OTC: Lazlo Tells Nick Wright “Go F Yourself,” After He Accuses Wright of Plagiarism

“Do you still follow Nick Wright on Twitter? This guy, what an idiot. … You should probably not tell people to listen to this program, because first of all I don’t need your help and second of all everything you’ve done is stolen from this program. Anything you do that people talk about, you’ve stolen from us.”
Lazlo, earlier this week on his Church of Lazlo show, 96.5 The Buzz
GH: Wright was a regular on Lazlo’s show as their sports update guy – a role that Danny Parkins has taken over since Wright’s departure to Houston. I always got the impression from Wright’s show that he and Lazlo were close. Maybe not. Read on.

“KC people: I’m gonna have a 1 hour podcast soon that you can listen to from 2-3 after Parko… And then I’d recommend @lazlothebuzz from 3-7.”
Nick Wright, @getnickwright, Twitter
GH: This is the tweet from Wright that Lazlo was referring to – where Wright tells his followers to listen to Lazlo instead of 610’s new afternoon show. It looks like The Church is closing its doors to their former Entercom coworker. Read on.

“Did you hear what [Wright] did on his first day of the [Houston] show? This is unbelievable! His first day on the air at his new radio gig, he does a rousing game actually called, None of Your Business. He doesn’t even have the creative bone in his body to change the name of the game!
Lazlo, on Wright using a radio game that Lazlo had originated, 96.5 The Buzz
GH: Lazlo’s rant on Wright did not sound playful. It sounded genuine. Read on.

“You would think that someone with a college degree would know better than to plagiarize.”
Meredith, on The Church of Lazlo’s webpage for 96.5 The Buzz

“I told [Wright], ‘Look man, if you’re going to steal stuff from people, don’t do it while you’re working in the same city and working right down the hall, like he did here [at Entercom]. He stole all the time. Now he went to this other city and he’s using our stuff constant. It’s flattering I guess, but it’s somewhat annoying. It’s annoying when he goes on Twitter and never gives any credit.”
Lazlo, 96.5 The Buzz
GH: Creative people are a bit touchy when it comes to having their bits stolen. If Lazlo and Wright once were tight, that doesn’t not appear to be the case now. Read on.

“Why don’t you go F yourself, pal! I don’t need your charity. Dumbass! I hate that guy. There’s not a redeeming thing about him. Am I wrong?”
Lazlo, 96.5 The Buzz
GH: This sounded harsh – even coming from the bile-spewing furnace that is Lazlo. I never saw Wright as a plagiarist, but he is driven. And his stated goal is success at any cost. It appears even that of a friendship.

“Some of [my catch phrases] come from people just sending me stuff. There are a couple kids out of Emporia, they’ve sent me some good ones! I think one of them was for a put-back slam they said, ‘Just put ‘Autocorrect!’ on it. I don’t know what that quite means but that hasn’t stopped me before from just shouting out something.”
Neil Everett, on where he gets some of his catch phrases for SportsCenter, Rock Chalk Sports Talk
GH: Everett was a guest on Rock Chalk Sports Talk to promote his upcoming appearance at Lawrence Free State High School tonight [Thursday] at a cancer fund-raising event. The event will showcase 30 former KU basketball players, have a live band and Everett will be the MC. I enjoyed his interview with the show’s host, Brian Hanni, of Lawrence’s 1320 KLWN. Read on.

“I’m there [as a SportsCenter anchor] to entertain myself. And if anybody else is entertained, that’s great.”
Neil Everett, when asked if his style and catch phrases sometimes need to be explained to his audience, Rock Chalk Sports Talk

“I was waiting in line at a Jerry West book signing with everyone else and when I got up to have him sign my book, Jerry West looked up and said, ‘Hi Neil.’ Jerry West knew me! That’s a thing where I wanted to run home and call my parents about! Here he is asking me to go play golf with him and I’m just kicking myself because I don’t play golf!”
Neil Everett, ESPN anchor, who said West is one of the 50-year-old anchor’s childhood idols, Rock Chalk Sports Talk

“Paul Pierce has to be considered one of the greatest Boston Celtics of all time. My number was the last number retired by the Celtics and his number 34 will be the next number to be retired up in the rafters.”
Cedric Maxwell, former Celtic great and current color analyst for the Celtics, 610 AM
GH: Pierce is starting to show his age but every year I think it will be his last and he disproves that by willing the Celtics into the playoffs and beyond. Is Pierce the second greatest Jayhawk after Wilt? The Danny Manning crowd will boo but I could make a very strong argument for the Inglewood, California kid.

“27 UP, 27 DOWN: Matt Cain joins the ranks of baseball’s immortals: atmlb.com/LCVL7e.”
@MLB, Twitter
GH: Technology is an amazing thing. I saw this tweet from MLB.com today at 5:45 AM and was able to watch the 27 out pitches build into Cain’s perfect game – all within a few minutes. Even though I knew the outcome, I found myself tensing as the innings total grew. Great stuff.

