OTC: John Dorsey Talks Chiefs But Says Little / Mad Jack & KK Feuding? / Neilbonics Returns

“We can’t get caught up in the myths and the curses and everything. We’re in this together. The reality of the fact is it didn’t come to fruition. We had a lot of good in this thing. So now in 2014 let’s build on the positives on this thing. Let’s not look back. Let’s look forward and move to the next step. That’s what we’re going to do here.”
John Dorsey, Chiefs GM, in a face-to-face radio interview with The Border Patrol, 810 AM
GH: I bashed Nate Bukaty and Steven St. John for dropping the ball in their interview on Thursday with Gary Barnett about his disdain for Louisville rehiring Petrino. The two did a much better job of asking Dorsey about the Chiefs playoff loss and what in his opinion went wrong in blowing a 38-10 lead. Dorsey was not at all accommodating in giving any worthwhile answers but at least he was asked the right questions.

“If I had to do it all over again I’d still take Eric Fisher.”
John Dorsey, when asked by Nate Bukaty to evaluate his first draft with the Chiefs, 810 AM
GH: Really, John? Here is where Steven and Nate could have pushed Dorsey to be a bit more honest. Eric Fisher isn’t on anybody’s ROTY list but the Chargers Keenan Allen is a great wide receiver in his first year. Eddie Lacy sure looks like a steal in Green Bay. The Cardinals Tyrann Mathieu would have looked great in the Chiefs defensive backfield. And how about the former Mizzou Tiger Sheldon Richardson’s rookie season with the Jets? If Dorsey really would bypass all that talent even with hindsight for a decent but not great OT then he has some explaining to do.

“I’m the glass is half-full kind of guy. I’m the eternal optimist. I think there’s a lot to build off, off of this last season. We will do what’s ever best for the Kansas City Chiefs. We will roll our sleeves up and leave no stone unturned this Chiefs offseason.”
John Dorsey, when asked what he thinks the Chiefs needs are this offseason, 810 AM
GH: These exclusive interviews with Andy Reid and Dorsey that 810 bought with their media contract with the Chiefs are next to worthless. Dorsey sounded like he was trying to sell tickets – which is what the Chiefs were looking for when they struck their deal with 810. To promote them as anything more than a live Chiefs commercial is as disingenuous as Kietzman pretending the Grilling Segment is real radio.

“The best football weekend of the year.”
Mike Greenberg, on the upcoming NFL playoffs this weekend, ESPN Radio
GH: And the Chiefs missed being a part of it by somehow blowing a 38-10 second-half lead. Maddening.

“I love football! I love football! I won’t watch any AFC games but I love football!”
John Dorsey, when asked if he will watch the remainder of the NFL playoffs, 810 AM
GH: If Dorsey’s plan is to not watch the NFL playoffs unless the Chiefs are alive in them, we can warn him now that he is likely going to miss a lot of good football games.

“Let’s just keep it civil.”
Jack Harry, after Kevin Kietzman said the Mizzou fans continue to underappreciate Gary Pinkel and the job he’s done with the football program, 810 AM
GH: It sounds to me like Mad Jack has realized that KK has him on his show merely for his personal amusement. I have noticed that Jack has taken a much tougher stance with KK on his last few weekly appearances. But Jack is fighting a no-win battle on Kietzman’s turf. The more agitated Jack gets, the calmer Kietzman is. It’s an old debate trick to try and make the opposition appear off kilter and emotionally stressed. Not a long street when it comes to Mad Jack.

“In your opinion! You’re entitled. But you don’t have to be confrontational!”
Jack Harry, after Kietzman said Mizzou fans are still not satisfied with Pinkel’s success at MU, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman often refers to Harry as, “My good friend Jack Harry.” And he then invites him on his show to make him look and sound like a blithering buffoon.

“Do you think this is somehow a reflection of the (Missouri) fan base and not really the coach?”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM

“What do you mean by that – ‘a reflection of the fan base!’ What do you mean by that? Tell me what you mean!”
Jack Harry, 810 AM
GH: I don’t know how old Jack is but he’s likely giving up 25 years to KK when it comes to his golf game and his mental facilities. I just hope Kietz is around when he’s in his 70s and Nick Wright invites him on his show each week to make fun of him under the guise that they’re pals.

