OTC: Lo Cain Says Royals Could “Run Away With” ALC / Rex Hudler Drops Some Jewels On Royals TV

BrbWv7gCMAAsZpg“If we can have the second half we had last year, we should run away with it.”
Lorenzo Cain, Royals lead-off hitter, in an interview Monday with Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: I like that kind of talk, Lorenzo. It might be folly but it sure beats counting the days until the Chiefs open camp in St. Joe.

“This is not good.”
Kevin Agee, @Kevin_Agree, on the above photo of Eric Hosmer he tweeted Monday night, Twitter GH: Wow. How can a veteran MLB player who hits second in the lineup of a contending team look this bad on a pitch? This looks like a photo you would get from a company picnic softball game. Hosmer has some fixing to do and a majority of it has to do with pitch selection.

“I think (Raul Ibanez) is really going to help this club. I have some information as to why but I’m not reading to say yet. I’ll be ready to say in a couple of weeks or so.”
Mike Boddicker, in an interview with Nate Bukaty Monday night, 810 AM
GH: My first thought was that Boddicker knows that Ibanez has been injured and now he’s healthy. My next thought was that Raul discovered PEDs. My next thought was that Boddicker should probably tell us what he knows or say nothing. There aren’t any magic fixes for 42-year-old swings unless you go the Barry Bonds route.

“But what Ned did (in leaving the pitcher in) is he instilled confidence – and players love that. A manager once in a while will say, ‘Okay, I’ll let you stay in.’ Compared to a manager who has a big ego who’s gonna say, ‘No, it’s my way of the highway! I’ll do it how I want to do it!’ That’s like Earl Weaver would do.”
Rex Hudler, Fox Sports KC
GH: Earl Weaver won 1480 games and won at a .583 clip for 17 seasons. Weaver won four pennants and one World Series. Ned is fighting to stay about .500 for three months. Hud might want to find another manager to knock when it comes to assholes. Bob Boone comes to mind.

“See how he’s wearing his hat like that? That’s body language for, ‘Wow, I’m not so sure.’” Rex Hudler, on the Twins rookie starter, Yohan Pino, wearing his cap tilted back on his head, Fox Sports KC
GH: The strippers in Minnesota would probably like to have this information.

“The telltale sign of the Royals this season will be how they handle being hunted.”
Rex Hudler, Fox Sports KC
GH: Are the Royals being hunted? Does Rex mean by @feministstripper?

“A two-hit game for Moustakas – he who has suddenly discovered left field.”
Ryan Lefebvre, after the Royals third baseman chipped his second single into left Monday night in Minnesota, Fox Sports KC
GH: Moose may or may not have hit to left on purpose but if he could slow his approach to hit somewhere else besides over the first-base dugout, he might get his average about .225.

“Sorry Joel, but I think you are the only one that thinks Salvy is good with a microphone.” @don_rhoten, in a tweet to the Royals Fox Sport on-field reporter, Twitter
GH: Love Salvy. Hate when he takes the mic. He sounds like Whitlock after a dentist appointment.

“Well not everyone which is ok but I know a lot of people do enjoy it and he does, too, so we will continue.”
Joel Goldberg, @goldbergkc, responding to the tweet above, Twitter

“I don’t think losing today is going to set the sport (of soccer in the USA) back. I think losing just keeps it in neutral. Nationwide, I think they’ve got to win a couple of games to really build on it and advance forward. Losing today I think it just kind of stays where it’s at until the next World Cup.”
Doug Stewart, 810 AM
GH: If Team USA wins two more games they are in the World Cup’s final four – although the NCAA better not hear anyone say that.

“Matt Besler could be worth seven million dollars.”
Nate Bukaty, on what the European clubs might be willing to pay Sporting and the MLS to acquire the Overland Park native, 810 AM

“I know other teams may be interested but right now my main focus is on the team.”
Matt Besler, 810 AM

“I never foresee a day where there isn’t some sort of replay in the NFL. I’d do away with all kicks except punts. Either you punt or you go for it on fourth down. I’m serious!”
Adam Teicher, 810 AM
GH: Teicher was effected more by Lin Elliott than we knew.

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34 Responses to OTC: Lo Cain Says Royals Could “Run Away With” ALC / Rex Hudler Drops Some Jewels On Royals TV

  1. Kyle says:

    I still vividly remember an interview with Willie Wilson in 1985 at the All Star break. I believe the Royals were 7 games out of first and he said if they play well they should definitely win the division like it wasn’t even a 2nd thought. Now we have a leadoff batter wearing the same #6 saying the same thing at the midway point of the season. I like it…a lot!

    • localm says:

      He even has that Willie “swagger”..Lo Cain is going to be the best player on this roster when all is said and done!

