OTC: McGruder Keeps K-State’s Big 12 Hopes Alive / MU Ready For Mike Anderson

The Kansas State Wildcats bench“[McGruder] is going to get a lot of attention now for [Big 12] player of the year. I think it’s going to come down to a three- horse or a four-horse race. The one guy we’re not mentioning guys is Marcus Smart and I believe he is the leader in the clubhouse.”
Dave Armstrong, who named Smart, McGruder, Withey and McLemore as his four favorites as the Big 12 player of the year, 810 AM
GH: McGruder’s last-second miracle shot at Baylor emptied the Wildcats’ bench onto the court in a wild post-game celebration as the Baylor Bears once again hung their heads after a tough loss. While most of the talk after this game was about how Baylor lost it, McGruder and his mates deserve props for yet another tough road win as they remain tied with Kansas for the Big 12 lead. The quest by the Cats to win both the Big 12 football and basketball conference crowns this academic year continues.

“Headed to Manhattan for Kansas state game. Why is no talking about Bruce Weber for coach of the year? He should be in the conversation.”
Rich Zvosec, @CoachZZ, Twitter
GH: Weber and his Cats are the quietest great team in the country. Why? Read on…

“It’s just another K-State team that’s lost twice to Kansas.”
Kevin Kietzman, on why he thinks there isn’t more excitement about K-State being atop the Big 12, 810 AM

“Based on what we saw Saturday, Baylor doesn’t even deserve to play in the NIT.”
Bob Fescoe, after Baylor was knocked off at home on a last-second three by K-State’s McGruder, 610 AM
GH: Baylor is the opposite of Kansas. They lose almost every close game due to questionable coaching strategy and decisions. Kansas has Bill Self. Baylor has Scott Drew.

“I don’t know why everybody is so hard on my guy, Scott Drew. Scott Drew is a fantastic coach.”
Carrington Harrison, on the much-maligned Baylor basketball coach, 610 AM
GH: What Drew has done at Baylor since he was hired to repair one of the most broken programs in the history of the sport is remarkable. I don’t think I would label him as “fantastic,” but he is far more successful than most critics will give him credit. Kansas will have to play well in Waco next Saturday to wrap up their ninth straight Big 12 title.

“We gotta get ready for a hungry Arkansas team. … I’m very attached to the University of Missouri so it’s going to be emotional, but once the ref throws the ball [up], it’s ball game.”
Laurence Bowers, on Mike Anderson’s return to Mizzou Arena this Tuesday night, SEC Network

“It will be interesting [to see what kind of reception Mike Anderson will receive from the Mizzou crowd Tuesday night]. I would say – knowing Missouri people – it would be maybe a 70-30, meaning 70% solid. I really do. Mike did a great job here.”
Jon Sundvold, SEC Network
GH: I thought Jon knew Missouri people better than that. I don’t think even 30% of Tiger Nation is going to be “solid” in showing Anderson any manners. This is the same crowd that had stuck the head of a hog on a stick into Nolan Richardson’s face as he headed into the Hearnes Center. I wonder if Nolan, Norm and Jon will all be inside Mizzou Arena on Tuesday to take in this crazy night.

“But in the coaching business if you leave someplace, at night, in the dark, on a flight – it’s just how this business is. You really don’t get to leave anywhere in a nice way.”
Jon Sundvold, on the unpleasantness that might await Mike Anderson inside [or outside] Mizzou Arena, SEC Network

“I would expect an absolute woodshedding against Arkansas on Tuesday.”
Gabe DeArmond, predicting a Mizzou blowout win over the Tigers’ former head coach, Mike Anderson, on the Hogs trip to Mizzou Arena, 810 AM

“I want to wish Nate [Bukaty] a happy birthday. I was going to sing to him but Nate, you already got a pretty good gift in Ames on Monday.”
Gabe DeArmond, having some fun with The Border Patrol’s Kansas alum last Friday, 810 AM

“[Missouri] is one of the better offensive teams in the country.”
Gino Gaudio, SEC Network
GH: Mizzou looked like a Final Four team against LSU on Saturday. They have the pieces to beat any team in the country. Is Frank Haith finally getting his point guard to settle down enough to take advantage of all that talent on the floor? Mizzou will be a fun team to watch in the SEC tourney. Their play in Nashville next week should give us an idea of what to expect in the NCAA tourney.

