OTC: Mizzou Declares Civil War On The Antlers

“Apparently, at issue was the ‘Scum, scum, scum, go back to where you’re from …’ chant that has been one of The Antlers’ staples for many years when opponents run onto the court. The chant typically ends with “and die,” but Delaney said the group substituted “and cry” yesterday, but they were still removed shortly after shouting it.”
Steve Walentik, writer, on the chant that allegedly got The Antlers kicked out of Mizzou Arena with 14:48 left in the second half Monday night, the Columbia Daily Tribune
GH: The civil war that has been brewing between Mizzou’s famous bad boy fan faction and the university’s brass has come to a public head. The Antlers are just about everything the new Mizzou doesn’t want to be associated with their new reputation as one of the leading scholastic institutions in the SEC. The Antlers just want to have crazy fun. Who is right? I am siding with the still-necked administrators on this one. But the crass Antlers have many in their nose-bleed corner. Read on.

“The Athletic Department has made Mizzou Arena hostile to its fans, instead of the opposing teams we play.”
The Antlers, @The_Antlers, after the Antlers were escorted from Mizzou Arena Monday night by police escort for the second straight game, Twitter
GH: The Antlers are college kids who understand social media – and they took to it enforce Monday night to defend themselves after getting booted from Mizzou Arena. Read on.

“We have, since this meeting, attempted to cut out any blatant misogyny, racial, or disaster jokes. Simply stated, we’ve tried to be better. … At the end of the day, we’re all just a bunch of guys who LOVE #Mizzou basketball. We will continue to try and improve our group and MIZ!!!
The Antlers, @The_Antlers, Twitter
GH: Do we really have to go any further when the defendant has admitted to “blatant misogyny, racial, or disaster jokes?” Please, what place does this have in cheering for ol’ Mizzou? I understand many MU alums have a fond place in their heart for The Antlers but their time has passed. And that is a good thing. What was once a witty, funny and entertaining group of college students has devolved into a crass, vulgar and embarrassing lot.

“Mizzou, punishing your best fans is not going to go well for you. Take a page out of @RobbHeineman playbook. Embrace them. #freetheantlers.”
TJ Carpenter, @TJCarpenterWHB, Twitter
GH: There is simply no comparison between the deportment of an organized professional fan base like Sportings Cauldren and an organized group of college students like The Antlers. None. Carpenter’s attempt to link the two is folly. The University must protect its image and those fans who attend the game who do not want to hear that the opposing team’s cheerleaders have penises or someone fisting their sister or that Hurricane Katrina was a good thing for the state of Louisiana. How much wit went into the chants, “Farts when he cums?” “Eat yeasty feces?” “Drinks herpes Slurpees?” “Just like last night, put it in the hole?”

“I’m all for a good time and giving opponents a hard time. But some of these are pretty rough.”
Kim English, @Englishscope24, former MU basketball player, Twitter

“I enjoy how they’re playing the victim in all of this too. Like MU-AD is somehow in the wrong for trying to clean things up.”
Brian Hank Haenchen, @Brian_Haenchen, Twitter

“The Antlers suck. They are an embarrassing, classless faction of our school. That list is disgusting.”
Zach Mink, @zachmink12, graduate student at Mizzou, Twitter

“I’m not setting foot in Mizzou Arena until @The_Antlers can do the same. You’d think the world’s best J-school would respect free speech.”
Clinton Thomas, @ClintT13, reporter for the St. Joseph News-Press, Twitter

“@The_Antlers had my back while on the court. Now its my time to support them! #FreeTheAntlers.”
Steve Moore, @BIGSteeeeeeeeve, former MU basketball player, Twitter

“I just got escorted out of Mizzou Arena for screaming ‘Free the Antlers!’
Jordon Griffin,@Jordon_Grizz, Mizzou alum, Twitter

“We have high expectations for our students and our staff at the University of Missouri. Our core values are respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence, and it’s critically important that we represent those values every day in everything we do.”
Mike Alden, MU AD, discussing the Antlers’ ejection Monday night, via @Steve_Walentik Twitter
GH: I like what Alden is doing at Mizzou – and yes, it is different than the way Mizzou and their fans were asked to act in the past. I have spent 40 years traveling to Columbia as an opposing fan and as the father of a Mizzou athlete – and the change toward a classier Mizzou over the past decade should be welcomed by past and present Tigers.

