OTC: Mizzou Gets Bowled Over By Georgia 34-0 As Season Appears To Be Crashing / Royals’ Magical October Continues

“A loss this atrocious demands a look at the schedule to see if Mizzou can scratch out two more wins to become bowl eligible.”
Joe Walljasper, @JoeWalljasper, Columbia Daily Tribune sports editor, following Mizzou’s 34-0 loss at home to Georgia, Twitter
GH: Well. This was not what we expected. I listened to the first half of the UGA/MU game while in the car and I have to give the Mizzou radio crew credit for their honest assessment of what they were seeing. Even with the score only 6-0 in UGA’s favor, Mike Kelly, Howard Richards and Chris Gervino let their audience know Mizzou looked ugly on offense. Not enough college radio crews deliver frank play-by-play and analysis as Mizzou’s threesome. K-State’s broadcast rarely has a negative comment no matter the score and Kansas’ crew is just trying not to fall asleep.

“The media counted us out. Even our own fans counted us out. We went out there with a chip on our shoulder. Anytime you face adversity and answer like we did today it sends a message more than anything. We didn’t win today. We won on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. That’s what it takes.”
Hutson Mason, Georgia’s quarterback, on how the Bulldogs came together after learning that Todd Gurley would be suspended for the Missouri game, Sirius XM
GH: I am not sure Hutson is the quarterback of the future at Georgia but he definitely has a career in public speaking and leadership when he gets out of school. I loved how he handled this Sirius interview.

“Maty Mauk was not good but I’m telling you the (Missouri) wide receivers were a big reason why. Those guys are not good and they could not get open.”
Brad Hopkins, host of CFB scoreboard show, Sirius XM
GH: Gary Pinkel always seems to have two or three wide receivers who look like potential NFL talents. Did the loss of DGB put that big of a hole into Mizzou’s offense? He would have made a difference but I have to think the Tigers’ offensive woes run deeper than DGB being in Norman.

“To me the SEC East is down to two teams. You have the super favorite in Georgia and then you have the dark horse in Kentucky. Who would have thought that?”
Brad Hopkins, host of CFB scoreboard show, Sirius XM
GH: Kentucky? Welp, time to buckle your chin straps, ladies. There is work to be done.

“I was flipping between the Mississippi / Texas A&M game and the Baylor / TCU game. There was no comparison of play between the two teams from the SEC and the teams from the Big 12. None.”
Mike Greenberg, ESPN Radio
GH: Greenberg’s point was that the two SEC team’s far out classed two of the better teams in the Big 12. Games with final scores in the 60s and 50s tend to make you wonder how real the football is in the Big 12. I think K-State might win this conference again this season.

“I’ll say it right now – you put a Baylor or TCU against Mississippi and Mississippi is going to crush them. Their defense is outstanding.”
Mike Golic, ESPN Radio
GH: The big debate prior to the season was whether or not two teams from the SEC would deserve to be in the four-team college football playoff. Now I am wondering if two teams from the state of Mississippi are going to be in the final four.

The @Royals are getting it done. I’m happy for them, pulling for them & I’m wearing my jersey when they play. Go #Royals, you deserve it!”
Bo Jackson, @BoJackson, Twitter
GH: Love knowing Bo is slipping into his number 16 jersey to root on Billy Butler and the boys.

“We are six wins away from Ned Yost being in the Royals Hall of Fame. How long have I been saying he is the best Royals manager since Dick Howser?”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I hope Yost makes the MLB Hall of Fame if it means he managed the Royals to a World Series title. If he can avoid making many decisions down the road and his team keeps hitting home runs he might just get there.

“The one thing that’s gotten us to this point is the patience that Dayton and I had with this club. The biggest thing that has gotten us to this point right here is the wild-card game.” Ned Yost, 610 AM
GH: The wild card game is the one where Yost’s decisions just about robbed Kansas City of this incredible month of baseball. But even Ned couldn’t prevent his YostBusters from their October surprise.