“Somebody probably told Jazz some BS that was entirely false smh…”
Michael Dixon, @M1keD1xonJR, Twitter
GH: It doesn’t sound like Mike Dixon is considering furthering his college education.

“Creighton drew 18,613 fans to the Missouri Valley Conference title showdown against Wichita State Saturday in Omaha. The Bluejays regularly draw 17,000 and rank sixth nationally in attendance. The majority of the departing Big East Catholic 7 schools would love to average that attendance. And this is exactly why Creighton is the favorite to be the 10th team when the league is formed with Xavier and Butler.”
Andy Katz, ESPN.com
GH: Most college basketball fans think of the state of Nebraska as a college basketball wasteland – and rightly so when you consider the Cornhuskers have NEVER won a game in the NCAA tournament. But Omaha is home to the Creighton Blue Jays where fans have flocked to their downtown arena for Missouri Valley games since before Eddie Sutton was their head coach.

“WATCH: 55-foot buzzer beater wins [New York HS AA) state title bit.ly/XNUDDw.”
@41Action News, Twitter
GH: Read on for more about this incredible, incredible state-title-winning toss.

“Trailing 60-58 with 2.9 seconds on the clock, New Rochelle’s Khalil Edney inbounded the ball from under his own basket. The pass was picked off around mid-court and a player from Mount Vernon threw the ball into the air. With the heads-up play, Khalil Edney stepped forward to intercept the ball and hoisted a 60-foot shot as time expired. It went in. New Rochelle won. The crowd went nuts.  The last time New Rochelle won the Section 1 Class AA title was in 2005. Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was their point guard.”
Tim McGarry, writer, USA Today
GH: How long is that kid who intercepted the inbounds pass going to have to live with that blunder? How does forever sound?

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30 Responses to OTC: McGruder Keeps K-State’s Big 12 Hopes Alive / MU Ready For Mike Anderson

  1. Jim says:

    It is amazing how many times you see a team do the ONE thing they can’t do to lose a game. Drew HAD to tell the Baylor kid to NOT throw it out of bounds. Incredible. Great break for the ‘Cats to keep them on pace with the ‘Hawks. Should be a helluva interesting week of hoops!

  2. alfred e neuman says:

    Self wins coach of the year
    McLemore wins Freshman of the Year and Player of the Year
    Withey wins Defensive Player of the Year.

    KU gets #1 seed and KC.

    KState shares the Big 12 title. Ku gets credit for winning the conference for the 100th year in a row

  3. Gavin says:

    What Scott Drew is amazing when you consider where he started. I despise the guy, but I have to give him credit for it. But it’s pretty obvious that all he can do is recruit. Don’t get me wrong: That’s an enormous part of being a college coach and without doing it successfully, you will be a failure at any level above mid-major. So good for him, being able to convince high-level players to come to a baptist school that forbids (or at least used to forbid) dancing when said school is in a shithole town like Waco, Texas.

    But it’s clear that Drew knows only the one trick, impressive as that trick is. He’s not a good in-game coach, he’s not good at player development and he’s not a good strategist. I’m not saying Baylor should get rid of him because I’m not sure they can do any better than him, but I’m fairly sure that they’ve gone as far as they can go with Drew at the helm.

    • john doe says:

      They might be forced to keep him as long as he wants to stay. A replacement might not be able to get such good players to commit to that shithole.

  4. kc says:

    Scott Drew had a good play for 1.0 left in the game. If Austin had made a decent attempt at the ball, it would have either been a Baylor tip-in or overtime. Scott Drew has brought Baylor back from the brink. He gets way too much BS thrown his way. I, of course, am more than thrilled that Bruce Weber’s play with 1.0 left was a success! Rodney McGruder was clutch! 2 more games for the Cats to win and be Big 12 champs in football and basketball!!

