OTC: KC Sports Commision Scores Big W/ NCAA Bids / Mad Jack’s Defense Shrinks In HD

“They had almost 2,000 bids submitted for all these (NCAA) championships.”
Kathy Nelson, CEO of the Kansas City Sports Commission, after KC was awarded 14 bids to host NCAA championship events starting in 2014 through 2018, 810 AM
GH: Take a deep bow, Ms. Nelson! What a stunning success for our two-state area in that venues on both sides of the state line will be used for volleyball, football and soccer over the next five years. Rim Rock over in Lawrence also was awarded an NCAA Cross Country Regional in 2015. I am going to predict right now that both Kansas and Missouri distance runners qualify for Nationals in 2015 at Rim Rock.

“We were humbled by the quality and quantity of the bids received from the Kansas City Sports Commission.”
Jeff Jarnecke, NCAA director of championships and alliances, Kansas.com
GH: I don’t know if Mayor Sly James hands out Christmas bonuses to worthy Kansas Citians but he could do a lot worse than stuffing Nelson’s stocking with a little extra BBQ this holiday. Frosty!

“The biggest thing is people in Kansas City care about Division II football. Look at how us and Pittsburg State draw at the Fall Classic.”
Adam Dorrel, Northwest Missouri State coach, on Sporting Park being awarded the Division II championship game starting next December, Kansas.com
GH: You mean local MIAA fans don’t have to drive to dreary Florence, Alabama in December anymore? Hallelujah! I can’t wait to see how Sporting looks as a football field and how those DII fans enjoy sitting so close to the action. I am going to predict they sell 20,000 tickets to the 2014 game if we get a local team in the title game. How about moving the NWMS/Pitt State Fall Classic to Sporting as well?

“Somebody told me the Gators are staying home for the holidays, maybe we can get a bunch to come to our game.”
Steve Spurrier, South Carolina’s head coach, goading his former Florida Gator fan base at a press conference
GH: I would love Spurrier to get the Texas job – just for the quotes alone.

“The Chiefs just need to start winning division games, period. And that starts this week.”
Mitch Holthus, on the Chiefs game in Oakland, 810 AM
GH: The Chiefs are 1-3 in the AFC West and 10-3 overall. Does it really matter if they win inside their division? Not really. The Chiefs need one more win and they will pretty much be locked into playing at Indy in their first round of the playoffs. The Chiefs aren’t going to catch the Broncos for the division title. What matters now is getting into the playoffs and then winning in the playoffs.

“Oakland has gone 11 years without having a winning record.”
Mitch Holthus, 810 AM
GH: Damn. That is not a commitment to excellence.

“I guess it’s because I’m light on my feet, so to speak.”
Dexter McCluster, when asked by Nate Bukaty how he was able to maneuver so well on the snowy turf in Washington, 810 AM

“What (beating Ole Miss) shows is that K-State can beat teams with tournament aspirations. I don’t think it’s Kansas but maybe it’s Oke State.”
Michael DeCourcy, 810 AM

“Even if (Kansas) doesn’t play well these next few games, just to get a couple of wins (over New Mexico and Georgetown) I think would really go well to springboard them for the rest of the season.”
Rustin Dodd, KU beat writer for The Kansas City Star, 810 AM
GH: KU could use two quality wins to make the holidays a bit merrier around here – at least for the Kansas fans. Bill Self’s teams typically improve greatly after he gets to work with them over the holiday break. No reason to think this team will not be better as well. The Hawks problem this January will be that the Big 12 looks far more formidable than in recent years. My early picks for how the Big 12 will finish; 1) OSU 2) Iowa State 3) Kansas 4) Baylor 5) Oklahoma 6) Texas 7) KSU 8) West Virginia 9) Texas Tech 10) TCU.