“Thanks to Jack Harry for coming in on his vacation today. That’s pretty coll. And you’ve got to believe me, we love each other. We have so much fun together! So much fun. ”
Kevin Kietzman, after Harry had left the studio, 810 AM

“The Big 12’s off to a roaring start, isn’t it?”
Dave Armstrong, as he began his interview with Kietzman following the Jack Harry segment, 810 AM
GH: If Kietzman wanted to get tough with one of his media buddies, he couldn’t find a better target than Dave “SloPlay” Armstrong. SloPlay was arrested back in November when he was in his words, “pummeled in a very defenseless position,” on a local public golf course by a 5-foot-8, 170-pound stranger from another foursome. Armstrong’s court date is January 15th – maybe KK can have him back next week for a blow-by-blow of the case.

“Another thing I want to first my opinion to the Kansas City family. Is that I am family. It’s nothing personal against the Chiefs organization. It was never about me joining this lawsuit. As far as I can say it that um, I cannot say to the effects of my conditions that I do not have post-you know-traumatic head trauma from playing. And that’s the furthest I can say right now to that.”
Neil Smith, in an interview with Soren Petro on The Program, 810 AM
GH: Okay. If there EVER was a former NFL player who had a rock-solid case against the sport of football for post-you know-traumatic head trauma, it’s the namesake for Neilbonics. Read the above comment once more and tell me the NFL lawyers aren’t shaking in their Gucci’s.

“After that, what can I say? Football still goes on. There’s a lot of questions that you know, would you let my kids play? And one of the questions is I can say is you know what? I had a love for the game. I loved going out on Sunday and competing. I loved what I did. And not knowing that was information kept back from me learning or educating me to the extent that what they doing to kids now? They are actually telling kids in high school and even in elementary ages that if you get concussions the time that you have to take off and reevaluate.”
Neil Smith, 810 AM
GH: Would you let Neil’s kid play football?

“Something tells me that if Neil Smith was flush with cash he wouldn’t be joining this lawsuit. I don’t know.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: Clinkscale and Kietzman debated this topic and Clink seems to think the current wealth of the former player is the overriding variable as to whether or not the player will choose to join the lawsuit. Kietzman seems to think it is a character issue and that any man of character would be above suing his former team and profession. I think they’re both incredibly shortsighted.

“There are hundreds of (ex-Chiefs) and their not in this lawsuit. … From where I sit, I’m tipping my cap to those dozens and dozens of players who haven’t joined the lawsuit. Those who stepped up and said, ‘I made a decision to play a game. I played it because I loved it. This is my life. I don’t regret my life and nobody owes me anything.’”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: And this is the reason to chastise those who have taken the time to research the lawsuit and make a decision to sue? Sorry, but the Chiefs and the NFL look guilty as hell to me in this one. If they are found to have suppressed information that would have alerted these players to the dangers of playing after sustaining a concussion they should be made to pay.

“I got hit by a box when I was a UPS guy and I had headaches. I’m sure that was a concussion.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: I found Clink’s above comment highly entertaining – in the way I know Steven St. John would. The visual of Danny walking past a shelf or stack of packages and having one topple onto his crown just makes a great cartoon. Can you imagine Dapper Dan dressed in a UPS brown jumpsuit?

“If you want to play football and you understand the risk, go do it! Nobody made boxing illegal! You can’t tell people they can’t do what they want to do because there’s danger doing it. I’m okay with it. Allow people to go play football.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: When KK goes on these rants, I can hear the fear in his voice that somehow football is going to be made illegal and his radio career is going to be left discussing the Royals and Sporting KC.

“I will applaud Texas for hiring an African American. But it’s a problem if it’s, ‘Come hell or high water we’re going to do this!’ That’s how you end up with a square peg in a round hole if you say, ‘We’re not even going to look at the white guy because it’s got to be a black guy.’”
Soren Petro, on Texas hiring Charlie Strong away from Louisville, 810 AM
GH: I guess Petro covered all his bases here by first applauding Texas for hiring a black head coach and then ripping them for hiring a black head coach.

“I think (Johnny) Manziel will be a great pro. I think he’s a sure bet to make it in the NFL. I don’t think there is any way you can miss on him.”
Gary Barnett, 810 AM
GH: I wish Manziel would play two more years at Texas A&M just so I could selfishly watch him destroy college defenses. Will he be a great pro QB? It is going to be fun to watch him try.

“Max penalty: BBWAA just lifetime banned me from Hall of Fame vote and won’t allow me to attend a game as credentialed media for a year.”
Dan Le Batard Show, @LeBatardShow, on his penalty for turning his MLB HOF vote over to the fans via a Deadspin.com poll, Twitter
GH: Is there a sect of nerds more self-important than the BBWAA and their concerns about the purity of the game of baseball? Trekkies have nothing on these seamheads.  Hundreds of their voters have exhibited extreme personal prejudice on their ballots for decades and nothing has been done to curb their pettiness. Le Batard should be happy to be shunned by such a dork-filled dungeon.