    • Jim says:

      KC, overtime should have been “worst-case” scenario. Baylor could have had a shooter’s chance from 30 feet, too. Trying to get the ball within 2 feet of the basket AND having a Baylor player make the catch when there are 5 KSU defenders in the paint? It was a chance they didn’t need to take given that KSU’s big man is out of the game and the would have had some momentum going into OT.

  5. Barles James says:

    what a weekend of hoops at all levels! Does anyone know – was that a real pig’s head Greg is referencing?

  6. The Smartman says:

    Much ado about nothing. K State and MU won’t go far in THE BIG DANCE. Forget about COTY and POTY, all window dressing. The ONLY thing that matters in NCAA hoops is Final Four appearances and CHAMPIONSHIPS. Everything else is lame conversation.

    Mike Anderson deserves ZERO NADA ZIP respect. He should be ranked above Quinn Snyder on the MU hatred depth chart.

    • Matt says:

      I disagree. Most Missouri fans knew that Anderson would leave for the Arkansas job at some point – that was his destination job. He still deserves a lot of credit for turning around a program that Snyder and Clemmons left in absolute shambles.

      He deserves all the flack in the world, however, for in which the MANNER that he left and the fact that he stopped recruiting in January of 2011 when it was apparent that Pelphry would be fired at Arkansas.

      Anderson could have handled the situation much differently and would have been accepted by more Missouri fans as a gracious exit than the midnight escape that actually happened.

  7. Ron says:

    Missouri fans weren’t that upset when Anderson left. Most were happy to see him gone. I doubt there will be much passion one way or the other when he returns to Columbia.

    The radio talkers in KC rountinely totally ignore all schools in the Big 12 except for Kansas, K-State, and Missouri. Considering the fact that their full-time job is sports, it’s amazing how little or no knowledge theyt have about what goes on at other Big 12 schools. All the sports talkers in KC were completely shockedd and surprised that Tanneyhill got drafted so high last year. They hardly knew he even existed until draft day. Also, the radio talkers were so out-of-touch they spent all of last year explaining how Mizou was going to do so much better in the SEC than poor, little Texas AM. In fact, the complete opposite was true. Kansas City has some of the most provincal, out-of touch, tunnel-vision sports radio hosts in the nation.

    • Jim says:

      You do realize that 95% of 810’s & 610’s listening audience is either a KU, KSU or MU fan, right? You cater to your audience. Not really a mystery, Ron. It’s regional radio, not national.

  8. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Jon Sunvold simply illustrates how out of touch he is with a majority of the Mizzou fanbase. Anderson going to be ABUSED at Mizzou Arena. All bets are off. He backdoored Mizzou in the worst way, and totally quit recruiting his last 18 months on the job. Thanks to him, Brad Beal, BJ Young, Otto Porter, and Ben McLemore played or are playing their college hoops outside the state of Missouri.

    On Scott Drew – Summarily hated by his peers for his incessant negative recruiting tactics, he’s one of the worst gameday coaches I’ve ever seen. And that ending to the Baylor/KSU game just shows what a God awful coach he is. Baylor plays a ton of zone, simply because he allows his players to be lazy and not play any real man to man defense. Magruder popping wide open for that shot was just a symptom of a lazy team with a zone defense mentality. How in the name of God, do you let the best player on the opponent’s team just waltz right out to the three point line with no one gaurding him, and launch an uncontested three? Inexcusable.

    • john doe says:

      Agreed. The Antlers have already started riding Mike Anderson Jr on twitter. Tomorrow night will be ugly.

      How does @mike_andersonjr spell fun? #DWI

  9. BlackJack says:

    The whole Big12 “co-champs” deal is a joke. I understand that if Ku and K-State win out, they will have identical Big12 records, and for whatever reason, the Big12 rules are that everyone gets a trophy. But come on – KU swept K-State this season, just like they usually do, and I do not think anyone who is cognizant of that fact would put K-State on par with KU as far as “Big12 champs” goes..

