OTC: KU & UK Match Blueblood Types Tonight / Tennessee Feels Sorry For Mizzou? / UMKC Hoops Be Hopping!

“If you take (Kentucky’s) first and second teams and split them up, they’d probably have the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the nation. John (Calipari) should go 45-0 with that talent.”
Larry Brown, SMU head basketball coach, USA Today
GH: Brown was probably kidding his former Kansas assistant coach (at least somewhat) but his point is solid. Kentucky once again has more young talent this season than most coaches are able to recruit in a career. How Calipari is trying to keep all that basketball talent happy is an interesting story. Read on.

“I know (criticism) is coming down the pike, and I’m fine with it. Everybody thought, ‘Well, watch, he won’t do it in the second half (of the Buffalo game). I platooned in the second half the same way. If Karl didn’t get in foul trouble, we’d have went straight by the line. Now if someone goes in there and they are not playing, they are not going, you’re out. You just lose your minutes. Look, I’m enjoying doing it. I’m enjoying it because I know no kid is getting left behind. I know the easiest thing for me to do is play seven guys.”
John Calipari, on playing ten players almost equal minutes in a two-platoon system and subbing out five players at a time, LJWorld.com
GH: So Kentucky is going to be making line changes like a hockey game tonight when they take on Kansas? This will be worth staying up late for just for the novelty of it.

“In Calipari’s perfect world, he’ll play two platoons of five. Both groups will develop phenomenal chemistry because they’ll play with the same guys all the time. Foul trouble will become rare because nobody will play excessive minutes, and everybody will be fresher and therefore less likely to commit a foul. Perfection is an illusion, best left on the playgrounds of daydreamers.”
Tom Keegan, columnist, LJWorld.com

“Tip Off Marathon starts (Monday night). More than 29 hours straight of college hoops. 13 of Top 25 teams – including No. 1 Kentucky vs No. 5 Kansas.”
Jeff Goodman, @GoodmanESPN, Twitter
GH: College basketball gets it when it comes to marketing their sport. It is the week before Thanksgiving and this hoops marathon combined with January-like weather has me hunkered down in front of the tube each night like it was mid-season.

“They took it to us every which way. The first 10, 12 minutes we didn’t have many answers for them. But we have a lot of guys that this is new to them. … (Martez) Harrison is a handful. I thought Jevon and Nigel did a good job on him and he still gets 21 and five assists.”
Bruce Weber, K-State’s head basketball coach, on his Wildcats 83-73 win over UMKC Monday night, CJonline.com
GH: How about these Roos? They ruin Kim Anderson’s debut at Mizzou Arena on Friday and then they travel to Manhattan and scare the wild out of the Cats Monday night. Maybe Kareem Richardson is finally the guy to bring downtown winter basketball back to life in the Power & Light. BTW, Harrison might be worth the price of a ticket this season at the Muny. He was the WAC freshman of the year last year after graduating from KC’s University Academy HS – where he once scored 58 in a game.

“UMKC, national champs … just want to call now in case it happens, so I can say you heard it here first.”
Tod Palmer, @todpalmer, Mizzou beat writer for the Kansas City Star, after the Roos took a 10-point lead over Kansas State in the first half Monday night, Twitter

“Florida was up 54-42 with seven minutes left when Angel Rodriguez hit back-to-back 3-pointers. Rodriguez scored 20 points in last 7 mins.”
Jeff Borzello, @jeffborzello, Twitter
GH: The former K-State point guard received a lot of national love Monday night with his late-game heroics and helping Miami end eighth-ranked Florida’s 33-game home win streak. He will be fun to watch from afar this season as he closes out his college career.

“Best news of the day: The round of 64 in NCAA tournament will once again be known as the 1st round, round of 32 as the 2nd round.”
Dan Shulman, @DShulman_ESPN, Twitter
GH: If that was Shulman’s best news of the day, he might need a vacation.

