OTC: KSU & MU Open CFB Seasons Expecting Greatness / KU Has Another Week To Hope

“I think it’s going to be a really great season for K-State. … I went up to (Bill Snyder) after my last game coaching at KU and said, ‘Coach, I’ve always respected you but now I’ve seen a whole different side of you. He does an unbelievable job. You are one of the best coaches I’ve ever been around and I’ve been around a lot of great coaches. I just want to shake your hand because what you do in Manhattan, Kansas is special.’ That is a very difficult place to bring a lot of kids in. It’s a beautiful campus and a beautiful place but it’s Manhattan, Kansas! It’s another 150 miles away from most places.”
Tim Grunhard, 810 AM GH:
K-State fans do not like hearing that Snyder’s miracle program is all the more miraculous due to the fact he performed his magic in the middle of nowhere. But damn if it ain’t true. What Nebraska did in college football for 40 years in a state that had less than Kansas to promote was ridiculous. But that was a different time when few schools dedicated the resources that now almost every school does to CFB. Where and when Snyder turned K-State from worst to first remains one of the sport’s greatest accomplishments.

“Bill Snyder would not have scheduled that (Auburn) game. Ron Prince did. I don’t blame Bill Snyder for that. But (Snyder) has scheduled good games in the past. He is the guy who scheduled USC back in the day. I think sometimes his aversion to playing tough games is a little bit overstated by people. I’m greatly looking forward to this game”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Bill Snyder changed the way CFB teams scheduled their non-con games. I detest that we have to sit through games like KSU vs Stephen F. Austin and Missouri vs. South Dakota State this weekend. But that is what has become acceptable – even called smart. I still call it what it is – a joke on the fans who are expected to support these expected blowouts.

“They are a competitor to win the Big 12 Conference. I think K-State can seriously think about wining ten games this year. Anything more is just icing on the cake.”
Stan Weber, 810 AM
GH: It is college football season once again and I am back with Time Warner as my cable provider since they were the only option in my new neighborhood. I am hoping for the best but bracing for what I have come to know from TWC. The good news is that Dave Stewart, Brad Porter, Mick Shaffer and their SportsChannel KC cast are all once again invited into my living room for the best high school sports coverage in the area.

“Webb City (12) and Rockhurst (9) represent 21 Show-Me Bowl titles when they meet Friday, most on the field together in history? Tony Severino (336-91-1), Rockhurst, John Roderique 207-19, Webb City, two guys who know something about winning.”
Bill Gunn, @MOsportsdotcom, Twitter
GH: Rockhurst gets hammered from just about all sides of the state line and everywhere in between because of their ridiculous success in just about every sport that counts and quite a few that do not. The Hawklets draw kids from Kansas, the Northland, Blue Springs, etc., making their lack of boundary laws a distinct advantage over public schools. But when you see public schools like Webb City, Jeff City, and Hutchinson crank out perennial winners with just the kids who happen to live in town, it gives you pause as to just how important coaching is at the high school level. I love how Severino will play just about any team in the Midwest no matter his talent level. I just hope schools like Hutch, Blue Springs, Jeff City and now Webb City continue to be willing to schedule the independent Hawklets. It sure makes Friday nights more fun when these schools get it on.

“I think (Kansas) is going to be okay. They’re going to be alright. Now, are they going to be okay enough to win five, six or seven games? That remains to be seen. I think they’ll do better than last year but it all comes down to momentum. One of the things we had an issue with last year as a coaching staff is getting these guys to understand they are going to have some success. If something kind of went bad they’d go, ‘Oh, oh. Here it comes again.’ You can’t have that attitude.”
Tim Grunhard, 810 AM
GH: Kansas does not start their season until next week so Jayhawk fans have another week to hope that things will be better. I still enjoy a football Saturday afternoon in Lawrence over just about anywhere. It sure would be nice of the football game stopped detracting from the game-day experience.

“(Keeping it close) is not enough anymore. We have been talking about making it close the last few years.”
Nate Bukaty, on the pressure on Charlie Weis and KU to win this season, 810 AM

“There are a lot of good things going on at Missouri but that SEC schedule is a rough one. A lot of people are going to circle Missouri this year. It’s going to be a little bit tougher for Missouri this year than it was last year.”
Tim Grunhard, 810 AM
GH: Mizzou is a big unknown to me. Maty Mauk looks like the answer but Pinkel’s program seems to always revolve around the success of his QB. Here’s hoping Mauk is equal to his predecessors.

