OTC: K-State Hoops Off To Great Start / KU Looking To Avoid Early Warning Signs Of Danger

“Kansas State’s freshmen are overperforming and Kansas’ freshmen are underperforming. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying Kansas State’s freshmen are better than Kansas’ freshmen. … They’re thinking more about the Milwaukee Bucks than (college basketball). Most of these guys aren’t college fans. They’re NBA fans.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I really don’t think Kansas’ problems are related to their talented freshman class not caring what happens to their KU team. That sounds like a statement born out of jealousy more than fact. Kansas just doesn’t play very well as a team right now. I don’t think it has anything to do with Andrew Wiggins being preoccupied with facing LeBron next winter.

“The hate by the K-State student section toward Marcus Smart is already at Greg Ostertag proportions. They were chanting,  ‘YOU’RE A FLOPPER.’”
D. Scott Fritchen, @DScottFritchen, of PowerCat.com, during the K-State win over Oklahoma State at Bramlage, Twitter
GH: Big 12 basketball is back to rescue Kansas City sports fans from their annual post-Chiefs season blahs. There are three DI schools in the state of Kansas ranked in the top 25 again this season. Bruce Weber’s Kansas State is the biggest surprise of the trio. Beating OSU again is a big win for the Cats…and even the Jayhawks. This Big 12 hoops season is going to be fun.

“Cats just beat OSU so KU wins Big 12 again!”
Kevin Kietzman, @kkwhb, after Bruce Weber’s K-State Wildcats beat Oklahoma State at Bramlage for the second year in a row, Twitter
GH: I get the feeling Kietz is a bit too focused on the Jayhawks instead of enjoying his alma mater’s success, don’t you?

“Thomas Gipson having himself a season for Kansas State. 19 + 8 in win at TCU. In significantly better shape. Has committed himself.”
Jon Rothstein, @JonRothstein, on the Cats’ center, Twitter
GH: Kansas State is 2-0 in the Big 12 and feeling very, very good about it. When Bruce Weber was asked about the Cats upcoming game this Saturday at Kansas he cautiously replied, “They have Oklahoma (Wednesday night) to worry about before us.”

“There’s no such thing as a must win this early in season but KU really needs to start Big 12 out right at OU IMO. 4-4 in last 8 games.”
Gary Bedore, @GaryBedore, Twitter

“You hate to say this is a must game tonight (at Oklahoma) but it’s almost a must-win game!”
Aaron Swarts, on Kansas’ Big 12 opener on the road at Norman, 810 AM
GH: No, the opening game of conference play cannot be considered a “must-win” game for Kansas, a team with 11 consecutive Big 12 Conference titles. But yeah, it might be one the Hawks would like to win to calm the uneasiness that is sure to follow a loss in Norman.

“I actually got a text today from my spouse (Cindy) reminding me I said, ‘Enjoy the process.’”
Bill Self, Hawk Talk
GH: The Lawrence Journal World does a good job covering Self’s weekly radio show and they grabbed this quote and some others for their newspaper and website. Read on.

“I am believing the hard schedule and the knocks we took (in the non-con) will better prepare us for playing the season that’s far more important than the first season. If we could go out and win the league, I don’t think anybody really will find a lot of fault with us losing four games in nonconference to three teams ranked in the top 15 (losses are to Villanova, Colorado, San Diego State, Florida). Now if we don’t learn from this and go out and lay an egg in the conference season, I think people can say it’s been a crap season. I would be one to agree with that. That’s not going to happen. We’ve got too good of players. They care too much. We’ll get it. We’re missing a little bit of something that is correctable.”
Bill Self, KUSports.com
GH: Self is putting some pressure on his young team with these comments and I don’t have a problem with him predicting success for his team. He is also placing some heat on himself as he states their woes are correctable. But it sure does seem to be taking a while this season to get things right.

“Our guys try hard, but there’s not that zest for playing that we’ve had. It’s personalities. We’ve got some really laid-back dudes. It’s so out of personality for them to show emotion. Emotion also is contagious. If you look at our team, the only time we’ve shown unbelievable emotion is when we beat Duke (94-83 on Nov. 12). It’s like there was such a joy. The guys love playing. They just don’t show it. It maybe is leaving fans wanting more (because) we are used to having cocky dudes when they make a play they let everybody know they are fired up. We don’t have that type of personality yet. Hopefully we’ll grow into it.”
Bill Self, KUSports.com
GH: I don’t think a lot of KU fans are pining for their Hawks to beat their chest after a deep three or a slam. They just want to see some better ball movement, some great man-to-man defense and somebody who can consistently make some outside shots. Emotion is overrated once you leave the stands.

