OTC: K-State Kicks Away Chance To Beat Auburn / Detroit/Royals Open Most Important Series At The K Since 1985

“Kansas State is annoying.”
David Pollack, CFB analyst, as Auburn led KSU 10-7 at the half, ESPN
GH: Pollack’s ESPN booth mates chuckled at his comment. This comment annoyed me. Kansas State has built a football program over the past 20 years or so that is far more than “annoying.” They have two Big 12 championships and a number of 11-win seasons along with an annual bowl trip under Bill Snyder. Pollack diminishes these accomplishments and the level of play that Kansas State displays by calling them “annoying.” Check with Auburn and see if they thought the Cats were nothing more than annoying.

“I don’t remember a loss that was more frustrating than this loss. We honestly feel like we could have and should have won that game.”
Curry Sexton, KSU wide receiver, after K-State lost 20-14 to Auburn, 810 AM

“When asked if Auburn won the game or K-State lost it, Bill Snyder says, ‘The latter.’” Kellis Robinett, @KellisRobinett, Twitter
GH: There is no doubt that Kansas State could have won this game. But SHOULD they have won this game? Auburn is singing some of the same missed-opportunities woes as K-State in their turnovers and a dropped TD pass. Auburn just isn’t singing as loudly because they managed to win this toss-up of a game.

“When asked about Jack Cantele’s missed field goals, Bill Snyder attributes two to poor snaps and bad holds.”
Kellis Robinett, @KellisRobinett, Twitter
GH: Snyder also decided he had seen enough of Cantele when he sent in a replacement placekicker for the Cats’ final extra point attempt. Cantele’s missed kicks – even the bad-snap kick – we’re fairly easy kicks. But the play that really changed the game was Tyler Lockett’s dropped TD pass/INT. That play might have been more devastating to KSU’s chances than all three missed FGs combined. BTW, Shane Keyser has a great photo of Lockett’s miss and Jonathan Jones’ pick in today’s Star.

“This (loss to Auburn) does not fit into what you normally think of a K-State football game. There’s no way K-State’s going to have those kinds of mistakes ever again.”
Stan Weber, on the number of turnovers, missed field goals and missed opportunities in the Auburn loss, 810 AM
GH: This is the kind of analysis I do not need from Weber. How does he know this was an aberration of this Wildcat team? Stan sounded more like a KSU cheerleader on 810’s Border Patrol than a knowledgeable KSU insider. Why did the Cats have such a difficult time with turnovers? Why did Lockett drop two easy passes? Why did their veteran kicker who had only missed two FGs all of last season turn into Cario Santos? How could a Bill Snyder coached team look so casual at times? Nate and Steven let Weber off easy by not asking him to answer some tough questions about his team.

“How do you not feel better about K-State football today than you did yesterday? Did you ever think K-State could shut down Auburn’s running game like that? I’ve got to say that this K-State team is good and I feel better about them than I did before the game. It’s weird to feel better about your team after they just lost.”
Stan Weber, 810 AM
GH: I doubt most K-State fans feel better about their Cats than they did before the game. K-State had every opportunity to beat the fifth-ranked team in the country – and one from the hated SEC. And they did not get it done. It is a defeatist’s attitude to take that loss as a victory of sorts. That kind of attitude feeds the thought that KSU football is no more than “annoying.”

“I didn’t think it could get worse than when Turner Gill was there (at KU) but I think this is somehow worse. I think there was some thought that things would change when Charlie Weis was hired and that’s gone.”
Aaron Swarts, 810 AM
GH: The problem is that we are even debating whether or not KU football worse under Gill or Weis. It was/is completely unaccepted under both. Dennis Dodd wrote an interesting column here on cbssports.com this week on possible replacements for Weis. I am hoping Sheahon Zenger has memorized it.

“I believe they are in the playoffs. I believe they are in the postseason. I like their chances against the Detroit Tigers this weekend. I believe they’re in without question.”
Mike Mcfarlane, on the Royals postseason hopes, 810 AM
GH: Mcfarlane has been unbending all season about his optimism for this Royals team – even during their darkest slumps. Those damn Tigers though are one tough out. Read on.

