OTC: KU’s Naadir Tharpe Handles Criticism With Success / KSU Lands 3 BS Wildcats

“Naadir Tharpe. Remember when he wasn’t supposed to be good enough for KU to win big?”
Fran Fraschilla, @franfraschilla, after Tharpe scored 22 on Baylor at Waco, Twitter
GH: Fraschilla went on to tweet to some KU fans who disagreed with him that half of Kansas was unhappy with Tharpe as the Jayhawks point guard earlier this season. I would argue with Fran that KU fans had every right to question whether or not Tharpe was good enough to lead what many believe to be Bill Self’s most talented team. Self even took Tharpe’s starting job away for a short while during the non-con schedule. Why should KU fans be less demanding than their head coach? It costs them a lot more money to follow their team than it does Self.

“Naadir Tharpe has been fabulous in #Big12 play.”
J.B. Bauersfeld, @JBBauersfeld, Twitter

“The reason he was not in the (Texas) game late is because I felt he wasn’t impacting the game on either end.”
Bill Self, on Tharpe’s performance in Austin, KUSports.com
GH: The very next game after Tharpe was benched he lit up Baylor and led KU to another win.

“Amazing how far Naadir Tharpe has come. Amazing. Self does such a good job of coaching his players up and instilling confidence in them.”
Jason King, @JasonKingBR, Twitter
GH: Instead of jabbing at the KU faithful – who are fleeced at every opportunity by their athletic department – Fraschilla should be trumpeting the way Tharpe has responded to the criticism he has received from his coach and his fans. Being criticized is just part of playing in a big-time program like Kansas. Some kids can handle it and many cannot. It is a true testament to Tharpe’s confidence and character that he responds positively to being publicly critiqued.

“Naadir Tharpe has said it really doesn’t matter if he scores or not. I tend to disagree. KU seems to thrive when he puts up some points.”
Gary Bedore, @GaryBedore, Twitter
GH: I view Tharpe as icing on Kansas’ NCAA cake. If KU needs him to score to win, they aren’t the Final Four team that many believe them to be.

“I don’t really see no positives in a loss, honestly.”
Jabari Brown, Mizzou’s high-scoring junior, after the Tigers’ 68-58 loss at Florida, via @Steve_Walentik
GH: I disagree with Jabari – unless his use of a double negative is intentional. Mizzou has now lost at home to Kentucky in a hard fought game and on the road at Florida in another well-played game against a more-talented foe. These close losses will be meaningless if Mizzou doesn’t take care of the weaker teams remaining on their schedule. But MU still is playing for a spot in the NCAA tourney. Read on.

“Five (SEC teams in) at the moment, but two (LSU, Mizzou) are last 4 in.”
Joe Lunardi, @ESPNLunardi, when asked how many SEC teams he sees making the NCAA field, Twitter

“Now the very last team in.”
Joe Lunardi, @ESPNLunardi, responding to a tweet from 610’s Henry Lake about where the ESPN’s bracketologist has Mizzou on his NCAA watch, Twitter
GH: That’s not where you want to be if you’re Mizzou but it beats the last team out. Frank Haith’s Tigers have work to do and it starts Saturday 3:00 PM (CT) at Ole Miss. Marshall Henderson vs. Jabari Brown. Somebody better make sure all the scoreboard lights are working.

“Nice that @TJCarpenterWHB has decided to take the baton from KU fans when it comes to trolling the Tiger fans. Enough already.”
Doug Stewart, @dougstewart1, in a tweet following Carpenter’s tweets during MU’s game at Florida, Twitter
GH: Stewart and Carpenter both work at WHB but one is a Mizzou fan and the other an Arkansas fan. They took their squabble public on Twitter Tuesday night much to my enjoyment. TJ defended his tweets and Stewart continued to call him a troll.

“I’m sure (TJ) will have something to say the next time he’s on the air…when his show airs a week from Tuesday.”
Doug Stewart, who continued ripping Carpenter on Soren Petro’s show the following day, 810 AM
GH: My first question for Soren is why allow this segment without inviting Carpenter on with Stewart to discuss their differences on the air? Is WHB that against allowing fellow broadcasters to face off live on the radio with discerning viewpoints? Kansas City sports talk radio could use some real arguments to combat all the fluff talk that too often fills the air.

“People love disparaging Wich St’s conference. They wouldn’t be undefeated in other leagues, but most teams wouldn’t be perfect in Valley.”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, Twitter
GH: Okay. Not sure if that was worth the effort but many of Davis’ tweets are similarly NIT worthy.

“What are some of the best pick-up lines you’ve used?”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: This was the conversation between Fescoe and Josh Klingler on Thursday morning when I flipped over to 610 during my commute. I understand there is an audience for this and Danny Parkins talking about his Super Bowl prop bets but I am not among that group.

“Let me know if you hear ANY coach out there today say he is NOT happy with his signing class. I would say 100% say they are happy.”
Phil Steele, @philsteele042, on the NCAA’s national letter of intent signing day, Twitter

“Recruits don’t have to use the fax machine, they can take a photo of the NLI and email it. We’ve had a couple of those today.”
Dean Buchan, @DeanBuchan, Georgia Tech PR guy, former KU SID, Twitter
GH: But many athletes still use the good old Fax. Sam McDowell of The Kansas City Star reported that Blue Springs’ talented defensive end had to shovel his way out of his home to get down the street to the grocery store to fax his LOI to Kansas State.