“I don’t know that (Kansas) has that national championship caliber point guard on this team this year. That problem might not solve itself.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM

“CAN NOT WAIT Big Monday #Kansas visits Ames. One week.”
Holly Rowe, @sportsiren, on the Jayhawks and Cyclones matchup January 13th, Twitter
GH: I watched undefeated ISU dismantle number-five-ranked Baylor in Ames Tuesday night. I do not expect Mr. Weatherwax’s favorite team to lose at home this season.

“The SEC Conference basketball season is getting ready to start. A conference where I refuse to watch any games unless Missouri is involved.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: I have a feeling SSJ is not the only Mizzou fan who has an aversion to watching SEC basketball. How and why is it so tough to find eight guys per school who can hoop in the SEC?

“Like I said, we’re two free throws away from being 13-0.”
Frank Haith, as his 12-1 Missouri basketball team enters SEC play, 810 AM
GH: Haith has MU on cruise control in their new conference but the fans at Mizzou Arena have never really returned like they were in the Norm years. I don’t expect Georgia is going to be a big draw tonight in Columbia either. I don’t know if anyone is really at fault. It just appears that Mizzou has embraced the SEC mantra that football is king and basketball ain’t.

“I can’t say how great the (Big 12) league has been in helping us with our travel issues.”
Bob Huggins, on his West Virginia basketball team combining some of their Big 12 away games into closer dates so they don’t have to travel to the Midwest quite as often as last season, 810 AM
GH: So how many school days does the Mountaineers men’s and women’s basketball teams miss due to traveling back and forth to the Midwest – sometimes for four and five days at a time? Seems to me the student-athlete was overlooked with WVU’s decision to join the Big 12.

“We don’t have obnoxious (fans at Kentucky) — well, we may, but I never hear them — but we don’t treat the other team with disrespect. If we won a game against the No. 1 team in the country in Rupp Arena, would people charge the court? No. You’re supposed to (win). This is Kentucky. We don’t do that here.”
John Calipari, in a not-so-veiled rip at Indiana where the fans stormed the court in December of 2011 after upsetting his number-one Kentucky Wildcats, sportingnews.com
GH: Here we go with the we’re-too-good-to-charge-the-court comments from another elite program. Every school’s students and fans will charge the court/field if they suffer enough down years and beat the right opponent at home in an upset. Every. Last. One. Yes, even Kentucky and Kansas. There was a time that Indiana basketball was just as proud.

“ESPN covered the BCS Championship Game like it was the last sporting event on earth with more than eight different ways for fans to watch the game. The biggest winner was clearly the Film Room on ESPNEWS. ESPN analysts Tom Luginbill, Matt Millen, and Chris Spielman were joined by 3 current head coaches – Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin, BC’s Steve Addazio, and Pitt’s Paul Chryst.”
Matt Yoder, writer, awfulannouncing .com
GH: I flipped between all of the ESPN stations to sample their different offerings and I also favored the Film Room channel. The coaches’ insight was a great way to watch the game. It also is a great reason for me to invest in an 80-inch 4K television. (In case my wife is reading this, this would be far, far into the future…like next football season.)

“Listening to these coaches analyze the title game live is absolutely fascinating. Genius idea by ESPN. Love it.”
T.J. Moe, @TJMoe28, former MU wide receiver, commenting on the Film Room coverage of the BCS championship game on ESPNews, Twitter

“I don’t like any of this mega coverage, but I’m a grouch.”
Bob Lutz, @boblutz, Wichita Eagle sports columnist, Twitter

“Am I listening to English?”
Dee Dee Bonner, @DeeDeeBonner, mother of Alabama’s AJ McCarron, in a tweet that apparently was directed at Florida State’s Jameis Winston as he was interviewed live on ESPN following the BCS title game, Twitter
GH: I listened to Winston’s interview live and while it wasn’t the King’s English, it wasn’t Neilbonics. Read on for a sample…

“I said guys, we didn’t come here for no reason. I said, ‘Guys, this is ours, man.’ All the adversity we went through the first few quarters, it was ours to take. And like I’ve been saying, we control our own destiny, And those men looked me in my eye and said ‘We got this Jameis.’ I said, ‘Are you strong?’ They said, ‘I’m strong if you strong.’ I said, ‘We strong then.’”
Jameis Winston, in a postgame interview on
GH: AJ’s girlfriend, the voluptuous Katherine Webb, also got into the Winston bashing via Twitter – but by mistake. Read on.

“The idea that I am a racist is absolutely stupid and it needs to stop. I was scrolling through my TL and that tweet was accidentally FAV.”
Katherine Webb, @KatherineWebb, AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, after Webb “accidentally” favored a tweet in her timeline that suggested Winston learn sign language to communicate, Twitter

“Any1 that knows our family knows we r far from racist. My tweet was not in anyway meant that way. I sincerely apologize if it offended any1.”
Dee Dee Bonner, @DeeDeeBonner, Twitter
GH: We also know u r a really awful spelr.

