OTC: KU Squeaks Out A Win And KSU & MU Roar / DeCourcy Clinging To His Wiggins Hype

“Worked out in the end, but KU still having a lot of struggles when the score is tight in the second half.”
Sam Mellinger, @mellinger, after KU’s 64-63 win at Texas Tech, Twitter
GH: When Kansas plays basketball the fans from not only KU take notice but K-State and Missouri as well. When KU wins a nail-biter like their game in Lubbock, it sends the Jayhawk fans into delirium and the KSU and MU fans into an even more delirious state of anger. Not all Wildcat and Tiger fans care what happens to Kansas basketball but those who don’t are likely dead. Read on.

“To recap. Air ball 3, whiffed dunk and a lost ball lead to six points in KU’s last three possessions. Stole one tonight.”
Kevin Kietzman, @kkwhb, recounting KU’s final possessions in their 64-63 win at Texas Tech, Twitter
GH: Kietzman’s recount of KU’s final offensive sets was fairly accurate but it did not sit well with a number of Jayhawk fans on Twitter. Kietzman is a K-State alum and a Kansas loss to TT would have greatly enhanced his Cats’ chance at again possibly sharing the Big 12 title. It makes sense that he gets sideways when KU wins – despite his ridiculous claims of neutrality.

“Come on now, there was some luck but they got buckets down the stretch. Wiggins was great. … I love how as soon as #kubball gets a close win some MU & Kstate fans automatically go to blaming the referees. Cracks my sh*t up. #Haters”
Jake Gutierrez, @JakeGuti, Twitter
GH: While KSU fans have something to gain as far as the Big 12 when KU loses, Mizzou fans gain nothing but the sweet sorrow of their former rival. But they too went crackers on Twitter when Kansas was able to “steal” a win in Lubbock. It makes living in Kansas City all the more entertaining and unique. Wins and losses for all three schools leaves somebody sad and happy every time.

“Agree with that assessment but tradition rich programs like KU, UK, Duke and Louisville steal 3 or 4 W’s every year.”
Tom Penders, @TomPenders, responding to KK’s above tweet, Twitter
GH: I read a number of anti-KU fans on Twitter who were furious about the favorable calls KU received on the road at Texas Tech. Really? Don’t you think you sound a lot foolish when you claim that everybody in the Big 12, NCAA and the Kremlin are scheming to get Kansas another win? Jeff Orr isn’t the only nut following college hoops. Check your neighbor.

“Ok hold on a second… The KU fans in my mentions giving Self CREDIT for the last shot are joking, right? Please tell me they’re joking.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: Many of the nuts following Kansas are just as goofy as the pistachios rooting on K-State and Mizzou.

“I would not want to be a dog in Sochi or Jeff Orr’s house right now.”
Jason Anderson, @J680Anderson, following TT’s one-point loss to KU, Twitter

“Kansas escapes by 1 at Texas Tech. Jayhawks have lost their mojo. Tubby’s gang very quietly playing some quality ball.”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, ESPN’s college basketball analyst, Twitter
GH: This tweet from ESPN’s college hoop god sent some KU fans over the edge. HOW DARE HE SAY THAT??? Lost mojo? Why you Mofo!!! I’m not sure Kansas has had much mojo to lose. They are going to win the Big 12 for the tenth consecutive year but they do not look like a team preparing to roll through March – let alone April.

“I’m back y’all and great assist to Wiggs for the game winner haha  #kubball #WeAllFromAfrica”
Joel-Hans Embiid, @jojo_embiid, Twitter
GH: Embiid seems like a great kid who is enjoying the hell out of playing college basketball. More college fans should try and enjoy their seat for the games with a bit more whimsy and less wallop.