“The Chiefs in the 90s were absolute rock stars in this town. I see a little bit of a transition going on with the Royals right now.”
Jay Binkley, pointing to the fact that the Royals players are willing to mix with the common fans at McFadden’s while the Chiefs have cut back from allowing their players to have radio shows like Tim Grunhard’s at The Levy, 610 AM
GH: Winning changes everything. The Royals players were boycotting the media just a few months ago are now posing with them for photos at McFadden’s. Life is good in Kansas City right now.

“The Royals were originally believed to have a shot to keep Shields only if they went far in the playoffs, and sources say the team has decided by now, after reaching the ALCS, that they will make that effort. The Royals told Shields’ agent, Page Odle, around the time of the trade deadline that they’d be back in touch after the season, which was a hopeful sign. And now with their amazing postseason run, which will bolster their revenues big-time — they have decided they will indeed try to keep him with a new multi-year deal.”
John Heyman, MLB writer for CBSsports.com
GH: Will Shields be back in 2015 and beyond to continue the Royals pursuit of greatness? It would be a gamble on the Royals behalf due to his age and the number of innings he has pitched…but it’s only money. And not my money at that. Sign him if you’ve got it, Dave and Dan.

“Gotta say at this point trade is over for me. Don’t care if Myers ends up in HOF.” @crabz2fuzz99, on the Myers trade to Tampa for Shields and Davis, Twitter
GH: The trade will likely never be over but from this vantage point it looks like the Royals got what they went after – a postseason run in October to excite a long-deserving fan base. I still root for Myers and likely always will.

“Father Time is undefeated.”
Bill Polian, discussing the inevitable fading skills of some of the NFL’s aging quarterbacks, Sirius XM
GH: Yeah, he hasn’t lost one yet but I sure as hell like giving him my best shot each day. Just registered this week to run the KC Marathon on Saturday. Hope to be wearing my Royals singlet and a World Series-bound smile on my face as I tour this great city on foot.

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24 Responses to OTC: Mizzou Gets Bowled Over By Georgia 34-0 As Season Appears To Be Crashing / Royals’ Magical October Continues

  1. The Independent Rage says:

    MU is barely over a year removed from many fans readying their inkwells to scratch out a giant Pinkel slip for the head coach. And I can’t remember anything in the 2012 season as ugly as this Georgia shutout. Do you realize how difficult it is to go through an entire college football game without even scoring a lousy field goal? Was Frank Haith orchestrating the offense on Saturday? I might ask the same of Larry Smith’s 1999 squad (shut out multiple times), but Larry doesn’t have an internet in order to respond.

  2. Richard Cranium says:

    Will Shields is coming back in ’15? That man’s probably a little too old to be playing the line again, but I’m sure they could use him. HA! See what I did there. See? Who’s the funny guy now!

  3. randyraley says:

    My wife is the very first female Antler (we’re so proud). At half time for the first time I can remember, she shut off the TV and said this was on par with Woody’s wagon. She’s pissed. First Indiana, and now a shutout, both at home. Gah. Bring on hoops?

  4. MIZ-SEC says:

    I really have to wonder what’s going on in CoMo with the football program. Mizzou should be way above getting trounced on our home field by a conference opponent by now. Why do we always have such a drop off after great seasons? 2007 was followed by a disappointing 4 loss 2008. Then after the Chases and Maclin and all them left, 5 losses in 2009. A great 2010 was followed by 5 losses in 2011 and 7 in 2012. And now there appears to be a major regression after the great 2013. Does Pinkel recruit in 3 year cycles? I really didn’t think the cupboard was this bare. But our receivers are less than good. Maty Mauk is clearly not what we all thought he was and judging from Pinkel’s refusal to put any other QB into a blowout game, it makes you wonder just how bad that position is too. It really has gone from trying to win the East again to just getting bowl eligible. Very disappointing. But hey fellow Tigers fans, at least we can look at it like this. kU would kill for a season like we’re having.

  5. Say What? says:

    Ned was a couple of outs away from, I think, being fired for the moves in the wild card game. Now he is 2 wins away from managing the All-Star Game in Cincinnati next year.

    Say what you want about the bunting and the lineup and everything else, but he made it work well enough to be up 2-0 in the ALCS against a very good Orioles team.

  6. January says:

    David Glass can’t take his money with him. Hopefully he will enjoy this postseason so much that he will want to have many more. Give the core players the big money and keep the fans happy watching the same players year to year.

