OTC: Mizzou To Play BYU At Arrowhead Next November / Is That A Good Thing?

“We made a commitment to get Tiger football back here in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium. So here you’ve got a matchup of two pretty darn good teams. There are an awful lot of people around the country that are excited about this game.”
Mike Alden, discussing Mizzou’s 2015 non-conference game versus BYU at Arrowhead, 810 AM
GH: The game is schedule for November 14, 2015, exactly a year from tomorrow. Let’s hope the weather is a bit better next year at this time. I like that MU is stepping up their non-con schedule but why play a no-count non-con game in November when you might be in the hunt for an SEC title? Would we be excited if MU played BYU this Saturday? Meh.

“I don’t understand Mizzou’s thinking when it comes to football scheduling. Playing BYU at Arrowhead is fine. But in Provo? No. Is the SEC not tough enough? No reason to schedule some of these games.”
@MizzouKCfan4, Twitter
GH: I don’t understand not wanting your team to play some schools in your non-con that will make the rest of the country – and Tiger fans – pay attention. Mizzou is a big-time football program now and they need to act like it.

“Most schools drop in pushovers in non-con games. Missouri’s not doing this and I give them great credit for this. Mizzou’s giving up a home game at Arrowhead and then playing at BYU in 2020.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Agree. I just wish the game was in August or September when it didn’t distract from the Tigers’ SEC schedule.

“So Nebraska, Boise State, UCLA, Michigan, ECU and Mizzou are on the slate for BYU in 2015? Tough schedule.”
Bryan Fischer, @BryanDFischer, Twitter
GH: If BYU wants to be considered by the playoff committee as a possible final-four team, they need to schedule up. I am still not sure an undefeated BYU would qualify over four teams from the big six conferences. This is another reason the playoffs need to be expanded to include more teams.

“BYU game in KC also means only six home games for #Mizzou in 2015: UCONN, SEMO, Miss. State, Florida, S. Carolina, Tennessee.”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, Twitter
GH: Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin…

“Let’s be honest, the Big 12 basketball tournament – it felt like something was missing. It felt weird.”
Jay Binkley, on Missouri not being part of the basketball festivities at the Power & Light District in March, 610 AM
GH: Did it? Maybe to Mizzou basketball fans it felt weird but I think the Big 12 tourney here in Kansas City is so popular it could stand losing any school not named Kansas.

“Starting tomorrow, there will be college basketball every day until 12/24/14. Amen.”
Jon Rothstein, @JonRothstein, Twitter
GH: Life is good – especially if you have cable.

“What do you find attractive about (Kim Kardashian)? I think she looks like a horse.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Was Fescoe’s wife listening to his show today?

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38 Responses to OTC: Mizzou To Play BYU At Arrowhead Next November / Is That A Good Thing?

  1. Renton says:

    Since the Chiefs are in London 11/1 and have a bye on 11/8, at least Arrowhead will get some use in early November.

    • Red says:

      I wonder if they were waiting for the chiefs’ london announcement to finalize the deal?

    • Mike says:

      London 11/1, bye 11/8. Odds are in the Chiefs’ favor for a home game 11/15 next year. Looking favorable for a back-to-back 11/14-15. Unless the team gets hosed and has to host a Thursday night’er too (11/12).

      • bs says:

        thursday night home game after a bye is not “getting hosed”.

        • Mike says:

          No, but losing a home date, then having a Thursday home game taken away from the weekend slate, leaving only six Sun-Mon dates, is getting hosed to the out-of-town STH, of which there are many within Arrowhead.

  2. MUC says:

    I for one am fine with MU playing in KC. They may make more $$$. I am sure there is a large guarantee for both teams.

  3. Juan Pablo says:

    “BYU game in KC also means only six home games for #Mizzou in 2015: UCONN, SEMO, Miss. State, Florida, S. Carolina, Tennessee.”
    Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, Twitter
    GH: Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin…

    MU is already having big problems with attendance at their home games. there have been 10,000 empty seats a couple of times this year already. Maybe this will get more fans to show up in KC. With that MU 2015 home schedule just shows what a mess the SEC is.

    BYU sucks anyway, , They are 5-4 this year and BYU has not beat a ranked team in 5 years

    BYU is treating MU like a mid major turd, BYU gets a home game and neutral sight game. MU gets screwed by BYU. . How does Mike Alden keep his job, I could got this bad deal for MU.

    • John says:

      10,000 empty seats at mizzou is still $10,000 more than the entire stadium capacity for either K-State or Kansas (who fantasizes about only having 10,000 empty seats someday)

      • bs says:

        yeah, ku football sucks. nice grab of the low hanging fruit.

        kstate at 50k seats is much smarter than mizzou at 78k. your tickets start losing value when there are empties all around, and the gameday experience is lost if it doesn’t fill up.

        alabama expanded from 94k to around 100k a few years ago. other than LSU and Auburn, their tickets are just not as valuable

      • Kyle R says:

        Really? Mizzou’s stadium got expanded and they’re not filling it, despite having a pretty good team and all this SEC excitement. That’s not great, regardless of how full or not KU and KSU’s stadiums are. If you want to be silly like that, we could say that Kansas has split fanbases while Missouri only has one major football program, plus more population than Kansas.