“Every time some team challenges Detroit they just slap them back down like a fly. Is this the time that Kansas City answers the call?”
Buster Olney, ESPN MLB analyst, 810 AM

“When was the last time the Royals had a three-game series and each game was televised nationally on a different network?”
Steven St. John, on the Tigers/Royals series being broadcast tonight on ESPN2, Saturday on Fox and Sunday on ESPN
GH: The last time the Royals were good enough to warrant this kind of network coverage there weren’t that many networks. This is going to be fun. Send me a tweet if you happen to run in John Kruk at Oklahoma Joe’s.

“It’s the series of a lifetime and the weather’s going to cooperate. We’re expecting just beautiful weather through the weekend.”
Gary Lezak, on the weather tonight and this weekend for the Tigers/Royals series, 810 AM
GH: Even the weather is cooperating for this series. Let’s hope Nori Aoki remains in his Ty-Cobb trance.

“It was just a couple of hundred or more (who experienced problems ordering Royals playoff tickets online). The pool of people we ended up hearing from individually, it ended up being a fairly small amount of people who weren’t sure (if their ticket order was processed). Just encourage fans to just contact the Royals if they’re concerned. We’re fighting through all of this as fast as we can.”
Toby Cook, Royals VP of community affairs, responding to the myriad of problems Royals fans experienced Thursday when they attempted to buy playoff tickets online, Kansas City Star
GH: I hate everything about this response from Cook. First of all, be prepared so that these online problems do not occur. I don’t know if it MLB or the Royals to blame but the Royals are going to be targeted with the criticism. Next, how does Cook know it was “a couple hundred people?” I am calling BS on this. We had ten people in my office run into issues of not being able to buy tickets and getting charged multiple times but not receiving tickets. How about just saying we FUBARed this sale about as badly as Ned handled Aaron Crow this season?

“Coming up, your chance to win Royals tickets with the best pirate impression.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Someone please ask whoever is forcing 610 to run these ridiculous game-show promotions to walk the plank.

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46 Responses to OTC: K-State Kicks Away Chance To Beat Auburn / Detroit/Royals Open Most Important Series At The K Since 1985

  1. Gavin says:

    I just looked at Dodd’s list. Say what you want about the misery of being a KU football fan (it will be true), we do at least get the fun of finding and getting excited about a new coach every few years. Why, it’s like a whole extra Christmas just for us!

  2. dman says:

    Watching the KSU game, it ended up that whoever made the least mistakes would win. I can’t believe the number of dropped passes by Auburn receivers. The Auburn DB’s were also mauling Lockett the entire night. On the flip side (the missed kicks were a given), I can’t believe the wildcats couldn’t come up with any of those fumbles (especially the botched handoff from Marshall on the end around).

    It was sloppy, but I was impressed with the way KSU tackled and played defense. Not a KSU fan, but it sucks they didn’t win.

    I’m surprised Snyder came out and claimed they were stealing signals though. Unless he is claiming that Auburn came up to tape practices, why wouldn’t you try to figure out your opponent’s signs during the game. How is a DE trying to time a snap count that doesn’t change any different than watching the signs coming in from the sideline. That’s why so many schools mix it up.

  3. Greg says:

    “When was the last time the Royals had a three-game series and each game was televised nationally on a different network?”
    Steven St. John, on the Tigers/Royals series being broadcast tonight on ESPN2, Saturday on Fox and Sunday on ESPN

    (Sunday’s game is actually on TBS at 1:10 pm)

  4. geoknows says:

    Yeah, the Royals did not handle the ticket sales themselves. Can’t remember who did, though, but they did contract it out. You’re correct that they will still get the heat for the mess.

