OTC: Kietzman Attacks KC Star’s Bob Dutton & Same Mellinger Over Tejada Story Slight

20130810_mbr_sr9_030-c2a468faaf2ee9fec4617f43b41803fb[1]“I promise, I was going to let it go today…”
Kevin Kietzman, after spending the first 30 minutes of Tuesday’s show blasting Bob Dutton, Sam Mellinger, the Kansas City Star, nameless editors at The Star, Twitter, the Royals’ press box, anyone who thinks he said Missouri was joining the Big 10 and a host of other targets, 810 AM
GH: Vintage KK is what we got Tuesday afternoon on WHB’s Between the Lines show from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Now, “vintage” can mean a number of things whether we are discussing Kietzman, old cars, wine or even movies. Typically it means antique or aged with some perceived elevated value. When it comes to measuring the value to my Off The Couch column – this was gold. Read on. 

“News vs. rumors.”
Bob Dutton, @Royals_Report, in a tweet comparing KK’s report last week about Miguel Tejada being caught using Adderall with The Star’s report on his suspension, Twitter
GH: Believe it or not, Kevin Kietzman thinks of himself as a legitimate news source. Few things rile him up more than someone attempting to impugn his professional credibility. I imagine he read Dutton’s tweet and wanted to take a five iron to every window in that big glass KC Star building. 

“Rumor? laughable.”
Kevin Kietzman, @kkwhb, Twitter
GH: KK chose to take on Bob Dutton on Twitter. This is akin to me challenging a dolphin to a 100-yard race at sea. 

“Yes, please teach me (the standards of reporting).”
Kevin Kietzman, @kkwhb, responding to a tweet from someone suggesting Dutton school KK on the art of journalism, Twitter
GH: I have always got the feeling from KK that he thinks of himself as either Woodward or Bernstein – whichever is the better looking one of the two.  

“Happy to. Next time you’re at the park.
Bob Dutton, @Royals_Report, Twitter
GH: Dutton is a master of the deadly deadpan tweet. This one scored a 9 from the media judges on the KK-bashing meter. 

“If I hung out in press box maybe I would be afraid to report it.
Kevin Kietzman, @kkwhb, Twitter
GH: Kietzman fired back with an excellent knee-slicing shot of his own here. He too uses a strong backhand to call Dutton a Royals homer. I would score this Twitter bout fairly even. But Kietzman could not let it end on Twitter. He waited two days and then went into full-blown nutso attack mode Tuesday afternoon on his radio show. It’s why the OTC is one of your frequent stops on the world-wide web. Read on.

“Why would I take this (on Twitter from Bob Dutton)? I’ve never mentioned him by name. I don’t know whether it’s him or his editors or whoever. Somebody made a conscience decision that we are not going to mention that the radio station reported they caught (Tejada) using Adderall.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I don’t recall any of the local radio, television or even news/sports blogs picking up Kietzman’s story on Tejada (but I’ve since been informed that both Frank Boal on KSHB TV 41 and Brad Fanning on KCTV 5 credited Kietzman with breaking this story last week). Maybe I missed it but I sure did not see the rest of the media joining in KK’s report, which proved to be correct. But for some reason he went after The Star as the sole conspirator to ignore his Tejada rumor/report. 

“Here’s why I know that The Star knew the story and decided not to run it. The Star knows the story was true because they didn’t put me out there. If they thought it was false in any way, they would be the first ones to say, ‘Ah, radio boy over here reported this, watch this blow up in his face.’ They know it’s true. They don’t want it in their paper because they know it’s going to be found out. They can’t report it themselves because they’ve been beat. And if they put it in, ESPN’s going to start running on the crawl that The Star is reporting a Kansas City radio station blah, blah, blah…they don’t want any part of it.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Whoa. If this doesn’t give you a glimpse of Kietzman’s warped view of his self-importance, well, it should. In KK’s world, The Kansas City Star if picking and choosing their stories to avoid crediting Kietz as the source – unless they can pin something on him that will embarrass him. But I never read a word in The Star about Kietzman’s encounter in Mission Hills with the Prairie Village police back in 2001. 

