OTC: Manning Makes Arrowhead The Chiefs’ Peyton Place

“Long way to go but calling it now. Broncos too injured/drained to match what Chiefs are unexpectedly bringing today.”
Adam Teicher, @adamteicher, with the Chiefs up 21-7 with 11:00 minutes remaining in the second quarter, Twitter
GH: Oops. And we thought Kent Babb was the jinx!

“Denver defense is dazed, confused. And lost. And terrible. And stinky. And words I cannot tweet.”
Mark Kiszla, @markkiszla, about the same time in the game as Teicher’s tweet, Twitter
GH: Okay, so the ankle-biters had them going for a while there.

“When it went to 28-21 Denver, was first time all day Broncos fans in Arrowhead made more noise than locals. … And then Woody Paige whispered in my ear: “The loudest stadium in the NFL grew very, very quiet” … Such a scamp, that Mr. Paige.”
Mark Kiszla, @markkiszla, Twitter
GH: These Denver dudes are pretty easy to dislike. Even my Denver sister sent me a snarky text following the game. Hope to see you all back in Denver in the playoffs…in 3-degree weather.

“Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning. He can make a lot of (defenses) look bad. Any venom or fire you still have this far after the game is probably misplaced. Reality is you have four very winnable games left.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro made a lot of sense in talking Chiefs fans down off the cliff Monday morning. Yes, losing a 21-7 lead at home is maddening but Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have forges HOF careers doing just that to good NFL teams. That said, let’s bitch a little anyway. Read on.

“We here in Kansas City are seeing why the people in Philadelphia at times were tired of Andy Reid. He gets a little too cute sometimes.”
Bob Fescoe, complaining about Reid’s play call to pass inside the five on the Chiefs first drive of the game that resulted in Alex Smith throwing an interception in the end zone, 610 AM
GH: Ohhhhh how this pick hurt! First and goal and the Chiefs throw an interception? I wasn’t the only one who was thinking that 21-7 lead should be 28-7.

“That’s just a horrible throw. To me that is 100% on Alex Smith. That’s one thing you’re taught as a quarterback – you never throw behind yourself when you’re rolling out.”
Danan Hughes, on his early end zone interception, 610 AM
GH: Was the call a bad one by Reid? It wasn’t great, but Hughes is correct – Smith just cannot make that throw. It was so painful to watch unfold as you just knew he shouldn’t be throwing across his body.

“The last three weeks this Chiefs’ offense has had a different look, a different mentality.”
Phil Sims, as the Chiefs jumped to a 21-7 first-half lead, CBS
GH: Here is some good news about the Chiefs last two losses – the offense looks like it has come to life. Smith played an excellent game and he looks like he CAN lead the Chiefs back from a deficit – if only his receivers could catch!

“There is no excuse (for the many dropped passes by the Chiefs receivers). When you’re in the NFL  and you make it to this level, the one thing you’re supposed to be able to do is catch the ball.”
Danan Hughes, on Donnie Avery and the other Chiefs’ receivers who had trouble making catches against Denver, 610 AM
GH: I would not want to be Avery or Marcus Cooper this week watching film with their Chiefs teammates. Talk about two guys who looked like they should have paid to get in the game! I really don’t know how Cooper is able to come back from that torching – and by a white wide receiver!

“If Cooper gets burned five, six, seven more times, I swear the Chiefs should start thinking about doing something different. Maybe.”
Mick Shaffer, @mickshaffer, Twitter

“I think their defense has to get some confidence back. They need to win some games. The defense needs to have some of those games again where they sack the quarterback.”
Herm Edwards, after the Chiefs were scorched for 28 unanswered points by the Broncos in their 35-28 loss, 810 AM
GH: Talk about some in-depth analysis from a former NFL coach! Herm didn’t sound much smarter about football than my wife in breaking down this Chiefs loss.

