OTC: Kansas Gets Chomped By Gators / Is Self’s Best Recruiting Class His Worst Team?

“Man….Kansas got problems.”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, while Kansas was losing in an ugly fashion at Florida on ESPN Tuesday night, Twitter
GH: My boss is a KU grad and season ticket holder. He stopped by my office Wednesday morning and stuck his head in the door – “Today is not a good day to ask for a raise,” he said.

“If you thought you were living a bad dream, well Bill Self’s team is not letting you wake up.”
Al Wallace, WDAF Fox 4

“This is the worst I’ve seen Kansas play in years.”
Dick Vitale, as Kansas dropped their third game of the season with a 67-61 loss at Florida, ESPN
GH: Vitale rarely criticizes the elite teams like Kansas. But the play of the Jayhawks, especially in the first half, warranted Dickie V’s harsh words.

“I’ve seen some 21-0 runs against Kansas before … but this is my first basketball one.”
Rustin Dodd, @rustindodd, Twitter
GH: It is almost impossible to fathom a Bill Self-coached team being on the wrong end of a 21-0 run – after being up 10-3 at the start of the game! This has to be a record for a Self team, right?

“First Kansas team I’ve ever seen that wasn’t good at any aspect of basketball.”
Tully Corcoran, @tullycorcoran, Twitter

“I have never seen Kansas struggle like they r to get a good shot. – Give Gators credit on D.”
Dick Vitale, @DickieV, Twitter
GH: Florida’s defense stymied KU by going zone. The Hawks looked lost, timid and poorly coached.

“They’re going to see zone (defenses) all year until they show they can beat it.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM

“Billy Donovan used a 1-3-1 zone that just annihilated Kansas in the first half, eventually forcing the Jayhawks into 24 turnovers. Florida was able to score inside, outside and in transition — and its defense was outstanding.”
Jeff Borzello, cbssports.com
GH: It will be interesting to see how Florida fares against Missouri and Kentucky in the SEC. As bad as Kansas played, they ended up only losing by six on their homecourt.

“I thought (Kansas) was going to win by 10 points.”
Aaron Swarts, on how he thought the Jayhawks would fair at Florida, 810 AM
GH: When Greg Gurley announced that Florida was starting four seniors and Kansas was starting four freshmen – on the Gators’ homecourt – I was not too optimistic about a KU win. But I did not expect to see KU play like five guys who just met at the Y.

“Get all your shots in now, #Mizzou fans. Come January 3rd, I’m wearing orange and black and trolling all. day. long.”
Mike Welch, @RealMikeWelch, a KU fan and formerly at 610 who is now working up in Nebraska, suggesting that Oklahoma State will give Mizzou’s football team a difficult time in the Cotton Bowl, Twitter
GH: Did Welch miss the Cowboys meltdown in their Bedlam catastrophe? I don’t think the Cotton Bowl is going to be a great day for Mizzou haters.

“When Bill Self gets really angry, you just kind of see a smile instead of him yelling and getting all over his players. You can only imagine what it was like at halftime in the Kansas locker room.”
Dan Shulman, play-by-play broadcaster for the Kansas/Florida game Tuesday night, as ESPN showed Self smiling in the second half as his Jayhawks looked lost against the Gators, ESPN
GH: I don’t think Shulman knows Self as well as he thinks. When Self gets mad at his team, he has a difficult time restraining himself – and he sure doesn’t smile. The way Self is handling his struggling team this season is in sharp contrast to how he at times publicly chastised individual players last season. I find Self’s cuddly approach a bit more concerning in that it leads me to believe he thinks he has more problems than a good verbal lashing can cure.

Kuvsosu_sp_022111_rs_0333f“At the end of the year we can be the last one laughing.”
Bill Self, in an optimistic postgame comment, Jayhawk Radio Network
GH: This is a far different Bill Self this season after back-to-back losses than last season. This is almost a cocky Bill Self who is daring his fan base and those who root against the Jayhawks to overlook the talent on this KU team. There is some drama building here in the Big 12 that will make for some very entertaining winter weeknights in front of the tube this season.

