OTC: KU’s Prize QB Recruit Is MIA / New Big 12 A Nightmare For North Squads?

“The official Kansas University football roster continues to list Brock Berglund as a freshman quarterback, but it’s time to speak the plain truth. Berglund has as much chance of ever suiting up for a Kansas football game as does Lady Gaga, and, really now, can you ever see her agreeing to wear that much clothing?”
Tom Keegan, columnist, Lawrence Journal-World
GH: Who is Brock Berglund? The prize quarterback recruit out of Colorado who decommitted from the Buffs to become the cherry atop Turner Gill’s 2011 recruiting class. How good does Gill expect Berglund to be? Read on.

“Brock is the ideal student-athlete we want in our program. He has proven that he is a winner. He not only has great football skills, but he possesses great vision and tremendous leadership abilities.”
Turner Gill, last January after Berglund decommitted from Colorado and signed with Kansas, Lawrence Journal-World
GH: Berglund was considered Colorado’s top recruit and the main piece of their recruiting class. Gill thought enough of him to parade him in front of KU booster clubs and present him as a reason for hope – and to buy season tickets. Berglund thinks he is worth of the hype. Read on.

“I would say Tim Tebow, Michael Vick and Peyton Manning, kind of all put together.”
Brock Berglund, when asked to compare his talents as a QB, Lawrence Journal-World
GH: Apparently, this level of self confidence did not go over well with the Kansas team once Berglund arrived on campus this spring. Read on.

“Once he showed up on campus, teammates found him to be the personification of those boastful words. They put him in his place. Now, whether they did so with words or one player took it a step beyond is a matter of conjecture. Either way, he took his ball and went home.”
Tom Keegan, Lawrence Journal-World
GH: Keegan led readers to believe that Berglund hasn’t been back to Lawrence since the team photo session in mid-June. This caused quite a stir on KU message boards and also was questioned by Nate Bukaty on his WHB Wednesday morning show. Bukaty sounded very leery of Keegan’s column. After Keegan’s take on Berglund, Jon Kirby, who covers KU for Rivals, posted that Berglund is on KU’s campus, enrolled in school and expected to be part of the team. This led to Keegan appearing on Bukaty’s Border Patrol on Thursday morning. Read on.

“I don’t think (Berglund) will ever play a game for KU. … Hopefully I’m wrong and this guy will be great.”
Tom Keegan, in an interview with Nate Bukaty Thursday morning, 810 AM
GH: Keegan wasn’t backing down from his earlier comments that Berglund is done at Kansas. Bukaty, though, remains unconvinced – or perhaps hopeful – that the Colorado savior can be resurrected. Read on.

“I think (Keegan) is sticking his neck out there pretty far.”
Nate Bukaty, on Keegan’s prediction that Berglund will never take a snap for KU, 810 AM
GH: Bukaty made this statement after Keegan has signed off the phone call. It would have been far more entertaining to hear Keegan’s response on the air than whatever he was shouting at home toward his radio speakers.

“I do know his teammates did not treat him well when he was here because he was so cocky – and why would you?”
Tom Keegan, 810 AM
GH: This might not be the best message to other Kansas recruits. Why would a 4 or 5 star recruit want to come to lowly Kansas and get hazed by a team that can’t win three conference games? …Not to mention no cell phones or girls. Gill’s program is taking some hits here and he needs to get it under control.

“Kansas will be the underdog in probably 10 of the 12 games they play this year. I would say the best case scenario would be three wins and the worst case would be one win. I would lean more toward three wins.”
Tom Keegan, 810 AM
GH: A two- or three-win season is not going to make losing Berglund feel any better. Gill’s honeymoon is over and the next two years of marriage in the restructured Big 12 are going to look like he hitched up with Omarosa.

“I hate to put too much on one player but that’s a big player considering the position is quarterback and the type of talent. This would be the perfect time to get him in. If you don’t get him in, that sets (Kansas) back another year. That would be a big blow not to get him.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: Mizzou fans are probably not feeling sorry for KU’s football recruiting woes. Tiger fans ironically got some great news the same week that Berglund appears to have flown the Hawk’s coop. Read on.

“Even with an average year, (Maty Mauk) is going to set the national record for high school passing yardage – which I believe is held by his brother.”
Gabe DeArmond, of PowerMizzou.com, on Mizzou’s latest quarterback commitment from Ohio, 810 AM
GH: Mauk, 6’1 and 185 lbs., turned down an offer from Michigan to follow in the long line of exceptional Mizzou QBs being turned out by Gary Pinkel and his staff. He looks like a Chase Daniel clone to me — but with a slightly weaker arm. Check out some video of his junior season here on YouTube.

“That’s a brutal schedule (for Kansas). I don’t have them favored in many games this year. But on the field, Kansas is a one-touchdown better team this year than last year.”
Phil Steele, in an interview with Danny Parkins replayed on Nick Wright’s show, 610 AM
GH: Here is more bad news for Kansas – Steele was figuring Berglund to be the Jayhawks starting quarterback this season.