“For the people that criticize the way that I talk this is for y’all. The Florida state Seminoles are national champions! That is all.”
Jameis Winston, @Jaboowins, Twitter
GH: I am guessing that FSU will be happy to assist Mr. Winston in remaining academically eligible for his sophomore season…as would just about every other BCS school.

“I look at (Florida State’s) schedule, I don’t see nothing that really wows me. (FSU) ain’t played no Alabama. You ain’t played no Georgia. You ain’t played no Missouri. … Y’all ain’t been tested. Y’all ain’t been through what we went through.”
Cam Newton, former Auburn quarterback, in his pregame speech to the Auburn team via a video feed
GH: Mizzou getting lumped into the proud-to-have-played-you list of opponents with Alabama? How about those apples?

“Charlie, you’re a no-nonsense kind of guy and this is a job that comes with a lot of nonsense.”
Mike Greenberg, while interviewing the new Texas football coach, Charlie Strong, ESPN Radio

“Any big-time program, that comes with it. At the end of the day you’ve got to go coach your football team.”
Charlie Strong, responding to Greenberg’s question about dealing with all the outside responsibilities as the Texas head coach, ESPN Radio
GH: The Dallas Morning news caught a lot of flak for their headline that stated Texas’ first black head football coach was, “Not A Hip-Hop Coach.” The DMN responded by saying they were merely referring to a comment that Lou Holtz made about Strong. Just own it DMN and move on.

“@FauxPelini ok enough is enough… I want my cat back. You’ve had her long enough!”
Bo Pelini, @BoPelini, Twitter
GH: If you’re not a Twitter person, this one might be over your head. But having Pelini live tweet his fake Twitter personality is pretty crazy – and funny as hell. Imagine Ned Yost sending a public tweet to @TheFakeNed asking who he should bat leadoff. Score one for Bobo. Maybe the guy is half human after all.

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36 Responses to OTC: K-State Hoops Off To Great Start / KU Looking To Avoid Early Warning Signs Of Danger

  1. donkeypunch says:

    GH sed:
    I get the feeling Kietz is a bit too focused on the Jayhawks instead of enjoying his alma mater’s success, don’t you?

    donkeypunch sez:
    Kietz pulled this same stunt last year when he was live from Spring Training talking with the Border Patrol after KU beat KSU in Lawrence. Same ‘ole song and dance with this ass-clown

  2. MightyMo says:

    Greg, is 8-10 wins a year now enough at Nebraska? If so, welcome to the club.

  3. Jim says:

    I don’t know about you, but I was shocked that a lily white chick from Alabama might have a racist tweet regarding a black dude. Who knew?

    • Tim says:

      Hopefully she wasn’t listening to Pisstro’s show at noon today. Neil Smith was on.

    • Rex says:

      As everyone knows, EVERYONE FROM THE SOUTH IS A RACIST. Great stereotyping genius!! Viewers likely expected a young man who has received awards all over the country to be able to put two sentences together without sounding like a grammatical moron.
      You do realize that he is a COLLEGE student don’t you? I also could guarantee the school has tried to teach him how to speak. It was not racism. It was his ignorance that stunned viewers.

  4. JP says:

    KK’s takes on the KU program are humorous at best. It does show the jealousy that he has at that program. He had no problem with players looking ahead to the NBA when they were named Beasley and Walker. The hypocrite label doesn’t do KK justice. Mega-Hypocrite is more like it.

    This is not a must win, but a Should win. The BIg XII looks very tough this season and OU is certainly playing decent basketball right now. KU will get everybody’s best shot, and these young kids need to come around. I suspect it will happen, similar to 2006, but we are still a long way from March.

    • sporty says:

      KU fans are hilarious. KK can’t win. He either hates you too much or praises you too much. Who says he has a problem with the Ku players going to the NBA? Thin-skinned fans, to say the least!

      • JP says:

        The next time KK praises the KU team will be the first time. As for thin skinned, just read this blog. But that’s what happens when you are on top of the mountain as Kansas Basketball is. A place K State or Missourah fans have never experienced.

        • Alphonse Tooty says:

          Haha … RME.

        • sporty says:

          HAHA! He praises KU, almost to the point of wanting to puke. Maybe he does it because he knows they will eventually choke, I don’t know. I just think it’s funny that KC is cut 3 ways, in terms of fan-bases. Yet, KU fan thinks they should be the only one talked about. (Basketball, only, of course)

          • Kansas Marine says:

            I’d focus more on your own choke jobs. Last time I checked KSU is one of the only BCS programs without a championship in ANY major sports. Choke? And that football program you’re so proud of has a 40-65 record against KU.