“As we have said before, we acknowledge the list released by MUAthletics and are trying to change. We have not used any of those chants since.”
The Antlers, @The_Antlers, Twitter
GH: That is a positive – but why couch that statement with the phrase “trying to change?” How difficult is it to not chant the word “cock?”

“Am told by @The_Antlers that they have not been told they can’t attend next home game against W. Virginia and plan to be there in full force.”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, Twitter
GH: Here is your chance, Antlers. Step up and show Mizzou and the nation that you are not knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. Show us you are an educated and entertaining group of students.

“Official attendance is 6,065, which is a season low.”
Steve Walentik, @Steve_Walentik, writer for the Columbia Daily Tribune, on the sparse crowd at Mizzou Arena for the Tigers 78-64 win over IUPUI, Twitter
GH: Okay…now for that other problem at Mizzou Arena…

“One beat down of impotent Johnny Foosball from Bama. Let’s do it. #mutigers”
Kevin Kietzman, @kkwhb, Twitter
GH: Rumor has it Kietzman is considering dressing as an Antler for the A&M game and sitting on Faurot’s rocks. Let’s do it!


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59 Responses to OTC: Mizzou Declares Civil War On The Antlers

  1. Kyle says:

    The problem is that the arena was so empty that the school officials could hear everything they said. Could not have happened to a better group of degenerates.

  2. Jim says:

    MU needs to find a way to make peace with the Antlers. They need every butt in the seats they can get. 6,000 some people? That’s just pitiful.

  3. Phaedrus says:

    Eat yeasty feces?? Drink herpes slurpees?

    The antlers sound like they’re 5 years old…an age when you think that any 2 words that rhyme belong together.

  4. Jeff Gelski says:

    Why aren’t there any female Antlers? They were funny when I was there, but that was back in another century. Sounds like they should clean up their act so parents won’t be afraid that their kids will hear such naughtiness.

  5. Clinton says:

    As a minor point of clarification: I’m in favor of booting The Antlers if they keep up the homophobic/misogynistic/etc stuff. But by all accounts, they eliminated that stuff last night and were essentially just kicked out for being loud. What’s wrong with calling the other team ‘scum’?

  6. kylerohde says:

    Yeah, the athletic department is completely in the right here. KU, Duke, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Kentucky, etc. all have great student sections (far greater than the Antlers) and don’t resort to anything so sophomoric.


    And it’s pathetic that only 6,000 people showed up for that game. KU gets more people than that for free scrimmages. Rock Chalk.

    • Greg says:

      As pathetic as 15,000 or whatever showing up for a FBS football game. Bawk bawk… we are 10-1. Eat it!!

    • hammy says:

      yeah, Muck Fizzou isn’t sophomoric at all. 6k is still more than ku gets for football games.

    • BlackJack says:

      I hear you Kyle, and part of me thinks the same thing; MU fans really needs to step up their support of bball team. But in fairness, if KU had a football team contending for conference championship, and if KU bball team was not established as a national elite program and was only a fringe mediocre team the past several seasons, KU bball fan support would not be nearly as high as it is.

      Fact is, KU bball program is spoiled with an embarrasment of riches.

      • kylerohde says:

        Except…MU has a good basketball team/program and a good history of it too. With as big a city as Columbia is and having Jeff City close and being the only major sports program in the state, it just surprises me they can’t draw more fans consistently, geographic issues with STL/KC be damned. It’s an odd deal.

        • trajan says:

          Somehow, Mizzou basketball just hasn’t been the same since Norm left. And yes I remember they had some bad years toward the end. Even when they have a highly touted team it’s just a difficult brand of basketball that is hard to watch. It seems wild and out of control, bad fundamentals, selfish etc. and that may be more about changing times than coaches but still hard to watch.

      • sporty says:

        Most importantly, Lawrence is 25 min from JOCO. The t-shirt fans don’t have as far to drive.

  7. john doe says:

    it’s still football season in columbia.

    who the fuck wants to drive 2 hours on a monday to see iupui? these are the games we leave to the residents of como and jeff city to attend.

  8. Dan says:

    I was tweeting last night in support of the Antlers, saying people need to lighten up. That was before I saw the list of things they have been saying at games. I support having fun and razzing the opponent. Pranks are even good. But I do not support the stuff on that list. I do want to “Free the Antlers” but they need to clean up their act.

    Far as only 6,000 in attendance last night, it was IUPUI on a Monday night. I was barely interested enough to watch it on tv. Mizzou is a football school in the SEC. Basketball is a cute wintertime hobby.

