OTC: Josey Wales On TAMU And Sends Mizzou To Where Few Thought They Belonged

“Henry Josey emerged from behind James Franklin, took a handoff, and the defense opened wide. Josey hit the line, cut back to his right, hurdled over an ankle tackle and broke into the open field. And nobody was catching him. Josey burned 57 yards for a touchdown on a third-and-1 to put the Tigers up 7 with 3:34 to go, the eventual game-winning touchdown in a 28-21 Missouri win over Texas A&M yesterday that gave the Tigers a berth in next week’s Southeastern Conference championship game.”
David Morrison, writer, on Josey’s run into MU’s history books, Columbia Tribune
GH: On the same field where so many Big 8 and Big 12 tears were shed by these Tigers, Josey returned from one of the game’s worst knee injuries to deliver MU its first SEC title game. And people think Auburn is a team of destiny?

“It makes you feel like (Josey) was never gone. I think he’s faster than he was before. He flew down the field. I was going down to chase him. But I quickly remembered that’s not going to happen.”
Justin Britt, MU’s senior left tackle, Columbia Tribune

“Once (James Franbklin) said ‘victory formation,’ tears started rolling and emotion took over.”
L’Damian Washington, Mizzou’s senior wide receiver, on Missouri  defeating A&M 28-21 at Faurot Field to secure their spot in the SEC Championship game in Atlanta, 810 AM
GH: If there is a more tortured college fan base I am not aware of it. MU’s last conference title in football was 1960. Since then, only Job has had to put up with more petulance, famine, floods and bad calls. Is it over? Well, Jimmy Football just might be the guy to end this drought.

BaX9YI9CEAANNFc“(James Franklin) stopped for about every single kid on Faurot Field who wanted a photo.”
Patrick Crawford, @p_crawf, MU assistant director of communications, Twitter
GH: Think about where Franklin was last season and where he is today. His own head coach was trashing his reputation on national television last season. MU fans were adamant that he not be the starting QB in 2013. And now Jimmy Football just might end his college career as the greatest football player in Missouri history. By all accounts, he is already one of the programs highest character individuals. Love this kid’s resilience.

“Worst sports weekend ever for my teams: losses by Packers, Huskers, KU BB, KU FB, Badgers, and now Chiefs. Not to mention Mizzou win. Ugh.”
Kyle Rohde, @KyleRohde, Twitter
GH: On the other side of this Border War, nothing could ruin this sports weekend for Mizzou fans. Read on.

“An SEC team can’t get left out of the [BCS title game] with one loss. We just beat the No. 1 team in the nation … And a one-loss SEC team that wins in Atlanta — if it’s us or Missouri — you can’t get left out of the BCS after you beat the No. 1 team. We have a better argument because we beat the No. 1 team. … It would be a disservice to the nation if we got left out.”
Jay Jacobs, Auburn AD, USA Today
GH: It is that time of year again when the Thanksgiving turkey’s carcass is in the trash and so is the character of all those politicking for one of the two spots in the BCS Championship Bowl game. Jacobs went on to say leaving an SEC team out of the title game would be “un-American.” Got to love how college football and its BCS format manages to pit its best teams against each other everywhere but on the field.

“That’s a man that needs some help. That’s a man that has some imbalance.”
Kevin Kietzman, on the Auburn AD’s comments, 810 AM
GH: Anyone else see the irony in KK’s statement?

“ESPN has a (business relationship) with the SEC. They’ve been out there waving that SEC flag for anybody watching today. … I don’t understand any discussion if Ohio State (defeats Michigan State). I don’t get it. Urban Meyer has won a national championship before. He is 24-0 for crying out loud! There is no conversation here for Missouri being in the National championship game without Ohio State losing.”
Kevin Kietzman, whose radio station has a business relationship with the Chiefs, 810 AM
GH: Interesting how in just one weekend KK has gone from MU’s biggest cheerleader to the pride of the Big Ten, ain’t it? Mizzou is getting dangerously close to what Kietzman fears the most – an SEC and national title. If Florida State and Ohio State finish their seasons undefeated they will be in the title game – but have they really “earned” those spots? I would argue they have not. They simply were able to win all the games on their schedules – schedules that in no way mimicked or equaled those of Auburn, Missouri or Oklahoma State. The Seminoles and Buckeyes did all that they could. They are not the bad guys in this argument. But are they the two best teams in college football? I would argue that we have really no idea, despite their undefeated status.

