OTC: Kim Anderson Shoots & Scores In His First Presser As MU’s New Hoops Coach

Kim Anderson“I’m excited to be your head basketball coach. This is a dream come true for me and my family. There is no other place OI would rather be than Columbia, Missouri. … Thanks for bringing me home.”
Kim Anderson, in his first press conference as the head coach of Missouri basketball
GH: A day after many Mizzou fans were disappointed to hear that Mike Alden had hired the former MU assistant over other qualified candidates, a feeling of acceptance appears to be sinking in. While Kim does not have the resume of Gregg Marshall or Ben Howland, he has something no other Missouri basketball head coach has possessed since Stormin’ Norman – his blood runs MU Tiger black and gold from birth. That will take him a long way if he can also win 25 basketball games a season. Read on.

“(Coach Norm Stewart) taught me how to survive. He taught me how to get up after I fell down. If there’s one word I’ve always thought about coach it’s that.”
Kim Anderson, MU presser
GH: Anderson was knocked down three times by Mike Alden in his past three attempts to be named Mizzou’s head basketball coach. If anyone is an expert at getting back on his feet and surviving, it is Anderson. If he can teach his players that same tenacity, maybe the Tigers (and their scattered fan base) will growl once again inside Mizzou Arena.

“I really think for this time I was the right fit. … I wouldn’t have hired me either in 1999. I wasn’t ready.”
Kim Anderson, MU presser
GH: This is a very classy move by Anderson to make everything right between him, Alden and the Norm crowd who have always been a bit standoffish about the basketball program since Alden supposedly forced Norm out. Was Anderson ready in 1999? He sure as hell was as ready as Quin Snyder.

“Oh, hi Gabe. I was looking for your dad.”
Kim Anderson, after Gabe DeArmond introduced himself into the microphone during the Q/A session of the presser and Anderson looked to be searching the room for his dad, Mike, MU presser

“I think we’ll have a good basketball team – and we’re not done recruiting yet either.”
Kim Anderson, MU presser
GH: This is music to the Tigers fans ears. I got the feeling Anderson doesn’t expect to use his first season to get to know his new team and the SEC. He sounded like he is ready to try to win now.

“I really want to play an aggressive, hard-nose style of play. I try to have my teams play the way I played. We’re gonna try to guard somebody. We are gonna try to guard. I think we have the talent to be a good defensive team from what I’ve seen on tape. … We’re Missouri people and that’s how I want our basketball team to play.”
Kim Anderson, MU presser
GH: Anderson made defense a point of emphasis in his press conference. Frank Haith’s teams at time appeared to not understand the word. Anderson knows what he is doing in front of an audience. He did very well in how he came off to Mizzou Nation.

“When I went to Central Missouri 12 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. Division II basketball is really Division I basketball. You’re just playing in Division II.”
Kim Anderson, MU presser
GH: Some might say the SEC is a different world all its own.

“I’m gonna say something a lot of people might not like. There’s been some pretty damn good coaches that have come through here the last three times. I’d like to have their records.”
Kim Anderson, MU presser
GH: It is difficult to dispute the results on paper for Snyder, Mike Anderson and Haith. They all at times experienced some great success while at Missouri. But Kim Anderson will be expected to do more than go to Elite Eights and win conference tournaments. Damn, did I just write that?

“I’m not the best coach in the country. I’m not. But I can steal from anybody. I can watch TV.”
Kim Anderson, MU presser
GH: Anderson is the best speaker of the past four MU basketball coaches. Quin was just kind of goofy and way too immature. Mike Anderson said a lot of good things but he lacked sincerity. Haith just was never a straight shooter. Anderson appears to be as open and honest about himself, his program and his love for Mizzou as anyone who ever coached for the Tigers. It is pretty difficult not to like the guy.

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56 Responses to OTC: Kim Anderson Shoots & Scores In His First Presser As MU’s New Hoops Coach

  1. brett says:

    it will be fun to root for a True Son. good luck, coach.

  2. Allen says:

    Damn Greg! You go from hating on the hire yesterday to loving it! Way to talk out of both sides of your mouth!

  3. Joe Blow says:

    maybe the Tigers (and their scattered fan base)

    What does this even mean?

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Like it or not, Mizzou’s fan base is very fractured.

    • Greg Hall says:

      JB, Mizzou basketball fans are scattered and not at all together on the MU basketball program the last few years.

      • Joe Blow says:

        I think it’s the hit-or-miss nature of the BB program’s success more than anything…plus being 2 1/2 hours away from major metro areas vs. 45 minutes (KU)..

        • Your Friend and Mine says:

          2 1/2 hours Blah, Blah, Blah.
          Norm had no trouble filling up The Hearnes Building in the good years, and KC was still 2 1/2 hours away then.
          Your basketball team stinks, your program sucks, fans stay away. Same thing with KU football, and Lawrence is only 45 minutes away from KC.

