OTC: KU Hopes To Escape NCAA Madness / KK Not High On Royals — Again

BjQZe-2CQAAKrAG“Kansas has just got to get by the first week. Easier said than done.”
Jeff Goodman, in an interview on The Program, 810 AM
GH: Well, that fact was definitely highlighted on Thursday, the first day of the tournament with a full slate of games. Oklahoma turned North Dakota State into everybody’s Cinderella. Dayton enjoyed possibly the greatest day in the history of the university when the Flyers smote their big brother, Aaron Craft’s Ohio State, and gave their fans bragging rights in the state of Ohio for eternity – or at least until the NCAA pairs the two schools again. Upsets are what make this tournament so riveting. Upsets are also what make us not want to get out of bed for a week when they happen to your team. Kansas needs to get through St. Louis to keep the nausea at bay. 

“I think I speak for all Kansas fans on this one. What everybody wants is for the ball to get tossed back into Bill Self’s court. And if it goes back into Bill Self’s hands I think we all know what’s going to happen. Joel Embiid is going to play and this team has a shot at a national title.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Maybe my favorite quote from Kietzman in some time. KK is now speaking for Kansas fans? Just when you thought you glimpsed the heights of Kietzman’s arrogance, he mashes the elevator button to carry him up a few more floors. 

“They’re all wetting their pants over New Mexico.”
Soren Petro, on Kansas fans concerned about first Eastern Kentucky and then their possible second game rematch against New Mexico, 810 AM
GH: Isn’t this what fans of the favorites do? Only the dumb ones walk around like Cliff Clavin. 

“I hope we get Syracuse and Kansas in the Sweet 16. I think that would be a lot of fun for me personally. I hope we get that matchup because I think that would be a lot of fun.”
Soren Petro, on his alma mater facing the Jayhawks, 810 AM
GH: The last time KU and Syracuse met in the NCAA tourney it was definitely fun for Petro and his Orange. Not so much for Coach Roy, though, who said following the loss to Syracuse in the 2003 title game, “I didn’t give a shit about North Carolina right now.”  

“One Wichita television station has 12 media people here (in St. Louis).”
Danny Clinkscale, who is in St. Louis to cover Kansas, Kansas State and Wichita State at the NCAA tournament, 810 AM
GH: 12 people? That has to be about everyone from that Wichita TV station except maybe the weatherman. When was the last time a Kansas City TV station sent a dozen people anywhere? Besides home? 

“I’ve never been in a more packed media setting for an NCAA tournament. Never.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: Word is that Kansas and K-State were given the smallest locker room at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. That has to make Gregg Marshall feel better, right?  

“It’s the little subtle things that Gregg Marshall does. People in the (Missouri Valley) said he would do this and he has. He will call them out by name. He’ll say, ‘I understand why Bill and Bruce won’t place us.’ He makes it personal. I think it gets under their skin.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Why the heck would Bill and Bruce think whoever is coaching Wichita State should shut up about wanting to play the two Big 12 schools in his state? The fact that the best excuse KU has come up with is that they might lose and it would diminish their aura in the Sunflower State is embarrassingly weak. It’s a basketball game, folks, not Russian roulette.

“Everybody thinks I need to change. I am who I am. … That is not right what I did but those moments are few and far between.”
Frank Martin, head coach at South Carolina, in an interview this week on The Border Patrol, 810 AM
GH: Martin sounded to me like an alcoholic in denial. He doesn’t see anything wrong with how he conducts himself with his team and players – except for the rare, rare occasion when he’s caught on camera making as ass of himself and his school. This kind of denial usually turns out to be fatal for a head coach’s career in the end. 

“It’s like he’s gone … but uh … he’s still living through me. Ya’ll would never understand ‘cause ya’ll stuck on that Sandusky bullshit.”
Tamba Hali, in a new rap song on his own record label, referring to his former college coach at Penn State, Joe Paterno, TMZ.com
GH: Bullshit? We are the ones who will never understand? Sad. 