“To compare this Ohio State team to Notre Dame’s team last year…is ludicrous! Notre Dame was a team that was carried by emotion and by defense. They did just enough on offense. Ohio State is the complete opposite! They have fireworks on offense They are scoring on almost every possession on that side of the football!”
Kirk Herbstreit, ESPN
GH: Did Herbie watch the OSU/Michigan game? Ohio State looks like Notre Dame 2012 except with stickers. Ohio State and Florida State play in the B1G and the ACC. EVERYTHING you say in their defense has to start with their awful conferences. It’s not their fault but to pretend they “deserve” a title bout over others in what is ludicrous.

“I’d like to go back in time and root for Brady Hoke to not be a dumb ass. You’re at home! Go to overtime!”
Steven St. John, on Hoke’s decision to go for two to beast Ohio State rather than go to overtime, 810 AM
GH: Hoke’s decision was brilliant. He had three yards to gain to slay his undefeated rival and make history. SSJ went on babbling about “momentum” in overtime and how the home team who just scored would benefit from that momentum. It was as dumb as it sounds. Hoke took a shot and got beat. I loved him putting it all on the line on one play.

“No one said it is KCs ‘fault’ or Mizzou’s fault, just don’t tell me Mizzou would be have same record w/UGA,UF or USC’s schedule.”
Doug Gottlieb, @GottliebShow, Twitter
GH: And Gottlieb is trying to say Florida State and Ohio State would be undefeated playing in the SEC? Gottlieb was one of the biggest critics of A&M and Mizzou leaving the Big 12 for the SEC. He crowed on and on how the two programs were never competitive in the Big 12 and would be fodder for the powerful SEC teams. Two years in and A&M has a win at Alabama and a Heisman. Two years in and Mizzou is in the SEC title game. You can see why Doug is a bit unnerved.

“I generally don’t like the ‘nobody gave us a chance and nobody respects us’ card, but if any team I’ve seen can play it, #Mizzou has a claim.”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, Twitter
GH: Mizzou is getting some love for their remarkable turnaround season but few pundits are even mentioning their name when it comes to the national title. But they have the same shot as Auburn if tOSU or FSU happens to lose on Saturday.

“I get the Auburn love, but Mizzou & Auburn have 5 common foes. Avg scores in those games, Mizzou 33-16, Auburn 42-27.”
Blair Kerkhoff, @BlairKerkhoff, Twitter

“People can say fluke but Alabama played well, didn’t turn it over, and Auburn was their equal.”
Dan Wolken, @DanWolken, Twitter
GH: Mizzou would have benefited more from beating a top-ranked and undefeated Bama but Auburn is the next best thing. They now appear to be a team of destiny and those are pretty difficult to beat as well. Just ask Georgia and Alabama.

“I wouldn’t pick against Auburn if they were playing the Denver Broncos right now. I would definitely pick them.”
Paul Finebaum, when asked his pick in the SEC title game, ESPN

“I believe Alabama’s the second best team on the field right now. … I still have Ohio State as the number two team right now.”
Jessie Palmer, ESPN
GH: I still do not understand how Jessie Palmer is allowed back on the air each week at ESPN. Is he the new Beano Cook?

“Is some asking Malzahn a question with a potato in their mouth? How did Malzahn understand that?”
Pete Scantlebury, @PeteScantlebury, Twitter
GH: Welcome to that Alabama accent, Pete. Read on for an open letter from a Bama fan to Mizzou – and his warnings about those Auburn War Eagle Tiger Goat Herders…

