OTC: KU Dunks Baylor As Thomas Robinson Gives POTY Performance At AFH

“I caught the elevator to the top of the stairs. Ding!”
Thomas Robinson, when asked about his vicious high-flying one-handed hammer dunk against Baylor,
GH: In the storied name of Chocolate Thunder, I have christened TRob’s dunk Monday night with the following moniker; The Tyshawn-trailing, gravity-be failing, Baylor Bear pregame video-bailing, Allen Fieldhouse-crowd-frenzy-sent sailing, SportsCenter-Top-10 emailing, Scott Drew railing and POTY-inhaling dunk!

“There is no way to know these things for sure, but it felt like something changed after Robinson’s dunk. Baylor has more talent than KU, and when’s the last time you could say
that about a game at Allen Fieldhouse? But this building is different. Strange things happen here. This might be the best homecourt or homefield advantage in all of sports, and it has taken lesser moments than Robinson’s dunk to ignite the Fieldhouse machine in hundreds of victories like this one.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Allen Fieldhouse was getting more love on Twitter last night than the teenage bride Courtney Stodden’s jogging outfit. Read on.

“Thought KU was tremendous tonight but always feel that Allen Field House is a minimum 10 point advantage. Does put KU in ‘elite team’ talk.”
Fran Fraschilla, Twitter

“Honestly, I think atmosphere here at Kansas pre-game trumps everywhere else. Yes, that includes Rupp and Cameron. Love this place.”
Jeff Goodman, of CBS, Twitter
GH: Fraschilla and Goodman weren’t the only national media member tweeting love sonnets to KU’s old barn. It seems everyone who steps into the Phog comes away mesmerized. Even some you would never imagine. Read on.

“I’m gonna say it and hope to not get kicked out of Mizzou Nation,,,,MU woud love to have the KU fans passion – just observation.”
Shake Pepper, avowed lifelong Mizzou fan, Twitter
GH: Shake may need to rattle and roll next the time he crosses the Missouri border from his home in Carolina – but the atmosphere inside AFH during conference play is that special.

“I’m sitting on the baseline underneath the Kansas hoop. T-Rob looks awfully short next to those Baylor guys.”
Seth Davis, ESPN college basketball analyst, early in the Baylor/KU game, Twitter

“Love Jared Sullinger & Doug McDermott, but Thomas Robinson should be National Player of the Year if season ended today (which it doesn’t).”
Jeff Goodman, of CBS, Twitter
GH: Dick Vitale also loudly declared Robinson his current pick for POTY. A name you might not know in that list is Doug McDermott. Mike DeCourcy also has the Creighton sophomore on his POTY short list. He is the son of former Iowa State coach and current Creighton coach, Greg McDermott. The 6’7 Doug is averaging 24/game, shooting 55% from the field (44% from three), over 7 rebounds/game and commits less than two fouls a game. I haven’t seen his game in person yet but my Creighton buddies all swoon over
him like he was Larry Bird.

“Tyshawn Taylor might, and I repeat might, have turned a little bit of a corner.”
Danny Parkins, after Taylor scored 28 in his second straight game, 610 AM
GH: Tyshawn Taylor is Sherron Collins without the resume. He has the game, he has the swag – what he doesn’t have is the ring. Both point guards could be maddening at times to watch as they over-played their teams to unnecessary losses. But both could also be go-to beacons when all appeared dark for the Jayhawks. Taylor’s tale is still being
written. So far? A fascinating read.

“When you commit five turnovers, you’ve got to play like this. I don’t know if he can keep this up.”
Mike DeCourcy, on Tyshawn Taylor, 810 AM
GH: Yes, not everyone is sold on Taylor’s game remaining consistent enough for a Kansas late-season run. Read on.

“[Tyshawn Taylor’s] jump shot is about as ugly and flawed as you can find in the country. His elbow is flying out… He’s throwing curveballs, sliders and knuckleballs up there!”
Tom Penders, former Texas [and elsewhere] basketball coach, in an interview with Bob Fescoe and Josh Klingler, 610 AM
GH: Penders is so sure Taylor’s flawed game will eventually derail Kansas that he told Fescoe and Klingler he’d buy them steak dinners at the Final Four if Kansas makes it. I am expecting Penders Twitter account to get blasted this week by Phognatics.

“ESPN’s insistence on showing the final nine seconds of this long-decided Big East game seems like a middle finger to the Midwest.”
Tully Corcoran, FoxSports writer, Twitter
GH: There is a LOT of bitching every time a Big East game’s conclusion creeps into the start of the Big 12 game on Monday nights. It’s frustrating but I don’t adhere to all the flyover-country conspiracy theories. If the game times were reversed, KU fans wouldn’t want to be denied watching the final nine seconds of KU thrashing Baylor…and that blip of a handshake between Scott Drew and Bill Self.

“KU fans go with ‘overrated’ chant. Your team was awesome tonight. Why lessen it by saying your opponent wasn’t as good as everyone thought?”
Kurtis Seaboldt, Twitter
GH: One of the dumbest crowd chants in sports. I believe it is perpetuated by incoming freshman who don’t know any better. Since there are new frosh each season, the dumb chant continues in arenas everywhere.