  2. Mike says:

    Soren was on his ‘grumpy old man fatty’ gripe again today relating to the length of games.
    He particularly went after the NFL, for commercials, replay…anything.
    Now, I’ll agree with him in baseball, because MLB does a horrible job in keeping the pace of the game brisk, especially with the AL East teams (BOS, NYY), and teams with dithering managers (CLE), but why does a KC-SEA game clock in at 2.5 hours while a nine-inning Sox-Yanks game hit four hours? Uneven enforcement by MLB.
    College football has quickened the pace a tad, due to tweaks in timing rules (especially on first downs), but the big issue in college is halftime. A 25-30 minute halftime?? College football also has less stringent time limits when it comes to replay, though that averages maybe five minutes extra per game. And college football (cough..Big 12) doesn’t allow stadium video boards to show the TV replays during reviews, which is garbage. Maybe they’ve changed it, but I doubt it.

    When it comes to the NFL, though, Soren’s playing the grumpy old curmudgeon. Most reviews in the NFL have a total stoppage of 3min20sec to 3:40. The vast majority of these are taken during a TV timeout, which is typically a 2min30sec break. (Sometimes the NFL grants an extra 10 to 15 seconds during a break, but it’s an exception.) So that leaves a minute extra, right?
    Not really.
    The NFL times a total replay stoppage from when a) a challenge flag is thrown, or b) when the booth initiates the review, to when the play clock starts following the ruling announcement of the review. A referee only has 60 seconds to conduct the video review. So the timer is running as the network goes to one of their five in-quarter breaks, and oftentimes the referee is waiting for TV to come out of break to make the ruling announcement over the stadium PA.
    When you add it up, two reviews per game (many games have no reviews at all), plus a few extra moments to confirm scoring plays, it comes to perhaps an extra 2:30 per game. TV timeouts, and the extra precautions now implemented with on-field injured players, account for far more of the presumed extra length of an NFL game than replay.

    The only reason why I think Soren groused about this? A) The World Cup, and B) It’s July 1, and there’s nothing to talk about in the NFL. The teams are out for a few weeks. So let’s just bitch about something. But at least when Soren bitches and complains, he’s somewhat entertaining. (Unlike KK).

    If he really wanted to approach speeding-up-the-game topics with Teicher, take up a topic broached by MMQB this week: The 20-second play clock in the CFL. That’ll speed things up.

    • Jim says:

      Nice job, Mike. Petro sounded like a 90 year old man talking about, “when I was young….” Do away with NFL replay? Fuck that! I want the call right! No way in hell he actually believes what he was saying.

      • Kyle says:

        Plus the NFL is the shortest season of all sports. Do people actually WANT the games to be less than 3 hours? I sure as hell don’t.

    • Say What? says:

      Soren also mentioned that kickoffs are just pretend football plays at this point in between commercial breaks, which he was right about.

      You kind of missed his point altogether in that there are many moments in football and baseball games that are purely a waste of time with people just standing around vs soccer which has no commercials breaks and never stops besides halftime.

      I get frustrated with the amount of downtime in American sports as well. Especially the national games in the NFL, MLB and college football which seems to be lengthened even further for more ad time.

    • George Wilson says:

      Studies have shown that the average NFL game has something like 17 minutes of actual action. If i remember this correctly baseball games have even less. You can talk all you want about replay times not being too bad and improvements in college football, but when 90% of the time it takes to play the game is made up of guys standing around waiting for the next play, there is a legitimate complaint to be made.

      • Mike says:

        Ok then, since ‘studies’ have enlightened us to this, tell me: When did these sports NOT have this problem?
        I’ll answer for you. IT’S ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THAT.
        Oh, but TV, you say? Well, welcome to America! Gee, I can’t imagine a sport that’s popular go out and try to monetize their business operation as much as possible, no? That same popularity that we get to see the game on TV because it’s also profitable to the network televising it?
        Even before TV it was like this! There’s always been this much inaction in baseball, there’s always been a play clock in football! Since when do ‘studies’ that specialize in NSS (No Shit, Sherlock) observations profess to be revelatory?

        If it was a legitimate complaint, the sports leagues would be suffering through declining interest. We don’t see that in the NFL. We don’t see that in attendance figures for baseball.
        But I’ll give you this: we do see a problem with ratings for nationally televised baseball games. And it probably stems from a point made in my original post. Most national games feature the AL East, whose teams slog along, playing the game at a far slower pace than the rest of MLB. World Series ratings are sinking lower. I think it directly correlates to the pace of play, and the in-game excitement (or lack thereof). MLB needs to enforce the per-pitch time limits that already exist, and explore additional limits on batters’ box timeouts per plate appearance.

        BTW, I offered a key suggestion to speed the pace of play in football. Adopt the 20-second play clock of the CFL. That’ll make the game hum along.

  3. mike t. says:


    off topic(s), but found this very good column about Lou Gehirg’s “Luckiest Man” speech which he gave on July 4. take a few minutes to read it, well worth the time.