“Dear Mizzou Nation – I’m a Bama fan, but I wanted to share a few things with you all. First of all…congratulations on a great regular season. In your second season you have really SHOWED you belong. I honestly wish you were in the West where you belong. I think you driving to Baton Rogue for a game makes more sense than you driving to Gainesville>But anyway, it is what it is. Here in the SEC we appreciate resilience and you have SHOWED it all season long. Great job!  Secondly we want you to know we Bama fans are all behind you guys. In fact a few of us who bought tickets to the SECCG in advance will be showing up at the Dome to yell for you. Now I will admit right after Alabama lost to Auburn I was convinced AU would beat you guys, but today in the light of day I have changed my tune and think you guys can take the barn. And really, you should take them. However, I want to warn you about some things you are going to face this week. First of all the GA Dome is just like70 miles from Auburn so the place is going to be overrun with a pack of goat herders the likes you have never seen before. Now they are not all going to be in the Dome, but they will be grazing their kids and live stock in the immediate area so beware. Do not trade with these people, you will regret it. They really are a bunch of stealers and surprise surprise their qb is too.”
Alabama Fan, in an open letter to Mizzou Nation, rollbamaroll.com
GH: You can read the entire letter by clicking here. Damn do I love that Mizzou joined up with the SEC! Goat herders and all!

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32 Responses to OTC: Josey Wales On TAMU And Sends Mizzou To Where Few Thought They Belonged

  1. Reformed Tradition says:

    KK pulled out the SEC and Big Xii being equal card on his monologue today as well. It’s fool’s logic to suggest a team from 2013 is the same as one from 2011. It’s called a rising tide lifts all ships, and we see the exact opposite thing happening in the new “Southwest Conference”.

    • Kansas Marine says:

      The motive behind 99% of KK’s monologue is as easy to spot as a Jerry O’Neils wig. It all leads back to one thing – Kansas State.

    • Biff says:

      It is now pretty clear with TXam and MU success, the SEC may have a great team or two in years past. But the SEC is just like any other conference . The SEC east is really bad now. MU had an easy schedule this year. just like teams in the old Big 12 north could get an easy schedule some years.

      • Dan says:

        Another dumb comment from Biff. These are becoming quite regular. Mizzou’s SOS is 27th in the nation. They did NOT benefit from an easy schedule. Get your facts straight before blurting out idiotic comments. I’ll give you a fact. No Big 12 team this year could have played MU’s schedule and had as good of a record.

        • Biff says:

          Dan Another Drunk MU fan, MU played 4 cupcakes in the non conference games. , MU has not beat a team that is now ranked in the top 20. The SEC east is weak, The only good team MU play, SC . they lost to at home.
          Try again.

          • Dan says:

            Wrong. Try again. Georgia and Texas A&M are both ranked. Those two plus Florida and Ole Miss were all ranked when they played (and lost to) Mizzou. Once again I tell you, no Big 12 team would’ve won 11 games playing our schedule.

      • john says:

        mu’s last two wins were against sec west teams….

  2. hammy says:

    whoa, a kansas fan who is also a Nebraska, Wisconsin and Packers fan? Cover all the bases.

    I love Gottleib saying USCe would do what Mizzou did with our schedule. Um, we played 6 common opponents. They played Arkansas and Miss St from the West and we played Ole Miss and aTm. But we have the easier schedule?

  3. Say What? says:

    “Now they are not all going to be in the Dome, but they will be grazing their kids and live stock in the immediate area so beware. Do not trade with these people, you will regret it. They really are a bunch of stealers and surprise surprise their qb is too.”

    I loved this.

  4. kcdave says:

    Shit Kyle, how many teams does one guy need?

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      If you bandwagon jump enough of them, you’ll find one eventually that will win on any given week.

  5. Pumpkin Seed says:

    Greg, I think Mizzou tied Nebraska for Big 8 football championship in 1969.

  6. Dan says:

    Jesse Palmer has been very critical of Mizzou’s loss to SC, saying how an elite team doesn’t blow a 17 point lead at home. He also posed the question of what would’ve happened if Connor Shaw had played the whole game. He did NOT say what he thought would’ve happened if James Franklin or EJ Gaines had played AT ALL… Palmer, when talking about Stanford (when they only had one loss), said he was willing to give them a pass for their loss to Utah “because they didn’t play their game”. Different rules for different schools, I guess. Either that or Palmer is a clown.