  4. Larry says:

    I agree with Allen, Greg spends yesterday ripping the hire and today has a man crush oh him.
    For the record Greg, do you like the hire or not??

    • Greg Hall says:

      Allen and Larry, I am not a fan of the hire. Knowing what I know (which is not nearly as much as MU officials), I would have hired Ben Howland. I still would hire Howland today. But Kim came off very well in his presser and he is now the MU coach. What are you gonna do but hope he gets the job done? I hope he wins the SEC next season.

      • Joe Blow says:

        Right, a coach who got canned and hasn’t been mentioned as a top candidate at any other open job was clearly the best choice?!

  5. Jayhawk Jeff says:

    Greg rips everyone and then sends mixed messages about the hire… Dammit Greg, take a stand and get off the fence!

  6. Kyle Fan says:

    I just want to know what my Kyle thinks..

    • Kyle fan fan says:

      He could go one of two ways on this, or both

      • Kyle Fan says:

        I think he’ll just take a bland, middle-of-the-road opinion…that’s my Kyle!

        • Kyle R says:

          Man, I get what I take some crap on this blog but hitting me for not having an opinion at all? That’s just false – my opinion can be a lot of things but it’s rarely middle of the road or mixed.

          Given the program’s status and its apparent financial limitations, Anderson is a good hire. MU just looks bad for taking this long to decide on a guy who was on the radar before Haith even quit though, not to mention paying a search firm 42K.

          The DII coach thing doesn’t bother me, just like it doesn’t bother Bo Ryan or Jon Beilein. Ryan was a DIII coach with multiple titles whose D1 experience consisted of a couple years at UW-Milwaukee and 8 years as an assistant at Wisconsin from 1976-84. Ryan doesn’t get superstar recruits, as Anderson likely won’t, but he wins and does things the right way, which is what Mizzou needs. Based on that presser, it’s hard to hate the guy.

          I’m curious what’s wrong with Howland too, Greg. But anybody who’s disappointed that Marshall isn’t the coach is dreaming and would have been even more disappointed when a much better program took him away from MU next year or the year after.

          • Your Friend and Mine says:

            Kyle, MU could’ve hired Our Lord and Savior, and there would still be some idiot who complains that, “Christ has no utter idea of how to break a full court press….even His Dad had trouble with zone defenses.”

          • Kyle Fan says:

            Kyle, you’re the best! Back-handedly mentioning the search firm, how Anderson won’t get top recruits, and how Marshall never would have stayed at Missouri.

            I love you, Kyle.

          • Alphonse Tooty says:

            I think it’s the fact that you appear to be a major league ass-kisser that gets some people’s attention. If you were in the same room with Greg, could you resist the urge to press your lips against his rump?

          • Kyle Fan says:

            Kyle, where are you keeping Gavin?

  7. nick says:

    “Anderson is the best speaker of the past four MU basketball coaches.”

    And Obama is the best speaker of the past four Presidents. What’s the point?

  8. Alphonse Tooty says:

    Greg’s no different than many of the knee-jerk fans out there. It’s pretty easy to trash the hire but if you spend some time giving it rational thought, it makes a lot of sense.

    • Greg Hall says:

      AT, I don’t think hiring a DII coach as the head coach for an SEC basketball program makes much sense at all. The fact that he’s from Missouri and bleeds black and gold is a great feel-good moment for many Tiger fans but it means nothing as far as whether or not this is a good hire. But now that he’s in place, I’ll be rooting for him to succeed.

      • Phaedrus says:

        Wasn’t Jim Tressel a DII coach when OSU hired him? That worked out pretty well for them.

        I’d rather have a DII coach that’s won a national title than some DI retread.

  9. nick says:

    KK just emphatically stated, “Hey MU fans, tell KU fans who are making fun of the Anderson hire to bug off. Tell them you would NEVER EVER EVER trade your football program and basketball program for KU’s football and basketball program and all their wretched sports programs who’ve won virtually nothing the last 10 years”.

    Of course, KU grad Danny Clinkscale does NOT challenge the feather-rustler. In fact, he agrees!!!

    Okay fine. Football rules and MOST college sports fans would rather have a better football program than basketball program. But I’d argue that’s not always the case if you’re considered to have one of the top 5 programs in basketball, and if that school is home of the guy who invented the game. And KU’s “wretched” football program won an Orange Bowl just 6 years ago. And Mangino was toe-to-toe with the almighty Pinkel for 6 years. Also, KU’s women’s basketball team went to 2 straight Sweet 16’s in ’12 and ’13. And the women’s track team just won a National Championship a year ago!

    C’mon Clinkscale. For cry in ‘out freakin’ loud. Take off your skirt. Geesh!

    • Joe Blow says:

      Weird, I see:

      UCLA: 11
      Kentucky: 8
      Indiana: 5
      North Carolina: 5
      Connecticut: 4
      Duke: 4

      Where’s Kansas?

