OTC: Media Reacts To Chiefs Firing Todd Haley

“They just keep getting blown out. They obviously weren’t responding to Todd Haley.”
Adam Teicher, on the Chiefs decision to fire Todd Haley the day after the Chiefs were embarrassed by the Jets 37-10, 610 AM
GH: Todd Haley’s Chiefs’ teams got steamrolled on an all-to-regular basis. The offense gained a total of four yards in the first half Sunday against the Jets. That is the kind of team record you do not want to have attached to your regime. Hobo Haley’s Chiefs had  far too many of these clown-clubbings for him to  be as arrogant and disrespectful as he was to  his job, his franchise and the NFL. He simply had to go. One might question why he was ever hired. 

“I think the second half could have gone one of two ways and it went the way that encourages me.”
Todd Haley, in his postgame comments following the Jets loss, 610 AM

“The second half wasn’t much better [for the Chiefs], marked mostly by penalties. In the most brutal stretch, the Chiefs were penalized five times for 81 yards during the Jets’ final touchdown drive. One of those was an unsportsmanlike conduct call on Haley. Kansas City finished with 11 penalties.”
Dennis Waszak Jr, writer, AP

“If he really truly means it, then he has no idea about football players and his football team.”
Bill Maas, on Haley’s comments that he was encouraged by his team’s play in the second half, 610 AM
GH: It appears that Scott Pioli shared the same sentiments as Maas. 

“Nick [Wright] had the report cold that [Todd Haley] would have been out after the Indianapolis game had he lost that game.”
Mark Carman, 610 AM
GH: Wright and many of his 610 cohorts are beating their chests and claiming they foretold Haley’s firing. I also expect them to predict the Chiefs will miss the playoffs.

“Some people laughed at us when we talked about the relationship between the coach and the general manager. They called us conspiracy theorists. Well, now you know.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Here is what 610 Sports’ hosts Parkins, Wright and Carman don’t get – Haley deserved to be fired on his job performance alone. Head coaches and GMs work through rocky relationships all the time. None of these 610 Sports guys are old enough to have any insight into the King Carl/Marty Schottenheimer years, but there were times when those two hated each other inside Arrowhead. Haley got fired because his teams got beat by embarrassing scores. Pioli didn’t have to invent negative stories about Haley to undermine him. The former Chiefs head coach/golfer did a remarkably good job of undermining himself. 

“There is still the potential for a Josh McDaniels hire to work. It’s not a homerun hire. It’s not going to sell a lot of tickets.”
Soren Petro, on Pioli looking to hire the former Broncos’ head coach, 810 AM

“For all of you Chiefs conspiracy theorists, I could envision McDaniels as OC in KC if the
staff gets fired in STL, but not as HC.”
Pete Morris, Chiefs former media relations rep, Twitter

“If the next coach is anyone currently on the Chiefs staff, it will be an incredibly
unpopular choice.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: The NFL is about one thing and one thing only – making money. Fans are duped into thinking franchises are as motivated as they by wins and championships. It is not the case. Sure, the Chiefs want to win but they want to make money first, foremost and always. Haley wasn’t going to help sell tickets. A new coach will. They will choose someone who they believe will move the most tickets and beer. Please see Sheahon Zenger’s firing of Turner Gill and hiring of Charlie Weis. It is always about the money.

“Kirk Ferentz’s name will come up for Chiefs job. Ricky Stanzi, I suspect, would support that candidacy.”
Blair Kerkhoff, Twitter
GH: Here are two names that have no future with the Chiefs – Iowa’s head coach and the Hawkeye’s former QB. Iowa isn’t even all that excited about Ferentz. Talk about a hire that would create a dive in ticket sales. 

“Would like to see what Stanzi can do. Nothing to lose really.”
KC Mayor Sly James, Twitter
GH: You want to know how bad Stanzi is? With his job on the line the last month, Haley refused to play the rookie signal caller in front of Tyler Palko. It had nothing to do with him wanting to flip off Pioli for picking the Iowa QB. It had to do with Stanzi being even
worse than Palko. It is almost impossible to believe that the Chiefs have two quarterbacks on their roster that are that inept. Believe it.

“The best part about Todd Haley’s firing is that there is now one fewer scapegoat between Scott Pioli and the unemployment line.”
Rany Jazayerli, of RanyontheRoyals.com, Twitter
GH: The much-decorated former Patriots’ GM is now front and center when it comes to the future success/failure of the Chiefs. Part of Haley’s crazy-man, hobo act gave Pioli a pass in that he placed so much focus on his eccentric behavior. I am guessing the next head coach will be clean shaven, know how to dress on the sideline and not sound
like he is asleep during a press conference. That will make it more difficult for Pioli to hide. 