    JoPo also has a pretty interesting column about raul Ibanez on nbc sports.

    now, back to our regular programming…

  4. geoknows says:

    If some European team offered Sporting $7 million for Besler, and Sporting wanted to accept, does he have veto power? He’s already turned down chances to play in Europe because he wanted to stay here.

    • George Wilson says:

      Yes, he can veto any move he chooses to. In international soccer contracts do not get transferred. If you want to sign a player from another team you have to negotiate a price for the transfer with the club and you have to agree to personal terms with the player. If the buying club cannot come to terms with the player, the deal is off.

  5. nick says:

    “GH: Earl Weaver won 1480 games and won at a .583 clip for 17 seasons. Weaver won four pennants and one World Series. Ned Yost is fighting to stay about .500 for three months.”

    Thanks Greg for keeping Hudler’s comments in check. Ask Milwaukee fans how good a manager Yost is. He’s done nothing as a Royals manager to make anybody get out the pom-poms yet. He didn’t become a managing genius overnight as Hudler’s comments make us believe.

    If history is an indicator, I predict all us Royals fans are gonna be Nervous Neds come late August.

  6. david says:

    “GH: Love Salvy. Hate when he takes the mic. He sounds like Whitlock after a dentist appointment.”

    Glass houses Greg, how clean is your Spanish?

    The Glass family needs to back up the money truck and make Salvy a Royal forever…

    • b12 says:

      David, my Spanish is horrible. But, I’ll refrain from grabbing a mic and going on Mexican TV. I get that Perez is a delight…yay. Oh, he’s fun. Let’s all praise him.

      I couldn’t understand what the hell he was saying. Yordano Ventura without Bruce Chen is easier to understand than whatever that was last night.

      I second Greg’s assessment.

      • david says:

        We sure wouldn’t want the players to enjoying themselves and having fun. Let’s get back to the Juan Gonzalez formula. Grumpy malcontents! That’s the way

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      He’s already signed to an incredibly team-friendly deal…

  7. The Independent Rage says:

    Perez’s TV work reminds me of Tony Montana around the time his sister got whacked out and he introduced his little friend. But Perez is Venezuelan. Maybe Pacino’s supposedly Cuban accent was just that bad.

  8. Joe Blow says:

    So GH clearly doesn’t understand baseball, posts a bunch of negative shit — keeps referencing a butthurt stripper, can’t even really comprehend what Rex Hudler is saying, so he tries to make fun of him, makes fun of Salvy Perez because (as a native Venezuelan) he doesn’t exactly speak clear English, and reposts a picture of a hitter taking a bad swing (which every hitter does).

    It’s not even a good attempt at stirring up shit — it’s just a writer taking a really bad hack at it. It’s like what you would hear at a company picnic softball game..

    • Richard Cranium says:

      Sad Little Man Syndrome Above

    • FJH says:

      and yet…you read it, and commented on it. GH – Mission Accomplished.

    • The Independent Rage says:

      A grown man can rarely go wrong with myriad stripper references.

    • Jim says:

      Here’s a suggestion Joe: Don’t read the blog. Why would anyone take the time to read a blog when they think the writer knows nothing about baseball, is always negative, doesn’t have any original takes on anything and takes “really bad hacks” at stirring up shit? And yet, you read and comment on it every single fucking day. Perhaps you need to find someone that writes something other than a typical conversation at a company picnic. Christ on a cracker! How many times can you say, “This blog sucks” ? Pretty simple solution. Don’t fucking read it, Einstein.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Joe Blow…officially fitted for a clownsuit courtesy of Jim.

        • Joe Blow says:

          That was all that’s required to be fitted for a clownsuit? GH spends almost all of his time hating pretty much everything on sports talk radio. But if you disagree with his takes, you shouldn’t say anything, and just not read?

          Maybe he just shouldn’t listen to sports talk radio..

        • Alphonse Tooty says:

          Why, because he said “Christ on a cracker”? I haven’t heard that one since grandpa died.

    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      It’s OK, Joe. Keep posting. Personally, I think Greg is as big a dufus as Hud but I come here most days and I watch Royals telecasts and enjoy them both.

  9. The Word says:

    Interesting article about the World Cup.


    • Mike says:

      Politics on a sports blog? And a bad political article at that. The ‘poll’ rears its awful head again.
      It’s even less interesting than the paper I wipe my ass with.

  10. Juan Pablo says:

    “Matt Besler could be worth seven million dollars.”
    Nate Bukaty, on what the European clubs might be willing to pay Sporting and the MLS to acquire the Overland Park native, 810 AM

    Matt Besler may be looking for a job. He just got burned for two goals today. looked bad.

  11. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    USA soccer sucks. Until this country’s greatest athletes starting giving a damn about soccer and playing it instead of football and basketball, USA soccer will always be second rate in the World Cup.

  12. Herb says:

    Teicher – still an idiot.