“The reason I think (the Big 12) is going to be better this year than last year is I think the teams that were a little bit lower are going to rise up and be a greater level. And the overall talent that is returning in the Big 12 has them rated as the second best conference.”
Phil Steele, 610 AM
GH: Steele expects Kansas, Iowa State, Texas Tech and Kansas State to be improved. He is not necessarily hopeful that improvement will result in more wins. The nine-game conference schedule will be a brutal gauntlet for the lesser teams in the Big 12.

“Best case scenario for Kansas State — and this is putting on your purple glasses – would be nine wins. Worst case and we’re talking a 5-7 season. I have K-State this year winning six or seven games and playing Iowa in a bowl game.”
Phil Steele, 610 AM
GH: This will be an interesting season for the Cats. Expectations are higher this season than Bill Snyder’s previous two. If he is able to turn the corner this year, we might have something to shout about up North.

“I do think that without the divisions (in the Big 12) there’s going to be a lot less first-place excitement (for Missouri, Kansas State and Kansas).”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM

“There are a lot of people in the local media that just despise Nebraska. Fescoe is one and the guy down the dial, Kietzman. They DESPISE Nebraska. It’s never made a ton of sense to me. Everybody seems very excited that Nebraska is gone from the Big 12. I f I was a Kansas or Kansas State fan I’d be devastated. Because their chance for a conference championship is gone with Nebraska.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM 

“I can now look at the Kansas and Kansas State schedules and when their seasons are over. I can tell you right now that Kansas State is going to be out of contention in the Big 12 by October 15th. As soon as you lose your third game in the Big 12, your chance for a conference championship is over. So while everyone is dancing in the streets that big, bad Nebraska is gone, for Kansas, Kansas State and maybe Missouri, their chances for a conference championship will be over the week before Halloween.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: The loss of a North Division race will be the biggest reason the new Big 12 does not succeed. How many fans are coming out for November games if KU, ISU and KSU are out of the hunt before Late Night at the Phog?

“Now the Big 12 doesn’t have to play a title game and I think almost every year the Big 12 will get two teams in the BCS. This year I’m projecting Texas A&M to get a BCS game along with Oklahoma.”
Phil Steele, 610 AM
GH: This is a reason why the “haves” in the new Big 12 will love the restructured conference. No title game means two or even three BCS worthy teams almost every season. Money always walks big in the land down under known as Texas.

“If (Nebraska) continues to lose like they did in the Big 12… they are not going to be thrilled with what they did. This is a program that the last two years had trouble beating Iowa State.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Nebraska played in the Big 12 title game its final two seasons in the Big 12 – and came damn close to winning both games. NU is probably going to be just fine in the Big 10. The Huskers 2011 schedule is insanely difficult. A 7-5 season would be a decent start in their new conference. But the Big Red will be expected to challenge for the Rose Bowl in year one. It is simply the way of the Corn.

“I’ll be really curious if Nebraska’s budget is up 10% this year (like John Currie has said K-State’s budget will be). That’s the only way to judge it.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I am going to guess others will judge Nebraska’s decision to move to the Big 10 in a much simpler fashion – wins and losses.

“He is a drama queen! Everything with Albert Pujos is about one thing – it’s drama! He is the ultimate drama queen in baseball. He’s a bush-league drama queen!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman believes after Pujos was injured against the Royals he acted like a child when he “rolled on the ground like he’s on fire.” KK has a viral hatred toward St. Louis, Nebraska, New York, television newscasts that makes for very entertaining radio. He used to feel the same about Oklahoma and Texas until he got that ol’ Southwest Conference religion.

“I think (Tony Larussa) is self absorbent and arrogant. I can say that without knowing him.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Sports talk radio guys love to bash away at athletes, coaches and front office personnel. All the more reason they should be accepting of public critique when the tables are turned on them. I’m still waiting for KK to invite @FakeNedYost into his studio for a one-on-one interview to discuss his open letter on the state of his radio show. I’m sure that Smoke & Fire guy could use a week off.  

“It is time for a good tomato salad!”
Jim Cotty, Smoke & Fire guy, on Kietzman’s Wednesday show, 810 AM

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21 Responses to OTC: KU’s Prize QB Recruit Is MIA / New Big 12 A Nightmare For North Squads?

  1. Fake Ned Yost says:

    I’m available.

  2. KCPRGuy says:

    Yeah, Big 12 race for KU and others will be over by October (or for KU by end of August). However, I remember the ol’ Big 8 Days and still had plenty of love for freezing on the cold aluminum benches of Memorial without a North Division to root for.

    I hope Keegan is wrong but is Berglund really going to make a difference? Not with the schedule we are about to embark on – year after year.

    • Greg Hall says:

      It is a different time. Big 8 fans would sit through bad seasons and bad weather because it was their team, their school, their state. Those fans who show up now despite the team’s record are many of those same old-guard fans. Younger fans demand wins — and it is the fault of the NCAA $$ model, not the fans themselves.