    • Kyle says:

      Except for the years like last year when you are not a football school, right? And even then, still nobody goes to the basketball games.

    • BlackJack says:

      I love how all of a sudden this season, some MIzzou fans like to crow: “Mizzou is a football school in the SEC.” Even though that was never the case in years past. In Mizzo’s last year in the Big12, most MU fans couldnt’ remind you fast enough they they won the Big12 tournament.

      So even if that is the case, how do you explain Kentucky, Florida and Tenesee? Football schools (at least FLA’s case) in the SEC who manage to support their bball teams fine.

  9. Redman says:

    There’s always an excuse for an empty Mizzou Arena.

  10. THE Fake Ned (@TheFakeNed) says:

    Couple points, I think it is a fair comparison to the Cauldron because it’s what the Antlers should aspire to get to.
    During my time at Mizzou (early 90′s) the Antlers had some pretty creative chants. I don’t think any administration would be opposed to a rabid group of fans who stand during the game, chant and cheer – it’s when the chants draw the line and you’ve outlined a number of them that are way over into crude and obscene.

    It’s more of a challenge to come up with something clever, like signs on College Gameday that don’t cross the line of obscenity, but still get your point across.

    That being said, I think this is a pretty heavy handed approach by the administration and one that goes back decades. if it’s the Cauldron you want, then the administration needs to outline those types of behaviors (Duke, KU, etc.) – but kicking them out saying that they’re “not up to standards” without outlining those standards seems stupid.

    Mizzou needs to do a better job of fighting this battle, and it has become a battle, in the media and maybe they make something that will do better. Mizzou should be finding ways to get more fans into the Paige than the opposite.

    Kansas and many other fanbases have needed to pull back a little bit (Fuck chant at football, Home of the Chiefs at basketball) and they don’t seem to eject everyone that’s being a dick about it.

    Seems like there’s room to budge on both side, but you’re right, this is rooted in decades of animosity.

  11. Steve says:

    I find it interesting to see KU fans calling out MU for its poor basketball attendance. Evidently they haven’t gone to a KU football game lately. I’m not even defending the MU attendance numbers. It is bad, but even a few years ago the attendance for a similar game on Thanksgiving week wasn’t good but it spiked way up for the next home game. But the KU chatter is comical.

    No way to defend most of what The Antlers said, either. While some of the milder stuff on the list they got caught saying I chuckled at a little bit, most of it wasn’t very creative.

    • Kyle says:

      Difference: mu was a #2 seed in the tourney 2 years ago and made the tourney last year. They have fielded a solid competitive program for the last several years. The last time KU football fielded a solid competitive program? 2009. They averaged 50,581 per game in a 50,050 seat stadium. There is no reason for mu to have 6000 at any basketball game, even one against oooeypoooey. KU is in the midst of possibly the worst 4 year stretch in school history (which is saying a lot) and there has not been one game where the stadium was less than 60% full.

      • Brummy says:

        October 7, 2013:

        “Unreal stat of the weekend: Attendance for Kansas homecoming game yesterday, 25,648. Decided schematic advantage not working in Lawrence.”
        Dave Matter, @Dave_Matter, Twitter
        GH: This was the attendance BEFORE Kansas attempted a fake punt from their own 16-yar line on fourth and 13. FOURTH AND THIRTEEN! And the score was tied at 10-10! ON HOMECOMING! If half the stadium was empty before Texas Tech rolled up 54 unanswered points (after KU had a 10-0 lead no less!), how many empty seats are going to be staring at Weis’ team come November?


      • brett says:

        you do realize that you are talking about two different sports, right?

        and that you are comparing one monday night game against a summit league opponent with 22 syllables in its name, to a full season against Big 12 conference foes in a sport that is always played on saturday afternoons?

        just want to make sure we are on the same page.

        • Steve says:

          That’s my point. Like I said, the attendance number isn’t good for this game, but don’t act like Mizzou doesn’t fill up its arena or come damn close when the basketball team is good, much like the comparison Kyle made to when KU football was good. In 2011-2012, when the team was 30-5, the lowest attended Big 12 conference game was the very first one and it had 14,026 people. That’s only 1,000 shy of full capacity.

        • Steve says:

          Hell, even last season with just an above-average team, all the conference games were 14,000-15,000 except for a couple. When the games matter, Mizzou Arena is damn near full.