“I think everybody again thinks the defensive line is going to be the strength of this (MU) team.”
Gabe DeArmond, on the Missouri Tigers, 810 AM
GH: Was that Auburn game a mirage? MU’s defensive line looked awful in the SEC title game. I am not as sold on MU’s defense as most.

“We’re spending a lot of time talking about defense when everybody knows that the SEC is a league now where you put up 52!”
Gabe DeArmond, after Texas A&M rocked the ninth-rated South Carolina Gamecocks 52-18 Thursday night, 810 AM

“We didn’t see much in fall camp that shows that Missouri has that game-breaker.”
Gabe DeArmond, on Mizzou’s ability to replace offensive weapons like Henry Josey, DGB, L’Damian Washington and Marcus Lucas, 810 AM
GH: I am not concerned about MU’s skill-position players. Pinkel seems to crank out running backs and receivers like they sell them at Booches.

“They shouldn’t have to worry about being hot against South Dakota State.”
Gabe DeArmond, on Missouri choosing to wear their all-black uniforms Saturday afternoon despite the heat of late August, 810 AM
GH: DeArmond laughed off the controversy of Pinkel saying his team is more mentally tough than that in worrying about wearing black during the heat of the day. I think it’s a dumb move on the head coach’s part to put his team at a disadvantage. Cramping is often an issue early in the season and I would not be surprised to see some Tigers seize up during this tilt in Columbia.

“I don’t think (Zach) Zenner running for 100 or 200 yards is going to make this a close game.”
Gabe DeArmond, on the Jackrabbits two-time All-American fifth-year senior running back, 810 AM
GH: DeArmond might be correct in how superior MU is over the Bunnies but I watched SDSU give Nebraska all they wanted a few years ago. If Zenner is able to run on Mizzou like we saw Auburn run on Mizzou, Pinkel might want to switch out to his white jerseys at halftime.

“The Chiefs averaged a 13.7 (television) ratings and the Royals averaged 11.6 (Thursday night). I don’t ever remember when the Chiefs going head-to-head against the Royals didn’t absolutely crush them. I never thought we’d see numbers like that at this point in the season.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: I had the opposite reaction to Fescoe’s. How does an NFL preseason game that features almost no starters outdraw a MLB team that looks like they might win their division for the first time in 29 years? The NFL is a powerful, powerful beast.  

“I was one of the 13,847 that sat for 2.5 hours (Tuesday night) and cheered our brains out for 30 seconds. Not that there weren’t some good defensive plays that night, but nothing is better to hoot and holler about than the long ball!! However when I walked in to the K during the bottom of the first I thought to myself this crowd is small, am I dreaming and  wake up in 2005? Anyway I think Royals fans are truly afraid to go all in and attend the games, we are so pessimistic about the outcome we don’t want to have our hearts ripped out.  However, I do see so much evidence in my daily travels around town that good ole folks of KC are PAYING ATTENSION to the Royals.”
Brad, OTC Email
GH: Royals fans are an abused and battered bunch. Watching Chen give up a six spot in the tenth reminded us all just how long we have to go yet before they crown a division winner for the ALC. September is going to be like watching a new episode of Breaking Bad every night.

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37 Responses to OTC: KSU & MU Open CFB Seasons Expecting Greatness / KU Has Another Week To Hope

  1. sporty says:

    I, for one, have high hopes for my K-State Wildcats. Nothing better than a sunny afternoon, tailgating with 50,000 other fired up fans in beautiful Manhattan, Kansas! It’s going to be a fun season!

    • Juan Pablo says:

      Last time I went to a KSU game they had people park in a sheep or cow pens. Watch out where you step and hold your nose..

      • Phaedrus says:

        I love when KU fans act like KSU is a hick school. Travel outside the Midwest, and most people aren’t going to differentiate between KU & KSU. In my experience, people consider both of them as being schools that are out in the middle of nowhere.

      • sporty says:

        Does Ku have a football team? I didn’t think so….

  2. Gavin says:

    Bill Snyder is absolutely one of the all-time greats. Truly a hall-of-famer. What I wonder, and I don’t say this to pimp anyone from K-State, I really want to know, what happens when Snyder finally leaves? Do K-State hire his son and hope the Apple didn’t fall far from the tree? It’s hard, but impossible, to imagine finding someone so relentlessly driven and so focused on one objective twice in a row. And that sort of dedication is what a school like K-State needs (and it wouldn’t hurt my own school to have a little of that as well) if they want to maintain their incredible success.

