OTC: K-State’s BaconBait Secures Our Reputation As Pigs / KK Revisits Bully Boys

“Social media was sizzling hotter than a slab of bacon in an iron frying pan Wednesday after it was announced Tuesday that (Kansas State) students attending the women’s (basketball) game will be given free cooked bacon before tipoff. At first, K-State officials were only planning to cook about 75 pounds of thick-sliced bacon. But after the pork promotion blew up on Twitter, Facebook and the Internet, 300 pounds of bacon are scheduled to be cooked.”
Phil Anderson, writer, CJonline.com
GH: Oh my. And we wonder why we here in the Midwest are looked upon as country bumpkins? I saw a tweet where someone said they use bacon to lure their dog into the house out of the rain. K-State is using “a boat load of bacon” to lure students of higher learning into a women’s basketball game? On how many levels does this just scream WRONG?

“We sat around with our Student Advisory Board in preseason and asked them what incentives would get them out to games that they wouldn’t necessarily go to. We talked about the usual promotional items, and food was an overwhelming response. We threw out bacon just to throw out the idea, and the advisory board was all over it and excited about it. We decided it was something different and new we wanted to try.”
Bethany Cordell, graduate assistant for women’s basketball marketing at K-State, CJonline.com
GH: “Something  different and new?” How does the women’s hoops team at K-State like having their marketing staff stooping to using bacon to attract fans? What’s next at KSU, bacon-scented perfume? I can see it on a billboard now – “Bacon: Kansas’ state aphrodisiac.”  

“We’re really excited about how much it’s gone viral.”
Bethany Cordell, CJonline.com
GH: If there really is no bad publicity, then Kansas State has a winner with “BaconBait.” But has anyone down on the farm thought this one through? I would venture to say not. I don’t think this went viral because it was such a good idea. You can bet every other school in the Big 12 (and beyond) are busy creating signs and slogans for the visiting Wildcats sports teams for years to come.

“It did not bother me in the least that there were no offensive touchdowns (by the Chiefs in Buffalo). Not in the least!”
Mitch Holthus, 810 AM
GH: So there are some in the local media who seem adamant about being sour on the Chiefs despite their 9-0 mark. Uncle Mitch is on the other end of that rainbow. Mitch would smell bacon in a closed Volkswagen with five full-grown flatulent pigs.

“That’s how you beat Denver. You pitch a perfect game. And a perfect game is holding them to less than 30 points.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: 29 points is pitching a perfect game? Oh, that’s right. Parkins is a Cubs fan.

“I think Alex Smith has proven that he gets better as the season goes on. He’s just getting better. It’s time for this offense to peak. I’m looking for them to peak coming out in Denver
Eddie Kennison, former Broncos and Chiefs wide receiver, 810 AM
GH: Kennison expects great things from the Chiefs in Denver. Not everyone agrees. Read on.

“As poorly as (the Chiefs) played Sunday (in their 23-13 win on the road at Buffalo), it needs to be pointed out that they are 9-0 and they haven’t clinched a playoff spot yet. They’ve got a lot of work to do.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Yeah, we really need to point that out since none of us majored in math.

“(Andy Reid) essentially told me, ‘We’re beat now. This one’s over.”
Kevin Kietzman, on his interview with Andy Reid and Reid’s comments on his mindset prior to Sean Smith’s pick six early in the third quarter in Buffalo, 810 AM
GH: Huh? Sometimes KK’s interpretations of what is said to him in an interview are just wildly comical. So Reid thought that the Bills would score and the Chiefs were done four minutes into the second half down 17-3? And he verbalized this to Kietzman? Now if true, that’s a story that Kietzman needs to promote. I’m guessing there are a few holes in it, though. Kind of like Grunhard dangling his 200-pound bod over a balcony.

“Hey, I wasn’t the only guy in our building that was not comfortable with those guys (Tim Grunhard and Bill Maas) in our building. They brought the NFL locker room to the radio station. And it was not pleasant for plenty of people in sales and everyone else. It was not a pleasant situation. And Jason Whitlock was there too which made it all the more unpleasant.”
Kevin Kietzman, revisiting his comments from the day before on how he was bullied at WHB by Grunhard, 810 AM
GH: The Chiefs and Andy Reid are conducting what they call “self-scouting” during the bye week. I would suggest to Kietzman that a little self-scouting at WHB might uncover that his sales team and “everyone else” might also find working with him just as unpleasant.

“(The Chiefs) had a public relations manager by the name of Bob Moore. And I saw this (Chiefs) player take this (ball of tape) and fire it, man. I mean he wound up and fired it and hit this guy right in the side of the head! Hit Bob Moore right upside of his head! That’s a coworker.”
Jack Harry, when asked to relay any bullying stories he remembers from covering the Chiefs locker room, 810 AM
GH: I’m guessing the Chiefs player was not scatter-armed Ricky Stanzi.

“I wasn’t going to retaliate to Bip Roberts or Tim Grunhard or Bo Jackson when he hit me with his crutch! He WHACKED me with his crutch! Just swung it at me and whacked me with it! He knew I wasn’t going to do anything about it.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman’s stories become more embellished with every retelling. Today we will likely hear how Bo used his crutch and swung like he was hitting his home run in the All-Star game.

“The fact that I’m a Kansas City kid, that makes it even more special. I’m going to remember it for the rest of my career.”
Seth Sinovic, Sporting KC’s left back, who had not scored a goal since last year’s conference finals, on scoring in the 79th minute to force extra time and allow Sporting Kansas City to defeat New England 4-3 in aggregate scoring and advance in the MLS playoffs to play Houston on Saturday, 810 AM
GH: In what some are calling the most thrilling win ever at Sporting Park, KC finished with a 32-5 advantage in shots over the Revolution. Seems like it should have been a lot easier but then we would have missed all that extra-time drama. Even I stayed up late for the conclusion of this win.

“If we can’t get up for the Houston game, I don’t think we can get up for any game.”
Seth Sinovic, on the rivalry and heartbreak loss that Sporting suffered to Houston in the playoffs last season, 810 AM
GH: Sporting has tried to manufacture a soccer rivalry with the Chicago Fire but it pales in comparison to how the team and their fans feel about Houston. This is Raiders weekend for Sporting.

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  1. Biff says:

    I don’t think Eco Kat likes the free bacon idea.

  2. Joe Blow says:

    He WHACKED me with his crutch!

    And then the bass I caught was *THIS* big!!

    “That’s how you beat Denver. You pitch a perfect game. And a perfect game is holding them to less than 30 points.”

    No, you beat them by hitting Peyton Manning, which he’s not used to in his career. He’s played for two notoriously cut-blocking offensive lines that let him throw shallow crossing routes…which are the exact thing Alex Smith and/or Andy Reid are blamed for. They both do the same shit. The few games in his career he’s been hit, Manning has been not only ineffective, he’s gotten hurt…which he is now..

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