“I just feel like … man, I just feel sorry for Missouri, cause we’re hot right now. We’re ready to explode. I feel good about that. When Missouri watches the film, they’re gonna know we’re coming to ball. They’re gonna know it’s not gonna be an easy win for them. We’re gonna come out here and do our thing.”
Von Pearson, Tennessee wide receiver, after he scored twice in the Vols 50-16 win over Kentucky Saturday, Tennessee.247sports.com
GH: Mizzou travels to Knoxville to play the ready-to-explode Vols Saturday night. Mizzou has won a ridiculous nine straight road games – seven of those being in the SEC. This one should be a dandy.

“What does (Pearson) mean by that? That’s fine. We have too. We’re going to continue to get better, too. Whatever they say is what they think, and we’ll think our thoughts.”
Maty Mauk, on the comment from Tennessee’s Von Pearson, ColumbiaTribune.com

“(Gary) Pinkel said other SEC teams pack their home fields: ‘We’ve got to get there. We’re doing a lot of good things, but we have to get there.’”
David Morrison, @DavidMorrison, Twitter
GH: Part of me wonders if Missouri will ever “get there” when it comes to becoming an SEC football-manic state. I have lived here in Kansas City now for almost 30 years and while the state has some great sports fans, there just doesn’t seem to be to united focus on Mizzou sports that is present in most of the other SEC states. And I am not sure of the reasons why. Missouri is THE university within the SEC’s fourth most populous state. The Tigers are very popular in Kansas City, St. Louis and every corner of the Show-Me State. But when it comes to filling Faurot Field and Mizzou Arena, the Show-Me folks don’t show up in numbers that you would expect.

“Mike Alden should bring roses to Gary Pinkel every day because he’s hired four basketball coaches. Four!”
Steven St. John, 810 AM

“Chase Coffman of the Titans Fined $30K For Cheap Shot on Ravens Assistant Last Week LINK HERE
Jason McIntyre, @jasonrmcintyre, of TheBigLead.com, Twitter
GH: The first time I saw this video I didn’t make the connection that this was Ray-Pec’s and Mizzou’s Chase Coffman. It just didn’t seem to be the kind of behavior I associated with the former MU’s receiver. Jay Glazer called it “the cheap shot of the year” on Fox. Coffman made his first NFL TD catch on MNF last night against the Steelers – and it was a highlight-worthy grab. I have no idea what Coffman was thinking when he deliberately forearmed an unsuspecting Baltimore Ravens’ coach in the head on the sideline. Ugly.

“I think these Thursday night (NFL) games are so fluky that I’m not chalking this Oakland game up as a win. All I’m saying is that these Thursday night games are weird.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM

“I can’t worry about Oakland until they beat somebody. You talk about a must win – you cannot afford to lose to the Oakland Raiders.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: I don’t think you can count any NFL game as a win – even against the 0-10 Raiders. I am hoping the Chiefs jump out to an early lead so that I can concentrate on the K-State at West Virginia game that same night. Dualing tubes will be a must this week. Sorry, Parenthood. I will have to DVR you and catch up with Zeke, Julia, Hank, Kristina, Max, Amber and the rest of my favorite TV series later.

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17 Responses to OTC: KU & UK Match Blueblood Types Tonight / Tennessee Feels Sorry For Mizzou? / UMKC Hoops Be Hopping!

  1. Gavin says:

    “If that was Shulman’s best news of the day, he might need a vacation.”

    Agreed that this isn’t the best news of the day, but it’s still good news. Not that it’s that tough to figure out what they mean when they say “the round of 32” and not that I am obliged to called it the “round of 64,” but still…It felt stupid and forced to listen to all these announcers refuse to call it a “first round game” because that would acknowledge that the play-in game was, well, a PLAY-IN game. Not that they will ever be allowed to call it that, but at least this particular stupid and stilted language can get behind us.

    • MacGuffin says:

      I don’t know why they were so resistant to calling the play in games something other than the “first round”. We all know it’s not the first round!