“Florida State — smack-dab in the middle of a recruiting hotbed — still spends $433,326 on recruiting, according to this week’s analysis from ESPN.com and former World-Herald reporter Mitch Sherman. The Huskers spent $478,554. Texas spends $577,976. Alabama spends $980,882.”
Sam McKewon, writer, Omaha World Herald
GH: While these numbers are formidable, they just didn’t seem to be as ridiculous as I thought. Or maybe those are simply the numbers that are officially reported to the NCAA. I have a feeling big football programs are spending far more than $400K a year on recruiting.

“Stony Brook baseball climbed a mountain en route to this College World Series, fighting off elimination three times at Miami and twice at LSU. Now they’re in Omaha, where strangers are craving Seawolves hats.”
Dirk Chatelain, writer, Omaha World Herald
GH: I am a bit of a college baseball fan and I have a long history with the CWS in Omaha. Having both Stony Brook and Kent State in the final field of eight is a staggering, staggering achievement for both teams. Stony Brook beating LSU at LSU in their Super Regional is like, like, uh, it’s like nothing else I’ve ever seen. Read on.

“The Seawolves lost the super-regional opener, a 12-inning game spread over 24 hours due to rain. They never lost faith, Cantwell said. They outhit LSU 35-15 in three games. They sold LSU fans on Cinderella.
After the final out, Tiger fans requested a Stony Brook victory lap along the outfield wall. Congratulations. Best of luck. We’ll be wearing red.”
Dirk Chatelain, writer, Omaha World Herald
GH: You won’t find many CWS fans in Omaha who do not absolutely love the LSU fans. The Tigers fans are a fixture at the CWS – whether their team qualifies or not! How cool is it that the LSU fans requested a victory lap by the opposing team in their own ball park? Not THAT is the definition of a college baseball fan!

“Everything. This is only his second year in the OF after moving from [catcher].”
Robert Ford, @raford3, when asked what specifically Wil Myers had to work on defensively to be ready to play in Kansas City, Twitter
GH: Jarod Dyson has played the outfield his entire career. While his speed is an asset on the grass, he doesn’t appear to me to have the instincts I expect in a big-league centerfielder. And he hits like he should have topped out in Double A. The Royals are only seven games back. Get Myers up here and let’s get serious about winning baseball games in Kansas City.

“It seems like the most likely [Royals’] trading candidate, Jeff Francoeur, is also the teacher’s pet.”
Danny Clinkscale, on Ned Yost’s affection for his right fielder, 810 AM
GH: Frenchy is an easy guy to like. He has a great attitude with both the fans and his teammates. But he should not be blocking any prospects promotion. In other words, he’s not Melky Cabrera.

“I think one under par. I think it’s going to be one of those types of championships. One under would be a beautiful score.”
Any North, on what he thinks the winning score will be to win the U.S. Open, ESPN Radio
GH: I just had a conversation with a coworker who shoots in the 70s. He thinks he could break 120 at Olympic. I shoot closer to 90 nowadays and I’m not sure I could keep it below 200. But damn I would sure like the opportunity. At least I think I would until I got ankle deep in that rough.

“I feel like the worm is turning just a little bit for Tiger Woods.”
Mike Greenberg, on more people rooting for Tiger than against him on the golf course, ESPN Radio
GH: I root for LeBron. I root for Tiger. I root for Nebraska. I am a bad, bad man.

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PS: When you get a four minutes, watch this Pepsi commercial video. I found it very entertaining.


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29 Responses to OTC: Lazlo Tells Nick Wright “Go F Yourself,” After He Accuses Wright of Plagiarism

  1. Ssiknaf says:

    Lazlo and his wife are both unlistenable.

    The amount of dick jokes on the air in KC is freaking incredible.

    Why can we find no on-air talent in this town?

    • P says:

      You must be a conservative Republican.

      • Bob Loblaw says:

        I’m a conservative (though not Republican) and think Lazlo is hilarious! I’ve never had a problem putting politics aside though in the name of entertainment.

  2. TangoAlphaLima says:

    I heard that segment on the Buzz with Lazlo ripping on Nick. I think it was tongue-in-cheek to some extent, but there was also a lot of truth behind it. But then it always felt like Nick was an outsider when he did his sports segment on Lazlo’s show, like he was the dorky kid trying to fit in with the cool kids, but the cool kids were really just making fun of him the whole time.

    By the way, there’s more Nick Wright drama on Twitter. As I posted in the comments a few blog posts ago, I noticed Jared Carter (Nick’s former board operator, who was subsequently fired from 610 after Nick left) was not following Nick on Twitter. Then there was this exchange today:

    @getnickwright: @JaredLCarter respond to my texts, asshole
    @JaredLCarter: @getnickwright I’ve been in a dark place. Also, I’ve been getting a rockin’ tan.

    You don’t have to be Kevin Kietzman to read between the lines here.

  3. Smartman says:

    I strongly second Lazlo’s suggestion!

