OTC: Mellinger Correctly Scolds Chiefs’ Fans About Their Inferiority Complex / Is MU Due?

“Like the people who do The Wave (especially in key moments of a game) and men who propose to their girlfriends on JumboTrons, it’s hard for me to articulate just how badly I hate (Chiefs fans complaining about a lack of respect for their team) but I’ll have fun trying: You all sound like fools. Stop it. Shut up. For your sake, and ours.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansascity.com
GH: Kansas City has an inherent problem with feeling inferior – to almost every other city, team, climate and time zone. We do seem to think our BBQ is pretty special – but outside of that we could learn a lot from those cities and states we despise – like New York and Texas. Mellinger did a good job of articulating his strong aversion to this Kansas City national pastime of hand wringing over what others say, think and don’t say and think about the Chiefs – but it holds true for the broader picture of our fair city and those who inhabit both sides of the state line it borders. Read on.

“The inferiority complex is as strange as it is annoying. It’s an awful look. The Chiefs are having a fabulous season, and every second you spend complaining about what Bomani Jones or any other national media member says about you would be better spent giving yourself a swirly.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansascity.com
GH: Before Bomani Jones said that Alex Smith was “hot garbage” I thought he was something my wife uses to clean the sink. Unless you are writing an Off The Couch column that specializes in posting dumb quotes, smart ass commentary and entertaining reader comments – you should not be bothered by the Bomani Joneses of the world.

“If your joy as a sports fan is tied to what someone you’ll never meet says about them, you’re doing it wrong. Besides, the season isn’t even halfway done yet. Your team won two games last year, and was generally the biggest embarrassment in football in a league that included the Jacksonville Jaguars. So if someone wants to see more than two good months before anointing the Chiefs the ’85 Bears, it’s a perfectly logical stance. They are not kicking your dog, or calling your wife fat.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansascity.com
GH: First of all – no one kicks my dog (or cat in our household’s case). As for calling my wife fat – well, she’s not so that isn’t really going to piss anyone off except my wife. And that is not advisable. As for the Chiefs being the ’85 Bears…there’s a lot better chance of that happening than me calling my wife fat.

“We were flicked off, more times than I can count, beer thrown on us from the section above, they chanted how much Houston sucked, and on and on. I think I will stay in Houston next time. If I’m gonna spend my money, it will be in a city that is a little more hospitable. I love a little friendly rivalry, but this wasn’t friendly. However, I still had a great time with my kids, and again, I am so proud of my Texans!”
Jacki Dowling, the wife of injured Houston firefighter Captain Bill Dowling, was at the Texans/Chiefs game last Sunday at Arrowhead with her three children, khou.com
GH: NFL stadiums are rife with this kind of rude and just plain mean behavior by people who should but obviously do not know better. We cannot rid Arrowhead of all the drunken idiots who occupy it – especially when the parking lots open five hour before kickoff to allow these fools to marinate their asinine behavior. What we can do is have right-thinking Chiefs fans use their cell to call security when they see this kind of abuse – whether it is toward a fan of the opposition or another Chiefs’ fan. The Chiefs need to do more with signage, video alerts, etc. to promote how to call Arrowhead’s security to ensure a safer environment for ALL fans who attend a Chiefs’ game.

“Great to be interviewed by the BBC today! Chiefs Kingdom in the U Kingdom! Arrowhead gets international attention!”
Mitch Holthus, @mitchholthus, Twitter
GH: The Brits probably can make sense of Crazy Uncle Mitch. They did spawn Benny Hill.

“It was tougher all the way around. I’ll go home, relax and get ready for another season. I’ll be ready to go. I’ll be ready.”
Billy Butler, who has been rumored to being shopped by the Royals for a trade, Kansas City Star
GH: ESPN’s Buster Olney fueled this rumor last week on Twitter and today on WHB’s Border patrol he mentioned that the Royals would have a tough time finding a trade partner for a DH-only player like Butler. Olney called the 27-year-old Butler, “a dinosaur.” I’m guessing Billy prefers “Country Breakfast” as a nickname.

“I apologize to Boston and St Louis. My intent wasn’t to offend and I know both cities’ fans and teams will provide a great World Series.”
Jeff Passan, @JeffPassan, after he sent out a tweet that disparaged the cities of Boston and St. Louis as racist, Twitter
GH: Here was Passan’s tweet; “Well, at least the storyline in this World Series won’t be old school vs. new school. It’ll be which city is more racist.” This is the guy who ripped Kansas City fans as classless for playfully booing Robby Cano at the 2012 All-Star game. His apology sure rings sincere. I can see where his intent with that tweet “wasn’t to offend.” Right.

