OTC: KK Says The Royals’ Players Too Soccer Soft / Mellinger Wants 2 More Bats

“The Royals have a lot of soft white suburban guys who look like they should be coaching soccer at the Blue Valley Rec complex.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Are the Royals too country club soft? Are they just too Jeff Francoeur nice? Does Kansas City need more players like the hard-sliding Hal McRae and fewer sweethearts like Chris Getz? Read on.

“I just look at Dayton Moore’s drafts and he’s doing something wrong.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Okay, so this isn’t the boldest statement Kietzman’s ever uttered. You can look at Dayton Moore’s drafts and wonder if he isn’t supposed to be working at Wal-Mart.

“Something’s wrong here. Is (Moore) drafting guys that are too nice? These are not the gritty guys that the Cardinals have.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Would the Royals players appear to be more “gritty” of they won more games or does it take more gnarly and nasty players to win more games? And why do the darn Cardinals seem to turn turds into bids almost every season?

“(Moustakas) needed to go down (to Omaha) not as a punishment but to learn how to hit again. If there are no consequences to being a bad player, I think that’s a bigger issue.”
Rany Jazayerli, 810 AM
GH: Moose is the poster child for either the Royals’ organization’s patience or catatonic state. Or it simply might be that Moore’s drafts have left them with no other options than to suffer through Moose being Moose – an incredibly streaky player who appears to have lost his power stroke and much of his confidence.

“I’m starting to believe in myself again. I’m starting to become what I used to be as a hitter. I’ve been trying to get back to who I am as a hitter instead of trying to do things I’m not used to doing. I’m trying to get back to driving the ball to the right side. Staying focused on the middle but using my strength to that pull side of the field.”
Mike Moustakas, who now has four straight two-hit games and has upped his average to .207, Kansas City Star
GH: He’s trying to do what he used to do instead of things he’s not used to doing? Sounds like him and George Brett just said – “forget what you have been taught and go up there and use Music Man’s think Method.” Okay. Nothing else has seemed to work.

“I can’t lie about (losing my confidence). It was down. It wasn’t too far down because everybody in that clubhouse kept boosting me. … It’s hard to get too low with your confidence with all of that (support from teammates and family). But, absolutely, my confidence was definitely down for a while.”
Mike Moustakas, Kansas City Star
GH: Somehow though, Ned Yost missed this.

“You used the term ‘sacred cow’ before. And unfortunately, this organization has a whole barn full of them. Francoeur, Chris Getz…”
Danny Clinkscale, after Jazayerli talked about the Royals’ penchant for treating undeserving players like sacred cows, 810 AM
GH: This might be my favorite line of the week.

“This is something like an agonizing way of life around here, like the summer humidity. The Royals and Chiefs usually stink, of course — it’s been nearly 20 years since either won a playoff game. But over those last two decades, each franchise has given us a few flashes of promise. In hindsight, it has been more like mediocrity cloaked in sparkles but, hey, stale bread is delicious if you’re hungry enough.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Mellinger does a nice job below of simply stating what the Royals need to do but apparently have no desire to do. Read on.

“The Royals’ pitching is good enough to win a World Series. Think about that. This isn’t ‘Greinke is good enough to be a division winner’s ace,’ or ‘Alex Gordon is one of the better corner outfielders in baseball.’ Pitching is, roughly, half of the sport. And the Royals have it licked. The best ERA in the American League, and it’s not a fluke. Very good rotation, great bullpen, the whole bit. Maybe this pace won’t keep up — only one AL team has had a lower ERA in the last 30 years — but the pitching staff is good enough to win a playoff series. But they need help. There are too many holes in the lineup. Right field, most nights. Second base. Shortstop. Third base. The Royals appear committed to seeing it through with Mike Moustakas, and Alcides Escobar isn’t going anywhere. That means a team that is two bats short of being a legitimate contender needs those bats at second base and right field.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: The St. Louis Cardinals seem to always find a solution for these dilemmas. David Glass’ Kansas City Royals never do. Never is a word I try to refrain from using – except when discussing the Royals and success.

