OTC: KU’s Too-Early Exit From NCAA Crushes Kansas & Ignites Mizzou / Should Embiid Stay?

TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenterWHB, after two-seed Kansas was eliminated from the NCAA tournament in a 60-57 loss to tenth-seeded Stanford, Twitter
GH: It happens far too often to a team that has won ten consecutive Big 12 conference championships. Another early exit in the first weekend of the tourney doesn’t feel any better because Joel Embiid was injured. KU had a very doable route to the Elite Eight but they left their fan base to once again wonder what happened. 

“Kansas has no clue how to attack the zone. (Andrew) Wiggins needs to step up now and Bill Self has to devise a plan to help his players.”
Wally Szczerbiak, @wallyball, CBS CBB analyst, as KU’s offense looked lost for much of the game, Twitter
GH: If the Big 12 basketball coaches don’t spend the offseason working on a zone to toss at Kansas next winter they should all take a pay cut. And Bill Self might want to spend some time devising a better offense to combat it. 

“Jayhawks have had every chance in this one. Couldn’t hang onto the ball and couldn’t finish at the rim.”
Matt Tait, @mctait, Twitter
GH: What I found most maddening watching this game was the undeniable spurts of athleticism and talent displayed by KU all too briefly. Surely, I thought, now was the moment KU would bolt ahead and leave this game but inferior Stanford team behind. It never happened.  

“As good as Wiggins is (and will be) have to wonder if he just got to be too big of a distraction? Thoughts….”
Kris Ketz, @KrisKetzKMBC, Twitter
GH: I felt the opposite was true about Wiggins this season. He too often shunned the spotlight off and on the court when his team needed him to embrace being the star. He was the Chihuahua of Alpha dogs. 

“The kid had a remarkable season, today shouldn’t offset what he’s done for 34 games.”
Bill Self, on Wiggins’ four points and four turnovers against Stanford, via @KUGameday
GH: Wiggins is a fabulous talent but he was accurate when he said after the game, “It’s my fault we lost. I know it’s my fault we lost. I didn’t play good. I played really bad. I didn’t do anything to help my teammates this game. I blame myself for that.” Props to Wiggins for taking the blame. Not every teenage is mature enough to handle that situation. 

“Just back from KU’s locker room (after their loss to Stanford). Joel Embiid told me he would’ve definitely played in Sweet 16. Now he might never play college ball again.”
Gary Parrish, @GaryParrishCBS, Twitter
GH: Well, uh, that’s really good to know.  

“Can’t imagine Embiid coming back (next season). Would be a huge risk. Stock can only go down. And if the back issues are chronic, get paid now.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: I think Parkins is dead on. Embiid is a sure bet to go in the top five picks this season and probably in the top two. If he returns and suffers another injury, his NBA stock tumbles. 

“I want these kids to stay in school longer because the NBA is the worst it’s ever been. It’s not good basketball. It’s frustrating for me to watch. These kids aren’t physically or emotionally ready to play against grown men. … If Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker are going to struggle against Mercer and Stanford, they are going to struggle against grown men. … I would like for these guys to stay at least two years.”
Charles Barkley, who mentioned Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker playing poor games in the NCAA tourney, CBS
GH: Does anybody NOT want these college athletes to stay at least a couple of years? But how can you deny a student-athlete lifetime money? You can’t.  

“Unfortunately, if you’re a Kansas fan there’s not much future.”
Greg Gumbel, as CBS studio show again showed the video of the 11-year-old Kansas fan who was crying as he watched KU losing to Stanford – this time in slow motion, CBS
GH: CBS didn’t just blow it when they zoomed in on this youngster during live action but they repeated their error in judgment when they replayed this video no less than four or five times within a 30-minute window. I heard KMBZ’s EJ and Ellen making light of the criticism being placed on CBS for showing the crying boy. EJ said the kid will be fine and compared it to him crying after a Hulk Hogan loss. Just a guess but EJ’s boyhood tears probably weren’t shown on national TV a half-dozen times and then tweeted to the world within moments. The media should be more sensitive to the vast power they wield over a kid’s reputation and psyche. 