“K-State football on pace to shatter season attendance records. K-State has won 15 of its last 18 at home. Give yourselves a pat on the back.”
D. Scott Fritchen, @DScottFritchen
GH: How quite are things on the Kansas State football front? Was it the loss to North Dakota State that just completely knocked them off the Kansas City radar? The Cats still have chance to get to a bowl and rebound from their disappointing start – but it appears that very few people even here in KC are watching, talking or even…gulp…caring.

“Think Mizzou is a fluke? Don’t have talent?! Think again. Since 09 in all of CFB, only Bama & Florida have more 1st rounders than Missouri. I’m not saying Mizzou is a dominant team or that they’re not beatable. Just saying they have athletes & are better then folks realize.”
Kirk Herbstreit, @KirkHerbstreit, Twitter
GH: What Mizzou fans have been edgy about isn’t the number of first-round NFL talent Gary Pinkel has been able to attract to Columbia – it’s the lack of titles. Like none. This is why Mizzou Fan is reticent to believe this season will turn out well. Listen to Steven St. John and Carrington Harrison – two avowed MU fans – both almost always expect the worst. And it is hard to argue when you examine Missouri’s history.

“Kony Ealy on South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney: ‘He’s not God.’
Ross Dellenger, @RossDellenger, of the Columbia Tribune, on the Tigers facing South Carolina this Saturday and the much-hyped Clowney, Twitter
GH: I’m not sure the erratic Clowney is even Charlton Heston.

“This is the biggest game for Missouri before the SEC title game.”
Kevin Kietzman, on Saturday night’s game against South Carolina in Columbia, 810 AM
GH: This is like the fifth “biggest game” of the season for Mizzou. Sure, a win all but wraps up the SEC East for the Tigers. But the SEC is a tough conference and losing to the Old Ball Coach is no disgrace. I don’t see Mizzou’s season imploding if they drop this game and “fall” to 7-1.

“I’m going to say it’s going to be 74-17.”
Jack Harry, when asked to predict the Baylor/Kansas score, 810 AM

“I’m going to hold onto the idea that Baylor has struggled as a road team. Maybe Kansas can run the ball enough to keep Baylor’s offense off the field. But if Baylor runs 100 plays like Texas Tech did…”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM

“I know I’m kind of on an island here, but I’ll say it anyway: the KU job isn’t as bad as many think, or as bad as Turner Gill and now Charlie Weis are making it out to be. I’m not saying this is a great job, or a sleeping giant, or any of that stuff. But you can win at KU. You can build it into the kind of program that goes to a bowl game two or three times out of five years, with the occasional season good enough to dent the top 25. There have been massive facility upgrades in the last decade, with more planned. You just need the right coach.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansascity.com
GH: Would Kansas fans be content if KU football were as successful as say…Iowa State? I believe they would (privately if not publicly). Is there any reason KU football is not as successful as ISU? None. Get it done, Sheahon. Your job depends on it.

“I’m extremely happy here at Baylor. We’ve got a good thing going and I can’t see myself anywhere else. The great thing about my situation is I don’t really pay attention to anything. It’s a week-to-week job, and all I am trying to do is just stay focused on the task at hand — and that task is making Baylor the best it can be.”
Art Briles, on remaining the head coach at Baylor, nbcsports.com
GH: How many “week-to-week jobs” do you know that are permanent? He’s gone.  

“I’m really surprised that Oklahoma is favored in this game. They’re a seven-point favorite. I don’t get it. Texas Tech to me is really good because they’re playing defense. I see Texas Tech winning this game outright. I don’t think Oklahoma is playing well enough to beat them even though they are playing at Oklahoma.”
Gary Barnett, 810 AM
GH: Oklahoma has gone from a return to greatness to being picked to lose to Texas Tech at home all in the same season! Is Bob Stoops in trouble at OU? Is that just crazy talk? Leabo? Leabo?

“There’s no way I’m going to do that.”
Brett Favre, when asked by a Washington radio station is he is interested in returning to the NFL with the St. Louis Rams, ESPN Radio
GH: Translation: “I can probably be in shape to start Sunday.”  

“A part of me would love 2 call a team needing a QB 2 see if I could still do it! The rest of me is shouting “Idiot, enjoy retirement!”
Kurt Warner, @kurt13warner, Twitter
GH: Warner tweeted this out last week before the Rams went courting Favre. Are we in for the Greatest Show on Turf Part II?