    • sporty says:

      I don’t think they will hire Sean Snyder, just my opinion. I think they will be fine. Recruiting is going well, facilities are top notch. I know many of my KU friends wish for the downfall of K-State football after Coach Snyder, I don’t see it. Even Ron Prince won at least 5 games a year.

      • Gavin says:

        There’s no doubt that K-State can succeed post-Snyder. But do you think that you can expect the same level of success? You can argue that Ron Prince never failed to win at least five, but is that success in your mind? I don’t personally know a single K-State fan that thinks of his tenure as anything approaching minimal acceptability, let alone a success.I mean, if he was a success, why’d he get run out of town?

        • sporty says:

          Of course he wasn’t successful. 5 wins is nowhere near acceptable. My point to my KU friends was to stop mocking post-Snyder K-State, when KU hasn’t come near achieving the level of the awful Ron Prince era.

        • OlatheCat says:

          The point is that five wins and losing to KU was not acceptable for K-State fans and it won’t be in the future, either. Post-Snyder K-State likely won’t be nearly as good, but the program won’t nosedive like most people think or hope it will. The fan base won’t allow it to. They are committed to a winning football program. KU fans seem fine with Charlie Weis and a mediocre football program as long as basketball is winning. Most K-State fans were on the verge of irate by Prince’s third season. That’s why the administration had no choice but to fire him mid-season.

  3. D says:

    I expect Mizzou to compete for the SEC East. After South Carolina’s loss last night and God-awful defensive display, the division is wide open. All of a sudden that game doesn’t look all that daunting. If we can beat UGA in Columbia, things will be looking pretty good for us. The game at A&M looks a lot more scary now but we’ll see what happens. Btw, is the SEC Network not one of the greatest things ever? Life is indeed good.

  4. Brummy says:

    GH, the only people enjoying a football game in Lawrence are the opposing fans.

    Also, you’re not exactly going out on a limb predicting cramps – they could cramp wearing only their briefs. I saw plenty of cramping watching high school soccer and they were wearing white shorts. I get your point though – why make it worse.

  5. Midwest Guru says:

    Greg, Booches doesnt sell fries.

    • Greg Hall says:

      MG, I have been reminded of this fact (and my error) my multiple MU fans and Columbia natives. For punishment, I am going to subject myself to being verbally abused (and ignored) for an afternoon by three Booches employees.

  6. Ben B. says:


    • MT says:

      Yep, the only taters you’ll get at Booches is a bag of Lay’s, to go with all that deliciously greasy goodness and your Stag. Num num num!

  7. Mike says:

    Nice reference at the end. I’m binge-watching Breaking Bad right now, and the last two episodes of season four were incredible with the buildup to old man Salamanca hitting back on Fring. (Though Gus’s fatal walk back through the door, post-explosion, was a bit much.
    I cannot wait for Better Call Saul. Odenkirk is incredible in that role, and I can’t even imagine what Vince Gilligan has in store for that show.

    I don’t know what the end result for KU will be this year. With the depleted backfield, four or five wins will be a big success. I’ve spoken with a couple of football people in the know, that have worked with John Reagan, and they swear by the guy. I’m looking forward to how he has retooled the KU offense away from the oft-confused pro concept that Weis struggled with.
    But it does also appear that Bill has a pretty damn good squad ready to roll in Manhattan. If anyone’s going to give Baylor and OU a hard time this year, it’s them.

  8. Juan Pablo says:

    K-State fans do not like hearing that Snyder’s miracle program is all the more miraculous due to the fact he performed his magic in the middle of nowhere. But damn if it ain’t true. Where and when Snyder turned K-State from worst to first remains one of the sport’s greatest accomplishments.

    There have been many program turn around just as great. North Western was the worst team in history and Gary Barnett took them to win the Big 10 twice. What Art Briles is doing at Baylor is just as amazing. Baylor was a complete joke, there are more.
    Location and size of school is no big deal.

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      Many??? Your Jayhawk glasses are making you blind man. Northwestern hasn’t had anything like the sustained success KSU has. The only comparable reclamation project that’s resulted in sustained success is Wisconsin since 1993 and that program was always a sleeping giant. Football crazy state, great town and the only major football program in the state. KSU under Snyder is nothing short of miraculous.