      • Steve says:

        Whoops, meant to reply to this comment but it ended up going below a little bit.

  12. Mark in Columbia, Missouri says:

    Someone explain how the MU AD is being heavy handed? Multiple meetings with the Antlers, including after the last game when they were escorted from the arena for their chants during warm ups — and note the Antlers were allowed right back in after the last game and made it all the way through the first half? The MU AD has handled the Antlers with kid gloves — they insisted on being the victims.

    Students are gone, St. Louisans and KCers aren’t driving to Columbia on a Monday night of a holiday week, and a very poor opponent (no fault of MU – this was the LV Invitational pairing). This was a chance for the MU AD to expose the MU men’s hoops product to a local under-tapped market — and there were MANY families and dads with young children there — including me with my 9 year old son.

    It’s in that setting that the Antlers continued their immature, crass, vulgar shenanigans — the language was clearly audible throughout the arena. They chant things they would never say in lecture halls, at staff meeting, classrooms, meeting halls throughout campus — why should Mizzou Arena be any different and have to have decent folk listen to that crap when all we wanted to do was come see the Tigers?

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:


    • Say What? says:

      Mizzou grad here, completely agree. The only thing positive about the Antlers are that they love their school and their teams. Most of everything that comes out of their mouths at the games is beyond embarassing.

      Someone else mentioned that they should strive to be what the Cauldron is for SKC and that is right on point.

  13. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Come on, Greg. Mizzou football sits at 10-1 and is one win from the SEC Championship game in their second year in the league, and we’re talking about the dipshit Antlers? They’ve should’ve been disbanded years ago.

  14. Phaedrus says:

    Seems to me that attendance is a stupid thing to argue about. I don’t understand why the action of others (ie all the fans that did or did not go) can make you proud.

    “Yeah…Im a KU fan and we ALWAYS sell out bball games…we’re such awesome fans.” spoken by someone that lives in Dallas or someone that lives in KC and never attends games just seems like a ridiculous thing to be proud of.

    But then again, I’m not married to a college or pro sports team.

  15. Biff says:

    The Antlers made up half the crowd last night looked like 600 people in the stands.
    MU should get use to playing in front of empty arenas. Nobody in the SEC cares about basketball. – UK, FLA. MU will win 20 games easy as they only have three teams that are ranked on their schedule. The SEC gave the shaft to MU and schedules them playing UK and Fla only once and they are in their division. KU will even play Fla once this year.
    MU may have the weakest schedule in America. .

  16. Brummy says:

    Why does every issue have to be black or white? Seems like silly issues to get the pitchforks over. This just in: ‘teenagers/young adults can be rude.’ You guys might be getting old. Let them get kicked out if they’re offensive. Stop kicking your dog and find something serious to be offended by.

  17. brett says:

    ku fans are so cute with their bouncy ball game

  18. john doe says:

    Missouri must be having a good football season if all anybody can talk about is basketball attendance for shitty non-con games in November.

    Of course, 13k showed up at Sprint two weeks ago.

  19. nick says:

    To stick up a little for KU football:

    In the most-recent 5 years of conference play, KU football has won THREE games. One each for Mangino, Gill and Weiss. Yet every home game this year has had a mostly-full stadium of enthusiastic fans. At the end of all games, Weiss and the team walk over to a decent-sized crowd of mostly students to sing the alma mater. The celebration after the WV looked like the team had won the league. The football’s not good right now, but the atmosphere is pretty good.

    I think a lot of the support speaks to beautiful setting of Memrorial and for the city of Lawrence itself, which many KU fans like to visit. There also seems to be great pride in the university, thanks in large part to Bill Self and his basketball team, and to Mangino for his 6-year run of fielding competitive football teams, culminating with an Orange Bowl win.

    • kylerohde says:

      Agreed. Somehow, the glow from the Mangino years is still there, as evidenced by the tailgating all over around Memorial Stadium even though the games themselves have been awful for four years now. There was almost none of that prior to Mangino, which is in large part due to the super-awesome alcohol ban around that stadium that they finally lifted in ’02 or something like that.

  20. Scott says:

    Clearly the 2 fan bases have moved on. KU fans don’t care about MIZZOU since the move to the SEC. MU is irrelevant in KC yet somehow everyone is concerned about attendance at a Basketball game in November. MU fans have moved on with the exception of monitoring the attendance at KU football games.

    This just in: Attendance at MU BB games is shitty and attendance at KU FB games is shitty. F-ing deal with it.

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