        Here’s the numbers:

        Full Capacity: 71,468
        – South Dakota State: 60,589 (85% of capacity)
        – UCF: 60,348 (84%)
        – Indiana: 66,455 (93%)
        – Georgia: 71,168 (99.6%)
        – Vanderbilt: 65,264 (91%)
        – Kentucky: 62,004 (87%)

        C’mon Tiger fans. Show up and save the “Columbia is too far from St. Louis/KC” argument you use for shitty basketball attendance.

    • SDPETE says:

      It’s not like they are playing in London, Greg.

  4. brett says:

    its good to see mizzou back at arrowhead- even if its a tough matchup in the middle of sec play. for fans from kc with young kids, blocking off an entire saturday to travel to columbia is tough. but i can carve out 4 hours to sneak out to arrowhead.


  5. Kyle says:

    Fescoe…what a freaking idiot. The Kardashians are the most annoying people in America, but damn that ass is fine.

  6. Michael says:

    Today’s OTC shocks me. I always thought Fescoe was an assman.

    • Kyle says:

      Did you ever see when Letterman tracked down a dude who’s name was actually Dick Assman? Had him on the show and everything. Comedy gold.

  7. Mike Hochanadel says:

    I feel like this a bigger win for BYU. What better way to lobby for Big 12 membership (if/when the Big 12 decides to expand) than to get more exposure in the region? They’ve already had a successful trip this year.

  8. b12 says:

    November 14th 2015 is deer season. Mizzou would have trouble putting butts in seats that day anyway.

  9. Mike says:

    Not to fan the flame of anything KK, but a writer for the Omaha World Herald posted something not too long ago. And it got me thinking: Nebraska hasnt really had much of a presence within the KC metro since they left for the B1G, and it’s gotten worse since the conference added Maryland and Rutgers. Which means that those marquee games that seemed so damned attractive when NU administrators made that decision are now going to be fewer and further between.

    Here’s the article:

    We know that OU and NU are doing a home-and-home sometime close to the year 2307, but why doesn’t a Big12 school needing an extra date, and has the 6 home dates already preserved (assuming NU does too), schedule a one-off with each other at Arrowhead? It’d rekindle a small bit of nostalgia from both sides, allow their fanbases the chance to see the game at Arrowhead, fill the place up, with the money guarantees that go with it….a win-win? I could envision another Okie State/NU matchup in the short term, and perhaps (in a few years) KU, if and when they improve to regularly competitive. Hell, even Baylor. Those fans travel now. Hell, in the future, why not NU-MU at Arrowhead for a one-off? That turned into one damn fine football rivalry in its final 5-7 years.
    Bottom-line: It seems that NU’s top-of-mind presence here has eroded, and a local-ish OOC game at Arrowhead could really pick up that vibe again. Because the B1G did them no favors at all by overexpanding to schools that do nothing for the TV profile of the conference, or the Huskers’ national TV profile, for that matter. It seems they’re often lost in the mish-mash of east coast start times, or second-tier status on BTN anymore.

    • Phaedrus says:

      KU will probably be competitive by 2308, so maybe NU can schedule them the year after the OU game.

    • bs says:

      nebraska is not giving up a home game in lincoln. no effing way. they have 90k+ fans that come to town and spend a lot of money on game day.

      • Kyle R says:

        Plus, why do they need a presence in KC? The high school talent level here isn’t high enough to justify giving up a game in Lincoln for one here.

    • Juan Pablo says:

      Nebraska has given up on KC and the KC media never covers Nebraska anymore. NU needs to have games in the Chicago, Indianapolis area to help them in recruiting and presence in the Big 10.
      NU was blasting the Big 12 on their way out I doubt if any big 12 team will want to play them in football.

  10. JC says:

    Mizzou was in a tough spot here. Trying to fill an open date for next year at this time with something other than a FCS school is quite an accomplishment.

    Alden is saying Mizzou had the choice to play their game in KC or Columbia – however – I have a feeling this is a thank you to the KC Sports Trust for the $30,000,000 donation – a quality game at Arrowhead.

    Have heard some BYU people say that a third game in Columbia is still on the table but is contingent on the 2020 game in Provo being played.

  11. Rick says:

    That comment by Fescoe was so idiotic. HOW does that guy have a show?! Why doesn’t anyone ever question him on his stupid comments? Why should we care what that idiot has to say? I still have no clue on how Fescoe has a sports radio show in this market. The guy is talentless.

  12. Gravitas says:

    the Tigers chased the $$ to play the deep South goobers in the cupcake SEC East…

    buh – bye!

    M – I – Z !

    Z – O – whooo?

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