      • Kyle R says:

        2nd in all-time wins and on the outside of Kentucky and North Carolina’s stadiums where you see “Dean Smith” and “Adolph Rupp”. But there’s no denying I’m way jealous of UConn having more titles in the past 15 years than KU in the past 75.

      • BlackJack says:

        Because the number of national titles is the ONLY criteria that is befitting of a “top program”, right?

      • JP says:

        I guarantee you won’t see Missourah in any lists like that in football or basketball.

      • Juan Pablo says:

        KU has won more natioan championships than UCLA and Indiana the last 30 years. Stupid to use that as the only measuring stick.
        Any national championship won before they went to seeding the tournament and allowing more than one team from a conference is kind of meaningless now.

    • BlackJack says:

      Don’t you know KK’s schtick by now? KK, being the disingenuous boob that he is, is just saying that to poke a stick and get a fanbase all riled up. Helps with the ratings. He likes playing sides with both programs ti suit whatever personal agenda of his is du jour.

      Of course, you notice he never plays these games and implicates his own beloved, precious K-State kitties in these games.

    • Phaedrus says:

      Jesus Christ. Are you really using Sweet 16 appearances by the women’s basketball team to defend your school?

      How’d KU’s glee club do last year?

      • nick says:

        I’m just defending the part about none of KU’s sports programs are doing anything outside of men’s basketball. I think 99% of college fan bases could give a rip about programs outside of men’s football/basketball. It’s cool when other sports do well (KU’s women track, women’s Bball), but yes, all eyes are on the 2 big sports.

        To my point, I don’t think every MU fan would NEVER trade their football and basketball program for KU’s football/basketball. Maybe it’s 50/50. I’m biased, so would rather have a perennial league champ and Final Four potential Bball team over a top 30 or 20 football team with an occasional Cotton Bowl win.

        And it’s frustrating that Clinkscale, the lone Jayhawk on afternoon drive, hardly ever goes to bat for KU. He bends over backwards in KK’s studio to not sound like a KU apologist. Come to think of it, it seems he’s bending over forward.

      • FJH says:

        Since you asked:

        The KU choirs enjoy an excellent national reputation, having made recent appearances at regional and national American Choral Directors’ Association conventions, performances on National Public Radio and Public Television, and recent tours to England (1998), France (1999), Hungary (2000), Brazil (2001), Australia (2002), the Eastern United States (2003), Colorado (2004), Los Angeles/San Diego (2005), Austria/Germany/Italy (2005), cities and towns in Kansas (2005), Dallas (2006), Chicago (2005 and 2006), England/Scotland (2007), and Italy (2010).

        • Phaedrus says:

          Thanks! Do you know where I can buy a KU Choir t-shirt?
          I bet the 2005 trip to “cities and towns in Kansas” compared favorably to the England and Italy tours.

    • Juan Pablo says:

      KU basketball is a thousand time better than MU basketball. MU football is a little better than KU football. Which school would you take.

  10. JP says:

    So why paid a firm over $40,000 to hire a coach just down the road in Warrensburg. Makes no sense, as I stated before, this is a boom or bust hire. Anderson will be a good x’s and o’s Coach, who will either go the Bo Ryan route, and build a good team or flame out. He needs to recruit, but if he coaches a certain style, he can have a lot of success.

    What this hire says is Missouri is a Football school first (like the rest of the SEC) and they do not appear to be going full board on becoming a basketball power. While the fans want a powerful program, the powers that be have decided to focus big time on football. That is what this hire looks like, feel good and cheap in monetary terms. Finally, Turner Gill also won his press conference, we all know how that turned out.

  11. KV says:

    Quite a few folks were trashing the hire of Kevin Ollie at UConn too. How’d that work out? Sometimes hiring a guy who knows the lay of the land and the program can go a long way. I don’t know how Anderson will fare, but I have a feeling some of the turd losses that have accumulated over the years (K-State circa Wooldridge, 12 seed Nebraska, Georgia at home, Alabama) won’t happen with nearly the same frequency as in prior years. And why is nothing made of the fact that Howland has been passed over for every notable coaching opening this offseason?

  12. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Something must really stink with Ben Howland for teams to be passing on him like they are. Maybe there is more with the NCAA than anyone knows publicly.

  13. Mikey says:

    I love your suggestion Greg that they should have hired Howland. I read a recent tweet that 12 D1 coaching jobs have come and gone without Howland getting nary a sniff and you want him to coach the Tigers. This guy is a scum bag who is a Son of a Bitch to work with. My sources say he is DIRTY from the toes up! He comes close to having a good year in Columbia and he is out of here.. Remember that guy named Bob Huggins who nobody would touch and said all the bull shit things to get the job at KState? Well he took the first train out of here for shit WV!

  14. Arte says:

    KU is good at winning games over the years in a mediocre basketball conference. It has losing records head to head against Kentucky, UCLA, Duke, North Carolina and Indiana.

  15. Not a Kim Anderson Fan says:

    So…now MU fans are OK with a long time assistent talking his dream job????

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