“BBWAA prez (& @KCStar ex) @LaVelleNeal on LeBatard: BBWAA regards HoF voting as ultimate privilege; any abuse of that priv. is unacceptable.”
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen88, Twitter
GH: The “ultimate privilege???” Okay, if you’ve never been with a woman I guess that fits.

“I’ll start treating those steroid era achievements as fraud with HOF ballot the instant fans who paid to watch are offered their money back.”
Buster Olney, @Buster_ESPN, Twitter
GH: May I be the first to sign the petition to make Buster Olney the president of the Delta Vega Quadrant of Seamheads. He at least appears to have some sense.

“I take great pride in the fact that sports television is skiing in the wake of sports talk radio. A lot of what they do is just sit around and do sports talk (on television). And it’s even part of the play-by-play. The subject matter (during the Kansas/Oklahoma basketball game) became about which one of these guys (Wiggins or Embiid) is going to be the better pro.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: I take great pride in the fact that sports talk radio is skiing in the wake of a bunch of dudes sitting around talking about sports, chicks and their fantasy teams. Does Soren think he’s in some kind of cutting-edge industry?


A friend of mine emailed me this list of quotes attributed to Jerry Coleman, the former voice of the San Diego Padres who passed away recently. I find these far more entertaining them spats between baseball writers.

  • “Willie Davis is not as young as he used to be.”
  • “There’s someone warming up in the bullpen, but he’s obscured by his number.”
  • “Sunday is Senior Citizens’ Day. And if you want to become a senior citizen, just call the Padre ticket office.”
  • “Young Frank Pastore may have just pitched the biggest victory of 1979, maybe the biggest victory of the year.”
  • “Mike Caldwell, the Padres’ right-handed southpaw, will pitch tonight.”
  • “Houston has its largest crowd of the night here this evening.”
  • “Well, it looks like the all-star balloting is about over, especially in the National and American Leagues.”
  • “What we have here is a blowout, or a possible great comeback.”
  • “If Pete Rose brings the Reds in first, they ought to bronze him and put him in cement.”
  • “I’ve made a couple of mistakes I’d like to do over.”
  • “Larry Lintz steals second standing up. He slid, but he didn’t have to.”
  • “That big guy, Winfield, at 6’6″, can do things only a small man can do.”
  • “I challenge anyone, even with a radar machine, to hit that slider.”
  • “I’ve never seen a game like this. Every game this year has been like this.”
  • “If I knew how to spell it I’d say déjà vu.”

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38 Responses to OTC: John Dorsey Talks Chiefs But Says Little / Mad Jack & KK Feuding? / Neilbonics Returns

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    It’s my understanding that Neil Smith was the reason that the AAU threw Nebraska out.

  2. Gavin says:

    I would think that Gack Harry, of all people, would recognize and approve of Kietzman punking him for the sake of radio and ratings. He, who proudly uses “Jack Smack” to get ratings and uses his bully pulpit on channel 41 to insult local teams without rebuttal or reprisal doesn’t really have room to bitch when Kietzman does it to Harry. I mean, at least Harry is there with a microphone of his own.

  3. kylerohde says:

    To be fair to Dorsey, at least on the Fisher question, what would you expect him to say? They’ve got a great deal invested in the guy and still expect him to be a starting tackle for a decade. So would you really expect the guy to say, “You know, I missed on that pic. I’d much rather have Luke Joeckel, Sheldon Richardson, Eddie Lacy, Keenan Allen, Honey Badger, or a bunch of other guys, but we’re stuck with Fisher now and have to make the best of it.”

    What purpose would there be in bashing the guy publicly? I’m sure Dorsey knows damn well he whiffed on that one.

    • Gavin says:

      I agree, Kyle. I don’t think his refusal to admit making a mistake was an ego thing so much as not wanting to destroy Fisher, who he is stuck with anyway. Although I think Dorsey could have said something like “When it’s all said and done, I still believe that Eric Fisher is going to end up a better pro than any other rookie this year.” That would have at least given some tacit acknowledgement to the fact that Fischer didn’t have a great year but still expressed faith in his guy.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I was surprised that Dorsey so confidently stated if he could do it over he would again draft Fisher #1. That wasn’t the question he was asked. He was asked what he thought of his draft after the fisrt season. It was he who brought up Fisher. Maybe he really believes Fisher was the right #1 pick and if so, I understand his answer — I just don’t agree with it and I would have told him so.