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40 Responses to OTC: Mellinger Correctly Scolds Chiefs’ Fans About Their Inferiority Complex / Is MU Due?

  1. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Passan be Passaning.

  2. Jim says:

    I’ve been a Chiefs fan my entire life. Born and raised in the Northland. I have never, ever complained about the lack of respect that our teams or our city receives from people within the city or from beyond. So, can we agree that SM’s contention that this is a “whole city” thing is a bit ridiculous and slightly over-stated? It’s like saying……..”All MU fans are….” or….”All KU fans are….” Highly doubt I’m the only guy that doesn’t give a flying fuck what anyone says about KC.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Jim, You are correct that not all Chiefs fans or Kansas Citians suffer from an inferiority complex. But are you saying you don’t believe this is a real issue in KC? I would disagree.

      • Jim says:

        I’m saying you have to know who you are. We’re KC. We’re not NY, LA, Dallas or any other number of major metropolitan cities. I wouldn’t live in any of those cities for 5 times the money I’m making. Why? Because I love it in KC. I don’t care if anyone else does or doesn’t. I think it’s the vocal minority that everyone hears complaining about “no respect”. It’s the KK’s, Mad Jack’s and other media types that love to play that card in order to fan the flames of their readers/listeners/viewers. All the people I’ve know my entire life couldn’t care less what anyone says about KC or their sports teams.

  3. JP says:

    I’m glad you addressed the inferiority complex issue with KC fans. Greg, it is real. You hear it in the voices of people like KK, Petro and even some of the columnists. If the Chiefs are the real deal, which many of us believe, that time will show that we are right. We haven’t even reached the halfway point of the season. Who cares what Bomani Jones thinks? We give too much credence to outside people who don’t always have all the facts and know what they are talking about.

    BTW, if you watch Inside the NFL, listen to Collinsworth and Simms. They both are very high on the Chiefs and particularily the Defense. SImms further believes the Chiefs offense will only get better as the season goes on. I would take their opinions as guys who watch the NFL closely every week over Bomani any day of the week.

  4. Kyle Rohde says:

    KU had “the kind of program that goes to a bowl game two or three times out of five years, with the occasional season good enough to dent the top 25.” Then they fired Mangino and here we are, four years later. So yes, any rational KU fan should and would be happy with that kind of program. Nobody rational expects KU to do what Bill Snyder did for KSU, which remains astonishing, or what Barry Alvarez did for Wisconsin, which was an underachieving program throughout the first 92 years of the last century.

    The problem is, everybody in the Big XII except Texas and Oklahoma are in that same place, basically. All eight have advantages/disadvantages that put them in roughly the same tier.

  5. JP says:

    “We were flicked off, more times than I can count, beer thrown on us from the section above, they chanted how much Houston sucked, and on and on. I think I will stay in Houston next time. If I’m gonna spend my money, it will be in a city that is a little more hospitable. ”
    Jacki Dowling, the wife of injured Houston firefighter Captain Bill Dowling, was at the Texans/Chiefs game last Sunday at Arrowhead with her three children, khou.com

    Maybe Ms. Dowling should go instead to New York for a Texans/Jets game. Or maybe Oakland. Come on, are you kidding me. WTF did she expect, you go into the Lions Den, wearing an opposing jersey and cheering the visiting team, you’re going to get some brushback. If she didn’t know that, she must be freaking ignorant. I’m not endorsing the behavior of the fans, but KC is pretty tame compared to other NFL cities. Cry me a freaking river…

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      Well, if they weren’t doing anything but wearing the other team’s colors and all that actually happened, the behavior is out of line. I’ve been to lots of opposing stadiums in visitor colors, mostly for college games, but have never had anything more than good-natured ribbing thrown my way.

      It seems the Chiefs games are getting worse with the level of drunkenness but it could just be the attention it gets with social media.

      • kchoya says:

        I’ve been to Chiefs games in Buffalo, Sand Diego, Seattle, Landover and Philly and seen this behavior (and worse) at all of those places

    • JL3 says:

      WTF did she expect? I dunno, maybe to be treated halfway decently? My family was a season ticket holder for 20+ years. Now I won’t even take my kids to a game because there are so many drunken assholes — and I like beer as much as the next guy.

      I have been to Chiefs games in Denver, Cleveland, New England, among others, and while they were far from “perfectly behaved” they were mostly respectful. Even if they weren’t, I don’t think that would make Chiefs fans being assholes “OK.”

      • JP says:

        FIrst of all, I don’t condone any physical touching or beer spilling. That behavior is appalling, but it does happen.

