OTC: Mizzou Declares Civil War On The Antlers

“Apparently, at issue was the ‘Scum, scum, scum, go back to where you’re from …’ chant that has been one of The Antlers’ staples for many years when opponents run onto the court. The chant typically ends with “and die,” but Delaney said the group substituted “and cry” yesterday, but they were still removed shortly after shouting it.”
Steve Walentik, writer, on the chant that allegedly got The Antlers kicked out of Mizzou Arena with 14:48 left in the second half Monday night, the Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: The civil war that has been brewing between Mizzou’s famous bad boy fan faction and the university’s brass has come to a public head. The Antlers are just about everything the new Mizzou doesn’t want to be associated with their new reputation as one of the leading scholastic institutions in the SEC. The Antlers just want to have crazy fun. Who is right? I am siding with the still-necked administrators on this one. But the crass Antlers have many in their nose-bleed corner. Read on.

“The Athletic Department has made Mizzou Arena hostile to its fans, instead of the opposing teams we play.”
The Antlers, @The_Antlers, after the Antlers were escorted from Mizzou Arena Monday night by police escort for the second straight game, Twitter
GH: The Antlers are college kids who understand social media – and they took to it enforce Monday night to defend themselves after getting booted from Mizzou Arena. Read on.

“We have, since this meeting, attempted to cut out any blatant misogyny, racial, or disaster jokes. Simply stated, we’ve tried to be better. … At the end of the day, we’re all just a bunch of guys who LOVE #Mizzou basketball. We will continue to try and improve our group and MIZ!!!
The Antlers, @The_Antlers, Twitter
GH: Do we really have to go any further when the defendant has admitted to “blatant misogyny, racial, or disaster jokes?” Please, what place does this have in cheering for ol’ Mizzou? I understand many MU alums have a fond place in their heart for The Antlers but their time has passed. And that is a good thing. What was once a witty, funny and entertaining group of college students has devolved into a crass, vulgar and embarrassing lot.

“Mizzou, punishing your best fans is not going to go well for you. Take a page out of @RobbHeineman playbook. Embrace them. #freetheantlers.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenterWHB, Twitter
GH: There is simply no comparison between the deportment of an organized professional fan base like Sportings Cauldren and an organized group of college students like The Antlers. None. Carpenter’s attempt to link the two is folly. The University must protect its image and those fans who attend the game who do not want to hear that the opposing team’s cheerleaders have penises or someone fisting their sister or that Hurricane Katrina was a good thing for the state of Louisiana. How much wit went into the chants, “Farts when he cums?” “Eat yeasty feces?” “Drinks herpes Slurpees?” “Just like last night, put it in the hole?”

“I’m all for a good time and giving opponents a hard time. But some of these are pretty rough.”
Kim English, @Englishscope24, former MU basketball player, Twitter

“I enjoy how they’re playing the victim in all of this too. Like MU-AD is somehow in the wrong for trying to clean things up.”
Brian Hank Haenchen, @Brian_Haenchen, Twitter

“The Antlers suck. They are an embarrassing, classless faction of our school. That list is disgusting.”
Zach Mink, @zachmink12, graduate student at Mizzou, Twitter

“I’m not setting foot in Mizzou Arena until @The_Antlers can do the same. You’d think the world’s best J-school would respect free speech.”
Clinton Thomas, @ClintT13, reporter for the St. Joseph News-Press, Twitter

“@The_Antlers had my back while on the court. Now its my time to support them! #FreeTheAntlers.”
Steve Moore, @BIGSteeeeeeeeve, former MU basketball player, Twitter

“I just got escorted out of Mizzou Arena for screaming ‘Free the Antlers!’
Jordon Griffin,@Jordon_Grizz, Mizzou alum, Twitter

“We have high expectations for our students and our staff at the University of Missouri. Our core values are respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence, and it’s critically important that we represent those values every day in everything we do.”
Mike Alden, MU AD, discussing the Antlers’ ejection Monday night, via @Steve_Walentik Twitter
GH: I like what Alden is doing at Mizzou – and yes, it is different than the way Mizzou and their fans were asked to act in the past. I have spent 40 years traveling to Columbia as an opposing fan and as the father of a Mizzou athlete – and the change toward a classier Mizzou over the past decade should be welcomed by past and present Tigers.

