OTC: Kietzman Says Kansas State Is Just More Kansas Than Kansas / Thoughts?

“Kansas is so basketball centric that it creates problems. I’m not saying it creates problems, it’s problematic.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Sometimes Kevin Kietzman is difficult to translate. I think he is saying that Kansas being such a basketball-first school creates problems – even though he says he is not saying that while saying that. Read on.

“The things that become troublesome at Kansas I think is that their fan base is so big and so many people are Kansas fans that the basketball (overtakes everything) and there’s kind of fake energy put into football. Come on, most people don’t care (about Kansas football)!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Can having too big of a fan base in basketball be a negative? I am not sure how that is possible. Does KU have a ridiculously successful big-time nationally-recognized basketball program? Yes. Does KU have an embarrassingly underperforming football program? Yes. Does the success of the basketball team hinder the success of the football team? I guess you could try to make that argument but I don’t see how the two are even remotely related. Has Nebraska football’s success retarded the success of their basketball program? No. Just like KU, Nebraska has dumped plenty of money into their underperforming big-time sport with little success.

“I’ll tell you where K-State has an advantage over Kansas – it’s in its Kansas-ness. Kansas State is Kansas through and through. They are salt-of-the-earth people through and through.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Is Kansas State more Kansas than Kansas? Maybe we need Bill Clinton to define just was Kansas is. Is Kansas wheat farmers and rural towns? Or is Kansas Leawood, Overland Park, Wichita and Olathe? Is Kansas a farmer or is Kansas a person of business and leisure? Many people in Kansas making their living from agriculture live very good lives of leisure. There are some very plush golf courses in the western parts of Kansas and Nebraska. Just what is a Kansas person? Is Kietzman a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy? KK’s opinion of what a Kansan is appears to be about a century old. Hard work, family values and Midwest character are not limited to dirt farmers.

“If you’re a Kansas State fan – you went to Kansas State. … (The University of) Kansas is more cosmopolitan and has people that are from places that are nowhere near here. It’s difficult to create that same kind of feeling that you have in a place like Manhattan.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman is experiencing Kansas and Kansas State from an incredibly biased viewpoint. He is a Kansas State graduate. He has long shown his distaste for anything Jayhawks. That is understandable and acceptable. It’s just how it is with the Cats and the Hawks. But he doesn’t seem to understand that what he feels when he is in Manhattan is EXACTLY what every Jayhawk feels in Lawrence – or any Tiger in Columbia – that familial pride of belonging to something so special it permeates your very essence. Kansas State is a great place. But so are KU, MU and Wichita State.

“That shouldn’t be a negative, just because people didn’t go to that school. Even if the fan base doesn’t give a rip about football, to the people doing their jobs that shouldn’t matter.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: Kansas has more fans outside the state of Kansas than Kansas State because they have been more successful on a national scale. Bill Snyder has built a national powerhouse football program – TWICE! – in Manhattan but he’s never won even played for a national championship. KU has been winning national titles in basketball since the ‘50s. Kansas State has Mitch Richmond and Darren Sproles – and no one loves Darren Sproles more than me – but those guys aren’t Wilt Chamberlain. Or Gale Sayers. Or Jim Ryan. Or Paul Pierce.

“There’s no explaining this. How do you explain the success (Kansas State) has had in so many sports?”
Kevin Kietzman, on the Wildcats Big 12 titles this year in football, basketball and baseball, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman is attempting to stick a knife into his KU listeners and twist it slowly. Yes, Kansas State has had an incredible year in sports. What they have accomplished cannot be overstated. But the snapshot of K-State’s recent sports success is not indicative of their history. The basketball team hadn’t won a conference title since 1977. The baseball team hadn’t won a conference crown since 1933. It took 69 years for K-State to win their second conference football title in 2003. Again, I applaud the Wildcats for their incredible year, but KK has gone off the deep end (once again) in overstating and misrepresenting the simple facts.

“I know this is crazy but I think it’s just as likely that Ned Yost gets an extension that he gets fired. … I think you could see Ned Yost get a year or two added onto his contract.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: I thought Parkins was crazy when he made this statement last week – but I’m not so sure now that the Royals have sacrificed their two faceless hitting coaches instead. It looks like it might take two more weeks of losing to flush out the real problems — Dayton Moore and The Walking Ned.

“St. Louis is expected to be awarded the 2017 Southeastern Conference men’s basketball tournament, ESPN reported from the SEC spring meetings in Destin, Fla., citing an anonymous source. The Scottrade Center is expected to be the host venue. SEC commissioner Mike Slive told reporters Tuesday in Destin that the league hopes to eventually establish a primary site for the men’s tournament.”
Dave Matter, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
GH: It was just a little over a year ago or so when many were screaming how Mizzou’s departure to the SEC was a death knell to college basketball tournaments in the state of Missouri. Now it appears the Big 12, SEC, Missouri Valley and the NAIA will be bringing their fans to the Show-Me State every March. Move over Tobacco Road. It looks like college basketball lives here.

“Maybe when I wake up tomorrow, the Royals will be good.”
Kevin Scobee, @scobes15, Twitter
GH: I believe this is the Royals’ mission statement.

“I get the ball again Friday.”
Danny Duffy, @DannyDuffy805, on his start Friday with NW Arkansas, Twitter
GH: Not everything about the Royals has to be a bummer. Go get ‘em, Danny!

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84 Responses to OTC: Kietzman Says Kansas State Is Just More Kansas Than Kansas / Thoughts?