        However, for her to be upset about hearing “Houston Sucks” and even get flipped the bird a little bit. Please!!! Get over it. Again, when you go to a visiting stadium and cheer the opposing team, you are going to get some crap from the home team. Know it going in, and don’t take it personally. I’ve gone to road Chiefs games and heard crap about KC so vulgar, it would barely qualify for an R rating. Houston Sucks!!!

        BTW we are being lectured by a fan of a team that harasses their starting QB at his home no less, and cheers his injury. Pot meet Kettle…..

        • Jayhawk '97 says:

          “BTW we are being lectured by a fan of a team that harasses their starting QB at his home no less, and cheers his injury. Pot meet Kettle….”

          You do realize the irony in a Chief fan saying this?

          • Tim says:

            Plus the crowd was 3 hours drunker than usual for a game.

          • JP says:

            To my knowledge, no Chiefs fans ever went to Matt Cassel’s house and harassed him and his family. Unless you have info to that effect. That happened to Matt Schaub in Houston, where evidently the most “friendly and tolerant” fans live.

  6. Mike says:

    Good point on the 5-hour tailgate contributing to boorish behavior at Arrowhead. I think the level of fan decorum at all NFL games can be a lot better. I wonder if this particular gal had seats in the upper corners…that’s where a lot of the boorishness occurs, and where fewer security folks dare to go, since it’s such a steep climb. Arrowhead should just be the cauldron for noise, and not a place where it should draw any parallels to the louts who ruin experiences in the Bay Area.

    As for Briles, I wouldn’t be so quick to say he’s out. If you’ve been through Waco recently, you’ve seen the new stadium go up right next to I-35, adjacent to campus. It’s going to be nice. I mean really nice. And from the looks of the design, it will be intimidating too. Think Seattle’s stadium, and the build which favors noise generation. I would be surprised if Briles bolts Baylor in the next two years. But not shocked.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      I would find it REALLY hilarious if Art Briles told Texas to piss off when they are looking for Mack Brown’s replacement. Because they will come calling, with a ton of money.

  7. Bronco Terrance says:

    Hey Greg. I love your responses but I do have a question that only you can answer…. Do you ever proof read what you write? It is utterly amazing how many typos you have in your writing… Dumbfounding!!

  8. nick says:

    WHO is Mellinger talking about? Stupid article, IMHO. Who cares what others think about the Chiefs and who cares if their are insecure fans. Like KC is the only city that has them. Ridiculous.

    KU won an Orange Bowl just 5 years ago. How many other regional teams can claim something as great in the past 5 years? I like Charlie and the job he’s trying to do. I say “trying” because it’s freaking hard to get a program off the dirt, which is where Turner Gill drove it. KU’s a much-improved team in a number of ways this year. Next year will be Charlie’s final exam. He’s got some decent talent lined up and the O-line will be a year older.

  9. donkeypunch says:

    always thought it was flipped off, not flicked off

  10. Richard Cranium says:

    JP is exactly right on this. First of all chanting “Houston Sucks”: isn’t being mean at all, it’s the God’s honest truth. Outside Detroit, Houston is the biggest shithole in America. Also, I doubt people were throwing $10 beers at her and her snot slingers. Seems very unrealistic. Perhaps she thought that was happening, but I tend to doubt it. Finally, yes there are people who make complete asses out of themselves, but it is NOT the majority. Most times the crowds can police themselves, but if you have hyper-sensitivities to someone talking about your shithole town, or the team you root for, perhaps you should spend your time and money back in that hell hole you call home. And no, I wasn’t sitting right behind her………

  11. Dan says:

    I’m not allowing myself to get all caught up in the BCS title game talk and will Mizzou be in it at 13-0 over Oregon or Florida State. My goal is simple. Get to Atlanta. If MU beats SC they will all but clinch a berth in that game. And then, once they’re there, not embarrassing themselves. We don’t need a repeat of the 2008 62-21 beatdown by OU. That’s all I’m asking for. Get to Atlanta and play a competitive game. Even if they lose. If that happens, I will consider it a very good 2nd season in the SEC.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Um, winning the SEC East in Mizzou’s second year would be outstanding. Especially since all the pundits, talking heads, and everyone south of the Mason/Dixon line said they wouldn’t be competitive for maybe ten years.

  12. kchoya says:

    Jacki Dowling


    Houston firefighter Captain Bill Dowling


    Why is this even a story? Why do we care about this lady? There are fans at every NFL stadium that get drunk and act stupid. Maybe Ms. Dowling would rather go to the Meadowlands and get punched out? Maybe Ms. Dowling should be back in Houston with her injured husband instead of flying around the country.