“Also feel for QB Matt Cassel, a guy who would benefit from coaching stability around him & who may have a 5th different OC in as many years.”
Pete Morris, Chiefs former media relations rep, Twitter
GH: I always have a hard time working up sympathy for a guy who has a $63-million contract.  

“Right now [the Chiefs] are not even in the top ten for a draft pick. This cannot be a one-player draft for the Chiefs. They are going to need to get several players out of this draft.”
Adam Teicher, on the chances of the Chiefs drafting a quarterback with their first pick, 610 AM

“You need an offensive line and we don’t have one.”
Bill Maas, saying he favors the Chiefs using their first draft pick on an offensive lineman, 610 AM

“Right now it’s CYOA, if you know what I mean about that. Each player playing for his own [future]. They know there is no shot at going to the playoff. They know there is probably going to be a new coaching staff.”
Todd Haley, in his postgame comments, 610 AM
GH: That effort against the Jets had the CYOA Chiefs look like they were playing naked. 

“Chiefs fire Haley. Weis cleans out office at KU. Son transfers to Maple Woods.”
Mick Shaffer, of Metro Sports, Twitter

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24 Responses to OTC: Media Reacts To Chiefs Firing Todd Haley

  1. Jim says:

    The “I was right” proclamations made by all the local sports talk-jocks are comical. Nothing BOLD about saying there is a rift between Haley and Pioli. Here’s a tid-bit for you………There is a rift between Haley and (fill in the blank). The guy was as abrasive as a Brillo pad. Pissing people was his M.O. It was his dismal failure as a football coach this year that cost him his job. Anyone believe that if the Chiefs were undefeated to date that Haley would have been canned today? Of course not! Nor would NW be shouting from the rooftops about the “rift”. Tools.

  2. fake kc wolf says:

    Thought this was interesting, foreshadowing from a nj.com story from Friday, “I will always root for Anthony. He was tied up and under contract when I got this job, but he’s somebody I’d love to be working with again. Maybe, when he’s a head coach.” -Todd Haley


  3. Hot Carl says:

    “GH: The much-decorated former Patriots’ GM is now front and center”

    Greg, I believe Pioli was the Pats’ Director of Pro Player Personnel and not the GM. Nevertheless, he should get at least as much blame, if not more, than Haley for this year’s abortion. The Chiefs are millions and millions under the cap but we couldn’t spend a little for some depth and a quality backup QB? When the drunk, Zubas-wearing, fat asses in the last row of the upper deck at Arrowhead can spot the team’s weaknesses you’re not fooling anybody, Pioli. As much as Haley may have sucked as a head coach he was severely hamstrung by the cheapness of Pioli and the Clarks.

  4. JP says:

    I have to agree that Pioli cannot hide behind the Hobo anymore. His drafts, lack of free agent signings, and putting together the “Right 53” have led to this abomination of a football team. This next coaching hire better be the right guy. The Clarks are a richer version of the David and Dan’s, they want to win the money battle.

    Bottom line for me: If Joshie McDaniel is the next Head Coach of the Chiefs, i will be become a free agent fan and give up my season tickets. He will put this franchise 10-20 years back if he is the head coach. He makes Haley look somewhat sane.

  5. Xavier says:

    If I was Romeo, I’d turn down the interim HC job. No way he gets retained if they bring in a rock star & doubt he wants to be connected to another shot in the dark up and comer. He’s a respected d-coordinator who’ll find work anywhere…or at least make em break the wallet out for the next 3 weeks (no cahe walk next week, then potential further affirmation of ineptitude with Oakland and away at division-leading Denver)…something to ease the pain of a season long lost.

  6. smartman says:

    At least Al Davis is smiling today! This was not a firing it was a mercy killing. Coaching the Chiefs is like living in a house where your wife, son and twin daughters are all banging the couple next door. It can’t get any more dysfunctional.

    At this point I’d welcome a FIVE YEAR PLAN. This is just another step down the rung of the sports relevancy ladder for our little Cowtown.

    Clark doesn’t have the balls or brains to figure this out. I’m sure all the other team owners that Lamar pissed off over the years are whacking their pharmaceutically enhanced meatpoles today.

  7. fake kc wolf says:

    – Whisenhunt was asked about former offensive coordinator Todd Haley, who was fired as the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs Monday. Whisenhunt said it was “premature” to talk about Haley possibly returning to Arizona. Calling Haley “a good friend” he said he believes Haley will have multiple options as coach going forward.

  8. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Everybody wants to blame Pioli for this team being shitty, but at least 50% of it falls at the feet of one guy and one guy only…Clark Hunt. Did you watch that press conference today? You don’t have to be a psychologist or body language expert to see how awkward that guy looked up there. Did he look confident to you? Did he look like he was in control of the situation?