“Whoever just created a fake twitter account of a child crying on national TV and tried to follow me — I’d love to meet you…with my fist.”
D. Scott Fritchen, @DScottFritchen, who covers K-State for PowerCat.com, Twitter

“Oh gosh! Wayne Selden is no closer to being an NBA player than I am right now! I mean if the NBA is taking Wayne Selden, they ought to just shut the whole thing down. He could play in (Sunday’s) game at all! He couldn’t play!”
Mike DeCourcy, 810 AM

“I don’t think it’s a surprise that the KU players wouldn’t know much about the Stanford players at this point.”
Nate Bukaty, on Andrew Wiggins and Wayne Selden admitting to not knowing much about Stanford’s Chasson Randle prior to Sunday’s match-up, 810 AM
GH: I think we ask too little of these athletes when it comes to knowing their sport. Of course Wiggins and Selden should have a base knowledge of Stanford’s best player and one of the best in the Pac 12. Today’s college athlete too often is treated like they have no other options for information outside their coaches. I was stunned that these two not only didn’t know, but then giggled about their ignorance. Stanford took that video and laughed all the way to the Sweet 16.

“I don’t think Andrew (Wiggins) had ever seen guards like that (at Stanford) that matched his length.”
Rustin Dodd, KU beat writer for the Kansas City Star, 810 AM
GH: Yeah, none of those in the NBA either…

“Is it me or did (Naadir Tharpe) regress toward the end of the season? It seemed like to me that he just fell apart the last four or five games.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Bill Self seriously misjudged Tharpe’s importance to this season’s Jayhawks. The junior point guard melted at the end of the season when his team needed him most. Self placed way too much importance on Tharpe being someone he was incapable of being.

“The (Missouri) Tigers fell to Mississippi State 71-63 on Sunday.”
Ellen Schenk, 980 AM
GH: Mizzou actually lost to Southern Mississippi on Sunday but not too many cared enough to notice – even their local radio affiliate.  

“Congrats to @Stanford on a fine NCAA Tournament win!”
@Mizzou, the official Twitter account of the University of Missouri, Twitter
GH: I winced when I read this tweet. I understand fans doing this and I understand athletes getting caught up in talking smack on Twitter but the official Twitter account of Missouri feels the need to poke fun at Kansas for losing in the NCAA tourney? Wow. Seems awfully petty to me. MU’s promotes their four core values as Respect, Responsibility, Discovery and Excellence. Snark doesn’t appear to be on that list.  

“Missouri trails Southern Miss in NIT game. All of a sudden Kansas losing doesn’t seem so funny.”
Brad Dickson, @brad_dickson, columnist for the Omaha World Herald, Twitter

“My face to all you mizzou fuckers texting me…”
Allie Leath, @allie7leath, KU student from St. Louis area, Twitter
GH: This tweet made me laugh. The face Allie wanted to show her MU admirers is to the left. 

“Saw something I’ve never seen on kid in GA before: recruits wearing #Mizzou sweatshirts. Usually reserved for #UGA, #Bama, #Auburn. #ATLNFTC”
Jeremy Crabtree, @jeremycrabtree, Twitter
GH: Maty Mauk and his Tigers are already getting ready for some football this fall. 

“Hands down, the most interesting part of twitter is watching a subset of #kubball fans project their insecurities onto sportswriters.”
Daniel Snowe, @dannyboi965, morning drive cohost on 96.5 The Buzz, Twitter
GH: Some KU fans just like some MU fans and some KSU fans and some fans from any school you care to name handle losing poorly. KU losses are celebrated a bit more ardently by some because the Jayhawks win so often. Read on.  

“Nobody likes the Heat / Yankees / Jayhawks fan. You have zero character. #kubball fans take your loss in stride. It stings for a reason.”
Lazlo, @lazlothebuzz, afternoon host on 96.5 The Buzz Twitter
GH: Lazlo is taking an awfully wild and wide swing at an awfully big fan base. Many who own radios in his listening demographic. I have to wonder what he hoped to accomplish with this tweet.