“This is not a group you can be nice to and pat on the back.”
Bill Self, in his postgame comments following KU’s 92-74 win over Baylor, 610 AM
GH: Maybe all those KU fans who have been riding Tyshawn Taylor on Twitter have been fueling his All-Conference play.

“You guys know Self gave the stat keeper a case of beer if he gave him 10 assists in his last game at OSU? True story, look it up.”
Doug Gottlieb, Twitter
GH: You KNOW that Gottlieb’s tweet is going to be brought up by some KU players at today’s practice. Maybe Chris Piper will ask Self about his final game stats in a postgame interview.

“We’re 64-3 at home in my career. That says a lot about our fans. That says a lot about our
Kim English, Sirius XM Radio
GH: Mizzou has a bit of a homecourt advantage as well. Their 70-51 win over A&M Monday was their 65th in English’s MU career.

“I would say we’re the best team in the league. I wouldn’t sell my team short.”
Kim English, when asked to name the best team in the Big 12, Sirius XM Radio
GH: Mizzou travels to Waco on Saturday. That would be a good place to prove English’s faith in his Tigers.

“[Syracuse] is not better than everybody else. They don’t have a road game like Kansas. Their conference road schedule is a joke! They don’t have to do what Kansas has to do
or what Baylor has to do. It will be interesting to see what they do when they get to the end of this – because they won’t be as tested as any of the other major powers.”
Mike DeCourcy, 810 AM
GH: How great would it be to have Syracuse join the Big 12? Maybe we can borrow them for the rest of the season. It doesn’t appear they have much to do until March.

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21 Responses to OTC: KU Dunks Baylor As Thomas Robinson Gives POTY Performance At AFH

  1. jgavin12 says:

    McDermott was on the SVP show and compared himself to Luke Harangody. He is fantastic and having a great year, but tell your CU buddies to ease up on the communion wine.

  2. Kyle Rohde says:

    The games overlapping annoy the heck out of me too, especially this year when they moved the start of the late game back 30 minutes. I thought that was perfect because it’d give time between the two games to cover overlap. But no, the earlier game is also moved back 30 minutes to make sure they get more West Coast viewers, I assume?

  3. Hammy says:

    The one savior of the late-ending Big East game is the Watch ESPN app. Or espn3. Modern technology can be fun.

    Until the computers take over the world.

  4. jjskck says:

    Seth Davis’ observation is accurate. I’m 6′-4″, and I barely had to look up at him. I’d guess he’s 6′-7″, maybe 6′-8″. Definitely not his listed height of 6′-10″. That said, even in street clothes the guy is a physical specimen. I wouldn’t want to wrestle with him.

    • jjskck says:

      “Him” being Thomas Robinson.

    • BlackJack says:

      Dude, nobody in basketball is thier listed height. Withey is probably 6’10”, Perry Jones III is probably 6’8″. It dowsn’t matter anyway. It only matter how you play. Robinson definitely plays like he is 6’10”.

      • Jack says:

        He measured 6′ 9″ at Amare’s skills camp. 6′ 10″ with shoes I suppose. Although it is likely be is in between 6′ 8″ and 6′ 9″.

  5. tigerdan4 says:

    Ok I’m convinced. Convinced that Bill Self is the best coach in America. In the regular season, anyway. From November through February, nobody gets more out of his team year in and year out than Self. When you combine his brilliant coaching with elite talent and a homecourt like AFH, you have a monster. And thats what the KU program is. It pains me as a Mizzou fan to say that but I gotta be honest. We can hate em all we want but the harsh reality is as long as Self is in Lawrence, KU will win the conf or be the team to beat every single year. If they win it this year, the streak WILL get to 10 straight. Because this is supposed to be a down year. Next 2 years they will be unbelievable. Have fun with that, Big 12. Glad we won’t be around to deal with it.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      What, like Calipari doesn’t have a monster in Kentucky?

      • Kyle Rohde says:

        Let’s see if they win seven straight conference titles first, in a conference that’s not as good as the Big XII anyway.

    • jjskck says:

      And as a KU fan, I’m thrilled with last night’s win but also recognize they haven’t faced a tough road test yet. There will be a few L’s on their conference slate before it’s all over. The race for the title will be a good one and will come down to the last week of the season.

  6. Smartman says:


    You are too white and too old to be naming dunks. Dunk names need to be short, like Armanettin or Samurai Apocalypse. At least you didn’t call it the Bon Jovi Mac Daddy.

  7. smashmouth says:

    No doubt that KU is very, very good at home…but so are most teams. I look for them to get a little too caught up in their own awesomeness and drop their road game at Texas on Saturday. Then KU fanatics will be on suicide watch once again.

    BTW…I have been to AFH (against Tech with Bobby Knight) and can honestly say that I was not awe inspired like these other Twitter heads. I’ll be impressed if they roll some quality opponents on the road. Too bad they can’t AFH on the road with them or in the NCAA Tourney. Oh well. Look for another 2nd round exit.

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