    • JP says:

      To be fair, KU benefitted a couple of times from that ruling, winning “Conference” Championships in 2005, 06 and 08. It is symbolic. Having said that, Smartman has probably the best take. Your bragging comes at the end of March/Early April if you get a Final Four appearance. Nobody will remember or care who won the conference, if they get an early exit from the NCAA Tournament. This conference race talk is nice, and Self should be proud. However, it will not define the season either of those schools has in the end.

      • JP says:

        I meant Conference Co-Championships in 05, 06 and 08.

      • kc says:

        Funny how many ku fans are howling about the co-champs, yet, they claim “8 straight”. You are right, they forget about the 3 years they didn’t win outright.

        • JP says:

          You do realize that I am a KU fan. I’m not howling, it would be nice but it is just a banner. If K State ties, they get one too. They deserve it. My point is there is only one banner that truly matters in college hoops-The Final Four Banner. That will decide if this has been a successful season. Most KU fans will bring up 2012 long before they bring up 2010 or 11, why-Final Four and Championship Game appearance.

    • rkcal says:

      KU is not going to make that case. There was a time or two in this stretch of championships when they “shared” with a school that beat them during the regular season. What goes around….

  10. Kyle says:

    The only difference with KU sharing those titles is that they beat the team they shared it with every year. In 05 they beat OSU once and in 06 and 08, they beat UT in the B12 Tourney after losing in the regular season. If KSU beats KU in the tourney, they will have a claim. If not, then it’s 100% KU’s title. Same in football. I don’t know anyone, other than Sooner fans, who consider anyone but KSU the B12 champs this year.

    • Barles James says:

      Not so fast my friend. Conference rules are conference rules. Guess who K-State will sweep this year that Kansas didn’t? TCU.

    • JP says:

      KU did lose to Oklahoma in 2005, whom they shared a 3 way title with them and Oklahoma State. Further, they never played them in the conference tournament. Doesn’t matter, this is how the Big XII awards titles and it has benefited and punished KU.

      Still to be at the top of the conference going on 9 seasons is still quite the accomplishment, no matter where you’re sitting.

      • Barles James says:

        I agree – it has been a weird season of college bball, whoever dogfights their way through conference seasons, tournaments and the ncaas has earned it.

  11. Kyle Rohde says:

    The Catholic 7 are going to be one great conference and Creighton more than deserves to be involved, from both a basketball and an attendance standpoint. I hope the conference tournament eventually ends up in Omaha for a year too – would love to go see all those schools play.

    Greg, I think it’s almost as remarkable that Nebraska finished 40th last year in attendance with an awful team that has never won a tournament game. Those sports fans in Nebraska are some of the best.

    • randyraley says:

      …then add SLU to the mix in the Catholic league in a couple of years. This is a great basketball team, folks and one of the best stories NO ONE is talking about. Win one for the gipper I guess.

  12. estoniakat says:

    RE: “It’s just another K-State team that’s lost twice to Kansas.”
    Kevin Kietzman, on why he thinks there isn’t more excitement about K-State being atop the Big 12, 810 AM

    That’s garbage. If he really believes that, Kietz has lost touch of Powercat nation.
    My Twitter and Facebook have been CONSTANTLY buzzing since McShooter killed Baylor (detailed on the ZaGruder film).
    Two games left for the regular season, and KSU has a rummy in TCU tomorrow (has there been a better team to play for senior night?), KU has to go to Baylor in its last game, which is a hurt, dangerous team, and needing a big RPI win.
    If KSU can somehow find a way to win in Stillwater, they will win at least a share of the Big 12 title.
    Saturday will be EPIC.

    • Arte says:

      Thought it was interesting the kid that made the shot in the New Rochelle game had the last name Edney. Where have I heard that name before?

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