“So I get into this (Twitter) thing with Dutton and I acted immaturely and he probably feels he acted immaturely because Twitter fights are stupid. I like Bob. I’ve got no issues. … I’ve always thought Dutton was different. But on this one he’s not.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I have not checked with Dutton to ask if he thinks he acted immaturely on Twitter with his responses to Kietzman. I am guess though that he does not. 

“I’ve figured out what (Dutton’s) little ruse is. He’s such a slave now to Twitter, new media, all this stuff because the paper is so irrelevant. His bosses tell him constantly, ‘Tweet the lineup out before anybody. Tell me when there’s a roster move – get that out before anybody.’ Beat reporters call it housekeeping. That’s how nominal this stuff is. It’s tedious. It’s monotonous. It’s boring. You have to be a sicko waiting by your phone for a tweet from Bob Dutton on the lineup or this guy came up from Omaha or whatever. You’ve got to be sick on that.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Alright all you sickos! Yeah, I’m talking to you @ChrisKamler! Raise your index fingers and back away from your phones!

“The only way (Dutton) gets all that stuff first every day is he’s asked for it (from the Royals) and it’s been granted. ‘I want special access.’ … You start doing stories like the Tejada story and are you going to get your extra two or three minutes (with Ned)? So now it’s not pay but its access. They Royals grant special access to Bob Dutton.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: How is any of this any different than the arrangement Kietzman’s radio station paid for to have with the Kansas City Chiefs?  

“If you work for MLB.com you’re working for the team. If you work for Fox Sports, you’re working for the team. I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is. I’m going to call those people out. I don’t need to name names. Their employment is approved by the team. Period. End of statement. It’s not the same. Trust me, it’s not the same.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Some of the names that Kietzman refused to name are Nate Bukaty and Jeff Montgomery – one a prominent WHB employee and the other a part owner of Union Broadcasting. That should make for a fun Christmas party this year at WHB.  

“If things don’t turn around in a hurry (for the Royals), that postseason talk the Royals stirred up with their post-break surge might soon be less relevant than the ravings of a self-obsessed windbag.”
Bob Dutton, in his lede sentence for his Royals/CWS game story in Wednesday’s Kansas City Star
GH: Dutton delivers his payload quietly, calmly but with the deadliness of a stealth bomber.

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  1. I’m pretty sure bloat-face KK would be Bernstein. Woodward was easily the better looking one, both in real life and in the old picture (Redford).

    You know, in the old days (when I actually took KK seriously), he would often anger me with some of the crazy things that would come out of his mouth. But nowadays I largely view him as a cartoon character. On that level, I can actually stomach listening to him these days because he makes me laugh (albeit, unintentionally) with his antics.

  2. Gassedup says:


  3. Ultimate Dude says:

    The dicksmack is untouchable. He will not be going anywhere for some time. He is the only thing I hate about this country. If mom has enough money off of dads life insurance plan, spoiled boy can buy his way into a zero accountability and manipulative lifestyle. I’m shocked everyday this guy has never had his jaw broken.

    Like many stated above, the lack of interest from fans tells the whole story.


  4. KC Star editor says:

    Whether you like Kietzman or not he scooped the star on this story. This continues to be a problem for the Star and why this newpaper is losing subscriptions. With social media the newspaper is yesterday’s news. They need to be on top on stories like Tejada’s if they want to be successful. The Star needs to stop worrying about making pissing off the local sports teams. They need to the newspaper to promote their product.

  5. geoknows says:

    “Same” Mellinger? Is that as opposed to “Different” Mellinger?

  6. Joe Blow says:

    It’s not like Kietzman was out pounding the pavement and uncovered the story himself. Someone told him, he went on the radio said it before the story was confirmed by other legitimate media. So what? No one remembers who told a story first, unless they were the one that actually discovered something no one else knew..

  7. rick says:


  8. Biff says:

    Teh Star better not report on how the 810 Zone in Overland park has failed and is shutting down or KK’s head will explode.

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