  5. MIZ-SEC says:

    Fuck the Big 12. All you SEC haters can suck my nuts. All Im hearing from KStaters and the local KC media is excuses. Get a grip. Auburn is not even close to what they were last year. Theyre probably middle of the pack in the SEC West. They went on the road and beat the (supposedly) 3rd best Big 12 team. And played like shit while doing it. KState does have an annoying team. Theyre brilliantly coached. That makes up for a lack of talent. But in the end talent wins out and the Mildcats just cant keep up with an SEC team. Its ok. You can go back and worry about beating teams more on your level like ku and Texas Tech. Stop obsessing about the SEC. We’re better than you. Dont hate. Appreciate.

    • Anti K State Mask says:

      Damn… + 1.

      SEC is the better conference hands down. But yet so is the PAC 12. Hey at least the Texas 10 can beat the Big 12.

    • sporty says:

      Hilarious! Wow, mu joins the sec and suddenly, that’s all mu fan can talk about. Pathetic. K-State outplayed Auburn most of the game. K-State made mistakes which cost them. The most annoying fan is the sec fan. Get over yourselves.

      • Alphonse Tooty says:

        The most annoying fans are always the ones for the other team. ALWAYS. No exceptions. They’re also always the most arrogant and entitled. ALWAYS. That’s just the way the fans of the other team are. It’s really annoying, right?

      • Derg says:

        Come on sporty – can’t spot a troll?

  6. nick says:

    Over the past year, I’m guessing Bill Snyder put TONS of time, effort and thought into last night’s game. Snyder wanted that game BAD. The home crowd was huge and energized. Knowing all that, that’s an impressive win by Auburn.

    Stan Weber’s correct that K-State doesn’t normally miss 3 fg’s and make other big mistakes. Marty Schottenhiemer’s teams didn’t NORMALLY miss 3 fg’s and make mistakes either in the early 90′s. Linn Elliot was a goat, but most fans held Marty accountable for not getting into the endzone. Snyder’s a supposed offensive genius. Why’s the genius settling for so many fg’s, especially with a strong cross-breeze?

    • sporty says:

      Umm, the “genius” could see the run game was getting stuffed. Missing 3 FG isn’t common. Many missed opportunities. K-State will be fine. The Big 12 race will be fun!

    • Kyle says:

      Snyder and Marty have a lot of similarities. They are each one of the better coaches their level of football has seen. But they both have been snakebitten in the big games. ksu usually does not make those types of mistakes against your usual Big 12 teams. But his 4-28 record against top 10 teams is not an aberration. Something weird happens in these games, just like it always did for Marty. Really no explanation for it.

      • Alphonse Tooty says:

        Snyder’s teams usually overachieve and it eventually catches up with them. I mean this as a compliment. I think Snyder is a great coach.

  7. Java Man says:

    “Coming up, your chance to win Royals tickets with the best pirate impression.”
    Bob Fescoe, 610 AM

    Very underwhelmed by the local promotions and events brought by the local station that holds the radio rights for Royals baseball. As much trash as we throw at 810, there is no doubt that they would be blowing this up in a much larger way than 610. Agreed?

  8. Mike B says:

    Joe’s Kansas City, Greg…. :)

  9. Juan Pablo says:

    Synder and KSU has always choked in the big games. they do this every time. nothing new last night. Both teams made a bunch of mistake. If Snyder played more of these big games maybe the team would not choke.

    Snyder was a a- hole after the game. Gave no credit to Auburn and blamed his players for mistakes and Auburn knowing KSU signals..
    Keep it Classy Bill!

    • Kansas Marine says:

      And this comes as a surprise? Last night was his typical response to a loss. The victorious team is/was never better, it’s always due to KSU mistakes, miscues or stolen signals. It’s a very poor look for an otherwise great coach.

      I have no doubt Coach Snyder realizes his time coaching is running out, and is coming to the realization that he’ll never get that national title (and likely never win a BCS game). But it’s a shame he takes this approach after losses. It marginalizes their accomplishments and makes the program unlikeable to outsiders.

      • sporty says:

        You ku people are hilarious. Coach Snyder gave much credit to Auburn. However, his team did lose the game. Maybe, if you had a football team to root for, you would understand college football.

