OTC: KU Opens Easy / KSU Not So Much / Big 12 Melting Again

“I would have felt terrible losing to this team. It would have been like a tragedy. I don’t want to use that word, but that’s kind of what it would have been had we lost.”
Chris Harper, K-State wide receiver, after K-State pulled out a last-minute 10-7 win at home over Eastern Kentucky, Wichita Eagle
GH: This was a “Big Gulp” game for K-State and their loyal fan base. Dropping their opener to the Colonels would have been akin to Turner Gill and his Jayhawks loss to North Dakota State last August. With under two minutes to play that embarrassment was avoided. But many, many questions remain for a Wildcat team that many thought would win 7-9 games this season. Read on.

“The Colonels haven’t beaten an FBS school since knocking off Louisville in 1985.”
AP, ESPN.com“Eastern Kentucky, of the Football Conference Subdivision, was not supposed to be able to compete with K-State. Instead, the Colonels put a real scare into the Wildcats for four full quarters. All while playing without their usual starting quarterback.”
Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle
GH: While Stan Weber previewed this game last week on 810, he mentioned that the loss of EK’s starting quarterback and a key receiver would make the game even more mismatched than expected. That did not prove to be the case.

“It didn’t take long for the high expectations of a new (K-State) season to turn to bewilderment about how a team that was so dynamic offensively last season could be so inept.”
Bob Lutz, columnist, on the Wildcats come-from-behind 10-7 win over Eastern Kentucky, Wichita Eagle
GH: This is year three of the return of Bill Snyder. He is not expected to challenge for the Big 12 title but he is expected to crush lower division teams that show up in Manhattan without their quarterback. CBS is under the gun. 50,000 Kansas State fans want to know why the magic is taking so long this time.

“We probably eliminated some things in our package that probably we shouldn’t have.”
Bill Snyder, on his watered-down game plan for K-State’s opener against Eastern Kentucky, GoPowerCat.com
GH: Snyder needs to go back to coaching his Cats like he did in the early 90s – when every win was cherished. He didn’t hold back in game preparation back then and there is no reason to try and fool future opponents now. Winning each week is the only thing that should matter. Saving anything for later assumes there will be a later.

“I gave up a quarter into the game. It was difficult to watch with all the buffer
problems and the screen freezing. It was like watching a really long YouTube
video. I ended up switching to the radio.”
Soren Petro, on watching the Eastern Kentucky/K-State game on the Wildcats new online TV network, 810 AM
GH: K-State’s online answer to the Longhorn Network appears to have more thorns than horns.

“Overall, the (KU) defense looked much faster and a little like the KU offense in that the KU D is full of playmakers. Opurum and juco transfer Tunde Bakare were active all night. The coaches also dialed up a lot more blitzes than we saw at any point last year.”
Matt Tait, columnist, on KU’s 42-24 win over McNeese State, Lawrence Journal-World
GH: Tait’s take on the Kansas defense was in direct conflict with Nate Bukaty, the Jayhawks’ sideline reporter. Bukaty was troubled by the Hawks inability to make stops against McNeese State. We will get a better idea this Saturday night when KU takes on a consistently efficient Northern Illinois team at memorial Stadium.

“If Turner Gill wants to play the disrespect card, it’s certainly there.”
Kurtis Seaboldt, on the Jayhawks being 5.5 point underdogs to Northern Illinois, 810 AM
GH: A Big 12 team being listed as a dog in their own stadium to a MAC school is disrespectful – but accurate in this case. Gill’s team has not earned any respect. They have a chance to do so Saturday night.

“He’s the best player in the country right now. There’s no question.”
Denis Dodd, on Baylor’s Robert Griffin III, who lit up TV screens and Twitter with his QB performance against TCU, 810 AM
GH: Get the erasers out and uncheck all those Baylor losses you had penciled in before the season started. The Bears look to be as exciting as Waco is boring.

“If OU bolts Big 12 for Pac-12 (most likely with Okla St), we are staring at Armageddon in realignment, sources say.”
Chip Brown, of OrangeBloods.com, Twitter

“NY Post suggests Kansas, Kansas St and Mizzou to Big East if Big 12 falls apart. Makes sense. Baylor and Iowa St left out in the cold.”
Dan Wolken, columnist for The Daily,Twitter

“They may step back from the brink. It happened last time. I think the big one is
coming this time.”
Dennis Dodd, on the possible demise of the Big 12, 810 AM
GH: The college realignment rollercoaster is once again turning our stomachs upside down and inside out. Some of the proposed realignment scenarios appear to me to need a lesson in geography. Texas to the ACC? A two time zone jump to the west coast for Mizzou and KU? Kansas City will go from flyover country to flies-only country.