    When a reporter asked Pioli, “Do you feel you gave Todd enough quality players to succeed?” Clark squirmed in his seat and crinkled his face. Looked down. Pursed his lips. That points to one of two things:

    1. Clark knows the reason the roster is so deficient is because he hamstrung Pioli’s free agent spending to keep money in the bank.

    2. Clark knows he hired a GM who has failed, overall, at building a quality roster…and that reflects back on one guy…Clark

    Kudos to Gretz for pressing Pioli to give specific examples why this team is under-performing. He asked not once, not twice but three times for ONE example…and Pioli refused to answer the question. Tells you all you need to know about Scott Pioli.

    The Scott Pioli press conference demeanor mirrors the way Chiefs players carry themselves in press conferences. Buttoned down, hyperbolic, zero transparency, cliche answers and no desire to be themselves. This organization has become what it is because Scott Pioli made it that way. That goes back to Clark, and it isn’t going to change for a LONG TIME…so sit back, settle in and prepare for 2-3 more years of Matt Cassel because that’s the train Pioli is on and he bought a one-way ticket.

    If he hires Josh McDaniels, you’ll know just how little he and Clark care about Chiefs fans.

    • Jess says:

      Well said. Great post

    • JFP says:

      If they were 12-4 every year and went to the playoffs every year, you could put cardboard cutouts at the presser table and no one would care.

      Seems like an extension of “The Patriot Way,” (ever seen a Belichick presser?) but that’s all BS anyway. The Patriot Way is (and was) Tom Brady and that amazing defense they won those Super Bowls with. Is there a Packers Way?

      They could hire Lombardi’s Ghost and he’d still need the players. Cassel as a capable NFL QB at best. The offensive line is horrid. It takes Thomas Jones a week to get to the line of scrimmage. Yes, we’ll get Charles and Berry back next year, but will Charles have holes to run through? Will Berry have to make too many second level tackles? Looks like DJ and Hali are in their prime, will that be wasted?

      Chiefs are 5-8 but they really should be 3-10. Philip Rivers doesn’t drop that snap and the Raiders don’t have to play Boller and Palmer and there’s no way we would have won those games.

    • Super Dave says:

      Nice to see this post as well over on KCC

  9. The Word says:

    Looking back what’s the diffrence between Carl Peterson and Pioli? At least Peterson was entertaining. He tried to be Johnny Cash and Gordon Geko of football and failed. But at least it was entertaining.

    At least Peterson showed his face around town.

    At least Peterson talked to the media. Yes he tried to get everyone fired at least twice but he at least talked to them.

    At least Peterson was a hit or miss drafter. Hell most of the best players on the team now are all Peterson guys.

    Pioli does none of that.

  10. brencado says:

    Greg: Can you please change that ridiculous photo at the top of the page of Self and that goofy bird. They are looking at each other like a couple of homos.

  11. Steve says:

    TheCarms assertion is comical. How does todays firing make Wrights report right? If he was so close to being fired that day why not fire him the next time they lost. Or when the winless Dolphins embarrassed them at Arrowhead. Sooner or later Haley was going to be fired. It happening now does nothing to prove any hack was right with a report 10 games ago.

  12. The Independent Rage says:

    Off the cuff, I’d say throw a bunch of money at Cowher. Nothing else much better comes to mind. Either that, or some hot assistant (but just been there, done that with Haley).

  13. xavier says:

    If you want to get really sick, check out the debate the national guys are having on the potential HC’s on NFL.COM….McDaniel and Crennel given the Pats ties to Piolo & Ferentz from Iowa…..I just cant believe any of these is an intelligvent choice. This is still an NFL franchise with lots of history that deserves/needs a marquee coach to get this place back to where it belongs.

  14. JFP says:

    Sure do hear a lot of folks skewer Pioli for not having a “quality backup QB” on the roster.

    Um, how many “quality backups” are there in the NFL? There aren’t even 32 quality starters in the NFL.

    • J-Rok says:

      The Chiefs do have a quality backup and his name is Matt Cassell.

    • Hot Carl says:

      You make a pretty good point but Palko couldn’t hack it in the CFL and probably couldn’t play for an arena league team. Would you rather have Tyler or a guy who’s at least taken a few pro snaps and can throw it harder than a girl?

  15. jgavin12 says:

    I’m an Iowa fan. Ferentz has been great for most of his years at Iowa, but there have been some incredibly mediocre years when there were high expectations. He is also one of the top ten highest paid college coaches, living in Iowa City and is signed through 2020. I’m not sure why he’d leave and I’m not sure why the Chiefs would want him.

    Big 12 fans hate boring Big Ten football and Ferentz is the most conservative, boring coach in the Big Ten. He held that honor even when Tressel was in Columbus.

    If you like punting and boring offense, then Ferentz is your man.

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