  7. beerman25 says:

    The comment from Kietzman above is just another example of why I cannot stand listening to him anymore!

  8. Joe Blow says:

    More Yost hate? Check.
    Still whining about Wild Card game decisions? Check.
    More complaining about Royals players not wanting to talk to the media? Check.

    Must be a Game 3 ALCS OTC update!

  9. The Word says:

    MU is who everyone thought they were.

    Last season was the perfect storm for MU. The SEC East is down. Very down. No team scares anyone. In fact don’t be surprised if the SEC West sweeps the East this season. They had no serious injuries and they were a Sr heavy team.

    But Pinkle is still behind the eight ball in the SEC. The stadium is below average compared to the other schools. The Facilities are below average. Half the state, the western side is still not all in with the SEC.

    Pinkle is still having trouble trying to convince four and five star players from GA and FL to go to MU. Issue is that the Texas recruiting might have dried up as well. What is making KY a surprise this year is that Stoops is also recruiting kids from OH as well as the normal SEC pipeline states.

    Pinkle is going to be at MU for a while, I think he just needs to figure out the SEC. Even after last year, it’s evident he hasn’t yet.

    • The Word is CHICKEN says:

      Pinkel is 10-8 in the SEC. Your school will win 10 conference games by 2044.

      • Kyle says:

        Saying mu is better than KU does not make them good. It just makes them better than KU….which is still not very good. But at least you feel better…CHICKEN FUCKER!!

  10. Herb says:

    “The one thing that’s gotten us to this point is the patience that Dayton and I had with this club…”

    Did he really say that? Such a douche.

    • Joe Blow says:

      Isn’t that, kind of, the entire reason they’ve gotten to this point? The patience they’ve had with this team? The fact that the team they built is winning in the exact ways they expected?

      • Herb says:

        As a leader or coach, in theory, it’s generally frowned upon to use the words “the reason we’ve succeeded is because of me…”

        He said it as a nah-nah nah-nah boo-boo to the naysayers, media etc. “I TOLD you I knew what I was doing”.

        But I don’t believe Ned is a “me” guy. I believe he’s a players coach, to a fault, sometimes.

        And no, I don’t believe for a minute that this is exactly how they expected things to work. They didn’t draft Moose to hit .212 or Hosmer to hit 9 homers. What matters right now is that they are playing to their fullest potential, when it counts the most. And I’m not sure Ned had much to do with it. It was the players that pulled his ass out of a hole in that Wild Card game. He was a few outs away from getting canned. At times, his managerial moves are ludicrous. This team has been lucky they haven’t had to rely on any Ned-strategy for the last 6 games.

        No, I believe these players have collectively (albeit subconsciously) taken the games out of Ned’s hands. They realized that THEY are the ones who need to win the games. Thank God.

  11. Juan Pablo says:

    MU is now working on its 4th recruiting class in a row that ranks at the bottom of the SEC. MU just does not have good players they use to get. I don’t think MU will ever recruit as well as they did while in the Big 12. Last year was a fluke for MU , they still had a lot of good players they recruited while in the Big 12 and had a very easy schedule.

    MU football season is now over and you have a clown for a basketball coach,
    Nice idea moving to the SEC, enjoy the money!

    • John says:

      Mizzou’s recruiting has actually been better in the SEC… Mizzou’s success the entire time under Gary Pinkel has been predicated on getting in early on diamond in the rough prospects. I know you have to do some wishful thinking, but sorry, Mizzou is not turning into the KU of the SEC, it’s just a rough patch.

      • Juan Pablo says:

        In the Big 12 MU would get some recruiting classes ranked in the 20s now in the SEC their recruiting classes have been ranked in the 30s and 40s. at the bottom of the SEC. Have no idea why you think it is better now.

        • John says:

          Actually, just as an example, in 2011 and still in the Big 12 Mizzou’s recruiting ranking was 48th, while KU’s was 34th according to Rivals. Goes to show how much the rankings matter…

  12. FJH says:

    I hope today’s post game will present the opportunity for Moose to say “I thought Vargy did a phenomenal job pitching today…” A solid six innings from Vargy, and a game winner from Moose will set the stage.

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