“The reality is you lost to maybe three ranked teams. The good news for Jayhawk fans is this is what is considered a bad year.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: How good are Villanova, Colorado and Florida? I think they are all tournament teams – and those losses aren’t killer to your RPI. Kevin Kietzman’s not quite as impressed with KU’s non-con schedule…

“Let’s not go overboard about how tough Kansas’ schedule is. You schedule Colorado to get a win. You’ve beaten them 18 times in a row.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I think KU’s non-con schedule has been ridiculously difficult. Duke, ‘Nova, Colorado and Florida all on on the road. New Mexico at Sprint this Saturday and then Georgetown in Lawrence? That is a tough road for even an elite program like KU.

“I think when Bill (Self) gets to the end of this (non-conference schedule) he’s going to say, ‘I’m not doing this again.’”
Michael DeCourcy, 810 AM

“I know one thing; he’s never going to have to worry about putting three meals on his plate.”
Dick Vitale, ESPN on Wiggins’ talent and his play in the second half, ESPN


“(Wiggins) got hammered! I’ve got one eye and I can see that. Three guys can’t miss that!”
Dick Vitale, ESPN on Wiggins not getting a call after an obvious foul in the lane late in the game, ESPN

“They kicked our ass on the glass the first half.”
Bill Self, Kansas Radio Network

“There really isn’t an excellent leader on this (Kansas) team. … KU doesn’t have that guy that can be that leader and grab guys by the shirt and steady everybody and calm things down.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Frank Mason and Naadir Tharpe are auditioning for the role but neither appear worthy.  Sherron Collins would sure look good at the point for this young squad…even at 250 pounds.

“Trust me those saying Jayhawks will not win Big 12 Remember Big 12 Title goes thru Lawrence – this team will (be) tough at conf. time.”
Dick Vitale, @DickieV, Twitter
GH: This is the blowhard Dickie V we know and barely tolerate. There is no reason to believe the Big 12 title goes through KU this season – not yet anyway. Baylor, OSU and Iowa State all look to be as prepared as Kansas to slip that crown from the Jayhawks. It should be a fun run.

“Right now, Wichita State is, without a doubt, the best basketball team in the state of Kansas.”
J.B. Bauersfeld, @JBBauersfeld, Twitter
GH: It sure would be nice if we could get that settled on the court in an annual Christmas tournament at Sprint. May as well invite Mizzou to fill out that fourth team. Wonder if they could sell any tickets to that tourney?

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  1. Maff says:

    If you rent a player for just a year or two, especially trying to emulate kentucky, you might as well be a Jr. college. I’d say lawrence jr. college is a better moniker than ku. Bring in a team of mostly 4 year players and you will be more like a University.

    Just keep going with the quick fix and outbidding Kentucky et. al. for all the nba wannabes and you will get what you deserve-a jr. college image.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Can there NOT be a discussion regarding KU or MU without the mindless trash talk? Seriously. I mean, we’ve heard all the jokes and insults. At this point, we’re just re-hashing.

      • Jim says:

        Guy, you KNOW that isn’t possible with the moronic loudmouths like Maff, et al that only know how to troll. Expressing a thoughtful, articulate opinion is way outside their intellectual ability.

    • Biff says:

      You know Haith has made MU now know as Transfer U now. Haith finds kids that can’t get playing time at good schools and gets them to MU. Thats why MU is a second tier school.

  2. JP says:

    The death of Kansas basketball has been exaggerated. Last I checked, no team was winning national championships in December. Furthermore, Colorado is much improved from their time in the Big XII and Florida got a 21-0 run in the game, and it did end up going to the final minutes. This team will be just fine. If they are struggling like this in February, I will be concerned. These games need to be learning tools, and the fact that Self isn’t panicking tells me this team will be fine.

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