“Where can you pay $30 for your seat, go 2 the bathroom & come back to find some1 being given your seat by an usher, @SportingKC that’s where.”
Ethan (also @CravenMorhead), Twitter
GH: So Ethan post this comment on Twitter following his attendance at Sporting’s Saturday night match. What caught my eye is that Sporting saw it and responded. Read on.

“Ethan, if you’d like to speak w/ someone about this issue, feel free to email . Ask for Jake.”
@SportingKC, Twitter
GH: How cool is that? A real live professional organization reaches out to let a fan know they want to help. I hope Sporting remains this connected with their fans even/if/when they outgrow us.

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Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.
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27 Responses to OTC: KU Opens Easy / KSU Not So Much / Big 12 Melting Again

  1. Fake Ned Yost says:

    I honestly don’t give two shits about soccer, but I’ve gotten the opportunity twice to have some tickets to a Sporting game/match/contest. To say I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the Sporting organization is to put it mildly.

    From the ticket takers all smiling to the stadium workers greeting you when you walk in. I have enjoyed the technological advances of the stadium to the “live trivia” Android app. It’s just a completely amazing experience. Almost makes you forget you’re watching soccer.

    I did have to e-mail their support one day about a subscription to their fan club and I got an e-mail within an hour similar to Greg’s experience.

    For those looking to see how KC needs to run the All-Star Game, they could do worse than using whomever is running the fan experience for Sporting KC.

  2. Bill says:

    Hilarious this morning to listen to Bukaty and SSJ rip on Texas for destroying the Big 12. A lot different tune than they were singing last year when NU and CU were bolting. Funny how the times change, huh?

    • Greg Hall says:

      What I don’t understand about Nate and SSJ is their reluctance to discuss the college realignment topic. They preface every segment where it is broached with “I really would rather not talk about this but…” Meanwhile, Fescoe down the dial is reveling in the rumors that K-State is screwed while his Jayhawks will likely land softly in a land far, far away. Fescoe is nuts but he knows a story when it lands in his lap.

  3. Ptolemy says:

    “…50,000 Kansas State fans want to know why the magic is taking so long this time…”

    Really? C’mon GH. You’re better than this. When did it ever take a little bit of time under “CBS?” KState lost at home to a really crummy Marchall team when they won the Big 12 title in 2003. We KStaters know how Snyder teams develop.

    Why no mention of Tweets about the Pac 12 CEO’s not wanting to expand? Your slip is showing…

    • Bill says:

      You mean like how the Big 10 wasn’t interested in adding NU last year, or how the SEC wasn’t interested in adding Texas A&M this year? Pretty sure commissioners declaring no intention to expand means the exact opposite these days.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Maybe all the KSU fans are just like Pt, refusing to say, write, read or believe anything negative about CBS and the Cats’ football program. I think there are some big question marks after Saturday’s showing. And I don’t think I’m alone.

      • Big Dub says:

        K-State grad here and I was puckered tight for 4 straight hours. I am one of those that thought this could be a surprising 8 win team, but certainly have my doubts now. You can’t really say the DEF looked good considering the competition, but at least they held them to one short TD drive. Offense is, and will be, the biggest question mark for this team. How many schools have been successful with a 3 Man rotation at RB? You need a horse and proven leader there, and we don’t.

        • Ptolemy says:

          Big Dub, relax. That was not a short TD drive. That was a 2 yd. TD drive. I can fart the ball 2 yards.

          Snyder offenses are always slow to develop in a season — have been for 20 years. they’ll be OK. Be pleased the defense is fast.

          Snyder has had rotations at RB for many years. Want to worry about something? Worry about the offensive line. THAT showed some considerable concern.

          Don’t get down by reading Greg’s outlook on KState. He has hated Snyder for years…he gives our good man GH nothing for his OTC’s because he knows what the media is generally after. Credit Snyder for that.

          By the way Greg, I’m combing through the dusty halls of my OTC library, and am coming up short on criticisms of Tom Osborne for coming back from a political ass kicking to lead the Corn’s Athletic Department. Can you come up with something?

          • kcredsox says:

            You state the defense is fast, hopefully they are a lot faster than last years. I remember Taylor Martinez making them look like they had concrete shoes on. If they haven’t changed a significant amount of their secondary from last year, I doubt they are that fast.