“The alternative is
maintaining a team good enough to aim at .500, and to be remembered as another in an agonizing line of Kansas City teams whose enormous flaw undermined a significant strength. We’ve seen that too many times already.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: The Royals went halfway in acquiring the pitching they needed to compete. They have simply sat and hoped things would improve with their bats. That is not the Cardinals’ way. That’s the Royals’ way.

“Wil Myers is in a unique position, one that few rookies in baseball history have encountered. His progress will be closely watched by fans of two franchises. Myers, who made his major-league debut on Tuesday for the Rays, hit his first home run Saturday. There was nothing ordinary about the blast. It was a grand slam off CC Sabathia at Yankee Stadium. Not bad for the 22-year-old, who is Tampa Bay’s top prospect.”
Pete Grathoff, writer, Kansas City Star
GH: I listened to Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty debate whether or not Royals fans should or would root for Myers to succeed or fail. The consensus opinion seemed to be we hope Myers fails just enough to not make us pine for him. I am rooting for the kid and the Royals. And I don’t think I’m alone.

“Would I have given up a draft pick for Andy Reid? Yeah!”
Josh Klingler, on the LA Clippers trading a first-round pick to the Celtics for their head coach, Doc Rivers, 610 AM
GH: My reaction? Hell no. I sincerely hope I am wrong but I think there are a lot of great coaches out there who just have yet to be discovered. It is a GM’s job to find those jewels – not some other team’s fired head coach.

“The Clippers will not be unprepared for clutch time situations, they’ll know what they’re running and how to run it. But behind all that is the fact that the Boston offense was putrid under Rivers. Not bad. Putrid. Awful. Horrid. Sucky. Whatever word you want, it’s negative, that was the Boston offense.”
Matt Moore, NBA writer, cbssports.com

“Yeah, I’m going to work for WKOW in Madison.”
Lance Veeser, @lanceveeser, KSHB sport anchor, Twitter
GH: Veeser has been in KC with TV 41 for seven years? Wow – I had no idea he’s been here that long. So why does KSHB let a young, energetic and fun sports reporter get away and keep Jack Harry? Because the public is not bright. The public thinks Jack Harry has substance and makes sense and therefore he scores ratings. The media is simply a joke when it comes to how people keep their jobs and how they lose them. Enjoy Madison, Lance. It is a beautiful (if chilly) place and one sports-crazy town.


I will post a recap of my weekend up in Duluth at Grandma’s Marathon later today or tomorrow. In a word it was surreal. We went from 95 degrees here in KC to 45 degrees and dense fog for our three days in Duluth — but no Moose!

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13 Responses to OTC: KK Says The Royals’ Players Too Soccer Soft / Mellinger Wants 2 More Bats

  1. JimmyD says:

    So the former high school cheerleader is taking shots at baseball and soccer players and Greg Hall uses it as his headline? Slow weekend for sports

  2. The Smartman says:

    When only 4,000 people show up for twenty home games in a row the Ol Royals will turn into the 1927 Yankee’s. That puts extreme pressure on every aspect of the organization. How to staff for parking, ticket takers, ushers, concessions people, security, etc.

    You can give em all steroids, make em P90X, whatever Spartan training you want and it won’t make a difference when the bottom line end all be all is MONEY!

    Here’s the plan for improvement. Whenever the Ol Royals win 5 in a row you can go to the games. After a 3 game losing streak, you stop until they get back on a 5 in a row win streak.

    The sun will come up tomorrow, someone somewhere will get killed, a broken clock will be right twice. KK will say something stupid. NEXT

    Good for Leslie Vesser, I mean Lance Veeser. Hopefully, he’s a left wing commie lib otherwise Madison can get real lonely.

  3. Ultimate Dude says:

    I like Jack. He’s the only media member in this town that regularly takes jabs at ku, unlike most everyone else who foam out the mouth and bow to that overrated program to the West. Also willing to take Kietz to task and make him look stupid.

    Don’t mind trades for coaches if they make sense. Dick Vermiel, no. Herm Edwards, yes. Herm drafted every viable player still on the Chiefs roster. Would love to have him in scouting in some capacity.