  1. Kyle says:

    Delusional is the only word that can describe the purple fan base.

    • sporty says:

      Insecure is the only word to describe Jayhawk fan base. Or envious.

      • OlatheCat says:


        • Diggity Dawg says:

          Envious? Of what?

          The above posts & KK’s idiocy is why us KU fans roll our eyes at KSU fans sometimes. You guys have a lot to be proud of, but you go around acting like you’ve won multiple National Championships under Snyder. And when you won a piece of the Big 12 basketball regular season title last year ( due only to the ridiculous lack of a tiebreaker ) you all acted like you’d found the cure for cancer. Crazy.

          • Diggity Dawg says:

            KK did get one thing right. KU basketball die-hards generally don’t give 2 shits about football. On the occasion where they have a good season, it’s a fun little diversion.

  2. Ultimate Dude says:

    KU has been winning National Titles since the 50’s?? They’ve won a total of 3 since 1939. Two of which are described as miracles. Underachieving. Petro stated that Self would win “multiple” national titles within 10 yrs, and that its not that bold of a statement. Well we are going into yr 10 with one “miracle” title, so according to Petro’own expectations and “not so bold statement”, ku is underachieving in national titles in Selfs first 10. I realize multiple, to some, means 2 or more, so technically he could win 2 in 10 yrs but highly unlikely. The Buffalo Bills aren’t revered for winning 4 NFC titles, they’re mocked for losing 4 Super Bowls. ku doesn’t get a benefit from saying its all about Final Fours. The only fanbase that points to the Final Four as the mountain top. Win or go home. UCONN can point to as many titles in a more recent, shorter span. ku is the most underachieving program in college basketball history.

    • DJ says:

      Hilarious! How many national titles has K-State won since 1939?

      My guess is probably 0. Wouldn’t that make Kstate an even more underachieving program in college basketball history?

      Please explain this to me.

      • DJ says:

        Actually Ultimate Dude, please give me any national titles for any sport that K-State has won since 1939?

        Still guessing the answer would be ZERO.

        • kylerohde says:

          I believe they have titles in equestrian, soil judging and a debate title, which pales in comparison to KU’s five debate titles.

      • JAFO says:

        Why don’t you try winning a title without being on probation some time. that hasn’t happened since your single title in the 50’s…

    • Gavin says:

      Oh, Ultimate Dude, how I’ve missed you and your yummy hater tears! I was worried i’d never get to taste the sweet,sweet nectar of your yummy, bitter hater’s teardrops. But here you are, a fan of some other program a program that has zero national championships, here to call KU (excuse me, ku, you WAG, with your refusal to capitalize!) to call Kansas “underachieving.”

      Welcome back Ultimate Dude and please stay nearby!

    • E.Jack Hewlett says:

      UD, since you seem to take everything Petro says so literally, maybe you should have your testosterone level checked out.
      The amount of crying you do about KU makes me think you might have a little too much estrogen and not enough T.

  3. nick says:

    K-State should be proud of their 3-title year. Impressive. But maybe equally un-impressive is that their title-contending football team ended their big year with beat-down losses to Baylor and Oregon. The basketball team ended their dream season with its 3rd-straight loss to KU and a loss to juggernaut LaSalle in front of thousands of loud Wildcat fans at Sprint. If this trend continues, the Bat Cats will be done this weekend.

    In most years, football and basketball is all that matters to fan bases. But this year, because K-State won league, we have to all get excited about baseball. When KU made the College World Series it wasn’t a big deal. KU’s track & field women are #1 right now and won the Big 12, but gives a crap about that?!

    KU football IS a joke of a late. Turner Gill made sure of that. But there’s a real excitement with KU football this year. Weiss seems very serious about getting the program back to winning bowl game, something K-State hasn’t done since 2002.

  4. Joe says:

    I would like to add my own “blanket” statement, to KKs:
    KK – (KSU people) are salt-of-the-earth people through and through.
    Me – Sports radio show hosts are egotistical, a-holes, through and through.

  5. john says:

    phil kline is more kansas than ku or k-state athletics

  6. KCFan says:

    It’s always great to see a K-Stater try to belittle a school that’s actually won a real national championship. KU hasn’t won as many titles as we would like, but if you get there enough, you’ll eventually knock the door down like KU has. For every “lucky” national championship, KU has been unlucky 2 or 3 times. KU has played for 5 national championships and won a couple since most of us have been alive. Very few schools have been there as often as KU has. And guess what, when you actually make the tournament, you fall short every once in a while. As the Wall Street Journal has studied, KU has played to seed the 2nd best (behind Kentucky) since the tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985.

    The thing that stings most for K-State fans is for all Bill Snyder has done for them, they’re still not recognized as being a good football school. Everyone recognizes that Snyder has done a lot with a little and he’s been recognized as such, but that’s why K-State gets so little respect. Picked bottom half of the Big 12 again? Check. Picked outside the top 25? Check. Gameday pretty much ignored North Dakota State’s upset of K-State because nationally, K-State is irrelevant. Any real football school and it would have been the lead story.

    So as you lick your wounds from this past weekend, rest easy knowing KU will again be chasing another national championship. We may not win it all, but you won’t be able to rest easy until our final loss because KU has a legit shot at the national championship again this year.

  7. Chris Charlton says:

    I’m a passionate KU fan in all sports. Especially the money makers football and basketball. I watch the womens track team win with passion. KK is out of touch. KSU is NOT a national brand, or national power in football. Just like KU when they won the Orange, they were not a national power, they had a good year!

    KU is a national brand….KSU is not.

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