OTC: KC’s Radio Wars Moves Front To Twitter

“From the looks of Twitter, I got thangs crackin’ in KC!!! Bad blood everywhere! George Bett popping off! #sept52011.”
Jason Whitlock, in a tweet last Friday, Twitter
GH: No one, let me repeat that, NO ONE can fire a COD Black Ops-like fire-breathing shotgun into a situation like our own Jason Whitlock. FakeNedYost got things rolling in the Radio War between 610 and 810 a few weeks back with his open letter to Kevin Kietzman. 610 Sports on-air personalities ratcheted the ante when they
invaded 810 Sports bar on The Plaza and commenced tweeting from behind enemy
lines. But Whitlock’s calls to Nick Wright last week “got thangs crackin’.”
Wright was so dazed by Pork Chop’s calls he went into two days of hiding in
what he called “oral surgery.” Funny though how he spent his regular show time
on Friday afternoon “recovering” at the Royals’ wiffle ball game doing quite a
bit of talking. Read on.

“I thought they were lying… Kietz really is here (at Royals’ wiffle ball game)… BUT HE’S ON THE RADIO RIGHT NOW! You’re telling me, he tapes on Fridays? No way!”
Nick Wright, tweeting from the celebrity wiffle ball game Friday afternoon at the Little K, Twitter
GH: Wright has been pounding Kietzman on a regular basis about KK taping some Friday segments of his show so he can bolt the studio early. We don’t care if KK is taping his segments. The problem with Kietzman’s Friday shows (and his Monday through Thursday shows as well) is the content – not whether or not he’s sitting in his studio chair. As cutting-edge as Nick attempts to present himself on the air, he continues to be stuck in using 1980’s criteria to critique sports talk radio.

“Kietz just walked up to me and asked me how my teeth were… Swear to God… WHERE AM I RIGHT NOW? Tourny organizer just said ‘Hi, you’re Soren, right?’ … Followed by George Brett telling me to tell Whitlock to eff off…WHAT IS GOING ON?”
Nick Wright, Friday afternoon from celebrity wiffle ball game, Twitter
GH: This tweet caught the attention of Todd Leabo, part owner at 810 and a daily contributor to Kietzman’s Between the Lines show. Read on.

“Lemme guess you were polite to him and saved your wise-#[email protected]%*# cracks when you weren’t face to face…”
Todd Leabo, in a tweet directed at Nick Wright, Twitter
GH: Wright had recently called Kietzman a shill and a whore for Clark Hunt and his Chiefs. Guessing that didn’t happen at the Little K. Sure would have made for some interesting game-day chatter though.

“So Leabo thinks I’m 2-faced because I didn’t call Kietz a whore at a charity event? Good to know. You’re still cool with me, Leabs”
Nick Wright, Twitter
GH: I guess this is what Whitlock was talking about in having sparked “bad blood everywhere!” We might not have the NFL to kick around but our local sports talk radio wars are providing more than enough drama to get is through the summer months. Read on.

“Wow leabo. Didn’t know we had issues. And you don’t have my cell anymore? We tweet about each other now?”
Nick Wright, Twitter
GH: It appears Wright wasn’t quite as comfortable as Leabo about having this radio wars argument in a public forum like Twitter. Leabo didn’t stop with Wright. He also engaged Wright’s boss in the battle. Read on.

“Geez. So touchy now that you’re in second place.”
Ryan Maguire, 610 Sports program
director, responding to Leabo’s above tweets to Wright, Twitter
GH: Maguire came to Kansas City Entercom in January 2009 from Milwaukee and he came here to turn 610 Sports’ Titanic ratings into not only threaten 810’s decade-long dominance but also beat 810. He is now claiming that has occurred.

“We are going to beat WHB. That’s not a prediction. That’s not a mission statement, but a fact and everyone needs to believe that.”
Ryan Maguire, in a statement to his personnel after being hired on at 610 Sports in January, 2009. Bottomlinecom.com

“We aren’t going to do any mudslinging at 810, but, if we do everything right on our end it will happen.”
Ryan Maguire, in an interview in
February 2009 with Bottomlinecom.com
GH: Man, am I sure glad Maguire and his boys didn’t bother to keep this promise. Mudslinging is what has me listening to 610 Sports talk shows! And I am guessing I’m not the only one tuning in to hear the splats.

“Kevin’s in 2nd place to Nick? In which coveted demo? Not sure even you can dig that number up. Either way… calling Nick two-faced is too kind.”
Todd Leabo, in a tweet to 610 Sports
program director, Ryan Maguire, Twitter
GH: I wonder if that dental surgery was to repair Nick’s dualing faces?