“I had a decent amount to shovel. I was one of the last ones to sign because of it, but I wasn’t going to miss National Signing Day.”
Elijah Lee, Kansas City Star
GH: I really like Lee’s game but after reading McDowell’s story I like Lee’s want-to even more than his speed and range. I think Kansas State fooled a lot of people with this kid.

“@Kaleb_Prewett , @elee_doubleace and @Dalvin_warmack1 are the first three players from the same HS to join #KStateFB since 1999.”
Adam Suderman, @adamsuderman, on K-State football signing Blue Springs High’s Lee, Dalvin Warmack and Kaleb Prewitt to LOI, Twitter
GH: The Independence Examiner’s sports writer, Bill Althaus, calls this Blue Springs team the best high school football team he has ever seen. And Althaus is as old as I am. I think Bill Snyder did very well yesterday on the Missouri side of state line.

“11 years ago, Jordy Nelson of 3A Riley County had 0 Division I offers waiting on him on signing day. Walk on to Super Bowl Champ.”
@sportsinkansas, Twitter
GH: Jordy Nelson and Darren Sproles remain my two favorite K-State football players of all time. I loved Collin Klein as well but he’s number three on my list. What do all three of these great Wildcats have in common? They were afterthoughts on signing day. Dream big. Be greater than you ever thought possible.

“Mizzou alumni who were 3-star or lower:
L’Damian Washington
Henry Josey
Michael Sam
Kony Ealy
EJ Gaines
Andrew Wilson”
@TrueMIZTigers, Twitter
GH: I heard Kevin Kietzman remark that he doesn’t get nearly as excited about signing day as he once did. I know exactly what he means. All of the national rankings of players and how well one school did and another did not seem to add up to a lot of nothing. Bill Snyder and Gary Pinkel have proven that right here in our backyard. Time for Charlie Weis and KU to coach up some kids and compete.  

“We will continue to work to improve our site & bring the best product that you as loyal @Rivals users deserve. Today was not acceptable.”
Rivals.com, @Rivals, on their website crashing on the most important day of their year, Twitter
GH: I hate that Rivals.com was not prepared for the onslaught of traffic their website received but I love that they owned their blunder and are committed to being excellent. Our Healthcare.gov damage control guys and gals could learn much from Rivals.

“#BeRoyal #BeRoyal #BeRoyal #BeRoyal #BeRoyal #BeRoyal #BeRoyal #BeRoyal @ErvinSantana_54”
Jeremy Guthrie, @TheRealJGuts, Royals’ starter in a tweet to the ex-Royals’ starter and current free agent, Twitter
GH: Maybe the best use of the Royals 2014 slogan yet.

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34 Responses to OTC: KU’s Naadir Tharpe Handles Criticism With Success / KSU Lands 3 BS Wildcats

  1. P says:

    If you’re a recruit from the South, I think you automatically earn three stars for geography alone. If Bama offers, it’s worth another star to star and a half.

  2. Tom W says:

    610 is absolutely horrible. How these guys have jobs is a mystery.

    • Tigerpiper says:

      Dbags talking about Bill Clinton trying to pick of Elizabeth Hurley more than a decade ago. A decade ago it shouldn’t have been on sports radio, but now? I turned faster than when KK talks about his golf game with the racin’ boyz.

    • JP says:

      The more I listen to Fescoe’s show, the more I tune into Sirius radio. His topics generally involve his interests and opinions. Today he gave his opinion about Leno v. Letterman. Who the Hell cares?

      • Tigerpiper says:

        +1 I hate KK so much but these dufuses are worse. Tell me more about getting a new apartment and smoking hookah. Riveting.

    • Biff says:

      610 is more of an entertainment radio station now. They talk more about movies and music. and they suck at that also. KK is a jack ass but he has no competition.

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    EJ Gaines and Kony Ealy were both 4 star players according to Rivals. Regardless, Bill Snyder and Gary Pinkel have made a living out of making Rivals, 24/7 Sports, Scout, and all the other recruiting services look stupid. Meanwhile, programs like Tennessee continue to haul in top rated classes and do absolutely ZERO with them. It’s always been about talent evaluation and development. Pinkel and Snyder are both great at it. The battle for Blue Springs talent is just now heating up. The Davis twins will both be high level players for 2015. The state of Missouri has a pretty loaded class for 2015. Keep an eye on Drew Lock out in Lee’s Summit as well.

    • john doe says:

      I hope those Blue Springs guys have a good Plan B, because once Snyder leaves, the program’s success and recruits will go with it. It’s already happened once, no reason it cant happen again.

      • sporty says:

        Wow, that is getting so old. K-State will be fine when Snyder is gone. These 3 BS guys will be fine, as will every other K-State recruit. I guess mu and ku have never had a bad coach. Sheesh! Looking forward to a really fun 2014 season!