  3. ssiknaf says:

    i have no problem with Jim Cotty being on the radio – but not on a sports talk station with buffoons like Danny “I only eat fish, and that only before 4 p.m.” Clink and Kevin “Golly, you mean you can grill ___?” K…

    Let me listen to Toby Tobin to learn how to grow it and then Jim Cotty to learn how to cook it.

  4. Shecky says:

    No offense, but why would anyone put Fake Ned Yost on the radio? I’m no insider.. perhaps he’s some well-known, experienced radio guy using the FNY cover. Other than that, he wrote an open letter with some criticisms of KK’s show. Some were fair points, some were not. None were of particular note or insight.

    • Fake Ned Yost says:

      As evidenced by my appearance on Danny Parkins’ program today, my radio career is being grossly overrated. The mission statement for this has been simple… produce less-shitty radio. Some are rising to the challenge, some aren’t. This isn’t a “if you can’t do it better, I will” type deal.

  5. jimmyd says:

    I actually believe KK is on to something about Pujols. One inside pitch and he was glaring at LColeman. Hits the HR and continues the glare. Very drama queen like. Since Pujols only missed two weeks it appears to me also that he over-sold the injury on the field. The Cards tried to save face by saying it was a break since Pujols stopped, dropped, and rolled

    • Greg Hall says:

      I have never understood why pitchers get pissed when a guy jacks one on them or admires his homer or jogs slowly around the bases. Baseball is just strange when it comes to all these unwritten laws of etiquette. To the victor goes the spoils is kind of how the Romans ran things.

  6. Cliffy says:

    “How many fans are coming out for November games if KU, ISU and KSU are out of the hunt before Late Night at the Phog?”

    Plenty at ISU and KSU. Maybe not at KU but that would have been the case in the old B12 as well. Contending for a title would certainly enhance attendance but you over-emphasize it’s importance. Thanks for writing about college football, though. I was sure growing tired of Royals bashing and Radio wars.

    If Pujols were to make an appearance on 810 KK would slobber over him like he was royalty. That being said, I did think Pujols over-reacted to the injury. And I’m a Cardinals fan.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I am concerned about the crowds even at college football hotbeds like Manhattan, Ames and even Lincoln. Losing and cold weather are now far stronger deterents to fans than in years past. Xbox/PlayStation is an indoor sport.

  7. Muley says:

    A BCS is only allowed two BCS teams per year, so there will never be a time that the Big XII gets three BCS bids.

  8. Gavin says:

    I’m pretty sure I will be at every KU home game this season. Yes, we will suck out loud, but if you’ve been a KU fan as long as me, you sort of view football as the price of admission for basketball. Which is NOT to say I’m okay with us sucking as much as I anticipate we will. But I’ve made my peace with it.

    And they sold a lot of tickets to KU football this summer. It’s hard to think that all of them will go unused. At least t hey won’t be getting snapped up by Nebraska fans. This year we can sell out to Oklahoma fans or whatever.

  9. smartman says:

    Comedy Central should offer KU Football the slot in between Stewart and Colbert. It’s gonna be a joke. There is no rebuilding or reloading going on, just a bunch of meat heads suiting up for free schoolin’ in preparation for their careers in real estate, auto sales, law enforcement and crime.

    KU will never be a perennial football power. It’s all about the hoops. Even the “Old Ball Coach” couldn’t breathe life into this program. Still when you consider the Hawkers who have gone to the Sunday Show; Sayers,.Riggins, Hadl, Douglas, etc it’s impressive….kinda like the Catholic Church used to be in the 50’s.

  10. AaronB4Mizzou says:

    On Mizzou:

    I know many think the old Big 12 North is doomed for eternal finishes in the bottom of the new Big 12, but Mizzou isn’t going that way without a fight. There’s a lot of talent in Columbia and the 2011 Tigers have a shot at the Big 12. There’s a lot that needs to break their way, mainly James Franklin needs to be solid, but it’s possible. The defense will be salty and Mizzou returns EVERY player on offense who caught a pass and all 4 tailbacks. Not to mention the younger kids who will earn their ways onto the field. The o-line loses Tim Barnes, but all other starters are back, including two potential All-Big 12 tackles Dan Hoch & Elvis Fischer. There’s a lot to like about Mizzou football & the recruiting is staying at a reasonably high level. The 2012 class of recruits could be Mizzou’s best yet.

    On Pujols: I’m a Cards fan. Pujols is easily the best player in the game & KK wishes the Royals had him. I’ll grant, Pujols can be a bit testy, he’s known for treating the national media guys better than the local guys, but he’s just one of those players who is so focused on the game that I’m not sure he realizes he can come off as being a bit aloof. As for rolling on the ground…I’ve had multiple broken bones & it does hurt initially. I don’t think it’s fair at all to say someone is a drama queen for rolling in the dirt after getting your arm broke.

    On LaRussa: yes, he does drive me up the wall & I fully understand how he would get under the skin of others. The only thing I can think of is that it’s a way to take the focus off of the team & allow them to play without as much scrutiny.

    On the Beakers: there’s always October 15th.

  11. That Guy says:

    You opinion regarding KU (or anything) might be valid if you ever wrote an article when something good happened at KU, as opposed to only being a dark weather writer.

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