      Call them the First Four. First Four to the Final Four. There’s no shame in being in that First Four group. VCU did go all the way to the Final Four from there.

  2. bs says:

    Super annoyed that K-State and Chiefs have over lapping game times. NFL Thursday night games have been a joke from a competitiveness standpoint. College football games belong on Saturday. It’s obviously a money grab from both parties.

  3. Merle Tagladucci says:

    “We’ll think our thoughts” ??


  4. Juan Pablo says:

    Hard to tell if UMKC is a good team. Bruce Weber and Kim Anderson are clown coaches that can lose to anyone

    Great to see college basketball back on , The Big 12 is off to a great start, no team has lost yet. KU may be the first tonight. Looks like the Big 12 will be the best basketball conference again.

    I didn’t think it was possible but the SEC may be even worse this year. SEC teams have already lost 7 games, the SEC will be lucky to get three teams in the Big dance again this year.

    • Juan Pablo's Douche says:

      Speak more of this basketball Juan Pablo. May we watch this basketball?

    • Hipity Hop says:

      Yep, horrible year last season. Two teams in the Final Four. One of those teams in the championship game. A third team a three away from going to the Elite eight.

      Horrible year by the SEC last season.

      While the Big 12 did they at least get out of the Sweet 16?

    • sporty says:

      Let’s ask Bill Self how easy it is to lose to, say TCU? Stanford? Northern Iowa? Bucknell?

    • Harley says:

      truly..when you have so many of the best football teams in the nation and they play such
      a tough schedule against each other…and you pack 80-100K in a stadium and the
      day of the game is such an incredible experience (makes tailgating at arrowhead look
      like a birthday party at chuckie cheese)….its hard to get excited about bball
      during the football season.
      The sec is flush with cash right now that bball isn’t on their mind. Whats important
      is to get 2 or 3 teams to the playoffs.
      Bball is nice …its a filler for schools in the sec til signing day….its a big deal
      in Lawrence because the town is dying….but for the sec teams bball is just
      an aberration.
      For Kentucky with their one and dones and the three or four other teams
      its cool…but when the big spotlight/the big money/the big viewership and the
      incredible experience of sec football nothing comes close…not in the nfl/the big
      I invite anyone to go see live an sec game and come back and tell me its
      not the greatest live sporting event besides playoffs/super bowl you’ve ever
      140,000 people at a game…are you kidding? that’s super power. Even 70-80K
      in Mu’s first couple of years….Wait…it’ll be filled up….
      Basektball…if you’re calipari good luck to you and Kentucky…bt for the rest
      of us sec football fans…its booorrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggg.

      • sporty says:

        Really? You Mu fans really need to stop pimping your conference. Getting pathetic.

      • Kyle R says:

        The only places in the SEC that are holding 140,000 fans are Bristol Motor Speedway or Daytona. Guess you’ll be right in a couple years when VA Tech and UT play at Bristol?

      • Juan Pablo says:

        Have you been to a birthday party at chuckie cheese? they are the most uncontrolled wildest parties in the world. . You have no idea what you are talking about.
        How do explain MU having 10,000 empty seats at their SEC games in one of the smallest stadiums in the SEC. SEC football must not be that exciting.

  5. MIZ-SEC says:

    LOL @ KC sports talk radio. At a time when football is at its peak, they’re talking college hoops. You can tell it’s kU/Big 12 country! Basketball is a wart on the rear end that is college sports. Football is what drives the bus. MU is going to go to Knoxville on Saturday and kick the Vols in the teeth. We have Atlanta in our sights. And thank God the playoff committee got it right by having 2 SEC teams in the top 4. SEC ya later, TCU and Baylor! As for the cute little pillow fight tonight between two backwards minded schools who think basketball is important, go Big Blue.

  6. Harry Balczak says:

    I see the Jayhawks got mired in the KY Jelly last night

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