the 3rd-most in MU single-season history …

    Not his fault the defense sucked. If you don’t know what you’re talking about Gib, you should just keep quiet.

    • Twy's Gibman says:

      Good to see Tiger fans have something other than wins and losses to judge their team by. This will help you during the next few years.

  14. Emmett Kelly says:

    Gibman lookin’ good in those big floppy shoes.

  15. Java Man says:

    Ever notice that James Franklin looks a bit like a young Gus Fring?

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