“(Andrew Wiggins) has to accept his role as the best player on the floor and be more aggressive. (Kansas) can be good the way he is playing but they can’t contend for the national championship unless he’s willing to take over a little bit more.”
Stan Van Gundy, after watching KU’s Andrew Wiggins play in the Bahamas, CBS

“I’m not worried about Andrew Wiggins at all. The only thing I’d worry about is if Andrew starts to worry.”
Mike DeCourcy, 810 AM

“(Mizzou) is going to have a terrific record this year. I like their team. The have a not-so-challenging schedule and that’s a nice formula to build up a really nice record.”
Michael DeCourcy, 810 AM
GH: But how does Mizzou look up against the SEC? Pretty good, I think. Here are my early picks for the SEC finish; 1) Florida 2) Kentucky 3) Missouri 4) LSU 5) Ole Miss 6) Arkansas 7) Tennessee 8) Vandy 9) Miss St. 10) Alabama 11) Auburn 12) Georgia 13) Texas A&M 14) South Carolina

“We were just informed that @Royals were doubling our Opening Day tickets, same seats. Heard similar story from others? $21 in ’13, $40 in ’14. These are for seats that are 4 rows from the top, up the left field line. Not premium seats. And that’s for a large group. Nearly 50 tickets in 2013, and have been ordering for more than 10 years.”
Heath Freeman, @Feddyvon, Twitter
GH: $40 bucks for Opening Day tix even in the upper regions of The K isn’t unreasonable. An almost 100% price increase isn’t easy to swallow but I understand the Royals charging more for a premium game. I can’t get too upset over this one.

“I thought that was pretty hilarious (that Jack Harry blamed the controversy on ‘social media’). Jack may want to welcome himself to 2013. If Jack Harry got anything else, he got a lesson in that you can be anywhere in this country and if you say something spectacularly stupid, people are going to find it.”
Richard Deitsch, on Harry’s Gayhawks controversy, 610 AM
GH: The HD version of the video clip is almost indisputable as to what Harry says. I asked my wife, who barely knows the mascots for the local teams, to view the HD clip and tell me what she thought. I didn’t even tell her why I was showing it to her. She had not heard anything about the controversy to this point. “Why is he saying, ‘Gayhawks?’” she asked after viewing the clip one time.

“I did my own internal investigation. I feel like we have given our statement. Jack has given his statement. We went on TV and said the same. We will let this play out. … Jack is no stranger to controversy. He is a vocal sportscaster. That’s who he is, he’s good at his job, and he has been a lightning rod. KU fans don’t like him generally.”
Carrie Hoffman, news director at KSHB TV 41, who said she spoke to people in the studio at the time and Frank Boal as well, SI.com
GH: We now have Mad Jack blaming social media for his troubles and KSHB’s news director blaming the Kansas fans. Somebody over at Channel 41 must have missed out on the seminar about damage control.

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  1. Kansas Marine says:

    Great piece Greg. The only question that remains is intent. Had Harry admitted his mistake and written it off as a slip of the tongue we’d likely be talking about something else. Instead he chose the slight of hand excuse. Having said that – what is an appropriate punishment for Jack Harry? Were Greg Hall the station direction, how would you handle this situation?

    • Kansas Marine says:

      No response Greg? Or hesitant to say anything in fear of damaging your relationship with team Kevin?

      • Jess says:

        If Greg is anything, it is not Team Kevin for sure. Look at some of the twitter tweets to Kevin from Greg. The Geno Smith draft debacle “I am in a professional zone” or whatever Kevin said is one for the books.

  2. Stan says:

    It is always funny when someone posts under a fake name and then is offended when someone else posts under the same fake name. Are you really “Carl?” Are you “hot?” You seem like just another guy who thinks he is some sort of a big shot on the internet. Of course, for all anyone knows you could be a chick. Ain’t the internet great!!

    • Hot Carl says:

      I was only pointing it out because the posts contained sentiments that are far from my own. If you want to post under my name please go right ahead. Just be sure they’re entertaining or informative or funny and not the deranged rantings of a lunatic like Leawood John Landsberg. That’s all.

      • Hot Carl says:

        You are an interesting guy. Glad I found this site. You sound like you have anger issues. What other places do you act like a big shot, badass guy?

        • Hot Carl says:

          Anger issues, John? Not at all. I just find it funny that you’re now roaming the internet impersonating someone who has a fake name to begin with.

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    great, we have a psycho posting here now rhrowing around insults and can’t even use his own non de plume.

    • Hot Carl says:

      Landsberg has had a hard on for me for years. He hasn’t done this for a long time. Must be off his meds.

      • mike t. says:

        well, it’s still weird. don’t understand landsberg tho’ if it’s him’… i read his blog regularly and from that anyway he seemed like an ok guy.

        btw… for those grammar and spelling nazi’s: noM de plume and Throwing.

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