“People will not abandon their positions no matter what. Andrew Wiggins could have come out and been Kevin Durant and people would have still said, ‘Well, he’s not as good as his hype.’ Frankly, the hype stuff is silly. You can find somebody who will say something ridiculous about any player who ever played the game.”
Mike DeCourcy, CBSSports.com college basketball writer, in an interview with The Border Patrol Wednesday morning, 810 AM
GH: DeCourcy was on Twitter Tuesday night asking where all the Wiggins detractors had gone. Of course Mike was taking advantage of the fact that Wiggins had just hit the game winner at Texas Tech off a lucky bounce of the ball. What I enjoyed Wednesday morning was how DeCourcy was using the exact same argument I would use against him when it comes to Wiggins’ play this season. Read on for some comments DeCourcy made about Wiggins last October before the freshman played his first college game…

“Andrew (Wiggins)…I think he can be (pause), he’s going to shut up all the people.”
Mike DeCourcy, on the hype and criticism surrounding KU’s sensational freshman forward as he spoke with Nate Bukaty and Steven St. John back in October, 810 AM
GH: DeCourcy was just getting started on his superlatives for Wiggins…

“If the rules are enforced like they are supposed to be enforced (in college basketball), it’s just going to be hard to guard (Wiggins).”
Mike DeCourcy, 810 AM October 2013
GH: We can all agree that the new rules have been enforced even more than most of us thought possible, correct? While Wiggins is a great freshman player he is not this unstoppable force on the wing who can score whenever KU needs him too. More from last October…

“There were about six or seven times during that practice on Monday where he did things that maybe only three, four or five people on the planet can do. I am being literal here. As quickly and casually and confident as he did.”
Mike DeCourcy, who attended a KU practice on Monday, 810 AM October 2013
GH: I would like to remind you of a quote from DeCourcy here  – “You can find somebody who will say something ridiculous about any player who ever played the game.” You can’t get anymore ridiculous than DeCourcy was last October talking about Wiggins. Great player? Yes. All-American? Probably not. One of the few special talents on the planet? Maybe if the planet is Jupiter.

“Wiggins is one of the best athletes to ever play the game of basketball.”
Mike DeCourcy, 810 AM October 2013
GH: Boom. Looks like Mike is the one who refuses to; “abandon their positions no matter what.” Wiggins has been a lot of fun to watch this season but he is so far from what DeCourcy and many others claimed he would be. Just another reason to question the experts – on just about everything.

“Andrew Wiggins is averaging almost 17 points per game, leading Kansas in scoring, coming up with big moments like he did in the K-State game and last night to win (at Texas Tech) and yet he’s not living up to the hype. You know what it is? People just want to grab onto a position and they want to stick to that no matter what they see. They decided they didn’t want Andrew Wiggins to be successful from the beginning of the year and it doesn’t matter what he does on the floor short of leading Kansas to a national championship, they’re going to stick to that.”
Mike DeCourcy, in his Wednesday morning conversation with The Border Patrol, 810 AM
GH: Careful, Mike. You’re starting to sound a lot like that guy.

“Nine of the 10 teams in the Big 12 have a legitimate chance to get to the conference tournament title game. Incredibly deep league.”
Jon Rothstein, @JonRothstein, Twitter
GH: Sprint Center is going to be jumpin’ to be jumpin’ March 12th-15th.

“Schedule for Russian fans post loss to Finland. Wednesday night: Hammered. Thursday morning: Sickle.”
Bryan Fischer, @BryanDFischer, following Russia’s 3-1 loss to Finland and their elimination from the medal round in Sochi, Twitter

“Say good bye to your 300 sq ft. luxury apartments, Russian hockey team members, it’s back to the 120 square footers.”
Brad Dickson, @brad_dickson, Twitter

“What future, if any, do you see for your own work and for your coaching staff? Because, you know, your predecessor was eaten alive after the Olympics—“
Question to Russia’s hockey coach, Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, in the postgame press conference

“Well then, eat me alive right now— Eat me, and I won’t be here anymore.”
Zinetula Bilyaletdinov, in his response, the Q&A continued below…

Q: But we have the world championship coming up!
A: Well then, there will be a different coach because I won’t exist anymore, since you will have eaten me.

Q: But you’re staying, aren’t you?
A: Yes, I will remain living.
GH: I wonder if Bilyaletdinov would like to coach the Jets.