          • Bill says:

            Why would he do that when Osborne arguably saved NU from the mess KSU is about to find itself in. Osborne and Pearlman tried to tell everyone this was coming last year, and you all wanted to sing Kumbiya and praise Texas. Have fun on this sinking ship.

          • Ptolemy says:

            Bill, the point is GH never gave Snyder a chance, predicting his demise just after he came back. He made no such declaration when Osborne came waddling back to Lincoln, at least as far as I can recall. I KNOW he didn’t beat that horse incessantly like he has Snyder. Snyder even proved him wrong by going to a bowl game in his second year.

          • Greg Hall says:

            I didn’t predict Osborne would fail because I didn’t think he would fail coming back as the AD. I believed rehiring Snyder as the head football coach was a poor move that would stall the progress of KSU’s football program. If Pt wants to point to a 7-6 season and a bid to a first-year bowl as Snyder-like success, I guess I was wrong.

          • Ptolemy says:

            Well thank you for confirming my memory on not-tan-Tom. My mind isn’t as gone as I thought.

            7-6 isn’t a bad record for a coach in his 2nd year. Prince completely depleted the team in his years.

            How has your boy, Tom, done with the basketball program?

            You gotta give Snyder a chance.

  4. Johnny Utah says:

    SKC has great ownership and a wonderful stadium. I will continue going out there.

    But it’s not smooth sailing. I’ve had security put their hands on me more than once (one time bringing in a water bottle, per their policy only to have a guard restrain me). Security outside the stadium has a chip on their shoulder, and many service employees inside are simply rude.

    The people wearing SKC shirts have all been polite, but the “hired help” has no respect for the paying customer. Maybe SKC management needs to go undercover to see how customers are really treated.

    • Greg Hall says:

      This is a GREAT suggestion for not only SKC but every college and pro stadium and arena.

    • Scott says:

      Over the past 2-3 years, I’ve had a handful of issues come up when I’ve gone to SKC/Wizards games. Usually, those issues have involved the “hired help”–contracted security, etc. Every time, I’ve been impressed with how quickly and well the club’s staff resolved the issue, including once when they went WAY above and beyond what would have been necessary to resolve the issue. Everything about the organization seems to be first class, and the way addressed Ethan’s issue is not a surprise to me at all.

  5. Tim says:

    yeah, should be real tough for the Sporting KC to stay in touch with all 27 of their fans

    • Greg Hall says:

      SKC had 2oK at their stadium on Monday for the LA Galaxy game. Soccer might not be my cup but 20K says it’s also not a niche sport.

      • Tim says:

        check back when the luster of the new stadum wears off…

        • George Wilson says:

          Tim, they averaged almost 11,000 last year playing in a minor league ballpark. Given that, you think they’re not going to do tons better in a state of the art built for soccer stadium even after the newness wears off? You have to be kidding. Their owners get it. They put the stadium smack dab in the middle of a retail district filled with places to go before and after the game. And they don’t charge for parking.

          They have a waiting list for their premium seats. Compare that with the empty box seats you see every game for the Royals or the the difficulty the Chiefs have had filling their premium seating coming off a division championship year.

  6. smartman says:

    This is no realignment. This is reconstruction. Everything we knew and believed was true and eternal is getting torn apart. At least MU should come out with their head above water.

    KU and KSU are all but screwed. Forget about the kids gettin’ high on K2. They’re gonna be gettin’ fixed on KY to try and prevent anal fissures.

    Outside the Big XII KU hoops has no lustre. Not enough TV’s and eyeballs in Kansas for ANYBODY to get excited, even if you count the cattle.

    I’d seriously consider D2. Better to be a BIG FISH in a small pond than whale shit on the bottom of the ocean.

    Until things get settled recruiting is gonna be a bitch. Unless something drastic happens when all the pieces get put back together the state of Kansas will be less relevant to D1 sports as the states of Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota combined.

    Lew Perkins chickens are comin’ home to roost Jayhawkers. Karma’s a bigger bitch than a divorced Blue Valley mom with mismatched titties after plastic surgery.

    When all is said and done at least you’ll still be able to watch the deer and the antelope play in Kansas.

    • What says:

      I love how every mu fan give all KC eyeballs to mu football. You should check the alumni stats in this area. Also where does OP rank with population in regards to KC metro?

      KU will be fine and come out on top as is every Mu fans fear.

    • Merle Tagladucci says:

      Atta boy. Throw some shit on the wall, see what sticks.

  7. Cliffy says:

    Nobody ever claimed MU dominates the KC market. It’s known fact there are more kU alums here. But consider the rest of Missouri including StL. Now consider the rest of Kansas including … what …. Wichita? There’s your problem.

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