      • kylerohde says:

        Got it. That makes sense Greg. Thanks and happy Friday!

      • Old Man Kissel says:

        “I just don’t agree with it and I would have told him so.”

        And you still wonder why you only lasted two weeks in radio Greg? Not to be possibly delusional though…

        810 scoops 610 once again…

    • KCMikey V says:

      How do you know he whiffed? It was his rookie season. The kid is going to add 15 lbs, learn more technique, and become more accustomed to the speed of the NFL.

      Kyle, give me your professional evaluation in 2 more years.

  4. Neil Smith says:

    What you talking about Greg? What I say is easy to understand. Football was great to me Im extremely happy I mean it makes me mad that we all get our brains beat in and someone should be responsible for it and Im telling you man football is the best sport their is. I love my Chiefs and Broncos and to this day I will remain concealed about who I root for. I will always depreciate and patronize the fine folks of Kansas.

  5. JP says:

    The KK/Mad Jack segments remind me of those ESPN shows with the “fake fights”. A lot of times they are questioning semantics, rather that discussing sports. I do agree with Gavin that Harry doesn’t like to be questioned on his opinions, and always resorts to the “it’s sports and everyone has an opinion”. As whacko as KK’s takes are, at least he tries to back them up.

    I had no problem with the Dorsey interview. I think the Chiefs made the right hire and if anyone will be able to procure talent, it’s Dorsey. It wasn’t his fault that Travis Kelce got hurt, and not having the 2nd round pick hurt the overall quality of the draft. (Not complaining about Alex Smith, just viewing the draft solely), Plus the draft can be a crapshoot at times, and some players adapt to the league easier than others. I wanted Honey Badger and I think he will be a productive pro. Give Dorsey time to pick the right players, the guy seems to know what he’s doing. He’s not in it for himself unlike the previous 2 GM’s.

    Finally I wonder if SSJ and Nate read this column, because they were listening much more today, after that scripted segment with Gary Barnett.

    • Doug Tucker says:

      JP, not sure what you mean when you say Dorsey is “not in it for himself like the previous 2 GM’s.” I haven’t checked the bank records but I’ll wager Dorsey has cashed every fat paycheck Clark Hunt has signed over to him. If the Chiefs had finished, say, 4-12 or 5-11, people would be talking about what a punk draft Dorsey had, especially with the overall No. 1 pick. For a while we all (myself included) raved about his rookie free agent pickups. Then Peyton Manning showed the league how to school Marcus Cooper. Dorsey may turn out to be a great hire. But to me, the jury is very much still out.

      • JP says:

        He doesn’t seem like a self promoter, or promoting a specific way. He seems like just a football man. Nobody’s saying that he will succeed and I am cynical as the next guy. But I think the franchise appears in better football hands with this guy compared to CP and Pioli.

  6. Neil Smith ain’t got nothing on Jerry Coleman, who sounds like he might have run across Dave Armstrong a time or two on the links and took the worst of it right to the melon. Is there someone Coleman’s estate can sue?

  7. Hot Carl says:

    GH: Kietzman often refers to Harry as, “My good friend Jack Harry.” And he then invites him on his show to make him look and sound like a blithering buffoon.

    Harry does a fantastic job all on his own of making himself sound like a blithering buffoon. He and Kietzman deserve each other. Two of the biggest asshats in the whole city.

  8. Kerouac says:

    Kerouac presumes Neil Smith did NOT call defensive signals for the Chiefs… and Jerry Coleman (like Yogi Berra) are both charter members the malaprop ‘characters’ club.


    Speaking of sporting quip lightweights, former Houston Oilers Head Coach Bill Peterson made Coleman & Berra seem like amateurs – or maybe vice versa:

    “You guys line up alphabetically by height”…

    “You guys have to run a little more than full speed out there”…

    “I want you guys to line up in groups of three and then line up in a circle”…

    “If you think for one damn minute that I’m gonna take a loss standing down, you just have another thing, thought comin”…

    “Line up on your helmets with the sidelines under your arms”… Bill finished up his Oilers career early, a 1-18 record (including 16 straight losses) in tow after being hired to a lifetime contract.

  9. Kyle says:

    I really wish Neil would stop going on air. I met him a couple of times a few years ago and he is hands down the nicest athlete I have met in KC. He is a good natured real dude. I know he has battled dyslexia and did not learn to read until way later than he should have. It’s kind of sad to hear people make fun of him for the way he talks, but again, he just needs to stop going on the air because it’s not getting any better.