“What are (the Chiefs) capable of doing now the rest of the season? They’ve got three of the last four on the road. I don’t think this secondary needs to see Phillip Rivers anytime soon and that’s the (Chiefs’) last game.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: The Chiefs can either limp into the playoffs with a string of ugly losses or suck it up and get back to playing winning football. 9-3 still looks really, really good when you think about the “Romeo Year.”

“WHOOPS VIDEO: Jim Nantz: ‘Jamaal Charles, “Shits Down, Close to the 10.”
Jason McIntyre, @jasonrmcintyre, Twitter
GH: Click here for Nantz’s misspeak. A little levity after another tough Chiefs’ loss to the Broncos.

“Wait I thought the Chiefs defense was amazing vs Geno,Gabbart,Tuel,Fitz etc? Lololol.”
Doug Gottlieb, @GottliebShow, Twitter
GH: Gottlieb appears interested in poking the Kansas City and Missouri fan bases via his tweets. Wonder what this is all about? Did Petro stand him up or something? Is he still hurting over that West Virginia win over his Pokes?

“I’ll still pick the #Chiefs to win a playoff game as a No. 5 seed. Like them more than Indy and Cincinnati right now.”
Matt Miller, @nfldraftscout, Twitter

“The emotion always gets to me. I am just thinking about everything in general through your whole life, just balled up into one. Yeah, it helps me. Sometimes I don’t even notice it, it just comes.”
Knowshon Moreno, Denver running back, on why he released a torrent of tears during the National Anthem at Arrowhead, Yahoo.com

“The [tears] are actually toughness. I see it all the time. He does it in practice and he does it in games. It is all heart, it is his passion for the game. It is massive. We all feed off that energy. A lot of stuff sets him off. He just brings that energy when we need it.”
Montee Ball, Moreno’s teammate, Yahoo.com

“These words were going to be about a football game at Arrowhead Stadium, but then a man died after a fight in the parking lot. This column was going to be about a team that won its first nine games and now looks overwhelmed after losing a third straight game, this time 35-28 to the Broncos, but that now feels incredibly empty.”
Sam Mellinger, who chose to write about the homicide in the Chiefs parking lot during the game instead of the football game, Kansas City Star
GH: This might have been Mellinger’s worst column. Ever. I can’t be sure of that because I have not read Sam’s stuff from elementary school. The decision to go societal instead of sports was wrong. The column added little to the story – if that. His attempt to tie it to some other shootings at Truman Sports Complex over the years was a bigger stretch than what Whitlock puts his drawers through. If this was Sam trying to be JoPo, he missed by the length of Posnanski’s resume.

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15 Responses to OTC: Manning Makes Arrowhead The Chiefs’ Peyton Place

  1. Jim says:

    Why do NFL head coaches feel the need to “fool” their opponent? 1st and goal at the 2 yard line on the first drive of the day. Make a statement!!! We aren’t going to fool you. We are going to run it down your fucking throat and there isn’t anything you can do about it! That should have been the mentality!!! The Chiefs have done this “cute” crap too many times inside the 5 yard line all year long. I, for one, I’m freaking sick of it. Run the Goddamn ball!!!

    • trajan says:

      You have to be able to run the ball and pass the ball.And it becomes much harder to run the closer to the goal line you get.Smith just blew it! It’s not the first and won’t be the last that his field vision and decision making has been lacking. Even if we had run that one in for a TD I have all the confidence in the world the Chiefs D would have let the Broncos overcome it. Not only were the DB’s getting torched by Eric Decker but they also put on a clinic on how not to tackle. twice in a row the Broncs rolled 90 yd drives through the atrocious back-end of the Chiefs D.

  2. Kyle says:

    1. I hate Manning and never want to see him play again.
    2. I hate the Broncos more than ever. Between their 2 assface HOF QB’s they have caused me too many years of sports misery. I hate being a Chiefs/Royals fan, but there is nothing I can do about it. I’m stuck.
    3. Agree on Mellinger’s article. the whole time I was reading it, I was asking myself WTF?
    4. The Chiefs will be lucky to win 1 game the rest of the year because they now have the worst defense in the NFL. 35 sacks in 7 games and 2 in the next 5. Seriously, is there any other team that could ever pull that off besides the Chiefs??