“Gary Pinkel said he had multiple NFL scouts tell him at today’s pro day the transformation at #Mizzou over the years was amazing. They all say it’s very organized and one of the most well-run pro days they attend.”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, Twitter
GH: Mizzou has completed their transformation from Big 12 school to SEC school now that their NFL pro day draws more interest from fans than their basketball team’s postseason game. MU plays Southern Mississippi in the second round of the NIT on Sunday at 4:00 PM at Mizzou Arena. They could probably play this one in the parking lot and there would be room for the fans to watch the game from their cars.  

“(Columbia) Hickman boys basketball team will play in the state championship for the first time since 1968.”
@KOMUnews, Twitter
GH: How about those Kewpies! 1968? Those were some tumultuous times in the big cities back then. MLK’s and Bobby Kennedy’s assassinations resulting in race riots, John Carlos’ and Tommie Smith’s black power protest at the Mexico City Olympics are two vivid memories of mine. I was entering eighth grade the summer of 1968. I will be sixty this year. I will be rooting for Columbia Hickman at state this weekend. 

“Today in 1968, the expansion team in Kansas City announced the name ‘Royals,’ in part to honor the Negro League team Kansas City Monarchs.”
@HighHeatStats, Twitter
GH: The Royals season opener in Detroit is now ten days away. Damn, that is good news.

“The ballpark was silent, save for the haunting wail of an ambulance.”
Andy McCullough, Royals beat writer for the Kansas City Star
GH: This was McCullough’s lede for his game story on the Royals/Reds spring training game where Reds pitcher, Aroldis Chapman, was hit in the face by a liner off the bat of Salvador Perez. McCullough can write. I think Kansas City might have got one over on New York in this free-agent signing from the Mets’ beat. Read his game story here

“I think the people who hate Billy Butler frankly don’t understand a lot about baseball.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: I don’t know a lot of Royals fans who “hate” Butler but he can be a very frustrating, expensive and one-dimensional player. The fans who question Butler’s overall worth on the Royals’ 25-man roster might be the most baseball savvy. His inability to play in the field removes the possibility for the Royals to use their DH slot as a rotating rest day for regulars like Hosmer, Gordon and Moustakas. Butler is merely an expensive pinch hitter in NL parks. His refusal to trim down and improve his glacial speed on the base paths puts every rally at risk of another BB DP. Can Butler hit? Hell, yeah. But he needs to hit a ton if he is going to be worth the weight he places on this team’s ability to be flexible. 

“I truly cannot believe that (the Royals) are going to go out and win 90 games this year.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman is not the most optimistic guy when it comes to the team whose radio rights are carried by his competition. After the Royals started 0-2 last season KK declared the season all but over. Read on.  

“I don’t like always being right. … Will the Royals be over .500 at any point this year? … To avoid a disastrous start, this team has got to find a way to win two of the next four. They have to! They’ve GOT to go 2-2 in their next four. They’ve got to! … I’m on a lonely island. I still think Alex Gordon has been a disappointment. … I’m really, really concerned that Eric Hosmer is a project right now.”
Kevin Kietzman, after the Royals opened the season 0-2 in 2013, 810 AM
GH: These comments were all made last season after the Royals had played two games. I’m going to give the Boys in Blue a bit more rope this spring. Maybe KK will have learned his lesson as well.  

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25 Responses to OTC: KU Hopes To Escape NCAA Madness / KK Not High On Royals — Again

  1. Jayhawk '97 says:

    Bill Self probably would have made Kevin Ware go back into the game last year if he was coaching Louisville.

  2. Mike says:

    The only way a Wichita TV station could pull that off is if their anchor team, a reporter, sports team, camera and production folks are all there. (2 anchors + 1 general reporter + 2 – 3 sports folks + 3-4 camera/production + 1 glad-handing suit, just because). My guess is the CBS affiliate KWCH.