“As we have said before, we acknowledge the list released by MUAthletics and are trying to change. We have not used any of those chants since.”
The Antlers, @The_Antlers, Twitter
GH: That is a positive – but why couch that statement with the phrase “trying to change?” How difficult is it to not chant the word “cock?”

“Am told by @The_Antlers that they have not been told they can’t attend next home game against W. Virginia and plan to be there in full force.”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, Twitter
GH: Here is your chance, Antlers. Step up and show Mizzou and the nation that you are not knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. Show us you are an educated and entertaining group of students.

“Official attendance is 6,065, which is a season low.”
Steve Walentik, @Steve_Walentik, writer for the Columbia Daily Tribune, on the sparse crowd at Mizzou Arena for the Tigers 78-64 win over IUPUI, Twitter
GH: Okay…now for that other problem at Mizzou Arena…

“One beat down of impotent Johnny Foosball from Bama. Let’s do it. #mutigers”
Kevin Kietzman, @kkwhb, Twitter
GH: Rumor has it Kietzman is considering dressing as an Antler for the A&M game and sitting on Faurot’s rocks. Let’s do it!


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59 Responses to OTC: Mizzou Declares Civil War On The Antlers

  1. Java Man says:

    What MU fans are thinking, but wont say: If you can’t compete for the top high school players in the country, at least let some white boys on the floor once in a while.

  2. Maff says:

    Face it, ku is good at basketball because it is a lot easier to cheat at than football. All you have to do is go sign 1-2 McDonalds AAs most years and pay them under the table. They have been doing it since the days of Wilt, probably before that. Do you think Wilt, a boy from Philly wanted to come to ku to begin his harem count of 100,000? I’m just glad my Mom didn’t go to ku!!

    Any time the beakers talk about how great their fan base is I just laugh. Who cares about the attendance of some crappy non-conference game anyway. That is not sport, when you know the outcome before the game. The NCAA should not allow such mismatches.

    ku will be decent at football again when they start cheating again. In my lifetime, every decent beaker team has been put on probation or had scandal (Mangina had his and oh yeah that ticket scandal was just the entire f’n athletic program from Lew all the way down to his flunkies). Take away the chronic cheating and ku is barely better than Haskell Jr. College.

    • BlackJack says:

      Boy Maff, you seem to really have a sore butt about KU bball..are you jealous of their national titles, or just resent the national media attention?

  3. maisey says:

    FINALLY, the university is going to do something about this. I knew it wouldn’t take long for Mizzou to show their asses to the SEC. They did it for years in the Big 12. I am a KU (University of Kansas) alum and when one of our basketball player’s (Thomas Robinson) mother died, these idiots sported shirts/signs that said “NO MOM TOM.” On senior day, when KU’s Nick Collison talked about his grandfather, a WW II veteran who survived a plane crash on D-Day, the Antlers greeted the KU player bus with signs that said “Plane Crash” and then also held the signs up during the game, including on national TV. The university did NOTHING about it.

    Mizzou just finished a successful football season in the SEC, but their attendance in basketball is pathetic. They can’t even fill up the A section. So I am glad that national attention has been brought to it and I hope the school is embarrassed at the whole nation seeing their lack of class and the fact that no one attends their basketball games.

    You might say the Antlers don’t represent MU. No, they probably don’t represent MOST of MU. But if you go to tigerboards.com and click on the basketball section, you will see (if you get there before they start deleting posts as they are known to do) that there are a lot of Mizzou fans who think what the Antlers do is perfectly fine.

    I’m just glad the SEC and the rest of the nation is seeing Mizzou for what it is. They were our arch rivals in the Big 12, and we put have put up with this crap for years, and that is the main reason that when Mizzou left the Big 12 for the SEC, the general consensus was DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE ASS ON YOUR WAY OUT!

    • maisey says:

      Oops. tigerboard.com – really, just go there and observe the mentality of the people who hang out there – about the same as the Antlers and “Maff” above. As soon as they realize this is posted, though, they will start deleting posts to clean up the board.

      Mizzou – keeping it classy.

  4. Kansas Marine says:

    Wonder if Kietzman’s hatred of Johnny Football has anything to do with him beating out Klein for the Heisman? The vast majority of vitriol spewed by KK is derived from his love of Kansas State.

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