    The Royals need a couple tough veterans to offset the youth. Billy and Alex don’t seem vocal enough to me. They need a couple guys to kick these young kids in the ass every once in a while. Can’t ask much more from the pitching staff. This should probably be Dayton and Ned’s last season. They’ve had long enough.

    Don’t care much about Wil Myers. I probably will in 2 yrs when Shields signs back with the Rays and Royals have absolutely nothing to show for the trade and resort back to horrendous pitching. Ain’t life grand?

  4. Java Man says:

    Funny how everyone thinks managers and a few ball players should be assholes, but we never want to work with them ourselves. How many times have you heard “This is a great place to work. Every time we make a mistake the boss rips me in front of my coworkers and reports it to the press”.
    Yeah, that would make me thrilled about making the boss look good.

  5. Danimal says:

    “I’d like to see ’em go out and pound tequila rather than cookies and milk, because nobody’s going to get us out of this but us.”

    So now KK is channeling Tony Muser?

  6. MrOlathe says:

    “These guys have no street cred. Like me. You gotta grow up in the rough streets of Mission, KS (circa 1977) and be a yell leader.” KK

  7. Jess says:

    How bad is 610 sports if KK still has a job? I know he owns the company but jeez. I want people that can play BALL, they all don’t need to be Ty Cobb to play.

  8. Ron says:

    Looks can be deceiving. Amos Otis didn’t appear too intimidating, but he once “accidently” threw his bat at a pitcher two pitches in a row. Tom Poquette didn’t look like much, but he ran through a few outfield fences while playing for the Royals. Hal McRae wasn’t a big guy and he did a lot of laughing and cackling, but no one messed with him. George Brett was viewed as a nice guy, but he punched out Greg Nettles, fought with Reggie Jackson, and destroyed any number of toilets in clubhouses throughout the AL in his day. What the Royals need more of is players who hate to lose.

  9. Splitlog Quindaro says:

    It is easier for a kid to take up golf than baseball. You basically have to be an upper middle class suburban kid whose parents are willing to spend 40-50 hotel nights a year on a traveling schedule at age 14.. Or you are from Mexico or a Carribean Island where baseball is part of the Socialist infrastructure and the dirt lots are everywhere. The players from poor backgrounds seem to be the largest impact players in MLB.. but the rank and file is full of Mike Sweeneys and Jeff Francouers. . I never hear about Royals out and about in Westport.. They are wearing girlie jeans and going to church picnics. There are no Cobbs, Roses and Ruths.. But then again…. many fewer kids are growing up playing little league now and the Latin players have to compete with the soccer audience. In 25 years the game will be mostly evaporated… Once the boomers are all gone the audience will deplete even more. I am still a fan… but my kids are not. The NBA is in a much stronger position and the NFL does a phenomenal job in keeping the product relevant.

  10. Splitlog Quindaro says:

    Institutions destroy themselves over long term patterns of arrogance. Some wake up in time to save themselves.. ie Augusta National. Notre Dame never “got it” and they learned the hard way. I put baseball in the arrogant category… same with the NCAA… and they better get off their horses or they will destroy themselves. Pete Rose was the best baseball player that ever lived and baseball lets some crusty old tweed blazer “writers” and traditionalists keep him out. The NCAA just plain thinks they can do whatever the heck they want.

  11. Ron says:

    Yeah, what baseball needs is a lot more players getting arrested for DUIs, rape, and murder. Baseball needs a lot more players who shack up with seven women and have nine kids. That will improve the sport a lot and encourage the NBA and NFL fans to take another look at America’s pastime. I wonder why Bud Selig didn’t think of that? What a bunch of pathetic losers baseball fans and players are. If they don’t keep it real and start creating a bunch of carnage and mayhem like NFL and NBA fans and players do all of their lives, the sport will surely die.

  12. PV_Pathfinder says:

    So we are actually aching for the good ol’ days of when Dale Carter would get in to rolling gun battles every Friday night in Westport?

  13. Phaedrus says:

    Was KK really a yell leader back in high school?

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