      • Anti-K State Mask says:

        When Old Man Snyder finally retires KSU is in for a rude awaking. Sure OMS did a good job at KSU, even though he never won a BCS game and has a horrible bowl record.

        But he didn’t make it a better job.

        Remember Ron Prince? Sure you do. He’s the guy who was the coach at KSU because six or seven guys didn’t want the job. The guy who was set up to fail. And boy did he. So much so that KSU had to beg OMS back from retirement.

        Sure OMS and KSU renovated that bandbox. But it’s still a dump. But as Auburn fans said at least it’s kind of better than Vanderbilt’s stadium. Kind of.

        So when OMS retires do KSU fans think their going to get an A+ coach from another program? My guess is that it will resemble the Ron Prince hire. They will look over the country for a guy to replace OMS. But at the end, they will end up with is someone from a Missouri Valley team.

        • sporty says:

          Says the troll whose “team” can’t find anyone who wants to coach, whose stadium looks like a jr high field. Keep hoping for K-State to drop off after Coach Snyder, that’s all you have. HAHA

        • yuri says:

          I believe Ron Prince’s ‘failure’ was still better than the last 2 coaches at old KU.

  10. Juan Pablo says:

    I’ve got to say that this K-State team is good and I feel better about them than I did before the game. It’s weird to feel better about your team after they just lost.”
    Stan Weber, 810 AM

    Stan Weber is such a KSU homer he should not even talk about KSU. He just sounds pathetic .

  11. b12 says:

    Auburn-KSU: Entertaining game. Just casual observations…Auburn receivers had KState DBs beat, and beat bad most of the night. Auburn drops, if caught, would have turned it into a double digit win even if KState makes the FGs and doesn’t have the interception in the end zone.

    Good game. K-State’s easy to pull for. Enjoy it, Cat fans. Grandpa Bill only has 10 years left, tops.
    Sean will be AARP eligible by then, and may be mature enough to handle the program.

  12. Kerouac says:

    A statement: 3-0 Tigers after one inning…

  13. Herb says:

    I bet ESPN2 is believing in the Royals tonight…..

  14. Kansas Marine says:

    A very typical response from Coach Snyder and Kansas State fans. Rather than crediting their opponent they play the “what-if” game. And on top of that Snyder goes as far as alleging Auburn stealing signals. They come off looking petty and like poor sports.

    • Kfs says:

      LOL yes typical. Like a Jealous ku fan that would never give credit to K-State or Coach Snyder. Hmmmm where could I find one of those.

      • Juan Pablo says:

        When Snyder and KSU win a big game I will give him credit. You know he is 4-28 vs top 10 teams, he won one bowl game in the last decade, and never won a BCS bowl.

    • sporty says:

      Coach Snyder did not accuse Auburn of stealing signs. Sheesh, Haters, learn to read. I realize Ku fans are not very football smart, but , wow, you don’t have to spout off so much and prove it.

      • Juan Pablo says:

        Auburn accused of stealing signs in first half of win at Kansas State

        • sporty says:

          He said, they are getting our signs, we need to disguise them better. Making a statement, not accusing. But, hey, you have nothing else to cheer about. I know, “wait til basketball”. HAHA

  15. Herb says:

    It’s the Royals who are “annoying”.

  16. The Independent Rage says:

    After the royals have looked like minor league chumps in the first 2 games of the current Detroit series, it’s tempting just to scream “Fire Yost.” (And I think he should be fired, even if he won’t be). But more than hating on Yost, this series has made clear to me that this team just isn’t a playoff team. They hit worse than an Anthony Weiner twitter session, fold to pressure like a K-Mart deck chair, and rise to the moment about as well a W Bush Louisiana plane ride. Maybe they’ll still prove me wrong (and I’d be pleased for them to do so), but I look at this lot and see the same Losers I’ve seen now for 30 years. (Did I emphasize enough the point about making me look like a Fonzie apology, royals?).

  17. Herb says:

    You had me at “Fire Yost”.

  18. Sam herter says:

    Photo credits? Are all these photos the work of you and the OTC staff?

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