  13. Brummy says:

    Greg, if we’re not supposed to care about what others say/write, then why are we reading your posts? That kinda seems to be the purpose of your posts.

  14. FJH says:

    I really don’t care what the national sports guys have to say about the Chiefs and/or Royals, but (until we prove otherwise) the Chiefs and Royals ARE inferior! I love the teams, but we need some consistent playoff success before we can be SUPERIOR. FJH

  15. Kerouac says:

    Like a rusty bullet hole (unless yours got shot off in the war), everyone has one an opinion about the Chiefs perfectly irrelevant 7-0 record. Season’s end, home for the Holiday’s once more, opine will give way moot point factually, KCinderlla slipper-less once more, per the usual…

  16. Tom says:


    I know it is very real that people care about sports writers’ opinions of our teams. However, is that really an inferiority complex or is that just part of the fun of sports? Does this not happen amongst fan bases across the country? I agree that what Bomani Jones thinks about this Chiefs team bears no weight on the ultimate outcome of the season. However, it is still an inherent part of sports fandom to argue irrelevant opinions like this. It’s how how people cope through long weeks of work. It’s why sports columnists have jobs.

    • mike t. says:

      i agree tom. i would like to say i don’t care what the espn talking heads of the world say about the chiefs, or royals, or ku, mu, k-state, but it is nice to see them in the national discussion vs no commentary on them at all.

  17. Scott says:

    Also we don’t know the whole story. We only know the story from her perspective which is sometimes skewed. Was she being abusive? What was her behavior? A few years ago I went to a Steelers v. Chiefs game at arrowhead. There was a female Steelers fan behind us with her kids. She was dropping MF’ers and flipping (or maybe it’s “flicking”) everyone off while the Steelers were up. Once the Chiefs started to comeback someone told her they “wanted a terrible towel so they could wipe their ass with it”. She was applaud that someone would use that kind of language in front of children.

    It’s a shame you can’t take your kids to a game but you also can’t take them to an R rated movie or a night club either. Know what the environment is like at an NFL game and choose to take or not take your kids.

  18. Say What? says:

    Why is that woman’s husband important to the story? He’s not, but he is used create emotion and sensationalize an otherwise bullshit story.

    Football stadiums on game days are not child friendly environments. If a parent thinks their child cannot handle being around drunk adults that are swearing, fighting, or passed out and they take the child anyway, then it says more about the parent then it does about the people at the stadium.

    • Phaedrus says:

      I think “swearing, fighting, or being passed out” says plenty about the “adults” that go to football games…

  19. NCAA Investigator says:

    Regarding Frank Haith’s suspension:

    Jack Harry: “Here’s where it gets tricky. A convicted felon by the name of Nevin Shapiro tried to nail Haith for some hush money involving a former Miami player. The booster, who is locked up now, claimed Haith made a $10,000 dollar payment to the family of a former Miami player. Haith screwed up by not blowing the whistle on this guy at the time.

    Haith claimed his innocence all along, and vehemently denied handing any money under the table to this crook. And sure enough, Haith was found not guilty. NCAA loves to drag you through the mud, destroy your recruiting base and then slap you on the wrist with minor violations.”

    Read more: http://www.kshb.com/dpp/sports/jacks_smack/jacks-smack-ncaa-investigation-into-miami-is-25-years-of-nothing#ixzz2ieW7ZWaw

    Jeff Goodman, CBS Sportsline: “And the most important thing you need to know is that the NCAA made a “factual conclusion” that Haith changed his story multiple times about why he issued unusual “advanced checks” to three assistants. According to the report, Haith initially said the checks were issued because the assistants “had personal obligations and were financially struggling” before ultimately acknowledging that he wrote the checks to create cash designed to repay former booster Nevin Shapiro in hopes of ensuring he wouldn’t talk about a number of things, including an allegation that Shaprio had used money to help secure a commitment from a basketball recruit named Dequan Jones.

    Now I’m not interested in debating whether Shapiro really bought Jones’ commitment nor do I care to discuss whether Haith knew about it. The evidence, it should be noted, is overwhelming.”


  20. Gassedup says:

    Glad to hear Billy Butler is RELAXING and getting READY for next year. Some how I have a picture of Billy on a couch somewhere getting softer. I say shop the guy he’s only going to get softer and fatter which makes 12-15 mil too much to pay a guy out of shape.

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