“I told kevin he had no reason to be nice to me. He said he understood, its part of the business… you don’t?”
Nick Wright, in a tweet directed at Leabo and his blasts, Twitter
GH: Does Wright mean his act about demeaning and blasting Kietzman and Petro and 810 is all for show? Say it ain’t so, Nick! Do you mean to say radio wars is nothing more than a Vince McMahon All-Star wrestling ruse? Are you and Kietz hanging out at Falcon Ridge in Lenexa after the show?

“Last time I texted you with info it didn’t do any good. Whatever.”
Todd Leabo, Twitter
GH: At least Leabo ain’t buying that this radio wars is staged. Anybody else think Leabo could have played one of Sergeant Schultz’s men in Hogan’s Heroes? He would have looked great in a monocle!

“In the interest of fairness, my friends are demanding that I call the “family man. #sept52011”
Jason Whitlock, Twitter
GH: At least we know Whitlock’s not faking his act about Kietzman. Wright somehow turned JW’s call to help 610 Sports in the radio wars into a disastrous beat down. But the truth is Whitlock would like nothing more than to see KK’s show get routed. And if Wright can’t do it, Whitlock is tempting us by saying he is willing to get after the family
man himself come September 5th.

“Scott Forrest says it’s racist that I’d call the black host but not the white one. #sept52011”
Jason Whitlock, Twitter
GH: Whitlock has one thing going over both Kietzman and Wright – he’s funny.

“Does anyone know of an afternoon KC sports radio show for straight guys?”
@FakeRyanLefebvr, Twitter
GH: When you find it give me a holla.

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14 Responses to OTC: KC’s Radio Wars Moves Front To Twitter

  1. smartman says:

    Sad that none of this has turned into mano y mano fisticuffs. Just like the teams they cover these sissies have no real fight in them. Tweetin’ ain’t a beatin’ boys. Time to put down your Shirley Temples and cinch up your sac!. These weenies are more about cholesterol than testosterone. I’d rather have my 83 year old dad have my back in an alley fight than Wright, Leabo, Petro, Clink, Whitlock, Maguire or Keitz….not a man among ’em.

    Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio?

  2. Fake Ned Yost says:

    Any truth to the rumor that Todd Leabo wrote this in Nick Wright’s yearbook at the whiffle ball game?

    “It’s been a super fun summer!! LYLAS!!! TTNF!!”

  3. Tim says:

    Greg, I think the Sept 5th thing is probably the date Whitlock launches his new national talk show. As much as he guest hosts Rome’s show it wouldn’t surprise me. It also wouldn’t surprise me if 610 has already been working with him to plug his national show into the Wright timeslot.

    • Greg Hall says:

      That is an interesting take — and one that makes far more sense than JW coming back to KC to toil over a local radio show. Carrying syndicated shows can be far cheaper than employing four people to produce a local 20 hours a week.

  4. Mighty Mo says:

    A Whitlock national show would be a disaster locally. He is great when the topics come quick and easy, but the day to day aspects of producing a show to maximize lister time will be burdensome to him. I think Wright has a better shot if getting to within shouting distance of Kietzman that a nationally synidcated show does. But hell, I enjoy the grilling segments, so what do I know?

    • Greg Hall says:

      National shows have rarely faired well in KC when pitted against local programing. I would have to see what pieces Whitlock gathered for a national show before I judged it’s worth. He would need a LOT of help.

  5. Rick says:

    I’m backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk……………. Greg hope u make $$$ at this and is it true that you were the one that gave Mrs Brady an STD? Those Brady girls were wild. Marcia and Jan doing girl on girl. Marcia making private adult videos and on drugs. Cindy smoking like 5 packs a day and DWI. Ahh…where has our innocence gone… Come back NFL

  6. Merle Tagladucci says:

    I’d just like to point out how pathetic things are in this town when a 25 yr old sports host wigger wanna be from one station Tweeting back and forth like a school girl with a no-name 40-something radio show producer from another station qualifies as BREAKING NEWS

  7. Big Dub says:

    I’d hardly qualify this as breaking news when it’s only mention is on an as-of-now obscure sports blog.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Definitely not breaking news but rather a rare look at two local media outlets venting some bad blood in public. I find it very entertaining.

      • Big Dub says:

        Now that I can agree with. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for a fellow launching a new blog.

        I think it’s now to safe to say that Greg Hall is the puppeteer to this Parade of Radio Madness.

  8. Java Man says:

    Surely at some point during the taped portion of KK’s show he said “The phones are wide open. Come and get ’em”

  9. Orville Sandusky says:

    Nothing happens by accident in the media today. Whitlock’s presence on 610 does mean something for someone. Maybe for him, matbe for 610, maybe for both. Something is cooking for someone.

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