            • sporty says:

              Yes, let’s talk about ancient history. KU has won 1 conference game in 4 years. NO roads games in that time. So, yeah, I guess bringing up 30 year old records is all you have….hilarious

              • Kansas Marine says:

                All we have? We do have a BCS bowl victory. Which is more than can be said for Bill Snyder. There’s also that national championship in basketball. “Hilarious.” But we don’t have the honor of forcing out the greatest coach in our schools history, only to beg him to come back once we realized how inept our program was.

                • john says:

                  wait, you didn’t force out mark mangino? big time upgrade with turner gill and charlie weis…

                  • Kansas Marine says:

                    I didn’t force out Mark Mangino. Our athletic director did. It was clearly an idiotic move that’s still causing problems.

  5. Dan says:

    This Mizzou fan does try to watch the other SEC games because those are the teams that my school plays against. It’s not the prettiest of basketball but it’s the league we’re in. Why wouldn’t we watch? We’re going to be with these schools for the rest of our lives. Might as well accept it and familiarize ourselves with the conference.

  6. mike t. says:

    i don’t have a lot of faith in ku’s team this year. in the non-con losses, and even some of the wins, i don’t see a consistent go-to guy, i still see sloppy ball handling, poor decisions and a defense that is still too porous.

    i say the ou game is a statement win to the rest of the big 12. question is, who will make it?

    as much as it would be cool for ku to pull off a 10th conf title, don’t see that happening this year. too many holes against a very strong field. i hope i’m proven wrong.

  7. nick says:

    There’s a giddiness to all the teams and their fan bases in the Big 12. They sense a vulnerability to KU.

    As a Jayhawk fan, I can’t wait to see how and if Self can figure it out.

  8. sporty says:

    My giddiness is strictly due to K-State’s 10 game win streak. Don’t know what will happen on Saturday or beyond. Just happily focused on now!

  9. Joe Blow says:

    How and why is it so tough to find eight guys per school who can hoop in the SEC?

    Most Big 12 basketball is pretty boring to watch, too. WTF?

    Every school’s students and fans will charge the court/field if they suffer enough down years and beat the right opponent at home in an upset. Every. Last. One. Yes, even Kentucky and Kansas.

    Like when KU tore down the goalposts after they finally won a Big 12 football game?

    GH: We also know u r a really awful spelr.

    Tht is 1 of the things tht hppns w/ twitter..

    Imagine Ned Yost sending a public tweet to @TheFakeNed asking who he should bat leadoff.

    It would be even crazier if any of the fake Twitter people were remotely clever..

  10. Tangled up in blue says:

    College basketball is NOT what it used to be. Maybe I am getting old or just can’t identify with the players, but I find college basketball boring and the NBA is God awful. I would rather watch something else any day. Now football is a different story….I would rather watch a competitive Pop Warner football game than a college or NBA game.

  11. Kansas Marine says:

    Yet another KC media member showing a KSU bias. Completely ignore the fact KU played the most difficult non-con schedule in the nation while KSU dropped games to Northern Colorado (2), Charlotte (7) and Georgetown (27). Is KSU good, or did they fatten up on the 247th most difficult schedule?

    If only KSU fans were as excited as KK & GH. They’ve sold out 1 game so far this season.

    • sporty says:

      KSU bias? HAHA! KU has lost 4 games. Having a tough schedule means nothing if you lose the games! I suppose it’s the officiating that made them lose 4 games? KU has a good team but they are not the only game in this town,

      • Kansas Marine says:

        Come back when you fill your arena more than once. And yes, KU has four losses. But they don’t have the honor of dropping games to perennial powers like Northern Colorado and Charlotte. Lets see how Bruce does once Frank Martin’s players are gone. History says it wont be pretty.

  12. Biff says:

    The SEC is a joke in basketball. Only UK cares about Bball and Fla , a little. MU has plenty of empty seats unless they play KU, I now see why MU keeps begging to play KU .
    Nice choke job by MU last night. they are heading to the NIT fast.
    KU has now scheduled Illinois in football so you can forget about there being a border war for at least a decade.

    • john says:

      how many titles in basketball (no need to even get into football) has the sec won in the last decade? how many has the big 12? the move made sense in every way. the farther away mu gets from ku, the better. get over it. enjoy your sunflower showdown. should be riveting.

      • john says:

        for a real laugh go back 20 years. the sec has won 6 national titles in that time while the big 12-2+2-2 was won only one. but yeah, the sec is a joke in basketball…

      • BlackJack says:

        Can everyone please STFU about sour grapes and conference rivalries, and SEC/Big12 sour grapes, and trash-talking? It is the same old, tired arguments and makes most of y’all look like jealous, jilted ex-girlfriends.

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