      • Juan Pablo says:

        Gary Barnett did not stay at Northwestern for 25 years like Snyder, Barnett moved on to Colorado and had more success.
        We are talking abut coaches that have turned around bad programs. there have been many. most don’t stay 25 years.

    • Doug Tucker says:

      Location and size of school is no big deal? Bet you wouldn’t say that if your livelihood depended on luring high school studs to Manhattan, Kan. And Northwestern was not the worst team in history. Kansas State was. And yep, Art Briles has done a great, great job at Baylor. But what state you think turns out the most good high school players year after year, Texas or Kansas?

      • Juan Pablo says:

        The Northwestern Wildcats of 1976–82 went 3–65–1 and set a major-college record of 34 losses in a row. The Wildcats’ worst year was 1981, when they were outscored a total of 505–82 (average game score: 46–7). on November 7, 1981, the Wildcats broke the existing major-college record of 29 straight losses—and the excited fans mobbed the field, tore down the goalposts, and carried them through the streets of Evansville chanting, “We are the worst. We are the worst.”

        NU has lost more games then anyone , NU went to one bowl game before 1996.

        • Doug Tucker says:

          Between 1886 and 1989 when Bill Snyder arrived at Kansas State to engineer what is appropriately called the greatest turnaround in college football history, Northwestern won 377 games and lost 475. In that same span, Kansas State won 300 and lost 506. In other words, Northwestern had 77 more wins and 31 fewer losses. Between 1935 and 1970, Kansas State had three winning seasons. Kansas State played 97 seasons before winning its first bowl game.

  9. Juan Pablo says:

    . But (Snyder) has scheduled good games in the past. He is the guy who scheduled USC back in the day. I think sometimes his aversion to playing tough games is a little bit overstated by people. I’m greatly looking forward to this game”
    Nate Bukaty, 810 AM

    When Snyder scheduled those games USC was a turd. they were a losing program going down the drain. It was Pete Carrol’s first year of rebuilding USC when Snyder played USC They were not that good yet.

    • sporty says:

      Teams schedule ku because they are a cupcake. You need to give it up. Your K-State envy is getting ridiculous. “Wait til basketball season”. HAHA!

      • Juan Pablo says:

        What big games has KSU won that anyone would be envies about?
        One bow win the last decade ? KU has more. BCS bowl win?

        • EstoniaKat says:

          I don’t know, that one against “maybe the best college football team of all time” was pretty nifty.
          But since you have to ask the question (and can’t spell correctly), it kind of weakens your troll-fu.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          LOL! North Dakota State now has twice as many Big 12 wins than KU does in what, 2 years? Three?

  10. Ron says:

    I have to wonder how accurate television ratings are. If they are accurate, then the ratings are a severe indictment of Kansas City sports fans. They must be idiots. Preseason Chiefs’ games are absolutely unwatchable after about the first 15 minutes. Horrible camera work, horrible announcing, and really horrible play on the field. Anyone who can watch more than 15 minutes of Chiefs’ preseason football needs to be evaluated by a psychiatrist immediately.

  11. Smith says:

    Breaking Bad?? A tv show with fake characters?? This playoff race is real life bud.

  12. Bob says:

    Greg, those early season cupcakes can still turn sour. North Dakota State ruined K States opener last year, and Snyder lost a few early scheduled Dubyas to mid major directionals. It happens.

  13. FJH says:

    I challenge any other MLB fans (except maybe the Cubs) to match the Royal’s attendance after a 29 year playoff drought.

    • Kyle R says:

      Milwaukee went 26 years between playoff appearances (and that 1982 appearance ended in a WS loss to the Cardinals). In 2008, when they finally made the playoffs again, they averaged 37,882 fans per game, which is 14,357 (or 61%) more than the Royals are getting in 2014. In a smaller market that only draws from one state, versus the 3+ the Royals draw from.

      • Brummy says:

        The Brewers get a significant pull from Chicago. Milwaukee is a relatively short drive from Chicago (1-2 hours depending on where you are in the city).

        • Kyle R says:

          The same Chicago that has two of their own teams already?

          • Brummy says:

            You don’t think the Brewers aren’t drawing from the massive next door population? I know for a fact they do; I know people who make the games.

  14. Herb says:

    “Gus’s fatal walk back through the door, post-explosion, was a bit much.”



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