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29 Responses to OTC: KU Squeaks Out A Win And KSU & MU Roar / DeCourcy Clinging To His Wiggins Hype

  1. Jason says:

    All kinds of errors in here. Set Davis is CBS, not ESPN. DeCourcy is The Sporting News, not CBS.

  2. Kyle says:

    So Seth, has Syracuse lost their mojo after back to back 56-55 wins? Yeah, didn’t think so. Great win by KU last night. The Big 12 and Big 10 are absolutely brutal on the road. Tech was up by 20 on the road last week at OU. They don’t get blown out by anyone. Gritty, tough victory. And Greg, these are EXACTLY the type of games you have to win in the tourney. What prepares you better from March, 30 point waltzes against TCU or games like last night? Last 5 games for KU: 17 point win AT Baylor, 14 point win vs. West Virginia, 3 point OT loss AT ksu, 30 point win vs. TCU, 1 point win AT Tech. 4-1 with 2 road wins in the toughest top to bottom conference in the country. Man, that’s quite a slide!

  3. Jim says:

    Wiggins could NEVER live up to the hype that was thrown about before his arrival in Lawrence. That isn’t his fault. All the hyperbolic statements about him came out of everyone else’s mouths, not his. Some people miss out on the enjoyment of watching a really fine college player because of their own expectations for who and what they wanted him to be. True freshmen that leads one of the most talented teams in the nation is scoring? What’s not to like?

  4. JP says:

    Yes KK, KU stole one last night. Yet, we’re supposed to think Kietz has no dog in the hunt, like he claims on his radio show. Please, Kev should just wear his K State purple sweater every day and quit the ridiculous dance.

    You never apologize for wins on the road in a tough conference. KU did not play their best, yet took a big W on the road. No apologies necessary. The refs let both teams play, and there was no foul play. BTW, is it me or was Reid Gettys practically cheering Tech on as well? He whined about every call against Tech. Just my perception I guess.

    • Zed says:

      I see why KK , KSU and MU fans hate KU so much. They watch all these games and hope KU will lose then at the end KU wins. Last night KK must have been ready to masturbate when KU was about to lose but KU pulled it out in the end and left KK bitter and limp..
      It must suck for MU and KSU fans to watch all these KU games and hope they lose when it is so rare for KU to lose.

      • Biff Honeydew says:

        So are you saying KU fans do not hate MU or Kstate, or are happy when MU loses?

      • MUC says:

        It must suck for MU and KSU fans to watch all these KU games

        I can’t speak for KSU fans but I have not watched a minute of any ku games since MU left for the SEC. It is good enough to see it on the bottom of the screen or hear about it on the radio the next day. I just don’t really care much about them anymore.

        • mike t. says:

          I’m probably in the minority of KU fans, but while I don’t watch all Mizzou games, I pay attention when they have a big game coming up. I don’t really cheer when they win or jeer when they lose. I figure strong MU teams (b-ball or f-ball) are good for the entire region. for me, the rivalry still exists in the W-L columns, league championships and any advancement in the tournaments or bowl games. credit where credit is due.

          now ksu on the other hand….

  5. Mickey says:

    Hey Jason, you haven’t noticed Greg is goof for 3 to 4 typos a day. Doesn’t have spell check and never worries about proof reading a damn thing. As my Business Writing teacher use to say at KU, it isn’t a sin to misspell something but it is to be too lazy to proof it!

    • Jim says:

      Thank God the grammar/spelling/typo police are on patrol. What would this blog/entertaining reading/toy department of life be without your vigilance? This ain’t J-School, Skippy. Nobody sweats typos.

      • Jim says:

        Oh, by the way, I think you intended to say “is good for”….not “is goof for”. Ummm, that’s gotta hurt a little. That’s just lazy, Mick.

    • Kyle says:

      The problem is Mickey, that almost every time someone corrects Greg, they make a mistake as well.

    • Zed says:

      Bitter Old man Loser = someone who still cares about spelling and grammar.