  7. Hoppy says:

    Good stuff Greg. I haven’t listened to KK in awhile, I swithced to Parkins for as long I can tolerate him (though it pains me to admit that KK is good enough at shock jock radio I do look forward to your takes on his blathering…but its condensed haha) but move over Finebaum…my, my would BTL be appointment radio if Mizzou pulls this thing off and sparty rises up saturday

  8. Jim says:

    Listen, until the college football “playoff” system kicks in, undefeated teams from a major conference are GOING to get into the National championship game. Like it or not, if your team is undefeated AND they win their Conference Championship they get a shot at the National Championship. Good God, it’s not like that is a gross injustice. If FSU & OSU win their Conference Championships………they earned it. If MU defeats Auburn and gets upset that they don’t get a shot at the title, then don’t give up a 17-point lead to SCar at home a clank a chip shot off the cross bar. Hell, Saban wishes that freaking :01 wouldn’t have been put back on the clock. The system is horrible. But, it is changing.

  9. JP says:

    I like SSJ, but he is dead wrong on his comments about Hoke and Michigan. They were a huge underdog in that game. They get the score, and can win the game by going 3 yards. Their defense was getting gashed the entire game, and if it went to OT, they probably won’t keep up scoring with the Buckeyes. He made the right call to go for the win. If it screws up the Confederates from getting into the National title game, whatever. He made the right call for his team.

    • Steve says:

      Couldn’t agree more. His whining about Hoke was very annoying. I fully expected him to go for 2 and was glad when he did. The way their defense had been playing, momentum wasn’t going to mean a damn thing in overtime.

      As for Franklin, I’m glad to see him playing so well and am not surprised one bit. I was a little worried the coaching staff was going to go with Mauk to start the season, which would have been a huge mistake. I think people forget how good Franklin was his sophomore year before he got hurt last year.

  10. nick says:

    GREG HALL: “If Florida State and Ohio State finish their seasons undefeated they will be in the title game – but have they really “earned” those spots? I would argue they have not. They simply were able to win all the games on their schedules – schedules that in no way mimicked or equaled those of Auburn, Missouri or Oklahoma State.”

    Florida State has mauled everybody they’ve played, including their two in-state rivals and #13 Clemson on the road.

    Ohio State knocked off #21 Wisconsin, and won at Michigan with everything on the line is a good win.

    Missouri beat #22 Georgia and #24 Texas A&M. But they lost to #8 South Carolina.

    Sucks for the Auburn/Missouri winner, but the Buckeyes and Seminoles deserve a title shot if they remain undefeated.

    How sick must Oklahoma State fans be?! If not for a slip-up at WV, they’d likely be in the top 2 right now.

  11. Del Griffith says:

    Alabama not being able to cover a 107-yard missed FG return did more harm to mizzeri than Michigan did by not being able to punch it in from 3 yards out.

    If James “hangnail” Franklin is in discussion for greatest football player ever at mizzeri, what’s that say about your history?

    Enough with the “common opponents” argument. That garbage is part of the problem with the entire BCS system. Same with Blair Kerkhoff’s pointless stat of common opponent scores between Auburn and mizzeri. Put down the calculator Poindexter. You never know what’s gonna happen until the game is played, just like OSU vs MIchigan on Saturday.

    War Damn Eagle

  12. brett says:

    KK went on a rant a few weeks back about how dumb it was for mizzou fans to “cheer” for the SEC.

    this entire thread is exhibit A as to why “conference cheering” is not only relevant, but instrumental to who gets a shot at the crystal ball.

    my team should be in the national championship because my conference is better than your conference (which means that my schedule was tougher than your schedule).

    this won’t change with the playoff system next year. it will just shift from who the number 2 team should be, to who the number 4 team should be. and the strength of your conference will remain just as important.


  13. I’d be all for sending Jay Jacobs and KK in tandem to seek a little help. Just like Tony and Carmella pulled it off together with Dr. Melfi.

  14. Mick says:

    The only “reality” that Jesse Palmer knows is reality “dating” shows. He’s a no talent ass clown who is riding the coat tails of being on a stupid television show. Seriously, how does this guy have any credibility?

  15. January says:

    The SEC has also won 8 of the last 9 Cotton Bowls. The only Big 12 winner was Mizzou in 2007.

  16. mike t. says:

    greg… i just noticed your headline again. did you intentionally use the word ‘wales’ as in reference to josey wales in the “Outlaw Josey Wales”, a Clint Eastwood movie? clint plays a Missouri farmer whose family is killed by Jayhawkers and becomes a member of Missouri crew in the Border War. funny coincidence…

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