    • Mike says:

      Why do some hosts speak in hyperbolic generalizations? ‘The people (ie Royals fans) who hate Billy Butler..’ WHAT? Can we please be a tad more nuanced in our verbiage and declarative points?

      And re: Frank. “Answer the fucking question, asshole!” is a few and far between? Then what’s all of the crap he does that he considers the ‘between’?? Frank, meet Jim Irsay, who also didn’t feel like he had a problem until he was busted big. Tamp down on the outbursts now before even SCarolina pushes you to exit.

      And KU and KSU sharing the same locker room. So they both get the smallest space.

    • carelessdonkey says:

      Isn’t Clink the same guy who also said Moustakas came to spring training with both arms covered in tattoos?

  3. Renton says:

    “I don’t like always being right”
    – KK

    That’s why he goes to so much trouble to avoid it.

  4. Smith says:

    GH: His (Butler’s) refusal to trim down and improve his glacial speed on the base paths puts every rally at risk of another BB DP.

    Garbage. Billy Butler was not born to run fast. You probably think Jarrod Dyson “refuses” to improve his power and hit more HRs.

  5. As Corporal Chevotarevich would say, even if it was Russian roulette, let’s get it on! Bill & Bruce should proclaim that they’ll play Wich St any time, any place. Whether it be in Wichita. Or in a dipsy dumpster off Independence Avenue. Or in a rockin’ van down by the Kaw river. Time to take the diapers off, middle aged men! Just leave ‘em on if Sandusky’s around.

  6. Jayhawk '97 says:

    Did everyone hear how KK was going off on Coach Cal yesterday for referring to his team as “a bunch of 18-year olds” and how KK kept saying… the player in question is “almost 21!”. It was odd… he kept saying “almost 21!”… never “20!”… always “almost 21!”. The man has some vent up frustration on college basketball coaches.

  7. Tim H says:

    Rooting for the kewpies? Hickman sucks. Rock Bridge is where it’s at!

    • Big D in the O says:

      I once saw Emanuel Lewis’ father punch out a horse in Rock Bridge. Small World.

  8. Erik Estrada says:

    I had a lunch go long? God, I wish I’d known.

    And we don’t rule the universe. We just rule the state of Kansas in basketball.

  9. Mikey says:

    Greg, where is the love for Blue Valley Northwest. Back to back state championships and not even a mention!

    • Greg Hall says:

      Mikey, A complete swing and miss on my part. What that senior class has done at BVNW in their careers is just remarkable. Pretty cool when a bunch of kids from the same school come together to make history. Love those Huskies!


  10. G Money says:

    Where the hell is KyleRohde! We need to hear his useless opinion!

  11. glorious uproar says:

    Why does Iggy the Iguana think Bill Self is cheap?

    He never wants toupee for lunch

  12. Kansas Marine says:

    Keep on doing what you do, Greg. Keep the heat on KK.

  13. Observant Guy says:

    KU Fans have (as usual) been bitching all week about what a tough bracket they have, and about having to — clearly unfairly — play New Mexico. Of course, Stanford beat New Mexico, so their whining about that was unfounded. This is setting up as a typical KU bracket — they usually only advance far when almost every underdog in their bracket wins. They got the first one…let’s see how many Cinderellas they get to play this time.

    • Kyle says:

      Not sure why any KU fan was worried about NM. They smoked them by 17 earlier this year and NM always fails in the tourney. That’s why I picked Stanford in my bracket. They will be every bit as tough if not tougher than NM.And keep humoring yourself about “cinderellas”. They ended UNC’s season in back to back years.

  14. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    And GONE! All Kansas teams unceremoniously booted out of St Louis, and back to the barren land of wheat. The state of Missouri would like to thank you for spending all your money at the Big 12 Tournament, Missouri Valley Tournament, & the NCAA Regional. See you next March, when college basketball makes it’s 6 week run of relevance.

  15. Ken says:

    On the Dayton Daily News Cover……several OSU fans were offended and thought it was classless using THE and cancelled their subscriptions to the newspaper…I think it was a GREAT headline

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