  3. JFP says:

    I just wanna know why the Chiefs didn’t go for the first down on 4th and 4 on that last possession instead of going for the end zone. There was a ton of time left. Oh well.

    • Hot Carl says:

      Because Smith panicked when he saw his first option was covered. He played a great game but that was not his finest moment.

  4. mike t. says:

    the problem jim is our offensive line has been so inconsistent, if not porous, that we can’t establish a consistently good running game. charles makes some runs out of nothing. add to that we’ve not had reliable second running back – tho’ davis had one amazing run when the seas parted and the kick-off return. that said, i agree overall and when you do have one of the league’s premier running backs and you’re first and goal from the two – you run, run, and run it again. two freakin’ yards and reid calls a pass. stupid.

  5. Del Griffith says:

    Who opens the sports page to read some guy’s rhetorical meta take on “What is happening to the world?”

  6. The past few weeks, the Chiefs defense very much reminds of me of Greg Robinson’s infamous “32″ defense of 2003, which never forced a single punt from Peyton Manning and the Colts in the playoffs at Arrowhead. That’s unwatchable stuff, and eerily similar to 2003 — when the team started 9-0, with the defense completely conking out down the stretch.

  7. johncocktosten says:

    At the game during the very first drive when the Chiefs had the ball 1st & Goal from the two, I turned to my friend and said, “hand it to Jamal four times.” Don’t kick the field goal, go for it on 4th if you have to. If you don’t make it Denver has to drive 99 yards. Then I proceeded to crap my pants when I saw Alex Smith throw. Then the clock management before half even though it didn’t come back to haunt them. I see what Eagles fans got tired of. Chiefs aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs. Even someone like Andy Dalton could destroy this defensive backfield. I say let Brandon Albert walk next year, take that 10 million, get a receiver and db’s. That Jon Baldwin busted pick is really hurting them.

  8. JP says:

    I agree with Kyle above. My hatred for the Broncos and their fans is at an all time high. Fortunately, we won’t see as many of them in our stadium next year, when the season ticket base gets that much higher.

    As for analysis, too many dropped balls. I’m not as down on the defense as Peyton is a doctor as a QB and he will always exploit weaknesses (aka Marcus Cooper). There is no excuse for the dropped balls. For all the people bashing Alex Smith, he put the ball down the field and nobody could catch.

    Finally, I have to agree with Petro. At this point, try to win at least 2 games, stay healthy and get ready for the playoffs. It’s still been a great season, compared to last season.

  9. john doe says:

    Broncos receivers can catch the ball
    Chiefs receivers cant.

    Game over.
    Chiefs suck dick


  10. Renton says:

    Never forget: KK wanted Geno Smith.

  11. Mark says:

    Gottlieb knows that he’s big in KC. Or at least bigger than he is anywhere else. With that whole KState coaching thing, his appearances on Petro, his Big XII career…

    He’s just trying to kick up dirt with people he knows pay (some) attention to him.

  12. JimmyD says:

    Greg you’re right about Mellinger and his awful article. The thing is, the incident in the parking appears to have been fueled by alcohol which is something he mentions quite admiringly in many tweets. Keep trying for those awards Sam

  13. Kerouac says:

    “The loudest stadium in the NFL grew very, very quiet”

    - and the hour very, very late, midnight struck dead ‘the best team in the NFL’, ‘the best defense in the NFL’ and ‘the only undefeated team NFL’ (well they wuz, KCinderella, for about 15 minutes.)
    That makes three straight defeats for destiny’s team, Chargers & Broncos x2 with the honors; wait till next year, part 45… [ cue burst balloon ~ ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ]

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