  4. marge says:

    2 idiot, blow-hards. Thank goodness for XM radio. I don’t have to listen to 96.5, music is pretty good. Hosts, not so much.

  5. Gavin says:

    “Is Pierce the second greatest Jayhawk after Wilt?”

    It depends on what you’re talking about. If you’re referring to their pro careers, yes, Pierce is/was better than Manning.

    If you’re talking about their college careers and you think Pierce was better, you probably have a serious drug addiction. But if you’re talking about their college careers only, then Pierce is no better than third and maybe even fourth, after Clyde Lovellette.

    • MrOlathe says:

      Raef was a 2 time all american in college. Simien was an AA. Collison was too ad he and Heinrich went to 2 final fours. Kinda tough to pick 4-10 after Manning, Wilt, and Clyde (IMHO).

  6. Old Man Kissel says:

    I wonder where the Nick Wright apologist are today?

    It seems Smartman’s claim that Wright was about to be fired way before he found this Houston job holds a lot of water.

    I wish Wright luck down there. It seems he didn’t have many friends in this town. If he doesn’t make it in Houston, he wont be welcomed back in KC.

    I hope you like Tulsa Nick.

    810 scoops 610 once again…

  7. We could use a lot more G-F-Y’s in our everyday discourse. Way too many people frown upon same for some reason.

    • Smartman says:

      My day isn’t complete until I get a GFY from somebody. In some cases it can be considered a compliment

      • The Independent Rage says:

        When I convey a G-F-Y, I always tell ’em, it’s nothing personal (leastways most of the time), but just my way of talkin’. And you’re correct: Receiving a good G-F-Y is a definite Badge of Honor. So G-F-Y, Dude!

    • Cliffy says:

      GFY is the best comeback line in history. It works EVERY time.

  8. tigerdan4 says:

    Unbelievable that even after moving to a new gig in Houston, Nick continues to make news here. It was complete bush league how he tried to steer listeners away from the Big Show. And anyone who liked Nick’s show but hates the new show just isn’t very bright. Or they aren’t a real sports fan. If you want immature drama and uninteresting stories about the host’s co-workers, listen to Lazlo or somebody like that. 610 has a real sports show now.

    • JP says:

      Today was classic, I was driving back from Wichita, and KK had on Coach K to talk Fitness. I guess if you’re eating too much BBQ from Cotty’s appearance, you can work it off with this segment, while awaiting Them Racin Boys Show tomorrow.

      Meanwhile, The Big Show had a great interview with Eric Winston, that was informative and substantive with no BS, discussing the Chiefs being a running team. I hope this new show makes it. It has been refreshing compared to listening to KK and Clinkscale discuss golf constantly.

  9. Ssiknaf says:

    I’m liberal as they come – Lazlo is just annoying as hell and not funny
    Same for his wife – she has ruined Ressurection Sunday.

    Play the damn music (96.5 is the only music station I listen to) and shut the the hell up.

    • JP says:

      My advice to you and everybody: Get Sirius XM, their First Wave station plays the classic new wave and there is a station for old metal and classic rock with no commercial interruptions. Also, you get Paul Finebaum on College Sports Nation. I’m convinced Lazlo’s show is an answer to everyone who thinks 980 is too conservative in their host’s viewpoints.

      • Husker Bill says:

        Couldn’t agree more. The less you hear from a DJ, the better. XM / Sirius has been great for both sports and music.

        • randyraley says:

          feel free to turn on planet radio. no subscription, no commercial, no yakking, no playlist classic rock station.
          iphone, ipad apps available and on itunes too.

          i’ve been on since 1/1/01, i think i might have it figured out finally..

          now back to the show..

  10. JP says:

    I guess Nick Wright went out with a nuclear reactor, he has basically alienated everybody who was close to him. Showed his true character.

    As for the new show, I hope it works out. If today is any indication, 610 may have a winner. At 3:00, KK had on their Fitness Guy to discuss getting in shape. I guess you need him, after eating all of Jim Cotty’s BBQ from his cooking segment, and get you fired up for those all important Racin Boys and Stan Weber segments on Friday.

    Meanwhile, 610 had a very substantive interview with new Chiefs RT Eric Winston, that was very informative and no BS. I hope the Big Show succeeds. Vernier and Binkley seem likeable and knowledgable enough to give us an alternative to KK.

  11. Dwayne says:

    Lazlo said on twitter that he doesn’t have a problem with NW. Busting his balls was what he said he was doing. Reaching a bit? Try again…

  12. Herb says:

    The Big Show is our last hope. It is utterly shocking that ANYONE still listens to KK. This town must be full of the biggest fucking retards on the planet.

    • JP says:

      I wonder who the 810 focus groups were who said, let’s have a cooking segment, a fitness segment and an hour long NASCAR segment during the peak hours of our afternoon show.

  13. Scott Simon says:

    Add Meredith to my list of radio people who are clueless. Copying the name of a radio on-air game calling it plagiarism? I doubt she could spell it. Typical of the “it’s all about me” folks. Milton Berle is laughing in his grave.

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