  6. Zed says:

    There were about six or seven times during that practice on Monday where he did things that maybe only three, four or five people on the planet can do. I am being literal here. As quickly and casually and confident as he did.”
    Mike DeCourcy, who attended a KU practice on Monday, 810 AM October 2013

    That is a bit extreme but I see Wiggins first step and spin on a drive is the fastest I have seen for a man his size, His second jump is faster and higher anyone I have seen.
    Will he be great in the NBA who knows or cares. I am just thankful he will play a year at KU and I get to watch him. I wish MU and KSU would get players like him just to watch them play .

  7. Wait Staff says:

    Greg, I was so looking forward to your dissection of KK’s segment yesterday of the sale of the Royals by the Glass family to Sporting’s ownership group. I know the pen is mightier than the sword, but this sounded to me like somebody (to coin a phrase from a book I once read) ‘farting higher than his ass.’

    Please post your column on this sometime soon.

    • KCdan says:

      ditto. KK makes some crazy statements, making it hard to believe ANYTHING he says. No, Mr Illig is not behind home plate “EVERY” night. I know exactly where he sits, and would estimate less than 25% of home games. And it’s probably not safe to assume that Misters Illig and Patterson’s net value has increased enough in the past few months to cover the cost of buying the Royals. KK makes the assumption that all of their net worth is tied up in CERN stock. It seems that he is just setting this up, so that if they do buy the team, he can claim that he called it and had something to do with the deal going down.

    • JP says:

      I’ll second KCdan. It was fascinating radio first to hear Clinkscale actually debate KK for once about David Glass’ ownership. If KK’s show had more of these real type of exchanges, it would make for better radio. Second, KK glommed onto Dan Glass’ quote that if a local buyer came along, “They would consider” selling the team. That is not an absolute statement. He brings on Rob Heineman, and what’s he going to say. He’d never publicly admit no interest in the Royals. That doesn’t mean this gets done. This has as much chance of likely happening as KK’s fantasy downtown ballpark.

  8. KC Res says:

    “We can all agree that the new rules have been enforced even more than most of us thought possible, correct? ”

    There are no new rules regarding what you are talking about. There was just an emphasis on enforcing them this year.

  9. wavewheat says:

    There’s still a lot of basketball to play but I’m really disappointed in this years team. At moments, they look great but I’m still not sure how you lose to KSU on the road. I know guys were sittting (for whatever reason) and hurt but event then our “potential” talent should have won that game.
    There’s so much talent on this team and while it’s not that I think they’re selfish, I do think there’s a real lack of anyone player taking charge on a consistent basis. I don’t blame coaching;
    Maybe last night makes Wiggins that guy…cause even sitting aside the hype anything short of a final four run is a huge disappointment when you look at the talent this team has

  10. nick says:

    Post-game, Self called it a Big Ten type win, which both coaches have been a part of. Long possessions, no transition baskets, gritty and tough. Not pretty at all. KU got lucky on last play, but Tech was equally fortunate to score very late on numerous possessions, not to mention the 4 points that Tharpe literally handed them in the last few minutes.

    KU, as they’re playing now, have little chance to make the Final Four. Inside defensive lapses are too common. If they can tighten that up, they have a real chance to win it all.

    Kyle makes a good point about Syracuse’s close wins. And how about Michigan State? Over the years, it seems Izzo has won 100 close games in the final seconds, including a near-miracle win over Self in the NCAA just a few years ago.

    • mike t. says:

      agree nick. i pointed out in a previous entry that they have to get stops to go deep in the dance; offense alone, like talent alone, won’t do it. i also haven’t seen them improve all that much since the start of conference play. this is self’s weakest defensive team in years.

  11. Rosco says:

    Can we just say “ditto” when referencing the following:
    I am a MU fan and I don’t care, follow, or watch KU sports. But i do comment on them
    I am a KU fan and I do care if MU loses, but only a little and not as much as they do.
    I am a KSU fan and I relish KU and MU losing. Especially in the game that matters, football.

  12. Mickey says:

    Screw all of you Aholes !! I can spell better than Greg and you all combined! Go suck on that!!!

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