    • Doug Tucker says:

      I agree with you, Kyle. I used to talk with Neil all the time and he is one of the warmest, kindest men I ever met, in or out of sports. As a public speaker, he’s no great shakes.But you’ll look far and wide to find a finer human being.

  10. Patrick says:

    When Dorsey talked about “He had flashes of brilliance in training camp” he was talking about Kelce, not Fisher. It’s about 15 minutes in on the podcast, he moves from talking about Fisher to Kelce and then says that line.

  11. nick says:

    Against my better judgement, I tuned in to KK this afternoon to hear his pre-KU/KSU game spin. He is SO cynical and bitter about Self and KU basketball. Wow.

    Kietzman thinks Self is master-mindedly exaggerating the toughness of his early league schedule. Kietzman, ever the spin-master, makes it sound as if KU’s first 5 league games…ALL AGAINST TOP 34 TEAMS, INCLUDING 3 IN THE TOP 11…isn’t that difficult for KU, and that Self knows it, but is only saying it because he’s trying to make KU underdogs in his players’ minds.

    The reason Self thinks the opening 5 league games are tough is because they happen to be the best non-KU teams in the Big 12. Also, Self has seen his team lose 4 non-con games, one of them being was just last Saturday inside Allen Field House! Winning at OU was a good win for KU. Beating K-State right now would be a good win for KU. Ames on Monday is gonna a monster of a game. The Cowboys beat the Jayhawks last year in AFH, so the game at AFH in 8 days is far from a gimme.

  12. Java Man says:

    I thought the conversation between KK and Clinkscale, concerning the concussion lawsuits, carried a bit of a racist tone . His white QB “buddy” Trent Green would never participate in such a thing.

    • Tim says:

      KK has always taken up for Trent Green. Until he got the Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl, KK would trash Kurt Warner all day claiming Trent would have also taken those Rams to the Super Bowl.

      • The Word. says:

        Green would not of lead the Rams to the SB. Green was a systems QB. I remember when he was here, everyone else made Green better. Not the other way around.

        Warner was a great leader, something Green really isn’t. And that’s why Warner is a HOF’er and not Green.

  13. Harry Balczak says:

    Kietzman needs to retire and move to Arizona. He is at heart a 70 year old living in a 45 year old man’s body

  14. Ron says:

    Anyone with a brain knows the lawsuit against the Chiefs is a trumped up money grab based on a technicality in Missouri law Those involved should be embarrassed. Unfortunately, these days a lot of lawsuits are nothing more than attempts at legal extortion, and not based on any rational sense of what’s fair or right.

    The ESPN writer who gave away his HOF ballot demeaned the process and should be excluded from further voting. He should have expected no less than what he got. He obviously doesn’t care whether or not he has a vote, anyway.

  15. Biff says:

    KK and Jack Harry “fued” is just an act , Why do people even listen to this . you have to be bored to listen to that BS.
    Will Jack talk about DGB arrested again? Wlil Pinkel do the right thing and kick him off the team?


  16. kcredsox says:

    Who’s to say the brain damage of the Chief’s players didn’t happen in Pop Warner, Junior High, High School and/or College? The only reason they have a chance in hell of winning any money is because they have one of the best ambulance chasers representing them.

  17. John Giardino says:

    I used to have some respect for Clinkscale for putting up with KK’s crap..but on Thursday I heard him state that breach of contract on the part of Bobby Petrino (vis-a-vis the first Louisville go-round) constituted a criminal charge. Clinkscale is supposed to be the “smart” one of the group, and he has no grasp of the differences between criminal and civil matters of law. Similarly, KK rants on and on about legal matters yet doesn’t even have the ability to define the tort of negligence – so his arguments are very ill-informed. He should stick to what he knows. Matters of law are not what you “feel” should be correct.

    • JP says:

      I’d rather listen to Neal Smith speak than hear KK opine about Law. When KK does that, those are the real comedy segments of his show.

  18. The Word says:

    Want to talk about a disappointing first round pick? How about 2010 with Eric Berry at No. 5 when Earl Thomas was available at 14.

    Hindsight being what it is and all. They went to high for that position. Should of traded down. Then to top it off…they didn’t even pick the best safety.

  19. Lou Brown says:

    I think Manziel will be a good pro QB. Doesn’t have great arm strength, but can avoid pressure and extend plays long enough to find the open man. He would be the anti-Alex Smith.
    I also have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Neil Smith at a charity event years ago and he is a genuinely nice guy. I couldn’t give a shit how he comes off speaking in an interview.

  20. Java Man says:

    Very good column by Mellinger this weekend regarding football concussions.

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