        • Kyle Rohde says:

          You realize KSU’s history without Snyder is the worst program in the country? The guy is a once in a lifetime coach and it’s a very real possibility that they struggle mightily without him. Not trolling but just reality.

          • Biff says:

            You’re cherry picking. They made a doofus hire to replace him who may have been a place holder hire. That way Wefald could install his buddy back as coach once the young guy failed sufficiently. Still, Ron Prince could coach circles around Terry Allen, Turner Gill and Chuck.

    • Biff says:

      Pinkel and Snyder have won a lot of game but always choke in the big games. I would say because of their weak recruiting. Two conference championships in twenty years for Snyder is not that great. and Pinkel has done less. When KU has a decent coach like Mangino he was able to beat them.

      Pinkel is 4-20 vs top 10 and 12-34 vs top 25.
      Snyder is 4-29 vs top 10 and 20-39 vs top 25.
      These guys are not beating good teams. If they recruited better they would.

      • Biff says:

        Yeah, they need to recruit more like Charlie Weis, right? Did you know: Kansas is the only school among all five power conferences to not have a player participating in the NFL combine?

      • Steve says:

        Mangino went 4-4 against MU. Wouldn’t call that real stellar.

  4. Gavin says:

    “it beats the last team out.”

    I think you mean that it beats the first team out? The last team out is probably someone like SUNY Albany or someone with a 3-23 record or something.

  5. NLI faxes, Rivals.com, and healthcare.gov all partying it up like it was 1994! Somewhere, Larry Smith is proud.

  6. ssiknaf says:

    Althaus calls everything the “best ever.”
    Defensively, without a doubt.
    Best overall team ever? Too tough to call, but surely in the top 3.

    • Friday Night Lights says:

      What does that make Lee’s Summit West, who beat the same group of Blue Springs players in 2012 at Blue Springs (their last loss) and barely lost 42-35 in 2013 on a fluke fumble recovery TD on a disputed pass/lateral. Both fantastic teams and worthy of their high national rankings.

  7. Kyle says:

    Not a big Doug Stewart fan, but my God, he is right about Carpenter. This guy is a buffoon. I can’t think of a better place for him than to go back to Arkansas.

    Tharpe is a huge key for KU. I can’t think of a game when he has played well that KU has lost.

    • JP says:

      I never thought I’d agree with Mr. St. Louis Doug Stewart on anything, but he called this one right. TJ is a perplexing radio talent.

      He just seems to have no self awareness on how his show and opinions come off to listeners. Whether he is bashing KU months later over Wichita State, or taking shots at Missouri for no reason, he just brings very little to the table. Furthermore, he spends most of his show talking college football as if Kansas City was within the Alabama borders. If he left town, I think few would miss him.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        There is no question at all that TJ Carpenter is a blithering Arkansas homer. He’s really red assed about Missouri’s early success in SEC football, and even more incensed that Arkansas’ “coup” of getting Mike Anderson has been one big disaster.

  8. Mark says:

    Funny that Doug Stewart is complaining about trolling. Isn’t he the guy who, when given a rare chance to host a Petro show, led off with the topic, “Has Kansas underachieved by only winning three national champsionships in its history?” That topic came a day after a KU win early in the season.

  9. The Iguana says:

    “Fleeced at every opportunity?” Does another school offer free football tickets?

  10. The Word says:

    Interesting…IMO TJ is one of the few in this town worth a damn.

  11. BlackJack says:

    The Top 5 Most Meaningless Sports Topics/discussions:

    1) Fantasy Football
    2) National Signing Day
    3) NFL Draft talk in February
    4) College Football BSC Rankings
    5) Royals Baseball Spring Training exhibition performances

    Seriously, contrary to what some people believe, no trophies or banners are handed out for college football recruiting rankings. Rating prospects is so much more of a crapshoot in football than basketball; nobody has heard of or seen any of these players anyway. All it amounts to is pseudo- “bragging rights” for the so-called winners, of which the title is bestowed by members of the media.

    • Bernie says:

      3.5) Bracketology

      • JP says:

        I’ll add a few more, KK style

        Racing Boys segments
        Jim Cottie cooking segments
        “What are your weekend plans” to Clinkscale and Leabo
        Fencing in foul territory around baseball stadiums
        Any segment involving Kevin Harlan (great pxp voice, lousy sports talk guest who gives very generic and approved opinions)

    • Biff says:

      The national champion has had top 10 recurring classes in football. its a good preview to who has a chance in the future. KSU, MU , KU do not. The people that say rankings are a joke are not wining national championships.

  12. Smith says:

    Nothing more riveting than a Mizzou vs Arkansas slap fight to get everyone primed for the NIT.

  13. MU Fan says:

    Well once again Ole Piss and Marshall Henderson pimp smack MU and put a clown suit on them. Good thing he’s a SR. I’m getting tired of Henderson making MU look like chumps.

    I wouldn’t go to Atlanta guys, MU will be one and done.

  14. Rico_suave says:

    Michael Sam comes out… blaming the homely women at Mizzou.

    Insists on getting jersey #69 on NFL team that drafts him

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