“I’ve been saying this since the beginning of the tournament. Take the names off of the jerseys and you look at the player inside it and see if they can actually get it done. If Wichita State had different names on their jerseys, we might be doing a big feature on how this could be the greatest basketball team ever.”
Kenny Smith, CBS
GH: The Wichita / Kentucky game was one of the best games of the season – and we all got a chance to watch it. This is what college basketball should be about on a cold Sunday afternoon in late March. Just fabulous drama, heart and skill. I loved everything but the outcome. 

“The people that put that (seeding) together should feel some sort of shame today.”
Mike DeCourcy, on the NCAA committee placing Kentucky as a possible opponent for Wichita State in their second game, 810 AM
GH: Bullshit. Who is to say Stanford wouldn’t have given the Shockers just as much of a battle in this round? The committee placed Kentucky where they deserved to be on what they had done through the year. WSU just came up short. Life ain’t fair and neither is basketball.

“That didn’t contribute to the problem.”
Mike DeCourcy, after Steve St. John reminded him that the clock never started after North Carolina inbounded the ball with 1.6 seconds on the game clock, 810 AM
GH: Huh? What game was DeCourcy watching? The UNC player dribbles up court and sees time on the clock and calls a TO…but we find out later that the clock should have expired – but it never was turned back on after ISU’s basket. But that didn’t contribute to the problem, Mike?  

“Found it interesting none of the players in the Memphis locker room were crying after game. Eating pizza. Some smiling.”
L. Jason Smith, @TheCAJasonSmith, after Memphis lost by 18 to Virginia, Twitter
GH: So what was Memphis supposed to do after losing to the number-one seeded Cavs, go Frank Martin? Maybe the pizza was from Lilly’s in Raleigh. Killer ‘za. 

“The state of North Carolina is without a Sweet 16 team for the first time since 1979.”
@forthewin, Twitter
GH: Daaaauuum! That was one helluva streak for Tobacco Road.  

“Samsung’s 110-inch 4K ‘easel’ TV to cost US$150,000.”
@CNET, Twitter
GH: Okay. I might need to wait a year or two on this one. 

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65 Responses to OTC: KU’s Too-Early Exit From NCAA Crushes Kansas & Ignites Mizzou / Should Embiid Stay?

  1. glorious uproar says:

    Tough non-con really prepared them for March.

    SEC 7-0 in the tournament

  2. Joe Blow says:

    Wichita State found out what it’s like to have to play a real team.

    KU got their ass handed to them.

    The best part is counting the number of excuses KU fans come up with about why they actually won..

  3. Joe Blow says:

    So, the mediocre 12 basically got its ass handed to it. Remind me again why this was supposedly the best basketball conference in the nation?

    • FJH says:

      Yes, the sample size of two games proves that the SEC is, without a doubt, a better basketball conference than the Big 12. You must be a scientist.

      • Tim says:

        No but 5 of 7 not advancing is more than just a fluke

      • Joe Blow says:

        I’m glad you agree.

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          No two ways about it. The Big 12 crapped their pants in the tournament.

          • Kyle R says:

            I want to dispute this, but I can’t. The non-con season and all the statistical stuff said the Big XII was a great conference but they just didn’t show up last weekend. However, if ISU or Baylor wins the title, does that say it’s a great conference when a team that doesn’t even win the Big XII wins the whole thing? (Not that I’m predicting it’ll happen but it’s not out of the realm)

  4. Steve says:

    DeCourcey sounded like an idiot for most of that interview and then Clinkscale undressed him when they were playing his sound bites on Keitzman’s show talking about how Wiggins and Durant had similar, underwhelming tournament runs as FR. Except for the fact that Durant had 57 combined points in two games. It was quite comical. Not sure how a guy can get away with saying some of the stupid stuff he said on The Border Patrol this morning.

  5. Arte says:

    I’ve seen D. Scott Fritchen in person. Probably not much of a puncher except for the fact he wears rings on every finger.

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